Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 20

Remains of the J

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on The CW

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    When Serena said her life was in a rut, it really made us realize how much this show is in a rut. Constantly switching partners, repeating the same story lines and relationships. Gossip Girl may have returned too form these past 2 weeks, but this episode was just a total regression in quality.

    I really couldn't understand Jenny's reasoning at all, and 2 seasons in, and I still can't stand her character. It seems like she hasn't grown up at all, regardless of her age. She's still immature and definitely annoying.

    Serena is also starting to bug me. So your life is in a rut? What do you do? Leave your family and friends and go to Spain without telling them. Horrible decision on her part, and Poppy isn't doing the show any favors. The two pairings put on the fore front here just don't make any sense, and it seems like the writers are just drawing at straws here.
  • Swing your partner, do si do

    This is ridiculous. I can't even feel anything for any of the couples anymore because they don't stop switching. One week they are in love, then boom nothing, then oh I love you again. What the heck!!?? Blair loves chuck, now he wants Elle, oops no Blair again, but he's going to screw Vanessa. Don't get me started on Nate and his womanizing ways and what he did to poor Vanessa. The whole thing was convoluted and way too much in one episode. Seriously if you make every character hook up with every character, no one will be left. The show won't last much longer at this rate and it's not even remotely believable anymore. The last 3 episodes have been subpar at best. One good thing wow do Chuck and Vanessa have chemistry. That was hot lol.
  • ...

    Hmm, I'm impressed with scoring, cause it's kinda high, but at same time I'm shocked cause it wasn't such a good episode. In past few weeks there were some really good ones that didn't score that high.
    So... I liked only one thing. lol. and the thing that I liked is - they're trying to return on the good old Gossip Girl path, though they do not succeed yet, but I can still feel the effort and that's good. This is why I put 8, not 6.
    In this episode there were a lot of things that pissed me off. So I'm gonna start with writers work. Why the hell they need to put on the show all the off-screen couples. OK, I understand that they can't do anything with Serena and Dan, but why they needed to include Chuck and Vanessa's hook up on Gossip Girl. I was pretty mad when in the previous episode they made Blair and Carter together. But this..... Did they face with lack of actors to introduce in GG?? Although that Chuck-Vanessa storyline was in GG style. Next couple - Blair-Nate, it's the dumbest idea ever, nevertheless they look adorable together. Why I don't like they're being together is because of Blair, she's becoming so corny and looks like a character from old movies - naive, beautiful and kinda smart, but it's not the Blair we love. It's kinda ok, but it was too much in this episode. And that Brangelina-Aniston triangle was really stupid thing to mention. Her naiveness reminded me a movie, which title I still can't remember.
    That party for J, was totally terrible and this storyline was complicated because: 1) lil J and no party don't match each other; 2) Serena, since when she's thinking about her socialist role?? it was mentioned only twice during all two season; 3) still can't understand the dumbness of Chuck - why he's chasing Blair only when he has obviously lost her???
    These and many more dumb questions about dumb storylines.
    Don't hate me I'm just writing my weekly review about GG, besides these weekly reviews becoming in monthly reviews because of these silly hiatus.
    Hola Espana?! Adios Serena!
  • Jenny rocks this episode...

    I just want to kick the directors in the bums. Do they know what fans want or are they just to ignorent. But hopefullly the know what people want. Okay bottum line The reamins of J (Jenny). I thought for an episode that suppose to be about Jenny you didn't see as much of her as you should have. But I thought the parts she was in were really good. When she said "I refuse to be a park avenue princess" I thought that was a really good part.

    Now to the hole Blair+Chuck, Chuck+Vanessa, Vanessa+Nate and Nate+Blair thing really annoys me. I absolutly hate it when people on shows get together just to get revenge at other characters. Grrrr... But sources say that in the episode Seder anything okay get ready...

    A new supposed reformed Gorgina Sparks returns to the upper East side. Also Cyrus Rose returns.

    Serena hooks up with someone in Spain I think.

    Blair and Chuck try to show Serena what an ass her new Beau is.Blair and Chuck are starting to bond and Nate tries to compete with Chuck by asking Blair to move in with him. Which causes tension between Chuck and Nate and causes a game "Who will win the Waldorf" with unexpected results.

    Also sources say that in the end of the season or beggining of season 3 Blair and chuck get together when chuck in episode 24 of season2 says to Blair "I love you" awwww. Also that Vanessa gets a puppy dog:)
  • omfg chuck and vanessa!!

    ahhh ok im a huuuge chuck and blair fan but im loving chuck and vanessa..those 2 got some sizzling chemistry its probably because their actually datin in real life..dont like/care about nate and blair thier boring and will obviusly break up soon..i like seeing dan and serena as friends today..i think they should be friends for a while the whole couple think is too much. i didnt really liked how jenny acted in this epi..very ungratful well she did have her reasons i guess. and wats up with scott? i guess hes not dead after all..im looking forward to see where this storyline goes