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  • This is my personal favorite right now. I just love it!

    What can I say, this tv show is just perfect. I love the characters. Every episode is great and everytime it takes me away from my real world. It's magic.

    First when I saw this, I was thinking this must be some silly girl show. But after the first episode I was stuck.

    I don't know what it is, maybe that I don't live in that kind of world. So when I watch I can dream about being there.

    I hope this show will go on and on and on. I just love it!

    The set is great, the characters are great, the females are hot and the show is both sad and funny.

    Watch it!

    And to the ones that working on it, keep up the good work!
  • Queen "B" - Dethroned!!!

    "Gossip Girl" (Kristen Bell) takes pleasure in reporting that Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) was spotted buying pregnancy tests.

    Of course, on the Upper East Side, the truth is often even juicier and more scandalous than the gossip, and this time is no exception.

    The blogger triggers a scandal which ends up costing Blair (Leighton Meester) her crown.

    Control-freak Blair has a breakdown as things spiral out of her control and Serena comes to her rescue.

    Meanwhile, the animosity between best friends Nate (Chace Crawford) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) over the latter's indiscretion with Blair boils up.

    Jenny might just be the only good little "Mean Girl"!!! ... + will She replace Blair as Queen ???
  • Brillante adaptation of the books !

    This program is great. However its weakest actor would deffiently have to be Chace Crawford as Nate... I think he was hired more for his looks then his acting skills, dont get me wrong i like to look at him but he could do with an acting class or two.

    Its a great transformation of the book, although the characters have changed a little its good.

    Im mainly in love with blair AKA Leighton Meester. who is just soooo cute, like a extremly over sized teddy !. and i hear the girl who plays jenny is 14 in real life too ?! shes great considering she's so young !.

    This show is destined for greatness lets just hope it doesnt get down before it can prove it too us. As we all know by now... the network bosses will cut what they want from the shedule without a care in the world. Hopefully this will live of for at least four seasons !

    Heres to hoping !
  • Drama, Drama, Drama

    I love this show...i was hooked since s1.
    i read only 2 GG books and i didnt like them.
    i love where the show goes with the storyline.
    Dan/Serena my fav couple.
    i also like Chuck/Blair..but who knows if they will ever be together.
    the whole butterfly thing was adorable.
    Nate/Blair just dont go. i like lily and rufus together..but i love D/S better.
    i really dont like rufus'es wife..so im glad shes out of the picture.
    Vanessa is getting very annoying to me...so im hoping her and dan never get together again.
    im also hoping chuck and dan dont become gay...the books are way different than the show so that might not happen.
  • A serious Guilty Pleasure

    If there is one show this year that I watch religously but will not tell anyone about, it's Gossip Girl. It's a great show about the upper east siders in New York City. At first I really thought this show would be cancelled after 2 episodes but when it got to the third episode I started watching and loving this show this show.

    The show has a great young cast with a lot of talent. I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot from all of them in the next couple of years!

    Let's hope no one does anything stupid and we get a second season!
  • Gossip Girl...Simply the best!

    Really, Gossip Girl, is the best show to date! It keeps you on your tippy toes. Wondering what may happen next. Every episode is just as exciting as the one before it. Everyone can relate to it, being that there are things that actually do happen in real life. It is a must watch TV show, for sure! Wow!, and the actors, they are amazing! It really does make you feel like you're a part of them. Like, for every problem and everything they go through, you're there. Seriously, a big congrats to the creaters of Gossip Girl, and all other people involved, including the actors. Congrats!
  • Wow!

    I absolutely love it, great job guys it realy gets me glued to the set. The caracters are just perfect and the story line just gets better and better each episode. It realy shows what some of todays teenagers go threw on everyday basis, the influance they have on each other and all the pure pressure. The constante competition there in and trying to fit in so desperately. In a way it's so sad this is the type of world were living in but it seems like they work out there differences. Love to wacht it every week thanks for keeping me interested.
  • Another OC.....

    While added narrator voice gives the show a certain character, and the show does have some interesting episodes, the overall feel of the show seems old and outdated.
    Imagine the OC stories in a Cruel intention setting and characters. The series simply wanted to capitalize on the theme of the OC and Cruel intentions by pitting the concepts in one show.
    Kristin Bell shines out as the narrator, other actors needs to work on it more. One good thing though, the show seems to be improving in its story theme, as it doesnt rely on the usual plot setting.
    However, we see again points of similarity with the OC, the whole loosing the verginity story is so overplayed.
  • The OC of the East Coast.

    If compared to the contents of the book, I would have to give it a lower rating. However, as a tv show in itself, it is just absolutely fab. It really is like a remake of The OC, yet set in the east coast. Even if you've read the book, it's still something you'd be interested in because the way the charters are presented is a lot different. It's interesting, new, and fun. And something a little more realistic as compared to the extremity of The OC--or at least when we talk about its drama. I just hope that they don't end up making the mistake of cramming all the present books' storyline in one season. If that happened, it just might go downhill from there. I just love it all, the drama, gossip, clothes, and lifestyle. It may be a little bit pretentious, but that's what makes it quite amazing.
  • Got a Secret? Can you keep it? All the news and gossips on New York Upper East Side residents Blair Waldorf, Serena Van der Woossen, Dan and Jen humphrey, Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald are revealled by Gossip Girl.

    Best soap ever..even better than Th O.C.! It makes me wish to be a Upper East Sider...I really got addicted to it and is one of my favourite shows ever. It has good fashion, execelent storylines, good actors and very good songs and presents to the mere mortals like us that rich people lives aren't very different from ours, the only difference is that they have more money and are not necessarely happier...I watch hpw seran's mother loves Rufus a 90's rock star but also likes Bart Bass a successful business men..
    well I think that is enough about GG.
    XOXO see you soon! GG
  • Welcome to the Upper East side where Gossip Girl resides as she keeps us up to date on the lives of Serena Van der Woodson, Blair Waldorf, Nate Archaimbald, Jenny Humphrey, Dan Humphrey,and Chusk Bass. And when S returns theres sure to be drama a brewin.

    This is probably one of the best shows on television. It keeps getting better and better. Out of the the 12 episodes that have aired there is only one i didn't like and i didn't even not like it that much. It's an amazing show and very addicting. After you watch the first episode you will be addicted and want to know what will happen next. I've never read the books and don't plan on it because the show is good enough for me but i have heard the books are very good too. This is my new best friend. Josh Schwartz you are my hero. You did great with The OC and great with this! Keep the drama coming!
  • Gossip Girl, a secret blogger, tracks the lives of the elite Upper East Siders. She mainly focuses on Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate, and wannabes Jenny and Dan.

    I read the books after learning that the series was going to be made into a show. Needless to say, I loathed reading the books. They were very repetitive and the people I liked together never stayed together (i.e. Serena and Dan). The pilot was a lot like the books and I considered not watching the next few episodes. I am so happy that I stuck with the show because it is my absolute favorite now! I love how the writers are coming up with their own ideas and straying away from the mindless wanderings of the book. I adore the relationship of Serena and Dan, and the struggles between Chuck and Nate for Blair (my favorite character) and some of my favorite things to watch. This show has come a long way already and I can't wait to see what will happen for it in the future!
  • This show rocks and for a soap that's great

    I LOVE this show it's like the best ever. In one word reapted coolest coolest coolest coolest coolest coolest coolest coolest ever ok two words. i say XOXO all the time it's at the end of my email's and text and on my text books it rocks my world love S so much her caraters is great on every way she so cool and pretty in that nautral way which is added bonas. B evil love her to i gusse u have to the eviler the better i all ways say X O X O GOSSIP GIRL
    got to love it
  • another great show! i love gossip girl its my new TV guilty pleasure!

    Gossip Girl is a new exciting show that i am looking forward to watching each and every week. I haven't read any Gossip Girl book but i love the show and it keeps on getting better each week. I hope that there is more excitement to come and hopefully its picked up for a second season. I think that each character is played by the right actor/actress it makes the show even better. I love Dan and Serena together they are so cute and perfect for each other and Blair is a funny character to watch being the mean girl of the show. I can't wait till the next episode to see what happens. I know you love me xoxo gossip girl.
  • An ok show but if your a fan of the books, go find another show.

    I am personally a huge fan of the books which is why i cannot stand watching this show. The first episode was the only thing relatively close to the books and now it's transformed into something weird. For starters Vanessa in the books has a shaved head and Dan and Serena never even dated.
    I think if i had never read the books i might like the series, but they changed it so much that it's just really annoying. So in my personal opinion it's not a terrible show, It's actually very interesting and entertaining, but if your expecting it to be like the books, your in for a rude awakening.
  • "Welcome to New York's Upper East Side, where my friends and I all live in huge, fabulous apartments and go to exclusive single-sex private schools. We aren't always the nicest people in the world, but we make up for it in looks and taste."

    I've read the book and loved it. And what do I think about the TV series? I love, love, love it!!! Btw, I really don't care if other people think Blake Lively looks kinda' old for Serena's role because I love her as Serena van der Woodsen! I like the way they made her turn out to be in the TV series, they've given her a heart and of course I love, loove, looove Penn Badgley!!! And the TV series version of Dan Humphrey is undeniably better!!!

    it's pretty obvious that i love, loove, looove Gossip Girl --- i read it, i watch it, i speak it, i wear it, i eat it, i drink it, i walk it and most important of all i breathe it!!!
  • A show about the wealthy people on the upper east side and their lives.

    this show is pretty good. its interesting to watch, especially the blair/nate/chuck storylines. it doesnt completely copy the books and thats okay becasue that would be kind of hard to do. its still good even though it is pretty different [dan and serena, chuck and blair, alison coming back, serena's brother being so young] but i still like it. its kind of like the same as a bunch of other teen shows that the kids are all rich and priveleged but it is somewhat different and a good show. i wish the season was longer though so we could see more of whats going to happen
  • Fun. Drama. Love. Life. All packed in one.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! The moment I found out about its existence, I knew immediately that I would be watching it. Gossip Girl is based on the books Gossip Girl and I love the books! The show has amazing actors and actresses. (Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley and Leighton Meester, Taylor Momsen, Blake Lively) It also has great storylines and plots that will keeps your eyes glued to the TV screen! You'll love the love triangles in this show. There's a load of drama in this show that make conflicts in the Elite Upper East Side seem absolutely delicious. All's fair in love and war, right?
  • This show is based on a popular New York Times bestselling series by Cecily Von Ziegesar.

    Gossip Girl is about a world of privileged teenagers on an elite private school in New York City. Some people say that they like the books better, but I believe that you can have the best of both worlds. The show is based on the books and they may not be exactly the same. I think that they did an amazing job casting the actors, and it is just a great show! I love all of the drama that takes place; I get excited every time a new episode airs hehe. I just hope we get to have a full season!
  • i can totaly relate to it !!

    omg i can totaly relate to gossip girl because things that happen on the show happen in my town !! like all the drama and falling for your best friends boyfriend and the paretns and stuff. i love serena, blair and jenny !! nate ( chace crawford) is the hottest guy on the show right now !!! i havent read the books because i hate reading but im so glad they made this into a show !!! i know people say the books are much better than the shows or movies so like i wonder how good the books are because the show is freaking great !!! everyone should watch it !!! me and my friend watch it every wesnesday lol !
  • Great show about a bunch of teenagers in the upper east side in New York. LOVE IT!!!

    Love this show!!! Definitely my new guilty pleasure. The location, music, and cast are WONDERFUL. The cast really works well together and all of them can act!! The chemistry between the cast is amazing and storylines (especially chuck and blair) are so much fun to watch.
    I am completely ADDICTED to this show and can't wait for new episodes every week!!!

    If you like the OC you will definitely love this show. If you didnt like the OC..you will still love this show. It comes on at 9PM on wednesdays on the CW (dont forget to watch live!!!) If you want to catch up, all episodes are available on itunes.

    One of the best new shows of the year. socialite teens that are used to having everything and dont have to worry about anything because money is everything next of course ur family legacy!! gossip girl keeps everyone up to date with all that B-i-t-c-h-i-n-g and drama that is going on mainly between B,S,Dan, NAte and Chuck whose pure mission in life.. is 2 have sex ands cause trouble!
    b finds out wat happend btw Nate and S. Fighting is so good 2 watch.. this show is 1000 times better then OC. "ur nobody unless your being talked about" pretty much says it all!!!
  • Welcome to the Upper East Side, where you are nobody until you're talked about!

    I am completely obsessed with this show! The day after an episode airs it's all I can talk about, good thing people love it too because then I can talk about it all day.
    This show has filled the gaping void The O.C left me with when it went off air.
    I just love it. I can't get through an episode without being like "Oh My God!!!" (I know girly) Some of the things that happen, mostly because of Blair, can only be processed with an "Oh My God!!!"
    I also love how they have an underdog. All good shows need an underdog, and in this case it's Dan Humphrey. He wasn't born privileged like the other teens who he attends school with and he is somewhat of an outsider...but man is he lovable! Played by the adorable Penn Badgley, the other Tucker in John Tucker must die, how can you not just want him to have a happy ending!
    Now let's not forget Serena Van Der Woodsen, the very basis of the show. After returning from a stint at boarding school, and her reasons for leaving still a mystery to some, she tries to go back to her once status quo life. Though her secrets come out, and her old friends: not that welcoming of her anymore. Enter Dan, someone she meets on the outside of the inner circle.
    I could go on about this shows awesomeness, but you'll just have to watch to really get the experience!
  • nooooiiiiceeeee!!!! Love this show.

    Although we're are only upto episode 3 over here in Australia i already, 100%, loooooooove this show. When I first heard about it I thought it was just going to be another one of those crappy teen dramas, that, considering its creators, was going to be exactley like the O.C. (which was an awesome show) but i thought it wasnt going to be anything new. However once I saw the very first episode i was freakin' hooked!!!! and I saw that it was completely new and it didnt fall in the same tracks of the O.C.

    This show is not only freakin' awesome its female actors are freaking HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! and not only hot but very, very talented.

    And I have to say that the whole premise of this show, with gossip girl etc., is pretty interesting.....

  • The privileged prep school teens on Manhattan's Upper East Side first learn that Serena van der Woodsen

    I have spoilers for the twelfth episode of gossip girl entitle "school lies" the kids break into the school swimming pool at night to have a party, but someone nearly drowns. In the face of expulsion, a pact of secrecy is formed, which Dan is hesitant to be part of, causing tension between him and Serena. Meanwhile, Vanessa learns about Chuck and Blair's affair; and Lily considers expressing her true feelings to Rufus. If I have any other news on spoliers, I will post them because I know that you may not know much about any episodes after "Roman Holiday". -You know you love me xoxo
  • loveee itt!

    omg. I love this show. No...its an obsession. You dont even understand. This is the best show ever. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week now, i wait for it ALL week. I love all the characters (nate and dan are soo hott) and...its so much fun to watch all their relationships and everything. Just warning you though, its like, really really grabbing. Its an addictive show, dude! I love every episode so far, none of them was better than the last. I wish it was on every single night, i would totally watch it. Deff...Anyway, so yeahh....its an awesome show you've got to watch it trust me you'll love it. And i know people are like, oh these kids are bad influences and everything, but it really isn't. TEens do this kinda stuff anyway, theres nothing you can do about it. and it doesnt influence me at all. Its sicknaysty!
  • Sernea van der Woodsen returns from her boarding school because she was kicked out. Sernea thought everyone was going to welcome her with open arms.But she didn't get welcomed she actually hated for alot of things including a secret with her bffs BF?

    A wonderful new show.
    It has a mix of 2 things really. The OC popluar life of The OC and the dark atompshere of Cruel Intentions. But in the end it's a really good come back for Josh Schwartz after The OC. This show is good. But, it is not going to be compared to The OC. And I've read the books and they are nothing like the them. But the show is still good. The cast is good and doing a good job and the story is not that bad but I mean, they could do better and the show is well directed with really good settings and I think the music is okay too. You won't regret watching it.
  • The lives of wealthy (well some of them)teens on the Upper East Side of NYC.

    I love this show!!!! It's great!! Have to love Blair's fashion style!! the chemistry between the characters is amazing!!! My favorite guy is Chuck!!! i love him! i wish he could end up with Blair!! Such a great fascinating couple!! I hate CeCe and Carter b, such irritating characters!! I love the NYC surroundings! i think it is wonderful!! The music is GREAT!! all great artist, some unknown to me, but I'm glad i downloaded the songs!! I can't wait to see Vanessa go!!! Roman Holiday sounds great!! Great show!! i totally recommended to you!! Even better than the OC. But I find Serena similar to Marissa C; and Blair similar to Summer. Coincidence?? Haha don't think so!
  • ...you know you love me...

    And I do! I simply love Gossip Girl.
    Now, I'll admit, the pilot did not completely satisfy me. As a reader of the books, I thought they made too many changes, and I wasn't quite comfortable with them.

    However, as the series has progressed, I've come to understand the changes made to the characters/events in the books for the show were for the best. I am enjoy the show far more thoroughly than I ever did the books. The books were fluff - although the characters were quite developed - they did not provide any form of real substance whatsoever. The show, on the other hand, is starting to pick up and cover what the books themselves lacked. Gossip Girl is starting to deal more believably with the issues it faces than the book ever did.
    It is of course a difficult situation when something is being transferred from paper to TV or film, but the producers/creators have handled it formidably well. They have made necessary changes for TV. The main change that sticks out at me is Serena. In the books, Serena used to be WILD wild - she was a party girl extraordinaire. When the book Serena came back from abroad, she was so...well, depressing. And that's apparently why they changed her character to seem a bit more, "Lively" (ha great pun, I know, I know) - or else she would be too depressing for primetime TV. Also, the other characters, such as Blair, seem a bit more toned down, which to me, makes them seem all the more real. For instance, Blair was a complete psycho in the books, she was a real terror, and always came up with the most ridiculous plots to reach her ends.
    The characters in the books seemed so contrived. Now though, they are extremely believable as people actually living in today's world.

    Which brings me to the acting cast. They are doing a terrific job of bringing depth and realness to the characters. Leighton Meester is especially great as Blair - not only is she spot on with Blair's cattiness, but she is also able to genuinely portray Blair's emotions and show us why Blair is who she is. Blair's other half, Serena, is also adequately played by Blake Lively, who does a fine job of bringing to light Serena's carefree attitude towards life. The boys, as well as being very nice to look at, are also doing a good job, although I do think Chace Crawford is a little too brooding as Nate. Chuck is perfect though. Ed Westwick is doing an excellent job of Chuck's slyness and manipulative ways, and more currently, his underlying softness. Even the adults I love. Whereas with shows like The OC and Beverly Hills, 90210, I could have cared less about what the adults were doing, I actually am enjoying their storylines and respective roles in the show. I especially love Matthew Settle as Rufus and Kelly Rutherford as Lily. They have a great chemistry together and play a perhaps more grounded role in the show, they, unlike their children, are maybe a bit more settled in life. Overall, the ensemble cast is fantastic together.

    Now, the themes shown in Gossip Girl are also well-done. They are actually themes which we are facing in our society today: money can't buy you happiness, the difficulties of being a teenage girl, everyone has a secret, etc. Since they are all so easy to relate to, it gives the show a more real element. Sure, they are maybe played out a bit to the maximum, but the show is here to entertain us, not bore us, so it has to be a little bit over-the-top. Even still, it is not too much that it renders itself unbelievable. Each character has their own certain persona as well: Blair is insecure, Jenny is naive, Dan is lonely, Chuck is perversive, Nate is lost, Serena is reformed. The show just brings together so many real themes which makes it all the more watchable.

    The visual appeal of the show is also very pleasing. The sets are beautiful and the clothes to die for. The fashions of Gossip Girl are actually starting to gain recognition for the fact that they are tasteful - the girls and boys both look extremely stylish without being exhibitionists. The costume designers for the show have done a simply amazing job of creating a unique, individual style for each and every character on the show, from their schoolwear to their formalwear.

    Lastly, I would like to commend Gossip Girl on its music. Alex Patsavas, the music supervisor (who worked on the OC and Grey's Anatomy, both of which have been critically acclaimed for their terrific soundtracks), is creating a great sound for the show. She mixes many indie bands with top 40 hits, which brings the cool music element to the show. As well as hearing familiar tracks, a viewer is able to hear a wide array of tracks they maybe have never heard before. I think Gossip Girl is really going to bring a lot of indie bands to the surface, just like the OC did, which is great, because there are so many good ones out there (The Virgins, for example, who have already been used multiple times in Gossip Girl).

    Well, I suppose that's it...it was rather lengthy, and I think that's as much as I can think of to write.
    I just want to finish by saying that Gossip Girl really IS a good show, even if it is sometimes a little over the top, and I am hoping that it will be able to maintain its spark and flourish over time for many seasons to come.
  • Hi, Society! love the name because well let's just say these few words explain the whole show !

    The debutant ball, i find those thing so cool but yet a it worthless! But the grand mother Cece who lies about being sick well thats just wrong and the reason for her lie wanst even good...and Cece is really nasty towards the people she doesnt want Serena hanging out with ! Like Dan poor thing i was so shocked at what she said to him :O And things between Blair and Chuck were getting sexy but then out of the blue...an i dont understand why but she goes right back to Nate, yes they are a cute couple but i was routing for Chuck and Blair i love those two together...oh well maybe there will be a new twist later on in the season ...we'll just have to wait and watch the show ...
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