Gossip Girl

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 19, 2007 on The CW

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  • I can't watch this

    How do you click it to watch it?
  • ii cant see it

    how can i see it?
  • Awesome

    Awesome. Must watch
  • GG, Gossip Girl!

    I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot.I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot.I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot.I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot.I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot.I love the pilot. I love the pilot. I love the pilot.
  • Pilot episode.

    Good start to the series here, I was definitely not expecting a lot as I began watching. We got a few standout characters, every character is pretty much tolerable. The story lines are cliche but they aren't awful.

    The pilot really didn't prove itself different from all the other teen drama shows/pilots. The element that I did really like about it was Gossip Girl's sinister narration. It definitely is very entertaining, and I can definitely call this a guilty pleasure, to say the least.

    So overall, not the most original series, but it's an entertaining watch, and it's, from what I've seen, an above average show that has some interesting things to offer.
  • Filmed entirely in New York and based on the popular series of young-adult novels by Cecily von Ziegesar, "Gossip Girl" revolves around the privileged prep school teens on Manhattan's Upper East side and the anonymous blogger, Gossip Girl.

    Pilots are always pretty boring, and not really that great, they're really just used for getting a base for the characters and figuring out who they are. Well this pilot did all that and so much more. It was fun, upbeat, and did a great job of really setting up the stage. I loved the music in this pilot. It was very well chosen and the directors did a great job with the show. Well I certainly was not disapointed in this episode. And I'm pretty sure the rest of the series is going to do just fine. I love Gossip Girl!
  • Not the next Veronica Mars, but an excellent guilty pleasure teen-drama..

    I usually don't watch teen dramas because I tend to find them rather cliche. The only ones I watched and truly enjoyed were Friday Night Lights and Veronica Mars(which is one of my favorites!)

    So I finally gave Gossip Girl a go and I was pleasently surprised.

    The pilot was far from perfect, but there were lots of elements in it that really grabbed my attention. Hmm, maybe not that, but definitely did entertain me!

    For starters, I love the whole "Gossip girl" storytelling. It's not really affecting the plot but... come on.

    KRISTEN BELL! Even if we can only hear her voice, that's already a huge reason for me to watch this show. Loved the beginning with Serena arriving... and generally every scene Serena was in. Blake Lively is a great actress!

    One scene I didn't like was the reveal of why Serena left town - that was a little anti climatic and sappy with the double scene with Blair.

    As far as cliches go.. yes, there are lots. The poor / rich contrast, Blair's and Serena's situation, the romantic storylines, et cetera

    But it still comes off extremely entertaining for the most.
    Especially with the amount of eye candy in the show. And great soundtrack. And... great dialogs. However one thing that brought the score down was the ending. Well, this whole Chuck thing was a bit too over the top, especially the rooftop scene with that cheesy background music.

    OVerall though, a good pilot and I'm definitely going to continue with the show. I watched this after the 90210 pilot and oh boy, compared to that, this is like a masterpiece.
  • A Great Begining to Season 1.

    I have to say that I really enjoyed watching this episode and the story is very interesting.

    Serena van der Woodsen left to boarding school for a year and I guess things were a little bit messed up before she left as she slept with Blair Waldorf's Boyfriend Nate Archibald.

    Nate really liked Serena and even though he was with Blair we can see how he reacted when Selena was back.

    Thugh Nate has got to stay with Blair as his father is doing some business and his Son's relationship with Blair is very important.

    I really don't like Chuck Bass especially after what he did to Serena and Jenny Humphrey.

    Well one of my favourite characters is Dan Humphrey who managed to go out on a date with Serena on the first episode.

    This Episode was great and a very awesome first episode!
  • This was good, it good turn out to be a great series!

    I have not actually read the books so I don't know any of the characters or anything. In a way I think this is good because to me all these things are new but then again its prob even better to read about characters and then have them come alive. Overall I think this was a good start, for some reason I preferred the first 20 mins of it, it just felt more like a pilot to me. I liked most of the characters Jenny being one of my faves. The whole Chuck forcing himself on Jenny and Serrena was a bit sudden and felt at times a bit over dramatic. I enjoyed Blair and Serenas relationship because at times you could really feel the tension. At first I wasn't sure about Kristen Bell commentating as Gossip Girl but after awhile I started to like it. So I think this series could potentially be great, with a bit of character development that is. Will definately watch the next episode
  • Quite interesting...

    hmmm i didnt really know what to expect when i decided to watching the show. i didnt have a good impression about it and didnt think it was worth watching actually.
    But the pilot wasnt that bad! the actors/actresses seem enjoyable and the whole idea of the gossip girl is too.
    i can see the ratings are pretty low, so i dont know what direction the show will take after this episode. but it wasnt as bad as i thought it might be.it keeps me wondering about what to expect next. i hope the storyline will be interesting in the next episodes.
  • Interesting.

    Wow. What a pilot. I loved it, the storyline is awesome. The characters are all fun, interesting and upbeat for once. Everything about it was so enjoyable. I love Dan, he is so sweet and gorgeous. I'm glad they changed Serena into a good girl, well for now. I can't wait to watch more of Gossip Girl, the pilot was so good, for a changed usually they take ages getting into charaters and the storylines but this one has got staight into it, which is a good thing. Oh and, I loved the soundtrack, fitted very well into the episode. Bring it on!
  • Different than the books...In a good way

    When I first saw the Pilot of Gossip Girl the first thing I thought of was "Wow this is really different from the books. I don't think I like it" I then stopped watching for a while. What I came to realize was although the series is different, it is different in a good way. I realized that if the series had be written exactly as the books they would soon run out of stories and have to make up their own. What the writers did was clever. They took enough of the story for the fans of the books to enjoy the series, but changed it enough so new fans would be interested in the series. This was a clever way of keeping everyone happy. I really enjoy the series now and cannot wait for the second season to come out. I recommend this series to anyone.
  • Did exactly what i expect from a pilot! Amazing Soundtrack.

    This Show is not as good as some other of my favorites but all in all Gossip Girl has got much place for conflicts. Several relationships which confuse the viewer cause many problems are caused by action in the past.

    But the most amazing part of Gossip Girl is the Soundtrack. Director Mark Piznarski and Sound Editor Jack Levy really know how to underline the plot by music. I was speechless when "The Gift" from Angels And Airwaves appeared in the last 1 or 2 minutes. This part was emphasized by the music to one of the greatest TV Moments i have ever seen. Not to forget the sondtrack in the first 40 minutes of Gossip Girl. The Music is very good and well placed.
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  • reached expectations more sex scenes than any other programe

    very good somthing different.. getting hooked, when I heard about this programe i told freinds it sounds very very boring but I was totaly wrong... I admit it didnt make me say WOW!! but uts one that is exciting to watch very different, I mean when you see more sexual clips it looks like porn clips that didnt make the big time.. .. .. but i would say to continue watck the whole season becuase i know i will.. inside tip look out for season 2 realy intresting stars will arise.. .. .. so enjoy this.. gossip girl`s man aka gossip guy.. lol peace out until next keep it locked...
  • Not bad.

    I watch alot of teenage dramas. The O.C, One Tree Hill and Beverly Hills 90210 but I have to say Gossip girl's pilot did not measure up to any one of the other pilots. The storyline was moving so fast ! It's like one thing is happening and bang something new is happening. Second, everything seemed really lame like Blair and Serena's relationship. If they were really best friends before then why would they fight each other this way. Chuck, is this guy serious. Why does he keep jumping all the girls ? Some things were so crappy. The acting was terrible. They looked as if they were just reading lines from a script. The characters were the old stereo types. The popular bad girl gone good, the evil hottie, the guy who just wants to do it and the love quadrangle ! Even though the episode was flawed I never judge a show by it's pilot. In the first episode of Gossip girl : Serena Van Der Woodsen is back and rumors are everywhere. Ofcource Gossip girl has got the scoop. Everyone is excited to see Serena after she mysteriousley disappears to Boarding school. When she comes back she dosen't get the welcome she expected. Instead she dosen't get invited to a party her old best friend is throwing. Now that Serena is back sparks fly between her and her ex-best friend's boyfriend Nate but when Blair ( Evil hottie and Serena's ex-best friend ) notices she starts acting b!tchy. Chuck !! Chuck jumps Serena while she was drunk but in a very pathetic scene she manages to escape and the chessiness of the episode continues when she bumps into Dan Humphrey who is a guy who has had a crush on her for a long time. When Dan returns a phone Serena drops he manages to get a date with her when she tries to explain why she's not going to Blair's party to her mother. The date goes well but when Jenny ( Dan's sister ) sends Dan a help message he and Serena run for her rescuse at the kiss on the lips party which was supposed to be the hottest event of the year. Things start to heat up and I started to get the exciting scenes I expect from these sort of shows. Dan attacks Chuck and saves his sister. Not the best pilot compared with other shows but still good. The music was cool, two Justin Timberlake songs were palyed during the episode. Like I said, never judge a show by it's pilot because it can improve and turst me Gossip girl did improve :) Favorite character from this episode : Jenny !!. Hottest character from this episode : Blair !! Damn she is so hot. Good stuff :)
  • it was a pilot! did exactly what a piot is meant to do.

    it was a pilot! did exactly what a piot is meant to do. we are thrown into this new world and if someone says the characters aren't deep enough and blah blah blah it's stupid cos this is a pilot. no show's first epsiode is going to give us everything about the character. what it should do is tell us about the world and create stories, which it has done.

    i really like this epsiode. liked the characters found them really likeable. i really like chucks characters -seems liek a good villain and liked all the tohers too escept nate. nate was boring and bland. blair is HOT, how could u wanna cheat on that. what an idiot.

    i will watch more and revaluate later.
  • I just watched the episode for the first time and I believe I'm now hooked on the show.

    The Pilot of Gossip Girl was surprisingly great. The show premiered in September and I'm just starting to watch in March. The characters are great so far and its a fun show to watch. Serena comes back after a long absence and things are not the same. I wonder how things will go with her and Blair. Will she and Dan become more serious? There are so many things that Pilot has introduced that makes me think the show has longevity potential. I live in a small city so I wonder is life in New York really like that because it seems cool. I'm gonna try to watch the next episode sometime tomorrow because this show is truly amazing.
  • PERFETCT!! nearly

    Serena returns from Boarding school. Nate and Blair have been together since kindergarten. Blair is angry with Serena for leaving town without even telling her. Serena and Blair try to patch up on their friendship. But Blair later finds out from Nate that he and Serena had an affair. Chuck advances on Serena. Serena and Dan go out on a date to his dad's concert. Blair holds a party but doesn't invite Serena. Serena goes to the party along with Dan to save Jenny (Dan's sister) from Chuck. Dan saves Jenny and punches Chuck. Dan's dad and Serena's mom share a past.
  • i love it.

    finally GG has landed the Philippine shores last February 12 it premiered on ETC at 8pm Manila Time. I've seen all eppies before, I've downloaded it and saved it on my computer so whenever I miss them they're just a click away. lol.

    here's my take on the 1st eppy: Blair is just so flawless. She is truly Blair Waldorf from the books personified. Serena was defined in the books as goddess-like or ethereal. So it's kinda hard to look for someone like that in real life but I think Blake Lively is the perfect choice for Serena. I couldn't imagine anyone else for that role.

    Dan is like a breath of fresh air because of Penn Badgley. I don't like Dan in the books at all, he is just too much of a stalker who's also a chain smoker and totally caffeine dependent. Not hot. But Penn as Dan is real love. Lol

    Actually, I really don't care about Chuck in the books but Chuck in the TV Series is just too hot to handle. You just can't help but fall in love with the bad boy especially if it's Chuck. The 1st episode is enough to get me hooked, given that I've been reading Gossip Girl in the past. Although it's entirely different from the books I can't help but fall in love with the show.
  • really getting a teenages life..keep it going!

    Perfect, exactly the kind of show I was expecting it to be. Can not stop watching it, love the drama, the love and of course the adventure. Hate to wait one whole week to see the next episode! First time there is a show that the pilot is everything, that you can not even go to the bathroom because the episode is so exiting that you do not want to miss it! Congratulations! Hope it lasts because I can not imagine television without gossip girl.
    Hope they do not make the same mistakes they did with the OC. Do not stop with having every episode loads of action.
  • I liked it!

    Serena is back and causing lots of drama. Her best friend, Blair, suspects that Serena had an affair with her boyfriend, Nate. Dan and Jenny are siblings and Dan has a secret crush on Serena. Jenny wants to fit in and is invited to Blair's party. Serena isn't invited, but Jenny gives her a secret invitation. Blair finds out that Nate and Serena did have a fling. Dan and Serena plan a date after Dan helps her lie to her mom. Nate apologizes to Blair for what happened. Lily and Rufus seem to have history. At the party, Chuck sees Jenny and takes an interest in her. Chuck comes on to Jenny, so she texts Dan for help. Blair doesn't want Serena there. Dan and Serena help Jenny. While all this is happening, Gossip Girl is updating everyone on everything that's going on.

    This episode was pretty good! Interesting, just don't like the sex scenes. I really like Dan and Serena. Jenny's pretty cool too. I don't like Blair or Chuck though. Nate is questionable. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!
  • This is every pilot should have been like. =)

    It captivates your attention right from the beginning, and awesomely holds it steady and tight until the end, leaving you wondering, "What? That's it?" The pilot introduces the characters well. From early on the characteristics of the main cast can be felt. And it is supported by the casting which is great too, IMO. Penn, Blake, Ed, Chace, and Leighton fit their roles well and perfectly. Other than that, the clothes, of course, fabulous, the music is cool, and they all come together fantastically.

    The pilot is the most important episode of a series, IMO, and Gossip Girl's pilot definitely does its job. Awesomely.

    I know I love you, Gossip Girl. *winks*
  • First episode of a great series with a great music soundtrack.

    Serena returns from Boarding school. Nate and Blair have been together since kindergarten. Blair is angry with Serena for leaving town without even telling her. Serena and Blair try to patch up on their friendship. But Blair later finds out from Nate that he and Serena had an affair. Chuck advances on Serena. Serena and Dan go out on a date to his dad's concert. Blair holds a party but doesn't invite Serena. Serena goes to the party along with Dan to save Jenny (Dan's sister) from Chuck. Dan saves Jenny and punches Chuck. Dan's dad and Serena's mom share a past.
  • There is def a High School drama that everyone will be talking about

    I have just watched the season premier and i thought that it was brilliant. With shows such as The OC ending and One Tree Hill moving on we definately needed a new high school drama.

    You can tell from the start that there will be loads of secrets coming out and there will prob be a few shocking moments as well.

    The characters i think are quite unuasual. I really didn't take a liking to Chuck and think that he may be the character that developes the most over the series. I really liked Dan and hope that his romance with Serena developes into something more because i think that they are really good together. But saying that you can tell that Nate is really not happy about them being together and obviously have true feelings for Selena. But i think this could be the love triangle that could be the shows main storyline. I def loved the first installment and will def keep watching. Gossip Girl i def here to stay!!
  • Better than anticipated....

    ThIs killer Pilot from the Oc creator Josh Schwartz, follows the lives of 6 new york teens...Serena Van Der Woodsen who has spent a year at a Boarding school in Conneticut, Blair Waldorf, Serenas best friend who has always had to live in her shadow, Blairs Boyfriend Nate Archibald, Nates Best friend the creepy perv. Chuck Bass and finally the two least wealthy but as equally drama filled, Dan Humphries and his sister Jenny. Serena has mysteriously came back to Constance Billiard and everyone wants to know why..What secret is she hiding?....One of the best pilots i have seen and already looks like it will be a great show, cant wait for more!! Leighton Meester and Blake Lively shine as the 2 female leads. Look out for them.
  • A great start to a new show.

    This was a great pilot episode for any TV show. I don't always like the pilot episodes for TV shows, but I loved this one. The writers did a great job of introducing each of the characters and story lines. They really caught my interest right from the start. Most of the cast did an excellent job of playing their roles right from the start. My only complaint with the pilot is that I thought that Kristen Bell's narration as Gossip Girl seemed kind of flat and distant compared to her narrations for all of the other episodes since the pilot episode wasn't the first episode of Gossip Girls that I saw. Other than that, I thought that the pilot episode was very, very good.
  • Totally loved this episode. Characters were all interesting and kept me glued to the screen.

    This was an amazing first episode. Set the scene and introduced the characters perfectly with out revealing too much about them. It kept me hooked through the whole episode. I love Blair she is THE Queen Bee. Can't wait for the next episode. Serena was introduced with air of mystery about her where had she been, why is she back and that was handled well. It was iteresting to show her sisterly side by showing her brother Erik in the Ofstroff Center. Blair and Nate are an awesome couple I know he cheated but I beleive they can get passed that. Or at least I hope so.
  • Great beginning! Can't wait to see more.

    When I saw the previews for the show, I wasn't really sure if I was going to watch it or not. And I actually had low expectations for the show. Well, I was wrong. I really liked the pilot. I just hope it last. Usually, when I get into shows most of the time it ends up getting cancelled. I love that Kirsten Bell is Gossip Girl. I loved her as Veronica Mars. I also love that Penn is in the show. He did a good job. I loved the scene where he and Serena saved his sister from that guy. I can't wait to see more of this show.
  • I'm just a sucker for teen dramas. This show had something different, I appreciate that fact!

    Well, I never really read the book series, so I have just come to know the concept of the book series now. It is interesting, and the actress for Blaire looks a tad-bit like Rachel Bilson, all too strange since this show is very much like The O.C. So far Dan has been a likeable character, and for some reason I appreciate Blaire. Ah the main character, Serena, as usual I hate the main character. I find it strange that I dislike her since she is possibly one of the most innocent characters in the show. Chuck is so-so, and so is Nate, but Kirsten Bell is the main reason I tune in to this series! We love Kirsten!
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