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  • Feels like The O.C.'s slightly more popular and better looking step-sibling

    I'm conflicted about Gossip Girl.

    The same reasons why I like it, are the exact same reasons why it annoys sometimes.

    The show seems to exist in a world of the rich (as in rich because their parents are) and beautiful; where school exist, but the inside of the classroom is never seen. Sex, drugs, booze, & excess are available to anyone with the means to access them. Parties seem to happen almost daily, while family time is kept to a "hi" & "bye" between bagels (ha! Gotta love Sandy Cohen).

    I'm all for teen shows that show teens having fun, albeit, adult fun. I'm not saying Gossip Girl is showing its characters acting irresponsibly, but everyone seems to have one of three things to look forward to:

    1) Their parents somehow messing up their lives
    2) Sex
    3) The next party

    The O.C. (R.I.P) worked, because while it showed us the lives of the rich, it brought them down to the level of us mere mortals. GG seems to purposely portray its patrons as gods, even having the "poor" kids live in one of the most kick ass lofts on television (I know their father is a rock star & their estranged mother is an artist, but if their supposed to represent the minority then some info must have gotten lost in the mail, because...that's a skewed version of "minority" lives).

    Whatever gripes I have, I set aside. The show is a guilty pleasure and is the perfect companion to another piece of escapism tv known as America's Next Top Model.

    The actors are hot, the writing is fresh, the music is current, and no matter how much I bribe FOX The O.C. isn't coming back. So, if you're looking for something similar (without being stale) from the same people who created The O.C., then look no further.
  • I ¢¾ this show...its way better then the OC

    I have always liked drama tv shows and how they do things in it. When i 1st heard of it i thought hmmm i wonder what its going to be like so i watched the 1st episode. When i watched the 1st episode it was outstanding!!!! I mean come on love, romance,money, etc. Who wouldnt watch tht!!!
    So, I kept watching and watchinh and it got better and better. The friendship in the story also got better 2 until it came crumbling down and it got juicy again. I say the best character is Blair b/c without her the story would not be interesting at all(i still ¢¾ serena though)!!!
  • This show is addicting

    When i saw a review about the show, i was not impressed. I thought another The O.C, no offense to the fans i also liked the show but it was a series of one season. So I thought is not worth. And i saw the news talking about it and i got curious and started watching. Let just say i saw all the episodes at once. It's very good. I really don't know if it is going to follow the bad steps of The O.C, i really hope not. Is a very cool show, easy to watch and funny. The only problem is that at the end of the show you just keep thinking about all the gorgeous clothes you are never gonna were. I recommend, very good show.
  • Gossip Girl is awesome! I love the drama between everyone and specially the clothes they wear!! Great show!

    Gossip Girl is about the privilaged Upper East Siders in New York City, Serena Van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, including Jenny and Dan Humphrey who aren't as rich as everyone else but they attend expensive schools because their father want them to have a good education. Serena just got back from boarding school and expècts everything to be like before.. big surprise EVERYTHING changed! At first she and Blair are enemies but then they get happy with each other and are back to being friends again. Chuck is hitting on Jenny, while Dan is hitting on Serena, while Blair is hitting on Nate and Nate still can't get over Serena! GREAT DRAMA SHOW! LOVE IT! It really IS my guilty pleasure of the week. And you may wonder who is gossip girl? That is something we will never know. You know you love me, XOXO.
  • The drama, the fights, the arguments, the excitment I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gossip Girl is the best drama/reality show this year I love all the excitment it brings.
    Also I love the romance between Sarena and Dan its so exciting I just hate the fact that they let little things get in the way of thier happieness.

    Now what can I say about Blair?????? well I dont like her the way she treated Serena yeah I geust she deserved some of things Blair did but when Blair said that she was a drunk that was crossing the line because first of all she didnt know anything about it and it wasn't Serena in the home it was her brother (forgot his name oops).

    Chuck is disgusting I hate that character but I guess every drama has to have a guy like the character Chuck!!!!!

    Nate is so confussed he says he loves Serena but hes still with Blair I know that he told Serena (who really was Jenny) that he loved her but I think him and Blair will still be together!

    Dan I like him hes nice a good guy and as we all can tell he really likes Sarena I just cant wait till he tells her he loves her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jenny shes a good girl getting mixed up in the wrong croud and when I say wrong I mean "WRONG" but I like her character.

    Now the main character "SARENA" I like Sarena what she did to Blair was wrong real wrong but she apoligize and apoligized and shes an overall good person and her and Dan are meant to be.

    WELL THATS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gossip Girl is freaking great !

    From the creators of Veronica Mars & The O.C. , Gossip Girl !! , The show talks about a group of reach kids that go to school together , they all planing their life douring hanging out together , and then Dan and his sister Jenny penetrating to their ordanairy lifes and not every body happy about it , I belive that the show will go for an other season , actully i hope it would happen , some one want to see allready the Gossip Girl (Kristen Bell) in actoin ??

    I can't wait to Epsoide 7 , Hope Nate fall for Jenny.
  • This is a great show!!

    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
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    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
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    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
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    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
    I love Gossip Girl!! xx :P:P
  • Well I just have to say: Gossip Girl is the best show I've seen this year!And this episode tops it, Even If this ex wannebe Girl friend of dan kina pisst me of. What ever, great episode though!!!

    OK, I am a totaly series nut. I guess I've kinda watched, and am still watching, most of them.
    But this show... is soooo amazing!!!
    Ok, the story is realy simpel, BUT I am simply addicted to it. After just 6 Episode I just can't wait to see the next one, which hasn't aird 'caus of this stupid Halloween... What ever.
    After all this thrilling shows like lost, Prison Break Heroes and so on... and yes I love thos shows too .. its just great to have a simple funny, exiting and wonderfull show back, just like The OC was!!!
    I mean the dialogs are so sharp and fast, it's just hilarious!!!
    My Addvice, Watch it, and love it, just like me!!!

  • This story is set in NYC, based on 6 Upper Eastsiders (except for the last two): Blair Waldorf,Chuck Bass,Nate Archibald,Serena Van der Woodsen,Dan and Jenny Humphrey. The show starts off with Serena returning from boarding school, and Blair is not happy.

    This show is amazing, the clothes, the characters, everything is perfect! My absolute favorites have to be Blair and Chuck, they are the epitome of chic and bad; think the boss in "The Devil Wears Prada" (although they may not be quite as mean... we'll see!) The storyline is great, and I love the way Gossip Girl narrates the episodes, and the clothes are fabulous. They show so much about the characters in the first episode, so you understand who they are. Nate, is confused about his feelings, and overall in life. Chuck is the bad boy, all he cares about is money, women, and having a good time. Blair is snobby, beautiful, and rich, but hates never getting to be in the spotlight (which is why she is somewhat happy Serena left). Serena is the girl who's just trying to make everything right again, Dan is the outsider, who doesn't want to be "in" but he's in love with Serena. Jenny, Dan's sister is desperate to be "in" and looks up to Blair and Serena in a way.
  • Great Show.

    Okay so I first familiar with Gossip Girl after reading some of the books. Ive only read the first two books but I absolutley loved them. So when I heard that they were going to make a show about it I was like yeah Ill tune in. Well I did and I must say the creators of this show did an awesome job from transporting it from a classic novel to the television screen. All of the characters are just the way they are in the book with a few twist her and there, but I love this show. And I think they picked a perfect cast for it.
  • Boredom and a sense of entitlement lead to a destructive competition within a group of over privileged New York City teenagers.

    Is Gossip Girl The O.C. circa 2007 as other reviewers have suggested?

    It is a story with the same age group (late teens) and once again Josh Schwartz is listed as the creator. Like the OC the lead female character has a dysfunctional relationship with her mother (actually both female leads are the spawn of mothers from hell). And like the students at Harbor High these kids have never had to worry where their next meal is coming from. However, there the similarities end. Where The OC followed Josh Schwartz's autobiographical character, Seth Cohen, and Ryan, the boy from the other side of the tracks, Gossip Girl is more of an ensemble cast with most of the angst attached to Serena and Blair, two troubled rich girls who display a whole different set of problems from the Newport elite. Finally, The OC was an original creation of Josh Schwartz based on his experiences at a southern California private university. Gossip Girl is adapted from a popular book series and features the unseen character, Gossip Girl (voiced by Kristen Bell late of Veronica Mars), who acting as a Greek chorus describes the foibles of these spoiled rich kids to the outside world.

    It has taken four episodes but the characters have begun to take form. At the series onset, golden girl Serena van der Woodsen (even the name creates it's own image) returns home for the first time since she abruptly vanished to "boarding school". This comes a shock to her former best friend, Blair Waldorf (another name that drips money) who has taken advantage of Serena's absence to land the prize beau, Nate Archibald, who was has always had a thing for Serena. Finally there are two interested onlookers to this triangular activity. Chuck Bass is the stereotypical essence of evil who, like the devil whispering in Nate's, ear stirs up the conflict between Serena and Blair. The final player in this melodrama is Dan Humphrey, poor only by comparison, who has worshiped Serena from a far and who along with his younger sister, Jenny, attend the same school as the rich kids.

    With the deft touch of Schwartz and co-produce Stephanie Savage this oft-told tale has found an audience and positioned on the CW network looks to be one of this season's ratings winners, especially among the 18-30 demographic and it has already been picked up for a full season. If you enjoy the teen angst genre I recommend Gossip Girl for you enjoyment.
  • It's the same excat thing as all the other teen dramas.

    Why put on so many stupid shows that are about like the same excat things. I mean they all have basicly the same plot line. And all the characters are always so shallow.. Keep the book, but don't make it a show, There are enough of them already out there. We need more show that have more depth and action. Not the "rich girl with problems" show. I mean what can you get out of it. Sure, it may be enternaning for the first episoide, but the tv plot is diffrent from the book. They added more into the story line and i don't thinks it's right.
  • The lives of Blair and Serena.

    Gossip Girl is definitely my favorite new show this fall season. I'm a huge fan of the books, in fact, they are my favorite book series. The episodes have been great so far and I'm sure that the other ones will be jsut as good. The show is doing really well with keeping it like the books. A difference though is that it seems like Blair is meaner than the books. There are also a few things here and there that are different but I guess they have to make some changes. I look forward to watching my favorite new show every week!
  • Gossip Girl is a televison show based on the hit seris Gossip Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar. As a teen drama, many teenagers tune in to watch the show every Wednesday. But also as a book, many feel the script wanders too far from the original plot.

    First of all I must admit I wach Gossip Girl every Wednesday. As a big fan of the books writen by Cecily Von Ziegesar, I feel the plots of each form of Gossip Girl are indeed very different. At first I was upset at the fact that everything in the show was so different, but I soon realized that the show was just as good as the books. When I think of the books and show, I think of them as different things. I don't imagine the characerts the same or get confused with the plots. It's just another show I tune in to watch. A show I much enjoy.
  • Well i Love this show it is so AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well i like this show because its actully what real life is like.Well in like New York or LA! anywho my fav characters are Dan and his sister Because their the most normal ppl there other than all the other rich kids! well out of the Rich kids i kinda like Nate because you can tell he is trying to change. well other than that i give this show a two thumbs up and you ppl that read this stuff should watch this show!!!!

    Well i hope this review was ok its my first time writing one.

    Well ttyl k bye ppl
  • Surprisingly great

    I have read a couple of the Gossip Girl books, but was not especially planning on watching this series, because of my boycott of the C.W. after they cancelled Veronica Mars (*sobs*) but I saw it was on and decided why not watch it. After all Kristen Bell is narrating, and if she could forgive the C.W. I guess I could. Anyway her narrating would make anything worth watching in my eyes at least. I am amazingly glad that I decided to watch it. It is entertaining, amusing and now one of my favorite new shows. Blake Lively as the main character (Serena) is great, she fits the role and makes you really like the character. Blair is also well played, but I don't feel the natural sympathy with her as in the books, probably intentional. Nate is an intresting character, with him obviously intrested in Sabrina, but with Blair 'since kindergarden.' I really wonder how that will turn out. Jenny is a great character, I can't wait for her to be explored more in the story and see her interactions with Sabrina and Blair. I was a little surprised at how it was different from the books, but I'm guessing it won't be exactly like them now. Overall an awesome show, definitley worth watching.
  • This show is about all these spoiled rich kids who do whatever they want. then there is also a family that is considered "underprivilaged" who slowly find there way into the fabulous life.

    This is a must watch show. This is the best show ever! the characters are brilliant. you'd think that they weren't even acting. the cast is HOT! hint hint --> Penn Badgley. He is so hot. Then there is the gorgeous Chace Crawford. He is a bit too gorgeous. I can't believe that Taylor momsen is only 14. she is so young. I love the charctor that Blake lively plays. she looks so in charactor. I'm not really a big fan of Ed. He isn't cute and doesnt have a good personality. and that's only in the show. In real life he is cute and actually has a beautiful smile. in the show his smile is creepy.
  • Glossy teen soap that might even be better than The O.C. some day!!

    Normally I don't write reviews about shows after watching 3 episodes and that's why it's on my blog but I just love it! It's great originally i was dissapointed with the cast cause i only really liked Leighton and Blake but after watching it i noticed Penn Bagdly from John Tucker must die and also Taylor Momsen is great! The drama is good not really over the top storyline like the O.C. more real like One tree hill. The show also has that humor about like other teen soaps. I've never read the books but after watching this i think I'll pick one up. Summary---It's the best show on The CW watch it if you A)miss The O.C. B) Miss OTH C)WATCH IT!
  • Just watched all 4 episodes of the Series and I can say - This will be my favourite show for this season! :))) Really good to take the place of OC, i think this show will show us something new.. never shown before.

    Just watched all 4 episodes of the Series and I can say - This will be my favourite show for this season! :)))
    Really good to take the place of OC, i think this show will show us something new.. never shown before.

    It's just the bigining but i already saw this could be my next best show.. i am sure the real story about the show it's very very complicated... todays shows are not the same as the old one.. we could expect everything :)

    The television shows need this kind of movie.. with this very nice actors in.. i hope the story continie to be so nice :))
    And i really try to guess who is the Gossip Girl.. u could do the same.. just listen the voice.. it's the same as one of the actereses :PP
  • I just LOVE it! I found my new teen-drama show!

    I love everything in this show... Serena (mysterious uber-popular girl), Blair (overcompensating and insecure), Dan (typical pseudo-deep guy obsessed with the popular girl), Nate (who has a penchant for Serena and the pot), Chuck (the bad bad guy), Jenny (the newbie). And all the cast... This show has great music (I think that the music of fergie-glamorous is perfect to this show), great places, and it has a amazing storyline...
    And the boys in gossip girl... well they are so hot...and to boys... the show has many girls too...
    And the voice of the AMAZING Kristen Bell! So... tell me... There is some reason to you don't see this show??? And there's no teen-drama left on TV...

    X.O.X.O. Gossip girl...
  • I LOVE this show.

    This show is awesome. Fast, interesting and original. doesn't remind me of any other shows. I read the books and the fact that it doesnt follow the plot excatly makes it so much better. I dont get bored even if i read the books, cause its a whole different story. Plus all the actors are pretty much new. I mean you can recognize some, but still they are "fresh blood". And they are young and HOT! Finally a show to watch after the rest of the teen dramas died. Only its better! more spice! A show everybody gotta watch or atleast try to. :D
  • Love it

    Oy I love this show =) I have read all the books so i was looking forward to seing it.
    And now when i have watched all the four episodes i have to admit that the show is so great.
    I love Nate and Serena and Dan and even Chuck. But my favourite is Blair. She is very bautiful and clever and she is acting mean just because she has been through lot.And she dresses very well.
    The truth is that this show makes me feel good, after each episode i'm in a good mood so i hope THe CW will not cansel it soon.
  • TH best show of this year...

    I love everything in this show... I love, serena ( mysterious uber-popular girl ), blair ( is overcompensating and insecure ), dan (typical pseudo-deep guy obsessed with the popular girl), nate ( who has a penchant for Serena and the pot )And all the cast... This show has great music ( i think that the music of fergie-glamorous is perfect to this show ), great places, and it has a amazing storyline...
    And the boys in gossip girl... well they are so hot... come on... Chace Crawford ( nate ) he is so cute, so beatifful... and so hot... lol All girls knows what i mean... and to boys... the show has many girls too...lol
    The show is 5*****

    So... tell me... There is some reason to you don't see this show??? lol

    X.O.X.O. Gossip girl!!
  • finally another quality teen drama.

    After the O.C. finished I was looking for a show to 'fill the void' and now i have found it. I've watched only 3 episodes and already I'm addicted can't wait for the next one and I'm so happy that its been picked up for a new season it also doesn't hurt that the girls are smokin' hot. I just hope that they don't ruin it by introducing a new character of play out a ridiculous plot line. The episodes so far have just been setting the scene and the show will really pick up when the plot starts to devolop.
  • i love this show!! and the books are cool too

    This show is really cool, and whats surprising is when i saw the commercials for it i thought it was going to be stupid. it looked like a bunch of unnecessary drama, so the night that it had its first episode i thought what the hell its right after ANTM and i have nothing better to do so i watched it and i fell in love. its just very entertaining and its even kind of funny. and i have already started reading the books i am currently reading the fourth book and the show is going to get very interesting. I cant wait!!!
  • Gossip Girl is about rich teenagers with DRAMA!

    This show is in my top ten favorite TV Shows now! The Show is so good!!!! It is on at the same time as Private Pratice (Starring Kate Walsh) and I would rather watch GOSSIP GIRL than private pratice!!!!! The Star of Gossip girl is Blake Lively (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) who plays Serena and She is a FABULOUS Actress!I know this show will be on for a LONG time and it will get better and better every episode. I love gossip girl and if you havent seen it yet then get off your butt and see it!!!:D ALSO right now the pilot is on itunes for free so you have no excuse not to watch i!!! :D
  • Former "it girl" Serena returns after a long absence and upends Blair's world. Dan & S are on the rocks, Jenny is a "wannabe," and Nate and his father quarrel about the future. Meanwhile Lily butts heads with Rufus about the kids, and with S about Erik.

    Viewers of The CW's hottest new series come in two varieties: hopeful "newbies" who seek out a new guilty pleasure, and excited veterans of Cecily von Ziegesar's popular book series, who hope theirs will come alive. While members of the former category are sure to find just the drama they're looking for, most seasoned readers will find themselves in a completely different boat. This is because, for many lovers of von Ziegesar's widely-read collection of glamour, sex and scandal, the new TV namesake offers watchers nothing less than their literary dreams come true.

    Any young soap fan could appreciate the many outrageous aspects that make "Gossip Girl" what it is, but only readers of the famed series can fully appreciate the show. Indeed, everything readers love about the books is brought directly to the tube, but with even more oomph and pizzazz, if you can imagine. Clips of hot parties, swanky hotels, classy private schools, and lavish upper-east flats bring the over-the-top glamour that readers love. The cattiness, another favorite of the seasoned audience, is also highly prevalent, serving as one of the primary bases of the Blair-Nate-Serena triangle, the struggles of Jenny and Dan, the (for now) secret battles of the parents, and nearly every other major character interaction thus far. Though let's not forget character development: "Gossip Girl" is about more than just cat fights. As characters interact and the season progresses, there seems to be development not only between the characters (will Serena and Blair finally understand what each has put the other through?) but also within the characters themselves (is Jenny really like her catty classmates, and will Nate le his father control his future?). It's all of these aspects that readers love that make the TV version possibly even more amazing.

    Though these similarities have largely made the show, the differences, as well, play an important part. For example, many of the events so far have been based off important happenings in the first few novels, but they're different enough to make the show more than just a broadcast version of the writings. Take ivy week: in the novels, these meetings take the form of short road trips in which Blair effectively dooms her future and Serena wins the hearts of young men at every university she visits. The show, however, brings the ivy visits home, and instead tests the friction between Serena's and Blair's friendship, reveals Nate's true future desires, and strengthens Dan's educational options. Another important difference is the exclusion of several novel characters; Vanessa and her sister, Cyrus Rose and his son, and Blair's younger brother have yet to appear in the show. While viewers may miss them, it seems the show has plenty of people and events to work with at the moment, and would find itself extremely strained and pressed for time if the initial action of leaving out these characters were not taken. (This doesn't rule out future appearances, however.)

    Overall, the first season of "Gossip Girl" seems to be shaping up very nicely. Its creators have included all the important parts (the glamour, the cattiness and the character development) and so far excluded the aspects it could do without (copying the books verbatim and including all the people von Ziegesar managed to fit into her novels). Though only time will tell the future of the series everyone is talking about, it's safe to say that, for curious new watchers and for old school fans alike, "Gossip Girl" is on its way to being a show everyone gossips about for a long time.
  • Pretty close

    I've read a few of the Gossip Girl books, and this show seems to stay pretty true to them, except they are a bit mixed up in the order of how things happen and I was expecting to see a few more charcters ant thier side of the story. The show itself, is a fun teen drama that everyone who watches it seems to enjoy. You get hooked on it very easily, as long as you know what's going on. I also love the narration of Kristen Bell as the Gossip Girl and the whole style and setting of the show/books.
  • After a couple of episodes, I can say with all confidence that Gossip Girl is definetly the guilty pleasure of this year. Great

    So, I am 25, a post-graduate physics student, and most important male. I decidedly should not be watching this show, and if I did, I shouldn't be telling people, but the show is just good. And no one of you knows me.

    The best thing is that the characters are not the typical (although in general they do fit the stereotypes) one dimenssional heartless villians, or the pure thoughts heroes. A narrator with the appropiate amount of sarcasm is always a good thing.

    Even if this isn't a particularly original story (which it really isn't) it's still very fun to watch. Enjoy.
  • The interesting change over from book series to tv show.

    Now ive read the entire series of Gossip Girl books and really enjoyed them, so when i found out they were making a tv show based on the books i couldnt wait. Now with any book to tv/movie production, things can get lost along the way and everyone has there own image of what the characters should look like. Im quite pleased with the casting, although Jenny and Dan look nothing like how they are described in the book but i in the end i think the viewers gotta the better end of the deal. It was interesting watching the pilot episode, based on the first book, and noting what was different. For instance, where is Vanessa? I really wished they had cast her in the show, shaven head included, she was a really interesting character with her own story intertwining with most of the characters. Also, whats with Rufus and Lillian being hooked up previously? And why was Eric made to be a younger brother who tries to kill himself, hence bringing Serena back? Either way it was entertaining episode and so far i like how its going. Hopefully it can hold on and make it through the first season and continue on. Well im looking forward to seein g how the show pans out and how much of the books will actually be used.
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