Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 13

O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Everyone is shocked and saddened of the news of Bart's death. Chuck blames Lily for his father's death and he tries to find out exactly what Lily's secret is that she is hiding.

At the funeral, Chuck is drunk. Blair and Nate have to help him to stand up. Blair does everything that she can to make Chuck feel better but he does not seem grateful for her actions. She tells Chuck that she loves him. But this too does not make him feel any less depressed and he takes off.

Since Dan and Jenny are going to their mother's over the holiday, Rufus and Lily make plans to get together for the holidays.

Serena's relationship with Aaron is going well but they aren't sleeping together. He asks her to go to Buenos Aires with him. Serena runs to Dan to try to make him talk her out of going to Buenos Aires but he refuses to play her mind games. When he talks to Jenny about it, she tells him that he should play the games because he will get Serena back in the end.

Serena tells Dan that they did not work out the first few times and she is concerned about the fact that their parents are going to get back together. She does not want to stand in the way of her mother's happiness.

After the funeral, Eleanor and Cyrus decide to get married in a simple Jewish ceremony. Blair starts to feel closer to Cyrus and asks him for advice as to what she should do with Chuck.

Chuck finds out Lily's secret from a private investigator and later decides that he is not going to use the new found information against her.

Chuck shows up at the Waldorf's and they fall asleep together. The next morning, he is gone and she finds a note that says she deserves better and that she should not look for him.

Lily's mother Cece tells Rufus abut Lily's secret before Lily and Rufus are able to meet over the holidays.

Rufus tells Dan that he is not going to go off with Lily and that they will never be together. Dan tries to call Serena but she is already on her way to the airport with Aaron.

Rufus meets Lily at the station with no bags or luggage and asks, "Was it a boy or a girl?"

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