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  • This show is about all these spoiled rich kids who do whatever they want. then there is also a family that is considered "underprivilaged" who slowly find there way into the fabulous life.

    This is a must watch show. This is the best show ever! the characters are brilliant. you'd think that they weren't even acting. the cast is HOT! hint hint --> Penn Badgley. He is so hot. Then there is the gorgeous Chace Crawford. He is a bit too gorgeous. I can't believe that Taylor momsen is only 14. she is so young. I love the charctor that Blake lively plays. she looks so in charactor. I'm not really a big fan of Ed. He isn't cute and doesnt have a good personality. and that's only in the show. In real life he is cute and actually has a beautiful smile. in the show his smile is creepy.
  • Glossy teen soap that might even be better than The O.C. some day!!

    Normally I don't write reviews about shows after watching 3 episodes and that's why it's on my blog but I just love it! It's great originally i was dissapointed with the cast cause i only really liked Leighton and Blake but after watching it i noticed Penn Bagdly from John Tucker must die and also Taylor Momsen is great! The drama is good not really over the top storyline like the O.C. more real like One tree hill. The show also has that humor about like other teen soaps. I've never read the books but after watching this i think I'll pick one up. Summary---It's the best show on The CW watch it if you A)miss The O.C. B) Miss OTH C)WATCH IT!
  • Just watched all 4 episodes of the Series and I can say - This will be my favourite show for this season! :))) Really good to take the place of OC, i think this show will show us something new.. never shown before.

    Just watched all 4 episodes of the Series and I can say - This will be my favourite show for this season! :)))
    Really good to take the place of OC, i think this show will show us something new.. never shown before.

    It's just the bigining but i already saw this could be my next best show.. i am sure the real story about the show it's very very complicated... todays shows are not the same as the old one.. we could expect everything :)

    The television shows need this kind of movie.. with this very nice actors in.. i hope the story continie to be so nice :))
    And i really try to guess who is the Gossip Girl.. u could do the same.. just listen the voice.. it's the same as one of the actereses :PP
  • I just LOVE it! I found my new teen-drama show!

    I love everything in this show... Serena (mysterious uber-popular girl), Blair (overcompensating and insecure), Dan (typical pseudo-deep guy obsessed with the popular girl), Nate (who has a penchant for Serena and the pot), Chuck (the bad bad guy), Jenny (the newbie). And all the cast... This show has great music (I think that the music of fergie-glamorous is perfect to this show), great places, and it has a amazing storyline...
    And the boys in gossip girl... well they are so hot...and to boys... the show has many girls too...
    And the voice of the AMAZING Kristen Bell! So... tell me... There is some reason to you don't see this show??? And there's no teen-drama left on TV...

    X.O.X.O. Gossip girl...
  • I LOVE this show.

    This show is awesome. Fast, interesting and original. doesn't remind me of any other shows. I read the books and the fact that it doesnt follow the plot excatly makes it so much better. I dont get bored even if i read the books, cause its a whole different story. Plus all the actors are pretty much new. I mean you can recognize some, but still they are "fresh blood". And they are young and HOT! Finally a show to watch after the rest of the teen dramas died. Only its better! more spice! A show everybody gotta watch or atleast try to. :D
  • Love it

    Oy I love this show =) I have read all the books so i was looking forward to seing it.
    And now when i have watched all the four episodes i have to admit that the show is so great.
    I love Nate and Serena and Dan and even Chuck. But my favourite is Blair. She is very bautiful and clever and she is acting mean just because she has been through lot.And she dresses very well.
    The truth is that this show makes me feel good, after each episode i'm in a good mood so i hope THe CW will not cansel it soon.
  • TH best show of this year...

    I love everything in this show... I love, serena ( mysterious uber-popular girl ), blair ( is overcompensating and insecure ), dan (typical pseudo-deep guy obsessed with the popular girl), nate ( who has a penchant for Serena and the pot )And all the cast... This show has great music ( i think that the music of fergie-glamorous is perfect to this show ), great places, and it has a amazing storyline...
    And the boys in gossip girl... well they are so hot... come on... Chace Crawford ( nate ) he is so cute, so beatifful... and so hot... lol All girls knows what i mean... and to boys... the show has many girls too...lol
    The show is 5*****

    So... tell me... There is some reason to you don't see this show??? lol

    X.O.X.O. Gossip girl!!
  • finally another quality teen drama.

    After the O.C. finished I was looking for a show to 'fill the void' and now i have found it. I've watched only 3 episodes and already I'm addicted can't wait for the next one and I'm so happy that its been picked up for a new season it also doesn't hurt that the girls are smokin' hot. I just hope that they don't ruin it by introducing a new character of play out a ridiculous plot line. The episodes so far have just been setting the scene and the show will really pick up when the plot starts to devolop.
  • i love this show!! and the books are cool too

    This show is really cool, and whats surprising is when i saw the commercials for it i thought it was going to be stupid. it looked like a bunch of unnecessary drama, so the night that it had its first episode i thought what the hell its right after ANTM and i have nothing better to do so i watched it and i fell in love. its just very entertaining and its even kind of funny. and i have already started reading the books i am currently reading the fourth book and the show is going to get very interesting. I cant wait!!!
  • Gossip Girl is about rich teenagers with DRAMA!

    This show is in my top ten favorite TV Shows now! The Show is so good!!!! It is on at the same time as Private Pratice (Starring Kate Walsh) and I would rather watch GOSSIP GIRL than private pratice!!!!! The Star of Gossip girl is Blake Lively (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) who plays Serena and She is a FABULOUS Actress!I know this show will be on for a LONG time and it will get better and better every episode. I love gossip girl and if you havent seen it yet then get off your butt and see it!!!:D ALSO right now the pilot is on itunes for free so you have no excuse not to watch i!!! :D
  • Former "it girl" Serena returns after a long absence and upends Blair's world. Dan & S are on the rocks, Jenny is a "wannabe," and Nate and his father quarrel about the future. Meanwhile Lily butts heads with Rufus about the kids, and with S about Erik.

    Viewers of The CW's hottest new series come in two varieties: hopeful "newbies" who seek out a new guilty pleasure, and excited veterans of Cecily von Ziegesar's popular book series, who hope theirs will come alive. While members of the former category are sure to find just the drama they're looking for, most seasoned readers will find themselves in a completely different boat. This is because, for many lovers of von Ziegesar's widely-read collection of glamour, sex and scandal, the new TV namesake offers watchers nothing less than their literary dreams come true.

    Any young soap fan could appreciate the many outrageous aspects that make "Gossip Girl" what it is, but only readers of the famed series can fully appreciate the show. Indeed, everything readers love about the books is brought directly to the tube, but with even more oomph and pizzazz, if you can imagine. Clips of hot parties, swanky hotels, classy private schools, and lavish upper-east flats bring the over-the-top glamour that readers love. The cattiness, another favorite of the seasoned audience, is also highly prevalent, serving as one of the primary bases of the Blair-Nate-Serena triangle, the struggles of Jenny and Dan, the (for now) secret battles of the parents, and nearly every other major character interaction thus far. Though let's not forget character development: "Gossip Girl" is about more than just cat fights. As characters interact and the season progresses, there seems to be development not only between the characters (will Serena and Blair finally understand what each has put the other through?) but also within the characters themselves (is Jenny really like her catty classmates, and will Nate le his father control his future?). It's all of these aspects that readers love that make the TV version possibly even more amazing.

    Though these similarities have largely made the show, the differences, as well, play an important part. For example, many of the events so far have been based off important happenings in the first few novels, but they're different enough to make the show more than just a broadcast version of the writings. Take ivy week: in the novels, these meetings take the form of short road trips in which Blair effectively dooms her future and Serena wins the hearts of young men at every university she visits. The show, however, brings the ivy visits home, and instead tests the friction between Serena's and Blair's friendship, reveals Nate's true future desires, and strengthens Dan's educational options. Another important difference is the exclusion of several novel characters; Vanessa and her sister, Cyrus Rose and his son, and Blair's younger brother have yet to appear in the show. While viewers may miss them, it seems the show has plenty of people and events to work with at the moment, and would find itself extremely strained and pressed for time if the initial action of leaving out these characters were not taken. (This doesn't rule out future appearances, however.)

    Overall, the first season of "Gossip Girl" seems to be shaping up very nicely. Its creators have included all the important parts (the glamour, the cattiness and the character development) and so far excluded the aspects it could do without (copying the books verbatim and including all the people von Ziegesar managed to fit into her novels). Though only time will tell the future of the series everyone is talking about, it's safe to say that, for curious new watchers and for old school fans alike, "Gossip Girl" is on its way to being a show everyone gossips about for a long time.
  • Pretty close

    I've read a few of the Gossip Girl books, and this show seems to stay pretty true to them, except they are a bit mixed up in the order of how things happen and I was expecting to see a few more charcters ant thier side of the story. The show itself, is a fun teen drama that everyone who watches it seems to enjoy. You get hooked on it very easily, as long as you know what's going on. I also love the narration of Kristen Bell as the Gossip Girl and the whole style and setting of the show/books.
  • After a couple of episodes, I can say with all confidence that Gossip Girl is definetly the guilty pleasure of this year. Great

    So, I am 25, a post-graduate physics student, and most important male. I decidedly should not be watching this show, and if I did, I shouldn't be telling people, but the show is just good. And no one of you knows me.

    The best thing is that the characters are not the typical (although in general they do fit the stereotypes) one dimenssional heartless villians, or the pure thoughts heroes. A narrator with the appropiate amount of sarcasm is always a good thing.

    Even if this isn't a particularly original story (which it really isn't) it's still very fun to watch. Enjoy.
  • The interesting change over from book series to tv show.

    Now ive read the entire series of Gossip Girl books and really enjoyed them, so when i found out they were making a tv show based on the books i couldnt wait. Now with any book to tv/movie production, things can get lost along the way and everyone has there own image of what the characters should look like. Im quite pleased with the casting, although Jenny and Dan look nothing like how they are described in the book but i in the end i think the viewers gotta the better end of the deal. It was interesting watching the pilot episode, based on the first book, and noting what was different. For instance, where is Vanessa? I really wished they had cast her in the show, shaven head included, she was a really interesting character with her own story intertwining with most of the characters. Also, whats with Rufus and Lillian being hooked up previously? And why was Eric made to be a younger brother who tries to kill himself, hence bringing Serena back? Either way it was entertaining episode and so far i like how its going. Hopefully it can hold on and make it through the first season and continue on. Well im looking forward to seein g how the show pans out and how much of the books will actually be used.
  • I'm totally hooked on this show

    I can't stop watching it. Even the reruns they show on Sunday night I have to watch it. I like the guy who plays Dan. I loved the show "Do Over" he used to be on and was bummed when it was cancelled. The guy who plays Nate is hot. The guy who plays Chuck is a bit of an over actor but I think he will loosen up once he gets the feel of his character. Blake Lively who plays Surena is wonderful. I liked her in the Sisterhood movie and can't wait for the next one. This show is truly my new guilty pleasure.
  • What a great show about teenagers... We have parents who run the lives of their kids... And kids who try to make a difference and escape the stereotypes like Serena... And the high society of New York going for sunday morning's brunch... I love it!!!!!!

    I love this show!! It's like Sex and the City- teenager's edition... I like very much Serena, and also Blair. I discover this show by accident and it hasn't dissapoint me yet. I like the set, cause i love New York City. I was never an O.C viewer because it showed the big life of California though here we see where Blair leaves, the big house and Dan' s little appartement that has window's doors.lol. Hope it continues like that through the season and keeps going many season. And my last wish is to see more from New York. Long live Gossip Girl!!!!
  • Using a tried and tested formula. Hope they make it work.

    I started watching this for the same reason as many others. The OC had been put to rest. It's not that OC was super fabulous or anything, but it was a good and was highly addictive.

    Well after watching a couple of episodes of this new series, I'm not too sure what to think. From what I can tell, when things are riding high, then its great, otherwise its kinda slow. But for now I'll assume the slower moving scenes are to set the stage upcoming drama. Most of the characters are pretty interesting. The only one I find a little excessive is Ed. Or maybe I just don't like is acting, he overdoes it. Serena is great. Better than Marissa (OC). And her evil friend is also great. The right ingredients are there. I hope they are able to make it work. Hope this show fills the void the OC left.
  • Gossip girl episode one...

    Tell me why the cast is underportrayed compared to the book. Serena is supposed to be the prettiest, and is not. In fact, Blair isn't pretty enough either. Jenny, who is a brown/red head and large busted, is blonde and a B cup... WHy?? I certainly hope the author knows the shows are of no comparison to her books. However, I think Chuck plays his role very well. He most definitely has the face and personality of a schmuck. I just wish that the people responsible for the cast would have put a little more effort into portraying the characters the way they were in the book. That is the reason for character descriptions. I will still watch though.
  • Serena is back and everyhing's not how she left it.

    Gossip girl here with the best reveiw for the hottest new show on the CW. This show is the best. i absolutly LOVE it.Serena is the best and i absolutly fell in love with Dan, nate and chuck. they are hot. This is the perfect mixture of Drama, romance, and did i mention Drama? if you haven't caught this show then you beter watch it. It's amazing and very, very amazing. I just love Chace crawford as Nate. He is very talented at very hot he really spices things up. Ed westwick is lso very good. Playing bad boy Chuck bass.
  • I'm ashamed of myself

    I don't really fit into this shows projected demographic. I never watched the whole teen drama shows, other than the ocasional re run. But I have to say that I am impressed with this show so far.

    All though I would not want any teenager in my family looking at the actions of these characters and thinking that some of what they are portrayed doing is acceptable behavior for a teenager. But I think some of what is seen in the show mirrors some reality. As far as the idea of peer pressure goes.

    I hope that the CW can garner a good following that will help the show stay afloat, because whether I should watch or not, it looks like I am going to.
  • Great new show..and Kristen is Gossip Girl

    Wow so i was sad to see Gilmore girls go and this bar far is no replacement but its a good try...and it is for sure a replacement for OC...Josh does great work...one thing i can say that i love is the Narration from Kristen Bell...thats right Kristen has her great acting ability and narration to this show as she is Gossip Girl. The way she keeps you riveted for what will happen next is great. Cast is awesome and i can't wait to see how the plot will unfold...hopefully it says up and strong for this season, we know the story lines will be great!
  • CW's Gossip Girl is the hottest show this fall. Teens, drama, sex, lies, scandals...What more could we ask for!

    So, as a religious reader of the Gossip Girl Books by Cecily von Zeigesar, I was completely excited about the show. As I thought the show lived up to my expectations, and it's only the first episode! I really do hope that it continues on (I'm sure it will) because nothing compares to teens living a lifestyle that the rich and famous live, like drinking martinis in ritzy hotels, driving around in limos full of champagne and partying on school nights! How I wish I could live that lifestyle as a 22 year old! Anyway in episode two I hope we get to see more of Chuck being a jerk, and Dan putting him in his place with a punch to the face; maybe even Dan and Serena's relationship will blossom; and Serena & Blair? Who knows what will happen. We will see what gossip, Gossip Girl will cook up for us next time!
  • Awesome Show!!

    The pilot was surprisingly fresh and good! great acting, for a change in a teen drama and great music cap it up. Kristen Bell as the Gossip Girl is also as fresh as ever.I loved Blake Lively from the sisterhood movie and she does a neat job here. Penn Badgley is also entertaining to watch. Its surely a must watch this year! Just when the CW screwed up by cancelling Verinica Mars, they bring this show! sweet. It probably deserves a full score for a fresh, interesting pilot. The guy who plays Chuck is fun to watch. I hope it can keep up yhe steam throughout the season!
  • The pilot was rather entertaining. It will be a fun show to watch with quite good potential due to decent acting and good names behind the production. I will keep an eye out on it.

    The setting is familiar: High School. The added little twist (like some shows add basketball eg One Tree Hill, or little mysteries eg Veronica Mars) is that it's a private school for mostly privileged kids, and of course the existance of the elusive Gossip Girl.

    Gossip Girl, whose identity is unknown, narrates the events and runs a website which the characters often check to keep up with the latest news. The characters are likeable and seem quite well acted for the genre and the pacing is upbeat. Having lost the OC this might become a worthy replacement should they manage to keep the plotlines intriguing.

    Looks promising!
  • A story of six teens on the upper east side, Serena, Blair, Dan, Jenny, Nate, and Chuck.

    Josh Schwartz has done it again! Although I didn't like it as much as the O.C, I still loved it. I've read the books, and while some people complain that it's different, I love how it's different. I love the Serena/Dan relationship, and they should be together much longer. I hate Blair, but the actress who plays her is a very good actress. The only problem I have with this show is the network. If it had been on a bigger network like FOX or NBC, it would of had better ratings. The CW has so many hidden treasures, but they don't get enough viewers. But, overall, it's a great show.
  • Gossip Girls is about the life of rich kids that go to a Rich school and all the trouble the get into.

    I have to admit i knew nothing about gossip girl before i watched the first episode. But the show is pretty good. I mean it's the same old formula. How many shows about high school can their be. But this one brings a new twist to things. Gossip girl is actually a character in the show that obviously wasn't revealed to us in the first episode. But I want to know who she is so bad. And what about going to prep school changed the main character to be a good girl? why did her brother try to kill himself? Will she get together with the unpopular kid? Will his sister get with the unpopular kids brother? AHHH i can't deal with the suspesne. Great first episode. Seriously
  • Based on a series of books and an interesting possible new show. (spoilers)

    Serena and Blair are former best friends and call each other S and B. S went off to boarding school the year before and has now returned, a former queen bee who claims to have reformed her previous bad-girl ways. Her return has started the gossip mill going and the blog that gives the whole gang all their info on each other (narrated by Kristen Bell) has many different theories, none of which include the attempted suicide and hospitalization of S's little brother. B, meanwhile, wants nothing to do with S since her supposed best friend left for boarding school and didn't tell her why, let alone speak with her during the entire time she was gone. When she finds out that S and her current boyfriend slept with each other it means all out war.

    Juxtaposed to the rich, entitled crowd are the brother and sister pair of Dan and Jenny Humphrey, the poor kids of a former rockstar and a "free spirit" who has just walked out on the family. Jenny wants to be a part of the "in crowd" so badly that she makes all of the invitations for an exclusive party where she later gets in trouble with the local Lothario. Her older brother is her protector and comes running whenever he gets a 911 text, regardless of fashion emergency or sexual assault. He's your all around good guy, invisible to the "it crowd" who plays the hero, rescuing S from an embarrassing social disaster and Jenny from Chuck. Obviously, he and S are the new couple and S and B's old boyfriend are in the past even though there are still feelings there.

    Anybody else thinking that this is going to be a trashy teen soap opera? That's my thinking. I gave it a 7.4 since it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be but it has the potential to turn into the next O.C. (good for the network but far too trashy for me to watch). Also, the cast looks to be made up of solid young actors and I like the concept of never knowing who the narrator is since it's clear that its someone who's either a part of that inner crowd or someone who can get close enough to know details without being noticed. Other than that the concept of txt, blogs, and technology in general being an integral part of a show is solid and in step with the times. I also like that they don't shy away from drugs, alcohol, sex (waiting, flippantly, and as an assault), and clique politics since those are all very real issues. Overall, I found it predictable, but then most tv is. I'll have to see if it goes anywhere, could be good or horrible, but all of that is just a matter of personal taste.
  • First impression: they moved "The Bold and the Beautiful" to primetime.

    This is a very demographic-specific show. If you're a pre-teen, teen, or just got out of prep-school then you'll find alot to like about this "Bold and the Beautiful" daytime drama done at night. But if you're an adult (not the creepy kind) and/or parent of a teen then you'll despise almost every aspect of this show. I personally agree with alot of the naysayers here, the acting is melo-dramatic, if it's any good at all, and the show would be a farce if you added a laugh track instead of the hip pop background tunes. The show has gobs of plausibility issues, too, but again, the targeted demo don't care about such technicalities, they're too busy seeing themselves and their friends in these characters.
  • This is awesome, perhaps better than the O.C

    I fell in love with the O.C almost at once and my infatuation grew and grew. This time I'm an addict from the off. I love the show so much and have watched the first episode about 5 times!

    I don't know what it is about these teen dramas but I love them. The opportunity to see in to the lives of others is one we all dare not miss. Even though its not the greatest show on earth (that is prison break/OTH) its still really really addictive. The cast aren't the greatest of actors but Schwartz is an absolute genius (not only for the O.C) and so I hope he can only match the success he had there. The only thing I pray happens is that they don't drag it on over several seasons since that often ruins shows (prison break) but we all knowL: good ratings = many seasons = loadsa cash

    Regardless, if you liked the o.c / one tree hill you should love this.
    By the by how comical is gossip girl herself in the way she talks/describes everything

    I classified it guilty pleasure since I know when I watch this I should be doing something better and more productive but it is sooo good
  • Appealing enough for a second and third episode.

    Looks like teenage shows seem to have kick ass soundtracks and this one it's great from the start. I particularly liked the mixed feelings and emotional intense scenes with Serena. This show will have a lot to prove but with The O.C. and Veronica Mars fans looking for a new Tvshow of the kind i can see a lot of people growing found of Gossip Girl. Choosing Kirsten Bell for the narrator part was a solid move, it really adds up a new element with her voice although it sounds a bit like a women and less like a teenage girl. It's still to soon to tell but you can count me in for the next episodes.
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