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  • Last turn os events,though predictable!!

    I actually liked this show when it started, but the last two seasons where not as this last season?? Good thing it only had 10 eps... it looked as if the writter had no idea how to finish it and kept writting just for the sake of ep was fine,but the other eps felt like it was never going to end,ever... I only watched it because I had seen all the other had to watch the last one!!!
  • Um ...

    Oh ... this show is still on? Wow. how nice. NOT REALLY.
  • Just End it Already

    Dear Gossip Girl:

    I just don't care anymore. Watching this final season is like eating that last piece of lasagna in the fridge: I know it's about to go bad and it seems a shame to waste it, but I'm so sick of it that it's all I can do to keep it down. Maybe your writers are trying to break all the characters down so at the end they can be redeemed? If that's the case, at least make it interesting! Or make me care about one of the characters. Any of the characters. Right now Nate is the most likable, and until recently he's been boinking a 17 year old and is probably engaged in some sort of creative accounting. (At least I think that's what's going on, I'm not sure since I frequently get distracted by shiny things when I'm trying to watch this show.) It really feels like every show in Season 6 up to this point is a throw-away episode - having the characters and the plot tread water - until the season finale. I'll keep trying to choke down this last season, but I think it's already gone bad.
  • awful storyline

    It would be nice if the writers were at least trying to make the story believable. Do any of these people even know what love is?! Serena falls in and out of love faster than I can write this sentence.

    If she isn't sad after an engagement is broken off, then why would she marry that guy in the first place. I've really had it with this stupid rehashing of storylines and making unbelievable excuses for anything. Really, these people could just as well roll a dice to make all their life decisions.

    The first seasons were really good, but now I will be really glad when this nonsense is finally over.
  • Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!?!?!!?

    I'm finished with this stupid show and its horrible story line. Chuck and Blair finding every opportunity not to be together is ridiculous. Nate is a young, handsome, twenty-something...what on earth is he doing with a freaking teenager?!?! And what's more disgusting than a high school kid and Nate? Try Rufus and a girl his son's age! Yuck!
  • Depressing me with GG

    S6 SUCKS in comparison to S5 - Let gossip girl rest in peace before they ruin it with this butchery ..
  • Its finally over

    I have watched from the beginning and like the show but,

    season 5 was sooo bad that I just want to watch season 6 and be done with this show already.
  • sad-its ending

    so sad to know it's ending...first couple of seasons were really verryyyy interesting...but it still grips its audience...i just wonder how r they going to wrap it up in just ten episodes(ive heard final season has only ten episodes).....i had a crush on pen badgley till his hair grew so long and not in a good way and he started drooling over blair......he should end up with serena they r better suited with eachother........serena wandervodsen and blair r no doubt the most interesting characters......i just hope they do season 7 too with this series
  • You know you love me

    I really enjoyed gossip girl during it's first couple seasons. My interesting in the plot lines started to wain over time, but I care about the characters so much that I couldn't stop watching. I'm sad for it to end, but I think it might be time. So much has happened in this show, and I'm sort of tired of them recycling the same relationships and arguments over and over again.

    I'm excited for this season. I mostly just can't wait to see what new girl Nate immediately starts to date. Seriously, has anybody kept track of how many side characters he's dated. It's got to be at least 95% of them.

    Also, I've always thought it would be pretty hilarious and great if they had Kristen Bell actually play Gossip Girl on the show. Here's hoping!
  • XOXO...GG

    Finally season 6,it only 17 hours to begin GG but i have a problem i live in Serbia,Europa ...I want to watch GG but i not have cw program..Help plizzzzz...
  • Outstanding

    one of the best series i've ever seen in my whole life
  • Gossip Girl

    Gossip Girl is an amazing show it is soo gripping and i love all the actors and actress. Especially Blair and Nate <3
  • I'm Addicted and it Doesn't Bother Me One Bit

    I love this show, it is absolutely my favorite. In my opinion I think it's the best show on The CW. I always thought it was lame until one of my friends told me about so I watched the first episode and I couldn't stop. I watched the first four seasons in under a month, then when the fifth came on TV I never missed an episode. I cannot wait for the sixth season I know that it's going to be a wild ride just like the others. I highly recommend this show to anyone, and I'm not just blowing smoke here, I really think that it's that good.
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  • Blair

    Such an amazing show

    blair is the best charecter.

    leytton is such an incrideble actress i watch the show just beacuse of her



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  • Episode was good!

    finally some CHAIR action!!! :)

    I actually can't wait for next weeks episode, i can't remember when I last said that to GG !
  • Red Carpet Interview with Hugo Becker (Prince Louis)

    Hugo Becker, known for his role as Louis Grimaldi on recent seasons of "Gossip Girl," hit the red carpet with relaxed and happy about his most recent project which marks his first film in the U.S. and brought him to the country for the first time. Check out the full interview on our YouTube Channel (StarCam Celebrities) or the link below, for exclusive details about his character's role in "Damsels in Distress."


  • chuck and blair forever!

    Seriously!? Just get rid of Dan and Blair as a couple! I like em as individuals, but hair just needs to quit playing around with Dan and get serious with Chuck! He didn't pay her dowery just for her to be with Dan! AHHHHHH! JUST PLZ PUT CHUCK AND BLAIR BACK TOGETHER! IM GOING CRAZY WAITING FOR BLAIR TO GET REAL! GOSSIP GIRL WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER WITH THEM TOGETHER! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
  • nate & serena forever

    i think nate and serena should date each other again because they make a very good couple and they are happy with each other. i really like the show "Gossip Girl", =)
  • Give me a break!

    After watching the last episode and venting here how abysmal it was, I thought this episode was quite good... until the ending. Gossip Girl is hitting us below the belt. I mean c'mon!! Blair is IN LOVE with Chuck. He loves her with all his heart too. For about 4-5 years, they have been in love with each. Blair keeps pushing off Chuck because of God, because of Louis and what not. Finally finally, Chuck has a chance to be with his true love and Blair tells him she doesn't love him... oh wait, my bad. She isn't in love with him?? Blair was my favourite character, now she just seems such a witch. She basically stringed Chuck around for years, and now she wants to be with lonely boy? Poor poor chuck! If I were him, I would have strangled Blair and stabbed Dan. I detested Dan for the last few episodes and sadly, Blair has joined the gang. Dair has got to be the worst thing the producers could possibly think of. On a different note, the Georgina thing is quite good. The villain might be turning out to my fav character since the lead people are so stupid!! (Yes Blair, you) Serena has to develop some sort of story line. They should name this show Blair anyway. I was feeling quite sorry for Ivy until she turned lily and Rufus out of the house. That was too much. And the fact that William Vanderwoodson is Charlie's father... horrible idea!! That disgusts me. Serena and Charlie are now step sisters? Their mothers being sisters???

    How could they take one of my most favourite shows and turn it into something this awful??

    I wish there was a rating less than 1.
  • By jolene

    I wanna ask that where can we find the musics at season 5, episode 15 playing on the back up fone?

  • kill humphrey PLZ

    ok seriously..blair was head over heels for chuck a couple of episodes ago and now she loves him but she's not in love wth him? wtf.. i hope everyone sees how thats not right OR believable. i lost interest in GG 2 seasons ago but i started being intruiged again until blair kissed dan.ew. he's great as a friend to her but noooot a boyfriend. awful couple.
  • Boring

    wow this show is boring. Everything about it is boring, nothing happens at all. The show is basically "Oh i broke a nail what am i going to do for the next half in hour" i mean give me a break. I only watched one episode and i had to resist the urge not to break down and start crying tears of pain. I felt like someone stole my wallet and took two dollars out of it. Anyways hearing a bunch of snobby rich kids whine about how sad there lives are is awful. "Oh no i'm so unhappy that i got the blue dress instead of the red one" give me a break
  • OM*G is there gonna be a 6th season?

    First of all what are Blair and Dan doing together? It's supposed to be Blair and Chuck. And MAYBE Dan and Serena. I just think that S and Lonley Boy had gone through too many different, tough, sad and I could go on things and situations as a couple.

    And I'm wondering if there's gonna be sixth season of GG? I hope it will :).

  • GREAT!

    Okaay I think, the 1st season was the best. But I also think, that there are worse shows than Gossip Girl out there. I think the popular Grey's Anatomy isn't that better than GoGi. Of course there are boring episodes. But tell me, are the other shows interesting all the time? I don't think so. Every show has a lot of boring moments. So, haters, when you don't like the show, don't watch it! ;D haha
  • dan and blair no it should be chuck and blair

    omg seriously dan and blair

    the only one who belongs with blair is chuck and that obvious

    no they come up with some stupid thing like god that they can't be together and then they go with dan over chuck I mean this is'nt possible.

    I'm truely dissapointed in the gossip girl writers and I hope for them the show get's better because a lot of viewers will not watch it again

    including me.
  • Best show Ever !!!!!

    I have seen too many shows and I know one think, Gossip Girl is the only one that every time can make me happy, its exactly as it supposed to be, and if anyone's watch the Fifth season it will realized that it's not boring at all, but exciting. I hope that we have and a Season 6!!!!

    I want to express my gratitude and to thank all the actors and all the people that working hard for this movie.

    Just continue the good Job!!!!
  • what are you doing here???

    if you guys hate the show, then what the %%&& are you doing here?!!! jajaja i dont go to eat where i dont like the food!! i just dont!

    i really like gossip girl, and i think the blair and chuck relationship its the best thing about it, we all love the chase, and the happy endings!! please we need chuck and blairs fairytale to end how we all want it to end, they being together!!
  • go go DAIR!!

    plz make DAIR a love pair!! soo love them together :)
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