Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 13

O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on The CW

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  • I was done with this show but this episode brought me back for at least a few episodes ....

    I think it is very good that Bart has died. Lily and Rufus deserve to be happy together although she has a past which he don´t know about. Kelly Rutherford is such a sweet actress and my notebook is glowing when she has a scenes in Gossip Girl, she is the only reason why I ocassionaly watch this show nowadays. For Blair/Chuck thing I have one word: Boring ... at least to me. They are together, then one of them goes away, the other is unhappy and that repeats in almost every episode. I also liked Cyrus in this episode, he is so funny and honest. Mrs. Waldorf is happy to be his wife :)
  • 213

    One of the only things I have to say about this episode is at least it was better than the last episode. I really don't like where Gossip Girl is heading. Last season, this show was watchable and it was actually entertaining, but this season just started okay, but now it's not looking good at all.

    I understand that this episode was very eventful (which is why so many people liked it) but it's just not the same. The only likable character in the cast is Blair, and everyone else either falls shorts or is incredibly annoying.

    Take Serena, Rufus, Lilly, Nate, and Jenny for example. Serena was also a watchable character last season, but she's just been so annoying and I think her relationship with Dan was the only thing holding her entire mess of a character in to place. Her relationship with Aaron is intolerable, and just plain annoying. Overall, fair episode at best, just didn't care for it.
  • Chuck's dad dies...

    This episode was really amazing and showed some really great performances. As always Serena and Dan where being melodramatic and slightly pretentious. Aaron was annoying in this episode but what can we really expect from his character except this. Dan was also being unreasonable in several scenes but when is he not? Chuck, Blair, and Cyrus however where so amazing. I love Cyrus and his cliched and corny speech was so cute and seeing him and Blair connect was really heartwarming. But Chuck's performance was one of the best that has been ever done on the show, you can feel his heart breaking in the whole episode and you just feel for him. His scene at the funeral was great (he did drunk and belligerent perfectly) and his confrontation with Dan was excellent (and showed why I hate Dan and Serena so much). Every time he yelled at Lily, Eric and Blair where classic. His dismissal of Blair's confession was predictable but still moving and watching her hold him in her arms with the contrast of the black and white was gorgeous and his leaving at the end made the entire episode worth it and perfect.
  • wow just wow

    This episode was pretty fantastic.When i saw that Bart died i was pretty shocked. I knew they were gunna kill someone off but i didnt really expect them to kill off Bart Bass. I also didnt expect Chuck to react the way he did. Its obvious that it hits him pretty hard. It was a turning point for Blair because she finally told Chuck that she loves him. Unfortunaly it might have been to late because Chuck doesnt really care at this point. Something tells me that Chuck is not going to be alright. At the funeral Chuck tried to play in cool but you could tell that he was hurting. I cannot wait for the next episode to see what happens with Chuck
  • Loved it, as always.

    I loved it. I loved chuck. I always love chuck. It showed a different side to him, and a different side to blair. though i was shocked about how cold everyone was to him. lilly slapped him, serena couldn't care less. of course blair and eric cared, but... anyway. i thought that it showed a new, warmer face of chuck and blair, but a certainly colder face of the upper east side. first time chuck admitted what he truly felt for blair, so did she. she said i love you and he said that he's not good enough for her. I love chuck. Hope everyone got that... :)
  • Many new things are about to come.

    This one has been a really nice episode. The character of Chuck is extremely well acted and we can see that he is almost next to a change in his behaviour. Many new important things will happen for sure now that Chuck lost his father. Serena who followed Aaron to South America made a good decision, but she still leave an open door for Dan and things need to be fixed eventually. What I didn't like very much has been Lily's secret. I have to be honest and said that I was expecting something more tragic or misterious. Lily and her hidden pregnancy was the first thing that came up in my mind when I first heard she had a secret. They could have done it better, and don't be just so obvious. Anyway it will lead to very interesting scenes in the Rufus and Lily's relationship.
  • With the death of Bart Bass, many things are left behind to stir up the Upper East Side around the holiday season.

    This episode was definitely the best so far out of the season. It truly was sad to see Bart go, although I wasn't too fond of his character in the series. I feel as though they should have included how he died, to make things a bit clearer. Another irritating thing was the fact that there was this HUGE secret about Lily's past that no one knew anything of. Of course..at the end of the episode, the question of whether its a "Boy or Girl?" somewhat allude to the idea of her have being pregnant with a child belonging to Rufus.
    On a lighter note, we FINALLY hear Blair speak the 3 words, 3 syllables and 8 words everyone's been dying to hear. Too sad that to her avail, Chuck doesn't say them in return. I did tear up a bit when I saw Chuck's limo pull away and when Blair cried in Cyrus' arms, telling him about what happened.
    Also, in the end..I was sad to see Chuck leave Blair's side, leaving her with nothing more than a mere note.
    I would comment on Serena and Dan's drama in the ep, but that's just so cliche' that there's no point in really making any remark on it whatsoever.
  • SO Bart's six feet under and has left Chuck to be the wealthiest kid in NY, a lot of bad values, no family and no real love....unless you count Blair...

    At the end of the last episode, we hear that Bart's been in an accident, Lily and Rufus admit their affection for each other, Serena and Dan are on the verge of a reunion, and Chuck and Blair are well...Chuck and Blair.

    As this episode'O Brother, where Bart thou?' unravells, so do a lot of hidden stuff that have left fans with question marks all season. Like what is Lily hiding? Does Blair finally realise that life is too short to be playing 'who says it first' games with Chuck and tells him she loves him or did she just feel sorry for him?

    The Ballad of Serena and Dan is sort of becoming like the Ballad of Ross and Rachel from Friends. Mundane and a total clam. They know that they are meant for each other, WE know that they're meant for each other...then why arent they together? Though there are many many unanswered questions at this season's end, it has done an excellent job at keeping its audience glued.

    One thing has remained constant; Gossip Girl has always delivered.
  • Bye Bye Bart

    So Bart bit the dust and Chuck has turned phscho... I love it. For a second I thought chuck and Blair would finally be together, I've been hopeing for that, and they were so close, then Chuck did a 'Classic Chuck' and ran off. Chuck is one of those characters you have to love, no matter how much of an idiot he is being.

    Lily's secret however was the big thing this episode, after serena stepping out of the way to let them be together you had to know it was coming. Serena went off with Aaron, if there is justic he will die and Serena will return to Dan's arms where she belongs. And Jenny was just amazing, I love her, it was so nice of her to make the dress.

    Good ratings, good episode however not my favourite.
  • it's a sad day on the upper east side when serena, eric, lilly and chuck say goodbye to bart...

    what an amazing episode this was!!! the genuine consern blair showed for chuck , and she finally told him she loved him!!! loved every moment of it.

    lilly's secret didnt really surprise me, what did was rufus' reaction, i get that he's mad, but he's been pining for this woman since god knows when and when he finally gets a chance to be with her, he finds an excuse to not be with her(though it's a good excuse...)

    dan and serena are bugging me, this wierd game they're playing has sooooooooooo been done before!!!

    chuck and blair: i was so happy to see that chuck burned the letter with lilly's secret. and to se that he had showed up at blairs after everything, to be with her, was great after their cat and mouse game all season. however when he left only leaving a letter explaining nothing, that made me MAD!!! what the hell?? there should be a better reason for him leaving than "you deserve better than me!!" i think blair of all people is perfectly capable of figuring out whats good enough for her!!! urhg with these people!!!!
  • Some good moments, but the show took too many unnecessary risks.

    A pregnancy in a teen drama? Wow, I've never heard of that one before. Way to be creative Josh Schwartz.

    That unoriginality aside there were some decent moments here such as Chuck finally allowing Blair in and Dan realizing that he is still in love with Serena (he brought the garmet bag by the way), but the show deviates from believability too much.

    Rufus and Lily should not be having this kind of drama. They worked better as the parents from different worlds with sexual tension in between. Chuck works better as the sarcastic anti-christ, not wandering around depressed and moaning. And for the love of everything good can we get Aaron off the show? Nobody wants him there, and it looks like John Patrick Amedori doesn't even want to be there himself.

    Not a bad episode but I question this new direction Gossip Girl is going in. What happened to the scenes at school? Those made this series and now that part of the characters lives is irrelevant.
  • C's dad died. The whole plot revolves around that death. Some new discoveries and some confessions are made... We asist to a wedding and a funeral.

    I looooooved this episode! Boy they know how to live you wanting for more, now I have no idea what I'll do til January!
    So my favourite couple first as always... C and B what would I do without them. They just make me go all za za zoo... So B finally tells him she loves him, YEY for B! And then he goes all I don't deserve you, I mean come on men! Ok I'm kidding, I hope they do drag it off for a while it's more fun that way.

    So, a new character will be brought in!!! I hope, I'm just guessin here, but with Lilly's and Rufus's cute son (I hope) who is out there, still guessing... Oh so handsome Chuck alike, ok, yeah, guessing, but it would be nice though...
    And how awkward will it be for D and S now? I mean they have a brother (pleeeeaaaase) in common. Weird much?!

    P.S. what's with the preview for the next episode? So there's Chuck on the edge of a building and there's his botlle that smashes down. I'm reeeaaally hoping this is not a metaphore, because if C dies, I stop watching, I mean seriously!

    All in all great episode!
  • My personal favorite. oh, I'm lying, it's the second one in my top ten. 1st place is for Victor/Victrola

    This episode was hilarious. In fact, I loved it very much, there was tears, sadness, but they don't forget about little humor, for example, the dialogue between Nate and Blair about Chuck - Nate: What's he talking about? Blair: Who knows? When we found him, his shoes were on the wrong feet. Gosh, I laughed a lot after this one. But there were some crying parts and they were related with Blair: 1) she says that she loves Chuck and 2) the moment between her and Cyrus (it was really sweet), where she revealed about what she said to Chuck and afterward the conversation between B and his new step-father. It was really touching. Oh, I nearly forget that old lady, I'm talking about Cece, she's funny. every time she appears there are so much intrigues. In fact, Westwick has really developed Chuck and the same I could say about Meester and Blair. The tensions and the uncertainty between these two characters are the things why exactly I watch Gossip Girl.
  • Well, let's say this episode was the reason for me to watch the whole second season. It was just great! I have to say that this season haven't show me the best of Gossip Girl until now!

    As I said In the summary, I have been watching this season expecting to see something exciting. Well, that "exciting" I was expecting was this episode. I think that all the other second season episodes were preparing the field for this one and I hope the nexts to come. This episode was so intense that I just can't wait to see the other one. Seems like a season finale to me. They keep their Aces under the sleeve. The whole season was nothing until now. Gossip Girl have just regained the position It had to my as one of my favorite tv series. Well Done! But please don't mess it up!
  • Blair and Chuck lovers .... you'll love this one =)

    Good morning TV.com reviewers, riaJem here with her daily dose on this weeks episode.

    For all of those who keep their eyes glued to B and C, you're in for a heartbreaking surprise. Word is that Chuck isn't coping too well with the loss of the late Bart Bass, and has only the company of misery to fall back on.

    But we all know that on the Upper East Side, one is never alone for too long, and surprises are always around the corner, perhaps even when you least expect it.

    And when you least expect it, you may hear something that will give you a friend, or even better, a loved one.

    Just look at S and D, finally realizing that they can never be. Why you may ask? Well, Lily Bass may be able to answer all your questions.


    You know you love me, xoxo

  • A death, a wedding and a drunken Chuck!

    So this episode. AWESOME! Not often will I channel Bill and Ted but in this case I think it's appropriate. Almost everyone in this episode were excellent to eachother (CB, CBN)... some were nearing 'eat my shorts' terrirtory (Dan, Rufus) and some passed waay beyond that into queen **** land (Lily, Serena).

    I've seen a lot of people whinging about how this season isn't as good as season one, and quite honestly said people don't know what they're talking about. It seems as if this show is only poor quality when their 'ships' are nowhere to be seen (as in non existent NS/NB) or aren't getting much screentime. Quite honestly I'm quite sick of people acting like they understand anything about the intracacies of television and episode structure. They don't, they know nothing. Half of these people are like 14 years old anyway! It just grates on my nerves. Whilst the primary reason I watch the show is CB (as characters and as a couple) I can appreciate the outter trimmings of the show if you will... I know nothing about television really. But I try to be impartial in attempoting to critique it like I would a novel -- the point is, this episode is only an indication of a well written episode of what is an excellent season. GG has its faults but they get waay overblown because annoying shippers can't see the wood through the trees. Enough about that!

    I don't think Ed Westwick gets enough credit for his 'weekly' acting, since this was a big episode for him everyone is commenting. Usually his more subtle nuances and characterisation are ignored or accepted as the norm because people don't pay enough attention or are just used to him being excellent -- he's not always perfect (far from it sometimes) but I don't think he's ever over indulged in terms of his acting ability. I see more people going on about Leighton Meester than I do Ed. The only thing I would say is that Ed is very young, and can thus lack the necessary life experience that comes with playing heavy emotional scenes. And I say that as someone who is the same age as him -- I'm not being condescending.

    The comparisons to Heath Ledger (the Joker) I've been seeing are apt since both were/are method actors. They step out of themselves to play a character rather than rooting a characters personality in themselves -- which is what Penn (Dan) and Blake do (Serena) as an example. I think this is why some find Chuck too intense... it's because Ed is playing him as a real life human autonomous from himself as an actor and person -- he's feeling these emotions, he's not merely acting them. That's why acting got to Ledger so much. You can't leave that kind of emotional baggage at home.

    Anyway, I loved this episode. This season has be excellent in my opinion, and I don't find it presumptuous to say that this was the best episode of the season. I found Lily and Serena's behaviour to be absolutely despicable and appalling however. All Serena could think about was her libido, and Lily accused Chuck of causing his fathers death! On top of that she was both ready and willing to run away with Rufus for some sexy time... after what? A day after the funeral. Silly cow. I was completely disgusted. Slutty Serena (how revealing can she dress to a funeral I wonder? Oh wait... I don't have to wonder! At least her boobs were put away for two minutes there.) demanding that Dan stay at the funeral made me want to smack the b**** hard in the face. She didn't even care about Bart, yet she's screaming at Chuck for yelling at Dan? I'm quite furious with her. The final scenes were very heart wrenching. Blair holding Chuck was beautiful, from her running to him, to Chuck slumping into her embrace with a sudden look of relief on his face, to him tentatively reaching out to touch her hand. My favourite scene on this show ever. I LOVED seeing Nate, Chuck and Blair together... when I first saw the photos of them behind the scenes all I could think was 'the OT3 reunited at last!' The writers have clearly illustrated their distaste for Nate and Blair with their lack of screentime together, but this doesn't mean we should never have to see them interact ever again. I adore them as friends, however Nate was oddly distant which I felt was strange. I wish there had been a CN scene Chuck needs his BFF; I'm really never into slash but I do love the subtextual HoYay between CDN... it's just so palpable. Also the boys are all very pretty wouldn't you know, so it's nice to bask in the slashy vibes and chemistry. In fact Dan is only interesting when he's interacting with other males -- maybe they should make him bisexual. Hmm. Has potential. But then DS fans would sh**t a brick. Suck it up.

    In conclusion, Dan is a wanker as usual. Go away Aaron or shave off the face pubes. Jenny should never have graced the screen this episode will her ugly mullet hair. Eric I love you! Dorota is pretty as a bridesmaid. Wedding Blair crying for joy is a perfect Blair. Eleanor&Cyrus 4EVA!!! Argh, now the crazy dilemma faces us of what to do until the next episode after christ-fest. Do the gardening? Watch season one again (once more with feeling!)? Make snickerdoodles? Poke fun at Heroes? Imagine Chuck shirtless? Imagine Chuck AND Nate shirtless? ...imagine Chuck AND Nate shirtless whilst in the pouring rain? Yes that's better. Be excellent to each other until next time kiddywinks, xoxo.
  • Last Season is beginning to look better and make more sense...


    Bart is killed off. Lily realizes her true feelings for Rufus. Blair says the 'three words' to Chuck only to be let down at the last moment. Serena goes away with Aaron who confesses his hopeless love for her. Dan and Serena go together only to realize that their time has passed. Lily's secret is revealed. The BIG secret's out Lily may have had a child for Rufus. That's all I could get out of "...was it a boy or a girl". There were a lot of absurd plot lines in this installment.

    *Bart's death came out of no where and it felt like a slap in the face. I didn't get to appreciate his death, nor Chuck's outburst towards Dan or Lily. The 'whore' reference was just uncalled for. Lily slapping him then apologizing- uncalled for.

    *It's really amazing how Jenny became this big-time Seamstress. Eleanor trusting Jenny with the responsibility of her wedding dress was unbelievable. *Blair hugging her father to be was sweet, but Blair being happy and extra-smiley at their wedding, she must be really getting used to him. That way she could be really related to Serena, if she hits it off with Aaron... I hope not.

    *I really dislike the Aaron-Serena pairing. It disgusted me when he said he loved her. It just amazes me how at one time he was laying down the rules for Serena, saying he was going to have many girlfriends at a time and she had to be okay with it. Then another time he gained sudden clarity and decided Serena was the one and only girl for him (which I really didn't buy), and finally he says he loves her. I really cannot take his character seriously, he is a disappointing substitute for Dan (Even though I'm a bit over the Serena-an pairing as well). *Ever since Lily's mom became all moral in the season opener towards Dan, I really didn't know how to look at her. Be it the trouble maker or the do gooder, I really do not know whether or not to like her. *I knew the Lily and Rufus reunion was going to roll over, if it wasn't Lily who was going to break it off, Rufus certainly had to. This charade of on-off couples are becoming Gossip Girl and it get really tired really fast.

    I am disappointed with this installment, the big secret Lily kept went on for weeks and weeks on end, and the child she may or may not had for Rufus and Rufus making a big scene out of it, was a huge let down. Chuck and Blair together only to be not together- let down. __________________________

    One out of Four stars
  • Thank god the dan and s thing is over.

    I was so glad that S decided to go with the new hot boy. I like Dan but it has been all about them for the beginning I am ready for a change. I find myself wanting to see her with a new boy. I wanted to weep when I saw Blair do the tell all with Chuck. It was so sweet, but it was just very bad timing. It seems those two are never on the same page at the same time. I have been wanted to see the over the top bad Chuck for a while. There should be some good drama in the upcoming episodes.
  • By far the best episode of the season and possibly even the whole series! What more could you want from an episode of Gossip Girl...It has minor issues and major issues...All of the components of a fantastic episode!

    I honestly don't even know how to sum up this episode...I also honestly don't even want to tell every little detail about it actually. You have to watch it to believe it. If you have followed the characters from the very beginning you understand the intensity of the situations the characters face in this episode. Their drama is unheard of and adding Bart's death to their lives is just more of what I want! Chuck is already a sad and depressed character, and adding his father's death is going to take the cake! I am so excited about where this season is going and so glad that they have gotten back to some of the amazing music I heard in the beginning of the season and last. Bravo! I can't wait to watch it again tomorrow!
  • Blair and Chuck. Elenor and Cyrus. Lilly and Rufus. Dan and Serena. Great episode. (Spoilers)

    This was one of my favourite episodes this season. It had moments that made me want to cry but also had teh classic funny lines. The Blair and Chuck moments were so sad and sweet at the same time. She told him she loved him. And the hug when he came to see her afterward was so passionate and romantic. Ed did an amazing job in this episode. The Blair Cyrus moment was so sweet. I can' believe they got married. Lily and Rufus have a baby together. I want them to get together so bad. Why did CeCe have to tell him. Oh My God. The Aaron Serena Dan love triangle is really starting to bug me. I don't really care for either couple. Amazing episode for the series.
  • I love this episode. Bart dies. Rufus and Lily may have had a child together. Blair gets a new family with Cyrus as her stepfather. Blair tells Chuck that she loves him. Chuck runs away.

    Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass should get an emmy nod for his performance. I think that the CW shows like Gossip Girl and Supernatural are better than some of the shows on the big 3 networks. Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick are so underrated. The writing for this episode is amazing. The acting is great. There are sides of the actors that you never thought that they can do. They are still young. This is my all time favorite episode of Gossip Girl. After last week's filler episode, I knew that they will pull out all of the stops for this one.