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  • Incredible Waste of Time

    How the Hell did I like this show for a while at the beginning? I must indeed have had brain damage to like this show as well because I cannot stand it at all.

    This show is pathetic and I cannot understand why anyone who does not have OCD would waste their lives watching it. This show is nothing but a pile of crap about a bunch of rich, spoiled losers and their pathetic, boring "problems" which amount to self-induced garbage involving their stupid, mundane love-lives.

    Who the Hell cares?

    It deserves a 0.

  • I got bored with Gossip Girl


    I am very disappointed with what this show became.

    I loved season 1, 2, well to make it short, I liked the time when the characters where in high school, I liked the mean girls a lot, I liked Jenny's falldown and I liked how Serena and Blair always fought over stupid things.

    During the first 3 seasons, I was always looking forward to be able to watch the newest episode that aired, always looking for the day's intrigue.

    I sometime felt annoyed, mostly with Jenny or whenever someone tried to make Naive-Serena fall, but I liked it nevertheless.

    Season 4 was a disappointment to me, I watched it anyway, let's call it "loyalty" or "hope".

    In my opinion, all characters have become uninteresting.

    I hate Charlie's character, I find it bland, hypocrit and useless.

    I've stopped liking Serena in season 4. Blair is too nice and not scheming enough in my opinion and Chuck has become some kind of ghost of himself.

    The arrival of sexy Liz Hurley has not made the show better neither in my opinion.

    I am still watching season 5 but mostly because some of my other shows have reached mid season so I must find an occupation for myself. I am not looking forward to new episodes anymore and If I have a choice, I usually watch another show instead.

    I would probably not be sad or nostalgic if the show was ended.

    Sorry about that, Gossip Girl, you've lost one fan :(

  • I hate this show.


    No, you guys. It is not even guilty pleasure standard because I gave it a shot, and it bored the living crap out of me. No matter what you guys claim, there is no love on this show. None of it. Everyone hates everyone but themselves. They're just ruining love by claiming to be in it. They're ruining friendship by claiming to be friends with people they don't give two hoots about. I don't understand why people like this show. I mean, how does it make you feel good, watching people bitching about each other, being catty? It's not a pleasure. It is not. It is an abysmal show and always will be. And I honest to God cannot understand what is so amazing about Blair and Chuck, or Blair and Dan, or any other pairing on this ridiculous show. Want to watch a show about teenagers? Go watch Pretty Little Liars instead.

  • Guilty, stupid plesure

    This show, for me, works like a romance novel or (I guess?) like a neverending daytime soap opera like Days of Our Lives, for other people. It's relaxed, thoughless fun.

    Now, let's face it: Gossip Girl is pretty much just stupid, it's far, far, FAR from realistic and it ticks me off more than it makes me relate - but something about it makes me watch it anyway.

    The characters are all self absorbed, mean and bratty (the adults JUSt as much - if not more - than the "kids") and I loathe some of them with passion - but I still kind of adore them, somehow. I guess it's just a love/hate relationship, like that.

    Nate and Eric are the only "people" in this show that I actually LIKE, even if Chuck reels me in with his snarkiness and beautifully delivered tear-downs. Now... This is kind of the point, isn't it? This show isn't about lovely people being lovavle in lovely surroundings. It's about spollied brats with a lot more money than heart - and that's what makes it fun. It's like a science fiction, only without the aliens. It's unbelievable, it's silly and it's way out there - and that's what makes it so addictive.

    I hate Gossip Girl... but I sort of love it too.
  • A fascinating show.


    The first two seasons were awesome - sometimes while I watched, I didn't know what had hit me. But then things started to blur, characters became out of character and it became kind of dull. I'll watch some episode of the new season, but I'm not that interested anymore.

  • One of the Best TV Shows!


    I used to love the O.C. but after finished watching first season of Gossip Girl, wow!! I dare myself to say that it's MUCH BETTER than the O.C.! Some people might disagree and I guess they're just totally different in terms of East and West lifestyle. I haven't read the book by Cecilia, but I have to say that she is a really fine writer! The only thing that really really bugged me was .... Why did they hire "Michelle Trachtenberg" ? ddaanngg her nose is sooooo enormously fugly! oopss excuse my french, but really, it's to the point of me pu*ing at my TV when I watched her!! ggrrrr hopefully she will NOT return for the 2nd season. I don't know, It' snot just her face/look, but to me she just doesn't fit in to the show!(see my review about michelle rodriguez for LOST) Casting is always a strong point, I have absolutely no complaints with all the other original casts, they're all absolutely spot on and fabulous! Just one little note about that "lanky" dude at the season finale episode, hhmm I was like, naah "he" could have been better! (in terms of his "look") but hey I guess that's just me! In summary, If you like to watch the posh, rich and wonderful lifestyle of these NewYorkers (albeit superficials) and with some really good stories and twists and everything else a la The O.C. then definitely watch Gossip Girl! Don't knock it down until you watch at least 5 episodes! It gets better and better (some episodes might be weaker than others, but in general it's just Fab & Awesome!) 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Don't live up to the hype.

    I started wacth Gossip Girl because it's a show of Josh Schwartz, the creator of The OC, one of the best teen dramas ever.

    But with this he clearly lost his touch. I mean, it's a teen drama where the teens almost don't go to school. It's only parties and clothes and whatever stupid other think those guys think it's important.

    The cast is painful bad. Blake Lively it's a new actress, but she is unwacthable with her Serena. The adult cast is bad too, they look (are) too young and don't convince me with her characters. Penn Badgley, Taylor Momsen, Jessica Szhor and Chace Crawford are so-so to bad actors. The only two cast members that deserve honorable mention are Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester. They have the best (only) good moments of the show. But even so, Ed Westwick have only one "face", no matter if Chuck is happy, sad, vengeaful or whatever, his face looks the same over and over again. The show really dissapointed me, I have high expectations, but not even the season finale made the show look better.

    In short words: IT'S A BAD SHOW, and I'm not coming back to the 2nd season.
  • Poor in every respect!

    Having read all the books I was very excited to hear of this series being made. I shouldn't have been! It is a very poor version of what was an excellent series in book form. Character's have been removed, changed beyond recognition or created. the wonderful feeling of voyeurism that came from reading the books is completely missing as is the underlying warmth. The characters in the book were flawed yes, but underneath there was all the usual teenage angst we experience and the simple desire to do the right thing. The characters in the TV series come over as shallow, self centered wannabes and little more.

    A MAJOR disappointment as a show, and I'm disappointed Cecily Von Ziegesar signed off on it.
  • Its one of the best shows on tv. Love everything about it from the actors to the script everything is perfect.The show is about wealthy teens who dont have boundries.

    The show is brilliant. It reminds me of how our school was. the characters are brilliant. The actors are great you wouldn't think they were acting. The girls are all dressed up great and the guys are all soo hot. I love Nathan the most i feel like he can act the best from the guys and in the girls i like sereina the most.The show shows how the rich and spoiled teens lives but also shows how a not soo wealthy family step into the lives of the glamorous people. The show is real becuase most of the things that happen in the show reminds me of things that used to happen in school.
  • Thumbs down to this show

    This show is just as stupid as most of the shows they show on the CW Network these days. Another show of arrogant, egotistical, snobby, irresponsible teens. It's too confusing and just dumb for words. I don't know how crap like this stays on the air. It reminds me too much of Dawson's creek, One Tree Hill, and the new Beverly Hills 90210 shows. Makes me wonder if the network can air better shows than teen garbage shows these days. This show is crap and i'm surprised it hasn't cancelled yet. I could even tell by the previews to this show that it was a load of boring crap
  • gossip


    gossip girl is a good tv show to watch.all actors are sooo good :) i rate it 7.5 out of 10 , i would love to know who is gossip girl ,i would hope in the last season we get to know who she or he is.i would like it to be someone that is part of the gossip gang :) because it would be a lot better than just a random person :)

  • Best. Show. Ever

    Co-created by The O.C's Josh Shwartz, this show is a milestone in its own. This is the show that creates the ultimate "good guy-bad guy" distinction and leaves you loving the bad guys for being so reckless, charasmatic and scandelous & detest the good guys for being sugary sweet, adorable and holier-than-thou; all morals apart. It boasts of well etched characters, proficient actors and scandelous storylines that leave you wistful for more. Its a world where the scoop about your parent's love life is as delicious as your own, where the crowd is hesitent to let you rise but quick to make you fall, where every person is hiding deep dark secrets we all know will be ultimately unearthed by 'Gossip Girl'. The cast comprises of the perfect guy-next-door, Dan Humphrey;the girl-next-door desperate to shake off this title, Jenny Humphery; the meddled up yet marvelous Queen Bee, Blair Waldorf; the even more meddled up with looks to die for, Nate Archibald, the sugary sweet Sarena Van der Woodsen, the charasmatic Chuck Bass and the eye candy parents Lily Van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphery. This show is definately not perfect but the best part is that you won't just love it despite its flaws but you'll come to love its flaws too!!
  • GG, Gossip Girl!

    I really did enjoyed watching the first season. Although after the half season the storyline started droping but I still like rewatching the that season.
    I really did enjoyed watching the first season. Although after the half season the storyline started droping but I still like rewatching the that season.
    I really did enjoyed watching the first season. Although after the half season the storyline started droping but I still like rewatching the that season.
    I really did enjoyed watching the first season. Although after the half season the storyline started droping but I still like rewatching the that season.
    Yay Gossip Girl!
  • Go,go,gossip girl

    The most influential show in primetime,on the "CW" network. First the likes, I like how the characters don't realize how visually beautiful they are, the spin-off films for some of the main cast are cool because I think that the "hardcore fans" watch'em religiously. The witty one line smart remarks make it tolerable (I'm not a groupie) because I find it easy to lose focus with the sexual tension that effortlessly emits...and most of all it's easy to follow. Now the dislikes, nothing but the repetitiveness of the character "Chuck". So is it worth following this series ? To me that's neither a yes or no question at this time, on one hand it's a yes because I can relate on a personal level to a part of the cast, and on the other,no...
  • Is this show "Straight?"

    It must be a "non-straight" show. the girls are kind of "not really looking good". also "Really really not looking good". maybe also "Very very extremely not really looking good".

    and the dudes are like "really metrosexual". very metrosexual". "extremely metrosexual".

    well, I mean, I have no problem with peoples choice or look but, for a "high society" show, they could do better I guess.

    Low Budget productions trying to handle subjects off their reach, often give big holes in casting. I guess this show is falling under the same mistake.

    But perhaps they will succeed where "DIRT" failed. (It is not hard to do better than "DIRT")
  • Rich kids living it up in New York City.

    I love this show. I love the petty fights. I love the designer clothes and I love the cattiness it all.

    It's one of those shows that don't feel in the slightest bit realistic, from the designer everything to the Soap-Operaish drama, but it's just one of those shows where it's more about the characters than about the story. Or at least it is for me.

    This show would be nothing without Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass, two people who I can't help but love and at times love to hate. They're manipulative and tragic and whilst I'd abhor anyone like that in real life, on this show they make it one of my favourite shows.
  • The one show I never thought Id ever get into! No matter what you think it is going to be like, it will be better.

    Gossip girl is all about shoes, hieracy, parties, family and friends. It all in NY, and there is some fantasy in that for me, as I would love to believe my life could be that awesume! Well i guess anyone would. The day I started watching gossip girl was simply on a wime I downloaded the first 2 seasons for my mate who had missed a couple of episodes, while I was waiting for it to download I started to watch the first episode and then the next one and so on until I had finished the second season and started to download what was out of the third season, I was now offially ahead of my friend and we started watching the fresh episodes together it was then that I realised that gossip girl is one of those shows that you can watch on your own but really to get the most out of it you have to watch it with a mate or a group of mates who all love it, so you can stop it half way through and say "wtf" is going on and "omg, blair & chuck finally!!!!!). Every since that first day I have been addicted to Gossip Girl. It is so fast paced (like ER & spooks) that I fell in love with the diversity of the characters. This last episode is a classic, I think season 4 is pretty close to my fav season behind season 1 which will always be my fav. So no matter what you think of gossip girl give it a shot, its amazing!
  • Chuck and Blair are the saving grace of the show!

    The show started out pretty good for a teen soap opera. I liked it well enough, though I've always hated Serena/Blake. She is a terrible actress and the character is even worse. Chuck and Blair are the only reason I continue to watch the show. Even when they are not together their chemistry is fabulous. The one absolutely terrible thing about this show is how old these characters act. They are supposed to be 20ish! LOL that is something I can't get over. And there are so many useless characters on, the number one spot goes to Vanessa! Honestly, I hope the show ends next season (with Chuck and Blair together). Leighton Meester (Blair) is absolutely fabulous. I can't wait to see her get more and more famous.
  • One of the best episodes so far :) Just loved it and cant wait for the next :)

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  • Everybody thinks this show is cool,but their wrong.

    It's not even cool,even with the girls.It's very boring and whenever the makers are doing,it was a bad idea for a show.It's not even like High School Musical or all of the other shows.I don't think that the show is a good one.It's like a drama or a not scary version of The Haunting Of Molly Hartley,even with Chace Chrawford.I say that it's really boring and it's really a bad drama show.It's not even a best show or it's not even better than Drake And Josh.I would say that it should be a bad show and my grade is a F because it's boring and lame.
  • It's an interesting show.

    You can get some poorly written, bland American crap teen dramas on television. But this isn't one of them. This show is cool, has a good vibe, and well.... Chuck Bass. Teen dramas get bad when they introduce very bad characters, just to stir up drama, and while there are some small moments, most of it is fine. I've watched the first 20 episodes, and started reading the first book (not really my thing). Season 1 is good, i like it, and while I'm not hooked on it like i have been with other teen dramas in the past, it is still a good show, despite the unappealing show name, especially for guys.

    I say you should watch it.
  • It is a show about upper east side yuppies and they drama they love to live.

    This is the best soap on right now. The cast is hot and very talented. Two seasons in and it is still addictive. The storylines are well thought out and believable. Colege will be the real test. There is sure to be many comparisons to The O.C. and Beverly Hills 90210. But it is way better The O.C. BH 90210 is a classic. at least the first few seasons are. My favorite characters are Serena and Chuck. Serena is just a great character who is strong and independent but realistic. Chuck is a great bad boy and sexy as hell.
  • I love this show!

    It's so addicting and it's an actual INTERESTING teen drama, with real plotlines, style, and LOTS of drama. Not to mention, that Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf are the hottest characters on tv. In other teen shows, the characters have money but still choose to deal with things in a regular teen fashion, but on this show the characters actually embrace their wealth, and instead throwing keggers or wearing t-shirts and jeans, they have stylists and ride around in limos. This show goes past the usual teen boundaries and I hope it stays on television for a long time to come.
  • A show about spoiled, snobbish, heartless brats from the upper east side.

    I hate it. It is about spoiled brats from the upper east side who have money coming from everywhere. The characters are shallow and i find it unable to take a liking to all but one or two of them. When i saw the OC i thought that a people with that amount of money were snobbish. But at least those characters had alittle bit of depth to them. The characters in Gossip Girl are so shallow that it is almost unbelieveable. I could not stand it long enough to see if there was actually a good storyline but from what i saw there wasn't anything good there. A show about rich, snobbish teenagers with absolutely no depth whatsoever. One of the worst tv shows that i have had the misfortune of experiencing.
  • The CW's most popular hit teen drama series, "Gossip Girl" appeals to many aspiring teenagers with the hopes of living in high society. Taking place on the Upper-East Side of New York (Manhattan), an unknown blogger sets the stage as narrator.

    As the mysterious "gossip girl" drills into the business of others, season three is no different as she continues to reveal parts of the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite. This time, she's not letting anyone get in her way. Last season left off with a shocker that both the parents of Dan (played by Penn Badgley) and Serena (Blake Lively), the hottest couple on the series, were announcing their engagement. Trying to sabotage their relationship, Serena and Dan eventually grew apart as they began to take on the role of twisted siblings. It grew hard at times, but in order to bring less attention to themselves, they were forced to fight the temptation and desire they once had for each other. However, in my eyes, I see some of the series' most scandalous activities as life changing lessons to be learned by its responding viewers; this just being one example. Covering the many central issues of teenage living, Gossip Girl's greatest scandals circle around the protagonists of the bunch – or the dynamic duo: Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester). Serena's character always dazzles the audience with her carefree attitude of what others may think of her, despite whether the circumstances are good or bad. Her love for fashion also helps her steal the spotlight and live up to her "perfect" title. Right beside her is her best friend and enemy, Blair, who rules the so-called "social hierarchy" of Manhattan. She knows everything about everyone, and she often uses her charm, money, and social status to get where and what she wants. Redefining the realities of class conflict, together Serena and the "Queen B" are recognized as Manhattan's most popular duo. To kick off the new season, Serena is accepted into Brown University, which she turns away hoping she can find herself before next semester. Meanwhile, Blair is at the bottom of a new social ladder at her new home at NYU. With the struggles of her past, Serena finds comfort working a small job in the fashion industry while Blair tries to find her place where money can't buy her everything. When you look at Blair and Serena's relationship closely, there's a long line of betrayal that surfaces almost immediately. Although they claim to be best friends, in the harshest situations one feels the need to triumph over the other, and their small test of friendship can lead to a catastrophe. The lesson taken from this love-hate relationship is that betrayal is less effective when one can rise above it. On the other end of the spectrum, the male characters have recurring issues of their own. As seen in previous seasons, there's no surprise to the line of heartbreaks that come with Gossip Girl's hottest characters. Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford's character) was Serena's first love until her relationship with Blair ruined things once again. This season, he is dating a Buckley, which is sure to land him in trouble after running through Serena, Blair, Vanessa, and even little Jenny Humphrey. Then there's Dan Humphrey who portrays a cheesy romantic but never fails to capture the eyes of his audience. He was Serena's second love until they departed last season, and now he seems to find himself with issues of his own. Despite his past, which included a sneaky affair with a high school teacher, Dan appears to be less scandalous than the other characters. He's torn between old flame Vanessa and a new girl on camera, but he later learns that taking the new way out is what's best for him. Perhaps the sneakiest of all characters is the notable Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), who plays Blair's shaky love interest. He's known as the series' lust-driven antagonist because he's been caught in several sneaky affairs with numerous girls. He is often despised by many, but, like Blair, he uses his wealth and power to earn respect. While many viewers can relate to the gossiping lives of teenagers seen today, it caught me by surprise seeing that the male characters on the show were involved in the gossip just as much as the females. Despite their background, each character has found themselves in the spotlight in some manner and they show just how hard it can be to dig your way out. The lesson learned here is to be the bigger person and keep out of the cruel teenage world of gossiping, which will ultimately help out in the long run. New to this season, characters Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) and Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) finally have a chance in the spotlight, getting more than just their 15 minutes of fame, as Jenny claims her throne at Constance Billiard and Vanessa dukes it out with Blair. Olivia (Hilary Duff), the new girl on camera, takes everyone by storm and becomes a threat to the newest social ladder. When Vanessa's long lost mother appears on the scene, she willfully announces her views on the evils of her daughter's private education ("Knowledge should not be for sale") and the shallowness of the 'high life.' Vanessa, then, becomes determined to win her mom over by delivering the freshman toast at school, but being the second choice – Olivia triumphs as number one - Vanessa can't help but to be manipulated by Blair. In the end, both Blair and Vanessa lose their chances of making the toast and Olivia gladly accepts. Blair announces, "Irony certainly can be cruel," in an effort to wave her white flag against Vanessa. Although scandal appears everywhere in Gossip Girl news, there's no doubt that teenagers may be getting the ideas of betraying one another to what they want from the popular series. There's certainly a strong satire of teenage living that is enveloped in the series and it's portrayed from all angles: socially, mentally, and even physically. The lives of the elite are full of power, heartbreak, scandal, and revenge, but without these key traits the infamous "gossip girl" would have nothing to gossip about. Knowing her affects on people, she uses her conniving skills to continue in ruining the lives of these noted characters. In announcing her famous line, "You know you love me. Xoxo, Gossip girl," her point becomes very clear.
  • What a waste of air time

    I know that these days it's all about pleasing viewers from the age of 12 to 23 but I am aghast at the quality of television these days including this senseless show that shows young, egotistical, useless teenagers going about life as if there were no responsibilities. The characters are fairly artificial and trust me, I know it's all about the clothes being worn by beautiful people but there in no depth to the stories.It goes to show you that the shows that sell on television are still shows about hospitals,detectives, young heartless people,more hospital series, more detective series and oh yes, those reality shows.Welcome to the Dark Ages of television.
  • A show about the troubled (HA!) lives of Manhattans elite.

    This show is one of the better CW shows. Its about 6 people living either in Brooklyn or the Upper East Side. Social climber Jenny Humphrey, or Little J, is having difficulty becoming one of Constance It Girls. Dan, J's bro, is having trouble NOT becoming popular By being Serena Van Der Woodsen's boy friend. Serena is back from a mysterious year-long stay at boarding school. Blair Waldorf is having trouble keeping her crown at Constance. Chuck Bass is also having trouble keeping his steamy affair with Blair a secret from Nate. Nate's dad's a druggie, his GF had sex with his best bud, Chuck. All of this is documented by the unseen narrator, Gossip Girl.
  • this show is really good if you like shows like the oc and other that are on now of days.

    i like the show gossip girl. it is really good show that touches apon a older crownd of kids from a manhatten privat school. i think its a really good show and the first season was good and the second season. the show touches on subjects like any other show of its kind. breaking the law ,the girls and there problems and the boys with there problems. even the parents with there problems. it is such a good show and the same person that makes the oc did this show with the help of another person . so i like this show and i am a 20 year old guy.
  • Great show from CW.

    Gossip Girl.

    A show about the scandalous lives of the Manhattan elite told from the view of Gossip Girl: an anonymous blogger. This show started out great and just keeps getting better as the characters grow. It deals with the typical issues of teens nowadays: school, dating, parties and sex, except that the people are the richest people on Earth. This show has a great variety from hilarious scenes to ones so sad that you can't help but cry along with the characters. Add to it the fact that all of their secrets are posted online and sent to the cells of every person in Manhattan who read Gossip Girl. It definately makes life interesting.

    Great show.
  • Good Show not great but i would still say its an overrated show on tv!!!!

    Gossip girl!!! Well according to me the only reason i started watching this show is because the creator of this show is JOSH SCHWARTZ, the director of some amazing shows like Chuck and The OC !!!! People would certainly like this show if they havent watch The OC , but if they do already have watched The OC , i am sure they would end up really disappointed coz its nowhere close when compared to it!!! This was the major problem with me liking the show coz i frequently compare this show with the OC!! I miss THE OC very badly and i thought josh could have done better in the show but its just not upto the mark !! I know the fans wont agree with me here but i have given a 9.5 only coz its the OC director !!! And those of you who dont agree with me here pls do watch the OC and then You would know!!!!!
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