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  • A Teen classic

    In the beginning, I was little shaky about show. I thought the show will get cancel just like other shows on CW11 before giving it a chance but I was wrong. I didn't see the pilot but i caught the show on its reruns. Past episodes that i saw were great. My favorite episodes are "Blair Wadolf Must Pie", Seventeen Candles, Hi Society, and Roman Holiday(my fav out of all other episodes).

    Hopefully, CW will not cancel this show after one season cause I'll be really heated.

    Gossip Girl is bound to turn out to a big hit and classic teen show of the ages.
  • the cast are basically what makes the show what it is as of today. when i read the books I always think about them acted as their characters and they play it really well too!!!!!!!!

    What can I say about this show....there are so many things to say about it, but the main ones that there's so much drama in it and it opens the doors to conversions about the issues in teens lives. there's so much drama to it that I absolutely love it! the way, characters act in the book are total different in the series which is overwhelming. the Cast is absolutely amazing and gorgeous too, everyone in there is beautiful and handsome in many ways. They each play their character so well. This so has so much love triangles and Squares as well.
  • This show showcases the lives of New York's upper eastsiders, and revolves around the lives of the teenagers growing up in the facade of manhattan's elite.

    Well I started to watch this mainly because i felt nostalgic thinking about the OC.Although the pilot was not that impressive and deals mainly with character development, nonetheless it was good enough for me to watch the other episodes. The show starts to get momentum from the third episode.So I will plead everyone to have patience until the third episode because from there it really starts to get good. However if you're looking for a show which shows non-stop partying, drinking and drug use, well sadly this show doesnt show much of it{especially drug use :(}.Well this show is very trendy and showcases amazing songs by rising artists and this is where it inherits the OC's good sense of music.Basically its a good show and quite fun to watch, so all you OC fans out there try out this show because it has the look and feel of the OC but retains its originality.
  • I love this show. It isnt the OC but still a good show to watch. I love gossip and it is great that there is a show about it. lol I give it 9 1/2 out 10 stars.

    It is a great show. The acting is good the oc has a upper hand on the acting though. The Plot is great. I can see this show lasting for years to come. I would recomend it to all my friends and family. I would like to see something shocking happen like one of the guys coming out of the closet or something that will just shock you. My favorite character would have to be chuck. I love his character. He is involed with every scandal and knows all the gossip. I would almost say that he is gossip girl. lol
  • I' was really looking forward to Josh Schwartz production "GOSSIP GIRL" could easily be the cure to any die hard oc fan including myself.

    Being a huge fan of the OC, and being totally devastated by the end of it, i was hoping to find sort of a replacement, Of course i found it! i love "one tree hill"' but i was really looking forward to Josh Schwartz production, i really like gossip girl! The setting is grate! fantastic cast! i' really enjoy Leighton Meester character as Blair, she kind of reminds me a little bit of Rachel BILSON's Role as summer but Naughty. I' love it the plot is great and if it keeps going this direction "GOSSIP GIRL" could easily be the cure to any die hard oc fan including myself.
  • omg how hot are the chicks in this show?? ooof.. spankin...

    I first saw this pilot when I downloaded it fo` free on iTunes- n I was hooked **** ass **** I had **** read tha books before but I knew tha basics, n I knew this tv **** would become mah new bizzest **** on Wednesday nights!!!

    I guess money, sex n relatizzles is a good combinizzle in ever so many ways where the sun be shinin and I be rhymin'. I suggest you give it a trizzy, coz who doesnt love beautiful ****ez (and ****ez) wit tha combinizzles of money, alcohol n intrigues

    Also, they have so much chemistry n they all fit so wizzell togetha as gangsta like a motha **** Even tha baddest of tha bad (Chuck) has a heart, n tha sweetest of tha cuties (Jenny) has a mean streak

    dis show is fo ganstas onlai
  • Gossip Girl. Scandalous. :)

    Gossip Girl has very quickly become one of my favorite shows ever. I usually don't like this type of show (rich, preppy, gossipy), but this one is just .... different. Each character is so lovable and has so much personality! And they are all SO different. From evil, sexy, cunning Chuck (my favorite) to sweet, innocent, naive little Jenny this show has the best cast on television. Also, they have so much chemistry and they all fit so well together as characters. Even the baddest of the bad (Chuck) has a heart, and the sweetest of the cuties (Jenny) has a mean streak. I recommend this show to every one, you should also read the AWESOME books!!
  • Highly recommend.

    Gossip Girl is extremely addictive I've found, I knew it would be a show I'd love but I've only just realised how much. As well as being entertaining, I find the show relatable being a teenager myself and I love the way it's been adapted from the novel into the show. I find it really hard to hate a character on this show because each has a certain quality that makes the show what it is. Gossip Girl revolves around main characters Dan, Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck and Jenny, a group of young adults growing up in the Upper East Side. I highly recommend it for people of all ages although it does appeal more to a younger audience.
  • Those Upper East Siders

    I really didn't want to like this show, but I do. Blair and Chuck are probably my two favorite parts of this show, they are really great together and Chuck plays the never do well character down to a point.They could of played out the whole Serena and Nate thing a little more in the beginning but there is always next season. And normally the lives of the parents are so unbelievably boring so the lives of their parents is a nice change of pace because they are actually interesting. Jenny is also played very well, but they should give her a little more to do. I'm still a little ashamed that I watch this. Kristen Bell's narrations are amazing as well "Xo xo"
  • The New OC

    Gossip Girl from The Creator of The OC Josh Swartz.

    This is another Guilty Pleasure for me to watch for hours on end. Just like The OC it focuses on Rich teenagers only this time it's in the Upper east side of Manhattan,New York. It is more soapy in my opinion than The OC & not as funny but still good. Since I am in Australia I have only seen the first 7 or 8 episodes and it has impressed me but so far. I haven't seen any characters I actually like a great deal, some characters I like but none I love (yet). Besides Chuck who is a good & interesting character. So far the show show seems to get better as it goes along which I hope continues.
  • Serena was found buying a pregnancy test and thought it was really Blairs Chuck trys to get back at Blair by telling everyone and ends up ruining his friendship with Nate and will not talk to Blair. So Blair trys to run away to her dads house to run away.

    This was probably would have to be one of the best episodes ever so far of this show. I really do not want this show to end like all of the other shows I like have. Any ways back on topic I think this episode is the most quencing one yet so far where you just have to keep watching it and how you can't change the channel yet cause you just have to find out what is happening. I hate it when they are just getting to the good part and then bam they change it to a commercial that just always gets me.
  • Great show. Very different compared to other teenage soaps.

    The show goes through the lives of rich teenagers in Manhattan as well as a normal class family who is trying to cope up with the rich. Dan is the son of a Rufus who sells his wife's paintings. Dan has had a childhood crush on Serena who is the daughter Lily. What Serena and Dan don't know is that their parents share a past. Blaire is going out with Nate who have been together since kindergarten. Blaire and Serena are best friends. But their friendship is always tested, especially since Serena had an affair with Nate. Then there is Chuck who is dangerous and always causing trouble. Jenny is Dan's sister and is trying to fit in and have a life like Blaire.
  • this is the new beverly hills 90210. this show is going to be a great hit.

    we just got this new show from the states in austraila on foxtel. i have to say im not a big fan of shows like this but when i first saw it. wow i loved it. theres every thing in it. from back stabbing to a little sex and every thing else. this is one good show. it does show us that not all rich kids are up them selfs. i must say this is going to be a very popular show. now this show is not just for teenagers. im a 33 year old female and my other girl friend love it as well. this is one hell of a show.
  • Another american highschool show! How good could it be? Would you check it out just for the babes?

    Well... I did!
    To my surprise, it was an awesome show. I really thought that the theme would get boring, but I guess money, sex and relationships are a good combination in ever so many ways. I suggest you give it a try, because who doesn't love beautiful girls (and women) with the combination of money, alcohol and intrigues? Then again I guess I'm really a sucker for romance and the main theme (for me) is actually the romances between the main characters.

    For 13 episodes they have been able to keep up the show with quality, let us see how long it will last. Some shows last longer then others, I'm in for the long run, but of course, that depends on the screenwriters!!
  • I love this show! It's the best one ever, totally fabulas, gets better every time I watch it, my best frined, totally AWSOME!! The drama, cool clothes, hot guys, and who ever says this shows sucks I have three words for you: Burn in hell! This show rocks.

    Gossip Girl is the best show ever. I love when there's a party, beacuse if there's one always something has to happened wether it's good or bad. I esspecially love the guys like Nate, and Dan they're hot!!! and I admitt it I do find Chuck cute. When the episode that I'm watching ends I can't wait till the next one. The girls are not bad themselves, I mean with the cloths, their hair styles and all. They have the live that everyone wants: they're rich, buetiful, cool parties, and everything else that a girl could ever want. I highly recomend Gossip Girl.
  • This is my personal favorite right now. I just love it!

    What can I say, this tv show is just perfect. I love the characters. Every episode is great and everytime it takes me away from my real world. It's magic.

    First when I saw this, I was thinking this must be some silly girl show. But after the first episode I was stuck.

    I don't know what it is, maybe that I don't live in that kind of world. So when I watch I can dream about being there.

    I hope this show will go on and on and on. I just love it!

    The set is great, the characters are great, the females are hot and the show is both sad and funny.

    Watch it!

    And to the ones that working on it, keep up the good work!
  • Queen "B" - Dethroned!!!

    "Gossip Girl" (Kristen Bell) takes pleasure in reporting that Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) was spotted buying pregnancy tests.

    Of course, on the Upper East Side, the truth is often even juicier and more scandalous than the gossip, and this time is no exception.

    The blogger triggers a scandal which ends up costing Blair (Leighton Meester) her crown.

    Control-freak Blair has a breakdown as things spiral out of her control and Serena comes to her rescue.

    Meanwhile, the animosity between best friends Nate (Chace Crawford) and Chuck (Ed Westwick) over the latter's indiscretion with Blair boils up.

    Jenny might just be the only good little "Mean Girl"!!! ... + will She replace Blair as Queen ???
  • Brillante adaptation of the books !

    This program is great. However its weakest actor would deffiently have to be Chace Crawford as Nate... I think he was hired more for his looks then his acting skills, dont get me wrong i like to look at him but he could do with an acting class or two.

    Its a great transformation of the book, although the characters have changed a little its good.

    Im mainly in love with blair AKA Leighton Meester. who is just soooo cute, like a extremly over sized teddy !. and i hear the girl who plays jenny is 14 in real life too ?! shes great considering she's so young !.

    This show is destined for greatness lets just hope it doesnt get down before it can prove it too us. As we all know by now... the network bosses will cut what they want from the shedule without a care in the world. Hopefully this will live of for at least four seasons !

    Heres to hoping !
  • Drama, Drama, Drama

    I love this show...i was hooked since s1.
    i read only 2 GG books and i didnt like them.
    i love where the show goes with the storyline.
    Dan/Serena my fav couple.
    i also like Chuck/Blair..but who knows if they will ever be together.
    the whole butterfly thing was adorable.
    Nate/Blair just dont go. i like lily and rufus together..but i love D/S better.
    i really dont like rufus'es wife..so im glad shes out of the picture.
    Vanessa is getting very annoying to me...so im hoping her and dan never get together again.
    im also hoping chuck and dan dont become gay...the books are way different than the show so that might not happen.
  • A serious Guilty Pleasure

    If there is one show this year that I watch religously but will not tell anyone about, it's Gossip Girl. It's a great show about the upper east siders in New York City. At first I really thought this show would be cancelled after 2 episodes but when it got to the third episode I started watching and loving this show this show.

    The show has a great young cast with a lot of talent. I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot from all of them in the next couple of years!

    Let's hope no one does anything stupid and we get a second season!
  • Gossip Girl...Simply the best!

    Really, Gossip Girl, is the best show to date! It keeps you on your tippy toes. Wondering what may happen next. Every episode is just as exciting as the one before it. Everyone can relate to it, being that there are things that actually do happen in real life. It is a must watch TV show, for sure! Wow!, and the actors, they are amazing! It really does make you feel like you're a part of them. Like, for every problem and everything they go through, you're there. Seriously, a big congrats to the creaters of Gossip Girl, and all other people involved, including the actors. Congrats!
  • Wow!

    I absolutely love it, great job guys it realy gets me glued to the set. The caracters are just perfect and the story line just gets better and better each episode. It realy shows what some of todays teenagers go threw on everyday basis, the influance they have on each other and all the pure pressure. The constante competition there in and trying to fit in so desperately. In a way it's so sad this is the type of world were living in but it seems like they work out there differences. Love to wacht it every week thanks for keeping me interested.
  • Another OC.....

    While added narrator voice gives the show a certain character, and the show does have some interesting episodes, the overall feel of the show seems old and outdated.
    Imagine the OC stories in a Cruel intention setting and characters. The series simply wanted to capitalize on the theme of the OC and Cruel intentions by pitting the concepts in one show.
    Kristin Bell shines out as the narrator, other actors needs to work on it more. One good thing though, the show seems to be improving in its story theme, as it doesnt rely on the usual plot setting.
    However, we see again points of similarity with the OC, the whole loosing the verginity story is so overplayed.
  • The OC of the East Coast.

    If compared to the contents of the book, I would have to give it a lower rating. However, as a tv show in itself, it is just absolutely fab. It really is like a remake of The OC, yet set in the east coast. Even if you've read the book, it's still something you'd be interested in because the way the charters are presented is a lot different. It's interesting, new, and fun. And something a little more realistic as compared to the extremity of The OC--or at least when we talk about its drama. I just hope that they don't end up making the mistake of cramming all the present books' storyline in one season. If that happened, it just might go downhill from there. I just love it all, the drama, gossip, clothes, and lifestyle. It may be a little bit pretentious, but that's what makes it quite amazing.
  • Got a Secret? Can you keep it? All the news and gossips on New York Upper East Side residents Blair Waldorf, Serena Van der Woossen, Dan and Jen humphrey, Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald are revealled by Gossip Girl.

    Best soap ever..even better than Th O.C.! It makes me wish to be a Upper East Sider...I really got addicted to it and is one of my favourite shows ever. It has good fashion, execelent storylines, good actors and very good songs and presents to the mere mortals like us that rich people lives aren't very different from ours, the only difference is that they have more money and are not necessarely happier...I watch hpw seran's mother loves Rufus a 90's rock star but also likes Bart Bass a successful business men..
    well I think that is enough about GG.
    XOXO see you soon! GG
  • Welcome to the Upper East side where Gossip Girl resides as she keeps us up to date on the lives of Serena Van der Woodson, Blair Waldorf, Nate Archaimbald, Jenny Humphrey, Dan Humphrey,and Chusk Bass. And when S returns theres sure to be drama a brewin.

    This is probably one of the best shows on television. It keeps getting better and better. Out of the the 12 episodes that have aired there is only one i didn't like and i didn't even not like it that much. It's an amazing show and very addicting. After you watch the first episode you will be addicted and want to know what will happen next. I've never read the books and don't plan on it because the show is good enough for me but i have heard the books are very good too. This is my new best friend. Josh Schwartz you are my hero. You did great with The OC and great with this! Keep the drama coming!
  • Gossip Girl, a secret blogger, tracks the lives of the elite Upper East Siders. She mainly focuses on Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate, and wannabes Jenny and Dan.

    I read the books after learning that the series was going to be made into a show. Needless to say, I loathed reading the books. They were very repetitive and the people I liked together never stayed together (i.e. Serena and Dan). The pilot was a lot like the books and I considered not watching the next few episodes. I am so happy that I stuck with the show because it is my absolute favorite now! I love how the writers are coming up with their own ideas and straying away from the mindless wanderings of the book. I adore the relationship of Serena and Dan, and the struggles between Chuck and Nate for Blair (my favorite character) and some of my favorite things to watch. This show has come a long way already and I can't wait to see what will happen for it in the future!
  • This show rocks and for a soap that's great

    I LOVE this show it's like the best ever. In one word reapted coolest coolest coolest coolest coolest coolest coolest coolest ever ok two words. i say XOXO all the time it's at the end of my email's and text and on my text books it rocks my world love S so much her caraters is great on every way she so cool and pretty in that nautral way which is added bonas. B evil love her to i gusse u have to the eviler the better i all ways say X O X O GOSSIP GIRL
    got to love it
  • another great show! i love gossip girl its my new TV guilty pleasure!

    Gossip Girl is a new exciting show that i am looking forward to watching each and every week. I haven't read any Gossip Girl book but i love the show and it keeps on getting better each week. I hope that there is more excitement to come and hopefully its picked up for a second season. I think that each character is played by the right actor/actress it makes the show even better. I love Dan and Serena together they are so cute and perfect for each other and Blair is a funny character to watch being the mean girl of the show. I can't wait till the next episode to see what happens. I know you love me xoxo gossip girl.
  • An ok show but if your a fan of the books, go find another show.

    I am personally a huge fan of the books which is why i cannot stand watching this show. The first episode was the only thing relatively close to the books and now it's transformed into something weird. For starters Vanessa in the books has a shaved head and Dan and Serena never even dated.
    I think if i had never read the books i might like the series, but they changed it so much that it's just really annoying. So in my personal opinion it's not a terrible show, It's actually very interesting and entertaining, but if your expecting it to be like the books, your in for a rude awakening.
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