Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 13

O Brother, Where Bart Thou?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on The CW



  • Quotes

    • Blair: Chuck! Stop! Don't go, or if you have to leave, let me come with you.
      Chuck: I appreciate your concern.
      Blair: No, you don't. You don't appreciate anything today, but I don't care. Whatever you are going through, I want to be there for you.
      Chuck: We have talked about this. You are not my girlfriend.
      Blair: But I am me, and you are you. We're Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck. The worst thing you've ever done, the darkest thought you've ever had, I will stand by you through anything.
      Chuck: Why would you do that?
      Blair: Because I love you.
      Chuck: Well, that's too bad.
      Gossip Girl: (voiceover) Spotted: Chuck Bass leaving his father's funeral, and Blair Waldorf shedding tears for the dearly departed.

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