Gossip Girl

Season 1 Episode 3

Poison Ivy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2007 on The CW

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  • Ivy Leage week at Constance and St-Jude.

    Although they all spend more time shopping, partying, smoking and doing anything else that involves not studying, the whole gang is looking forward to which Ivy League college would most accomodate their neads and wants. So Blair and Serena both want to go to, Chuck just wants to be a gigollo for the rest of his life and Nate and Dan are both aiming for Darthmouth, but Nate has second thoughts about going to the Big Green. Why would anyone not want to go to Darthmouth?

    *I liked a joke blair made.

    Chuck: (Tthe Ostroff Center)-it's a facility for the disturbed or addicted!
    Blair: You must have your own wing.
    C: You don't get nearly enough credit for your wit.
    B: (smiles)
  • 103

    Gossip Girl surprises us all with it's best installment yet, the spats between Blair & Serena were just wildly entertaining, and we got quite an emotional payoff. Everyone is always very skeptical about this show, but don't be narrow minded like I was, this show actually has some substance to offer.

    The field hockey game was definitely my favorite scene, they way they just battled it out throughout the episode was incredibly evil and fantastic. I loved the tie in with Eric confronting Blair in the end, I really hope this rivalry isn't over, because is the only thing that's keeping me watching right now.

    Nate's character bores me to tears, and I just find Jenny annoying, and I really hope the Eric/Jenny thing doesn't go anywhere. Dan, Serena & Blair are the strong links in the cast so far. Good episode, can't wait for the next.
  • Interesting.

    Another awesome episode, not as good as the other two thats why I have give it a 9, but that its still good in my books. I'm glad Serena and Blair worked it out, for now I don't think it will last though. I also like the fact the way Blair and Chuck are working together type thing, sharing there evil minds, it is so good. I'm glad Eric has got Jenny now, I can see them becoming good friends or even more, but who knows. Anyway, awesome episode glad I started watching this show. I'm going to watch the next one now, bring it on.
  • Serena and Blair

    Another great episode. I really enjoyed this episode as it further developed Serena's and Blair's relationship which obviously is the driving storyline of the show as of now.

    I loved the ending how it all concluded: no it wasn't a "omg im gonna cry!" moment but I definitely could feel the emotions behind it.

    Liked how Serena's brother was involved. It was done very well and I loved the honest reaction by Blair. One thing I didn't like was probably that Gossip Girl kept saying how Serena and Blair are fighting. I dunno. I really only saw Blair "bombing" Serena; sure, Serena did "steal" that guy from the university from Blair but come on, that was nothing too big.

    Another thing I enjoyed was Nate and Dan's dynamics and while it was predictable it was still good. Loved the interviews, especially Chuck.... "Because... I am Chuck Bass."

    Overall another episode in which that I didn't find any major issues, and once again it felt really well written and well done, i don't understand the negativity towards GG.
  • Is their friendship getting better?

    We can see how much hatred there was between Serena and Blair in this episode.

    Chuck always butt in and this time he found out something new. He saw Serena going to visit her brother Eric and I guess he thought that she was either a recovering addict or an alcoholic but I guess he was wrong.

    When Chuck told Blair I guess one can say that she was very happy with the news and when they had to choose an organisation they should give money they decided to give it to the Ostroff Center.

    She blurted this news with everyone and managed to damage Serena's future into getting into a good college.

    Eric tells Blair the truth and we can see how shocked she was with what she did.

    The last part of the episode was very interesting... While Serena and Blair get along now that they know that they both are goign through some though time!

    I really liked the part between Eric and Jenny. I think Eric needs some company and a new friend :)
  • Loved what they did with Blair

    ***SPOILER ALERT***I really enjoyed this episode. At first I thought that this was going to be another episode of Blair being a **** to Serena. I was happily suprised when Eric stood up for his sister and put Blair Waldorf in her place. I also thought that Blair reading Serena the letter that she wrote to her when she was away at boarding school. I love that they allowed Blair to let her guard down. It is a nice change and it keeps the character more likeable and people can relate to her more easily. Everyone has their b***y moments sometimes, but no one can enjoy hearing and watching the life of a girl who is always b***y 24/7. I think the writers did a great job with the character Blair and her relationship with Serena.
  • I loved it!

    Blair asks for Chuck's assisstance in bringing down Serena. Dan really wants to be an usher for a guy representing the college he really wants to go to, but Nate gets it because of his father. Chuck spots Serena going to a rehab center to visit Eric, but assumes that she's an alcoholic. At the meeting thing, Blair announces that Serena is a recovered alcoholic in front of everyone. Jenny and Eric talk and Eric tells his story about how he tried to kill himself. Serena and Dan share a nice moment. Eric tells Blair, who feels bad. She apologizes to Serena and also reads a letter that she never sent.

    This episode was great! Serena is a great sister! I really want Eric and Jenny as a couple! They would look good together! I liked the ending! It was nice! I can't picture them as best friends though, just enemies. This episode gets a 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Nothing like some competition and a cat fight.

    It's Ivy week and everyone is competing to impress the proffesers from the best colleges in the country. Nate,Chuck and Dan are trying to get the usher position but only one of them can have it. Chuck says he should get the position because he's him, talk about overconfidence !! Nate dosen't want the position but still gets it. Dan gives a really good speech about why he should get the position. Dan dosen't get it and he's upset so Rufus tries to figure something out and he does ! After talking to Serena's mother, Rufus creates two new positons : The drinks guy and the entertainment which him and his son will fill in the Ivy party. Blair and Serena get into a fight in their P.E lesson and it gets physical. This was the second best b!tch fight I have seen on television. The number one best b!tch fight has to be the one between Nikki and Peyton in the first season of One Tree Hill. Anyway the party is here and Serena brings Erik. There Jenny looking really hot in a blue dress gets close to Erik and it is really sweet. Blair asks Chuck to help her bring Serena down and he assists her by giving her pictures of Serena leaving the alcoholics and drug addicts center that Serena's borther ( Erik ) is in so Blair assumes that Serena is the one who's part of this institute. At the party Blair makes a speech claiming that Serena is a recovering alcoholist. Serena gets on stage and starts saying things about forgiveness but Blair cuts her off. After the embarressing incident Dan goes after Serena and tries to make her feel better by telling her that he's there for her if she needs to talk which is awesome because I can't wait for these two love birds to get together. Erik talks to Blair and explains to her that he's the one who's going to the center, not Serena so Blair feels guilty which proved that Blair actually does have a heart. The epsiode ends with Dan feeling pretty satisfied that he got to talk to the proffeser he wanted to talk to and Blair reads a very touching letter to Serena that she wrote to her when she was away about how hard her life was at the time because of her dad leaving her mother and Nate acting all weird. Things in this episode accelerate at a really fast rate. I loved the emotional bits, especcially the last one with Serena and Blair and her letter. The b!tch fight was also very entertaining. I liked the Glamorous song the junior class which included Jenny sang in the assembly.B!ch fight, amends, secrets revealed and public humiliation....that's what it's all about. Great episode !!! Favorie character from this episode : Erik !! He stood up for his sister. I respect him for that. Hottest character from this episode : Jenny, She looked so cute in that blue dress. Good stuff !!
  • Getting better with every episode.

    Poison Ivy is the third episode of this truly amazing series and its still on par with previous episodes. It seems in Upper East Side its all about who you know and how much money you have. Dan was screwed out of the Usher position because Nate's dad had connections. I'm glad it's not like that at my school, but it couldn't be because no one is really rich and I live in a small town. Blair is as ruthless as ever revealing that Serena was in rehab, without even knowing what she was talking about. I see a bright future for Jenny and Eric, as long as he doesn't try and kill anyone (just kidding). I also believe that Chuck and Blair will hook up because they have great chemistry and they both share evil and mischievous minds. Plus Blair is sure to get revenge on Nate, I think. I can't wait for the next episode because this show is great, I'll try to watch it later on today sometime.
  • Very well written. Strong story line. Really good episode.

    Serena and Blair face off in a hockey match. The guys try out for usher positions to get into good colleges. Dan doesn't get a spot but is even more pissed after he learns Nate got his spot. Chuck spies on Serena and sees her going into a treatment centre. Eric tells Jenny that he tried to kill himself. Blair announces to everyone that Serena goes to a treatment centre. Serena takes the fall to cover up for her brother Eric. Eric confronts Blair and tells her that he is the one in the centre. Eric and Jenny become close. Blair opens up to Serena.
  • "Amidst the pseudo-drama spun by this show's writers, I often find my mind drifting into the wonders of Blake Lively's over stretched t-shirt, than the wooden plot"

    So this is the episode that introduced me to the latest teen drama from "The CW". One thing that annoyed me is that for obvious reasons, this thing played more like "Cruel Intentions: The Movie" than an original story about Trust Fund babies and their lives. You have the horrifically unoriginal characters Blake, Dan, Chuck & Serena; who are played against an all-too familiar background. But, it's not all thunderstorms and rainshowers; there are some good elements going for the show. For one thing, the cinematography and direction is very well thought out, and is the show's strong point for me. We all know that this commercial machine is designed to market towards the teeny-boppers who are about to come out of their shells into the realm of almost-adulthood. And the casting for such a show is perfect. I can't imagine anybody better for the chosen casts; other than Sarah Michelle-Gellar, Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon; whom the choices try to imitate. But, to give the show SOME credit, casting voluptuous teen-blondes to add some gloss to the show CAN be a good thing...
  • It's Ivy week at the Upper East Side and the drama betweeen Blair and Serena might threaten their college plans.

    This episode was really really good! I loved the way it ended! The only reason i didn't give this episode a 10 was beacause some of it bored me but the majority was good. I loved the cat fights between Blair and Serena. They were well done! Kudos to Leighton Meester and Blake Lively, they both had powerful performances in this episode and really showed their acting skills. It was really sad at the college fair when Blair announced that Serena was unstable and had alcohol problems when it was really her brother Erik who was at the Ostroff facility. I loved when Serena still stepped up for her brother. It shows how shes always been there for him and she really does care about him, where obviously Mrs. Van Der Woodsen hasn't always. It's sad. But, the best part of this episode is when Blair and Serena finally patched things up. It was a good scene, well written, and very great acting! Keep it coming Gossip Girl!
  • A lot of things happened.

    I liked this episode of the most part. The Blair vs. Serena brawl was the best possible thing that could happen in this episode! I can't believe Nate got the usher job instead of Dan, but we figured out Nate didn't want it anyway. That was really low of Blair to stand up in front of all those inportant people and out Serena for something that wasn't even her fault, and having to stick up for her brother. I can't believe that Erik told Jenny about him being in rehab, that wasn't a smart idea. I'm glad Serena and Dan are on good terms and are going to go on a date and 'not talk'. That was mighty brave of Blair at the ending to read that letter to Serena, but I think it was fake, and we all know it's not going to be the end of the Blair vs. Serena smash down.
  • Good but not as good as the previous two. Got into this episode more in the second half!

    Good episode. There was nothing really bad about this episode its just nothing sort of made me go "Wow" or something. Jenny who i liked a lot in the previous episodes was in it less then normal. Her scenes with eric (serenas brother) were ok but I don't really know what to make of him yet. It just annoyed me that Dan didn't get the usher thing in the first place but I guess that was the point. I'm glad blair realised what she had done by making the mixer sponers the centre where eric was kept. Her face when eric told her it was him not Serena who was a patient there was classic. looks like Dan and Serena are on the mend which is good, I like them. Don't like Chuck and Nate is just boring. The ending scene with Blair reading the letter was kinda sad but what does this mean? Are they just not fighting anymore or are they gonna be friends soon? Who knows! Will definately watch next episode!
  • Improvements!

    Wow! And I thought the tension between Blaire and Seren in the past episodes were strong, this episode was just tipping it over the edge! Blaire takes it a little too far though when she touches on off-limit areas, and Erik stands up for his sister! It finally happens that a rich kid doesn't get it all, but the lengths to make it happen almost doesn't seem worth it. The series is still remaining strong for me, keep it up!

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Gossip Girl): Super-successful parents expect nothing less from their offspring. And when it comes to college, that means the Ivies. It's more than just getting into college, it's setting a course for the rest of your life. And those who aren't legacies are no exception. When parents have sacrificed for their children, what kid would want to let them down?
  • DXS

    Poor Dan! All those people are so mean... I expecially hate Chuck, he's not even cute, come on. He could at least be cute! Good morals, somehow on Nate's side, I still don't like Nate much because he's so freaking out of it, or something. Hard to explain, I guess. He's just caught up in getting out of his "planned life" he misses everything that's going on. But it was good that he ditched and ended up letting Dan talk to him. And I hate how on and off agian Dan and Serena are going to be throughout the series. Make up your mind, Dan.
  • It started out slow but I got into it at the end

    This episode started out a little slow for me. I just didn't care enough about what college they got into and who they got to go around with. It was a little interesting that the rich kids automatically got everything. I really liked how the battle between Blair and Serena developed and how Blair announced she was at the rehab center in front of everyone. It may have been to soon for them to come to a truce after this intense moment, but it is good to see that they used to have a relationship. I also felt really bad for Nate in this episode. I doesn't seem like there is anything he could do to convince his father he doesn't want to go the dartmouth.
  • as Justin Timberlake would say to McDonalds... I'm loving it!

    This show just gets better and better. More drama to come definitelly.

    I would've expected a bigger, louder cat fight between our two girls, after all these are the biggest bad-asses at school and the cat fight would have to be huge for the story.

    I loved that final scene with Blair and Serena, and the letter Blair wrote but never sent to S was very heartwarming; This is the first time I saw Blair as more than the typical ice queen cliche, and more as a human... snoby brat but a human nonetheless. The only thing that was missing from that scene was to finish it with a hug... a hug would've been the cherry on the cake.
  • Some of you might know Jennifer Lopez's new single 'Miles in My Shoes' has been used as the music background for Desperate Housewives Season 4 promo trailer. As a matter of fact, I think the lyrics of that song would suit Gossip Girls a lot better.

    I think I can sort of relate to the background of the show because I went to a private high school for a year in Taipei, Taiwan before I moved to Vancouver, Canada. The competitions and politics were worse in my school. At the time, my home country's Vice President's daughters went to the same school. The Chairman from one of the major political parties also his children to my school. Many of the wealthiest men in Taiwan were also alumni. Their children, of course, went to the same school. I had a chance to interact with many of these rich kids. My father is a university professor, and my mother is a pharmacist. These occupations were considered 'low-end' at my school. Thank goodness I had my grandfather to back me up. My grandpa is the most respected and well-known Chinese medicine doctor in town. There's even an ambulance named after him. This show definitely reminds me of that year of my high school. High drama, intense competitions, and cruel politics.... were very common. Tell me about those malicious girls! I'd seen them all back then. I've definitely experienced all these evil deeds first-hand and was a victim. I was consistently the top student in my class for the whole year, and my English was the best, so thankfully I became many teachers' pet and lots of them favoured me a great deal. While many of those gossip girls with pure black hearts ended up going to very lousy universities, I came to Canada and went to one of the best schools here. Ahh, this show is hilarious!
  • I really have to say that each character it's growing.

    I need to say the true, this was not my favorite episode, the writers actually take to much time to set an environment.

    The first episode was the party "Kiss on the Lips"
    The second one was "The Breakfast" (you know what I mean, the breakfast that Chuck's dad gave)
    An this one was the "Ivy.. league"

    To much time to develop a story, but if their point is to let us know what are the characters and how good they are its a risky but actually a good way.

    a. Eric (Serena's brother) so much to give, is totally focus on his paper, I enjoyed how strong he can be after he wanted to make suicide.

    b. Jenny (Dan's sister) it's the typical girl who doesn't know where belongs but tries to keep honest to herself and her feelings.

    c. Blair, she can be so mean but she also have a heart somewhere, and it's very common, because everybody have a dark side.

    This show has more things to give, hopefully we will se it.
  • The war continues...

    Wow. With this episode, I'm officially hooked on "Gossip Girl". And now I am officially worried about the fate of this show - ratings have been not good at all and I'm concerned that this show may not snag a full season order.

    The fight between Serena and Blair continues, with Blair throwing most of the attacks, with the help of Chuck. She gets a picture of Serena at the Ostroff center, and assumes she was there for rehab, not knowing about Serena's brother, and "outs" her at a mixer where a bunch of college reps are. I really, really enjoyed this episode. It didn't have any of the obviously cheesy moments of the pilot and the characters - all except Chuck, who just seems to be a flat out evil guy so far - had their moments where they were likable. The scene at the end between Serena and Blair was well done: well acted, well written, and emotional.

    Can't wait for the next episode!
  • As the feud between B and S continues other exciting things also happen.

    First I would like to say, Awesome episode! Ok back to the review. I think that this episode had some great character developments between basically everyone.
    When Blair told everyone about Serena's "drug and drinking problems and how she got over it" it made me realize what a b***h Blair is and how funny she is when she acts that way. I was almost broght to like tears at the end of this episode. It was very heartfelt and you could tell that they were both feeling sorry for what they both had done to each other. It was really nice and has made me even more excited for next week's episode!
  • It's war between BLair and Serena

    Interesting episode which shows that the people in this show still love their family.

    Rufus goes to talk to Lilian to get his son Dan involved somehow in the Ivy League meeting.

    Serena admits to being an addict to protect her brother Erik.

    I really liked that Erik got up to Blair and told her the real situation and I loved that Blair read her letter to Serena. Not sure if this means there's a truce, doubt it, knowing Blair, but we'll have to wait and see.

    I wonder what will happen with Erik and Jenny, they seem like a good couple, I hope their relationship will evolve further.
  • Paybacks are a b***h and so is Blair

    Keep in mind this is a guy watching this show.

    I like this show. It's a sort of guilty pleasure for me.
    I love the grown-up feel and writing.
    I also love the look of the show.

    With the poison Ivy episode, it just turned out to be an average episode. But I thought it was important to see Blair **** side and her "I'm sorry" side.
    Even though Blair's apology seemed sincere, It seemed like Blair was doing it for herself, to make herself feel better.

    I disagreed with the previous reviewer, about showing Blair and Serena make up this early. Because, we of course are going to see Blair still feuding and being b***h towards Serena.
    But it was important to show that there was once something there.

    But we all know you can't trust Blair.
  • Baby steps to keep the interest up?

    Is it just me, or does it seem like the beginning of this blood feud between Blair and Serena got swept out of the window too soon? Granted, there are still many ways to angle this new development in the show, but it still feel too early to put in "I miss my best friend" love notes in this manner. I had hoped to see more of the Blair/Serena fighting, and the episode was well under way to satisfy me in that when the ending occurred. Keep up the great work, writing team. I have great hopes for this show to possibly fill the void Gilmore Girls left behind.
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