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  • Yes, please.

    So, the whole episode starts off with the skeavy Jack stepping out of a limo after a GG-speech about inheritence and money and looking just as one would expect him to: sort of awesomely wicked. It's set to "Mirror Error" by the Faint which is a really great song and also finishes off the episode which I have to say is a nice touch.
    Blair approaches with the most disgusted look on her face in a long time, looking like she got too much botox or otherwise she would frown. They're gathered for the reading of the will, and Jack is fully intent on inheriting the power to run Bass Industries. And then Nate appears out of the blue, like the BFF he should've acted about an episode ago. No word on where he's been or why he hasn't been in touch before now, but whatever.

    Then there's Dan and Jenny, and Jenny is refreshingly still in high school. I know, shocking. Also on their way to school is Serena and Eric, and Eric actually has a bit of plot in this episode, not just gay sidekick. He's not thrilled about Jenny latching onto him and Jonathan all the time, which I get, because I wouldn't want to hang out with Jenny too much either. Or at all, but y'know, no personal judgement.

    Anyways, Chuck gets the power to run Bass Industries, which is sort of shocking to everyone [at least those who don't watch promos] and especially Jack, who's not turning that frown upside down anytime soon. But turns out he's more of a Bass than one might've bargained for, because throughout the episode he's a total sleaze who tries to bring Chuck down whenever he's not name-dropping prescription drugs for STDs.

    So what is annoying couple no. 1 up to today? Well, Rufus and Lily are in Boston trying to track down their lost child, which is just terrific except for the fact that Lily hasn't mentioned the part about a child to her other two children, which isn't surprising for her. Seriously, that woman does not know how to care for her children. You would've thought she would've cleaned up her act after that talk with Eric but no, as soon as Bart is cold in the ground she's onto a new man. Or rather yet, the same one she hasn't been able to let go of for twenty very, very long years. The worst part about all this is that Serena and Eric don't even complain anymore, they just seemed used to the fact that their mom's not in town.
    Complaining aside, Rufus and Lily don't have much luck finding their kid, so they go back to doing what they do best: hooking up. So much for Dan having a VdW woman alone for like, two seconds.

    The mean girls decide that they've had enough of following after Blair, who in turn is attached to Chucks' hip, so they decide to dig up the dirt on Dan all by themselves and Nelly Yuki, who went from likeable to surprisingly mean in two episodes (though I have to admit it's really amusing) snatches Dan's cellphone when he and Vanessa are in a candy store.
    Important things about this candy store: 1) Nate starts acting like the flip-floppy BFF that he really is, because even though there's like a huge brunch for Chuck he wants to celebrate his 2 month anniversary with Vanessa. Which I get, but why can't he do it later (it's a brunch for crying out loud, not a day-long thing). But the other important thing about the candy store scene is that Vanessa is not as annoying as usual! Normally I want to rip her apart whenever I see her with that holier-than-thou attitude, but she was quite tolerable in this scene.
    So, the mean girls leak the dirt on Rufus and Lily: they have a kid and omgasp! That means that Dan and Serena, who've are back together for anyone who happened to blink or anything, share a sibling. Even Chuck and GG think this is taking it a bit too far.

    Meanwhile, Bart hit Chuck's weak spot and made him believe that he had a boring life when he was in reality going to meet the smoking-hot Blair in what seemed more like a nightgown than a dress by calling her 'wife'. So he drags Chuck out on the town with three ... respectable ladies ... and the next day, at the big brunch Blair and Jack have thrown for him, he's wasted and still entertaining these respectable ladies up in the office. Blair's not happy about this, and neither is the board for Bass Industries. Then Chuck goes on to tell Blair to back off, which is probably the stupidest thing Chuck has done in the last week or so because seriously, Blair is the best thing to have happened to him.

    Dan and Serena decide to try and work it out anyway, which isn't as icky as one would've thought, because Rufus and Lily met with the dad of the child who said that their son drowned a while ago. But no, he didn't really, because the parents are just afraid that Rufus and Lily would take their kid away. I can't blame them, because Lily's parenting has been messed up beyond belief before. This woman makes Eleanor look like Mom of the Year. Eric and Jenny have a little spat and then totally make up in a very teenagy and sweet way. Everything's sweet as soon as Eric's involved. That kid is so needed for this show, because the show needs genuinly likeable characters like him. Dorota and Cyrus are pretty loveable too, especially Dorota.

    In other annoying news, Dan goes to the gallery to find Vanessa, and Nate gives him a speech about finding his real friends through hardness. So sweet, but then he goes and ruins it all by naming Dan as the true friend he was talking about. What the hell, Nate? Forgetting someone much? Like your BFF Chuck? Chuck and Blair are two of the most loyal people on this show, and if you hadn't been such an ass to both of them on different occasions you'd be able to see that. Shame on you, Nate. You haven't even talked to Dan since that little bromance with the football.

    And then Chuck realises what a douche Jack is (an awesome douche, as Barney Stinson would say) and goes to apologize to Blair and they have an incredible scene. They always do. Blair tells him that she's done watching him self-destruct, and more power to her and all that, I just wish they would get back together already. My C/B heart is aching for some love.
    But somehow, even though Chuck and Blair need to get back together, Rufus and Lily get that opportunity this episode. They come home to the loft and find Eric, Serena, Dan and Jenny being adorable and family-like and clasp hands. Yeah, way to forget that other kid of yours that used to be in your family too and needs your help, Lily. You might remember him? Named Chuck and you used to be married to his dad less than like, two months ago. No? Only Humphrey from now on? Ok, got it.

    "But every once in a while, the fate smiles upon you and you get the one thing you truly need."
    What I really need? Some love between Chuck and Blair, proper UES style. There's a reason Blair doesn't like Brooklyn.
  • german opera :-)

    I'm really hooked the Gossip Girl! It's nice to see Chuck back with the van der Woodsens. "Point 26..." Fun :-)

    I really liked Eric with the German Opera / German Klaus statements.

    If anybody's wondering about the German stuff, the Opera is originally called "Die Zauberflöte" (the Magic Flute).

    The Song they talk about is: "Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen", which Eric translates perfectly but pronounces slightly wrong. (It's the first line you hear on the record player as the scene starts ;-)).

    The other 2 German parts were:
    "Es war wunderschön, Danke. Und sie?"

    Which translates "It was beautiful, thank you. And you?"


    "Geh zum Teufel" translating "go to the devil" (i.e. go to hell...)
  • Gossip Girl posted a Dan-Ms. Carr relationship issue which resulted to Ms. Carr being fired and Dan and her having sex. Chuck met his "Dream Girl" and found out his dad was in this secret group society and he feels the need to explore more about it.

    Call me superficial but I'd have to say, this episode showed exactly why i keep watching this show! I LOVED THIS EPISODE! The drama, scandal, lust, and everything, it was all crazy. IT was awesome! haha sorry bout me raving about this episode but seriously, while i was watching it, i was almost always at the edge of my seat (LITERALLY!). Either because i want to push the fast forward button, shake the computer to make sense in everything that's happening or simply because i want to start jumping up and down. From this mystery group of Bart Bass and whatever happened to Elle, to this Serena-once-again-break-up-with-Dan thing and Ms. Carr-Dan relationship, it was really well written! two thumbs up for the writers! ;) Looking forward to more scandalous, dramatic episodes!
  • Gossip Girl is about the lives of 6 teenagers: Dan, Jenny, Serena, Blair, Chuck, and Nate, who live their life in the glamour of Manhattan. Everyone knows everything about their lives thanks to an annonymous gossip girl.

    This show is awesome! Once you start you just keep on watching non-stop!! Anyone would dream to be Blair, Serena, Dan, Chuck, or Nate, being rich and being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want. That's what keeps me hooked on. And on top of that, their lives are so interesting and have so much drama that you cannot stop watching this show. You know that Upper-East Side kids are are rich, bratty, spoiled, but with everything that goes wrong in their lives, this show is always interesting and you don't want to miss a single episode! You cannot get enough of Gossip Girl!
  • I really like this show...

    Who wouldnt love a show about super wealthy teenagers?

    The upper east siders are just great, from the ex-bad girl, to the actual bad girl, and girls on their way to be very bad. And the guys? Gorgeous! I cant have enough fun with Charles "the motherchucker" Bass, I must say is my favorite character, he's bad and not affraid to admit it.

    Serena and Blair show us what friendship really is, they go on and off but in the end they're always there for each other.

    Nate, the hot guy is the fine example on how to look up when life goes very wrong, I must say that is great for young people today.

    Anyway, the characters make us stay in front of the TV just to know what new trouble they're in.

    I hope this show go on for many years cause its worth it.

    -GG (lol)
  • S & D are competing, D doesn't know who he's messing with that's 4 sure. Marcus & Dear Dutchess hit it hard,V finds out tells B, she handles it perfectly until V buts in AGAIN & ruins the deal to help Nate get his life back! Chuck is Chuck B

    It's the first day of school on GG & OMG you haven't seen anything yet as to how things are gonna go down.
    D & S haven't seen each other since their breakup, so things are awkward. They try to be all grown up about it and skip to the friends part, but a new girl gets in the way. Amanda is her name.

    She reads all of the same stuff Dan reads,(coincidence?? HELL No ) so he immediately invites her to lunch, which was innocent enough but instantly triggers some class warfare.

    Serena feels hurt, embarrassed and jealous.B sees this and goes on the attack. She tries to befriend Amanda in order to bond her to the "girl code" and render her unable to date a friend's ex. C explains this to D, who is typically confused.

    Amanda decides to rebel, though, and invites D to a club. Of course, this ends up on Gossip Girl, which pisses Serena off royally. However, she does not want things to be like this with Dan so she suggests the next night that all three of them - Amanda, Serena and Dan - go to the club on a "date."

    It goes okay until Serena gets drunk and starts falling all over a Dalton lacrosse player. Blair's creepy possie are there watching, as is Chuck.

    Chuck's entire purpose there is pure evil.

    He's got some sort of Nair/bleach mixture in his pocket, which he provides Blair's possie with. Soon enough, they pour it in a cocktail glass and throw it into Amanda's hair, burning chunks of it off. SOunds COld but admit it You and I both wanted somthing bad to happen to the New girl =p.

    Lily is back from her honeymoon and seemingly lonely, filled with regret. Bart is in Beijing on business, and Lily's back in New York. She doesn't come out and say it, but she is all of a sudden very interested in Rufus again. He sort of gives her the cold shoulder, though, reminding her that she made the decision to be Mrs. Bart Bass and now has to live with it.

    Meanwhile, Nate is trying to figure out why the hell Vanessa spurned him like that. The Duchess is pleased with her "deal" with Vanessa and takes $5,000 to her to show her appreciation. Catherine leaves a check in the gallery / cafe and departs.

    Vanessa, of course, decides to return the bribe in person and goes straight to Catharine's apartment to do so. That's when she conveniently walks in on her and Marcus getting. It. On. Wow.

    Turning to Dan, Vanessa wants to get Nate's (and Nate's dad) off the hook if she can but doesn't know how. V shows him the camera phone pic she snapped. Dan has no better advice than to tell her to seek out Blair, because she's pretty much the empress of revenge.

    Vanessa shares the info with a surprisingly distraught Blair, who is really sad about this actually, but nevertheless sets a plan in motion.

    And plan she did! Blair confronts the Duchess and her man and negotiates a deal with Catharine and Marcus in which they leave town and pay off all of Nate's father's restitution in return for her silence.

    But here's the twist. Not knowing enough to stay out of Blair's way and let things take their course, Vanessa gets antsy and tells Catharine's husband personally about everything. That infuriates the Duchess, and the deal is off. As far as the money goes, anyway. At least Nate is no longer a hooker and we've seen the last of Catherine.

    With Blair preoccupied by Marcus and the Dutchess, Chuck has been playing everyone so that Serena will reoccupy her queen status.
    He had to "create a monster" and it looks like he's done that in the new Serena. We'll See whats Happens ,, so either Bow In or Bow out =) ..

    xoxo ,,
  • Oh Goood, I'm a sucker for teen drama.

    It's nothing special. It's no Veronica Mars, or Gilmore girls... It has a whole bunch of super rich New Yorkers... What more can you ask for?

    I really thought, watching the trailers and everything, that the show would really be, like, serious... But it kinda wasn't xD Still, I never missed an episode of One Tree Hill, Veronica Mars or Gilmore girls, so this kinda goes into the "guilty pleasure" section...

    It was kinda okay until the very end when the scene on the roof came, and the courageous brother kicked the rich spoiled kid. It felt so unrealistic and fake, but I just KNOW I'll keep watching it, because I'm a sucker for teen dramas, like I mentioned earlier...

    And yeah, pretty good cast :)
  • Guilty pleasure about the rich and ... well. Not that beautiful.

    Tonight the 3rd season kick off, but I haven't seen it all until today. Once upon a time I watched half the first season, but lost interest. Now I've revisited and I'm up to date.

    I'm a simple guy. The problems and powerstruggles of rich kids ain't especially fascinating. In my case it really doesn't help when I don't find any of the female cast beautiful either. Just not my cup of tea.

    And the circling never ending plot twists of the same couples on and off? Seen that before, and not only once or twice.

    It still manages to stay interesting enough I watch it as guilty pleasure, or maybe just in lack of other options. I'm kind of running out of shows now.

    I guess moral isn't on top of the list for those rich kids in the real world either, but the fact every character lacks any abillity to be honest or take the high road gets on my nerves.

    Still. I'll check out the new season and give them their minutes, at least for a couple of weeks, but it's not one of the shows I'm looking forward to as we now begin a new tv-season.

    I do however love the show tag line....

    xoxo gossip girl
  • You know you love me xoxo gossip girl...

    Gossip Girl is "your one and only source into the scandalous life" of the elite of New York's Upper East Side. You can identify with each character in the show; you have the drama queen, the queen bee, the player, the rich kid, the extremely cute guy that everyone falls for… The cast is amazing, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick (so hot btw)… Another main attraction is the amazing wardrobe I mean you will be taking a hot peek on what is trendy and à la mode. This show will keep you wanting more and more every time you watch it. You know you love me,
    Xoxo Gossip Girl
  • it's great

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  • Gossip Girl is so, completely, amazing! This acting is great, the storyline is great, the script is great, and the locations are great! Its sooo good and I can't wait for season 3!

    Some people may not like gossip girl as they may think it is about spoilt kids in NYC but I think it is amazing and it is so much more than that. It follows the lives of the main characters-Blair,Serena,Chuck,Nate,Dan,Jenny and Vanessa- who are all in high school in the Upper East Side. (Except for Vanessa who is home-schooled)Sometimes the storyline can be hard to follow but if you are keeping up with your episodes then you should have no problem. It can also be very frustrating to watch as it can seem that characters such as Blair and Chuck will never admit to their true feelings! But it is so amazing that it doesn't even matter. The acting is brilliant and so is the script! Watch gossip girl!
  • Completely unoriginal and repetitve.

    Every episode I watch of this show convices me more of how stupid it is to hire all good looking actresses and actors without any sense of talent.I mean it's getting so lame that it's almost pathetic. This season love's affaires:
    -Dan and Serena
    -Dan and Rachel
    -Jenny and Nate
    -Vannessa and Nate
    -Blair and Nate
    -Serena and the paintor guy whatever his name is.
    -Chuck with Blair
    -Chuck with Vannessa. I mean it's too much even for this show. I mean one thing is to show " the scandolous lives of Manhattan elite " another thing is to make every character in the show date every other character , it's lame and completely out of touch. What it's worse , every episode a new relationship is introduced so this show has lost all sense of storyline and plot , and one day Nate is in love with Vannessa next day she doesn't exist , I mean come on . Dan which was an interesting character in season one , now is the worst nice guy of history and he is as boring as anyone can get. Dialogues are so basic and idiotic that any 5 yeard old with a computer could write them. For example I watched " Remains of the J " today and Blair says to Nate: " Only my boyfriend can touch my hair".I think that explains it all and prooves my point. This is a lame excuse of a show which has nothing to do against other shows of the genre such as One Tree Hill ( that's a really good show) , the OC or even Privileged. If I don't see any improvement before this season finishes , this show is absolutely done for me , total waste of time.
  • It's cliché, but it's so cliché-ridden, that it's intelligent again!

    If you keep that in mind, and if you don't take it too seriously, it's top entertainment of the "guilty pleasure"-kind!
    Another feature of the show is action: I have to say, the writers' achievement to pack so much into single episodes cannot be underestimated, most of the time it fits well together. It's relatively pointless to recapitulate some of the content, as things can change to the complete opposite within two episodes. What happens in usual soap operas within a season, can happen here within an episode, twice!
    Sometimes you have the feeling that they could have taken a little more time to deal with some storylines, but overall it's a feature that definitely won't let you fall asleep.
  • What can I say about Gossip Girl.

    Well this show is the most Hots show I ever show thank you CW for having a show like Gossip Girl & keeping it on to the people how made this T.V. show I could not thank you from the bottom my Heart.Just like(Desperate Housewives)this show is so cool with a Gert cast that do a good job on the show what more can I say.I witch the show all the Time I even DVR it if I am not going to be how..I can't stop witching it I am 26 years old & I love the show Keep up the good work for more season to come....

    P.s. Have a Good Summer to all of the people at Gossip Girl. A Loving Fan XOXO
  • New York City. Gorgeous girls, hot guys. This show follows New York teens through the best times and the worst times of their lives. Breaking up and hooking up. Best friends and enemies. Gossip Girl doesn't leave any secrets behind closed doors.

    Gossip Girl is a teenage soap opera. I personally love the show. You will fall in love with the characters as you watch them grow and then fall. There is more drama then anything. The teenagers and the parents relationships are ridiculous. The Upper-east side vs. Brooklyn. The poor boy falling for the rich girl. The "best" couple splitting up. Best Friends hooking up! You pretty much got it all. Now all you need to know is it's on Mondays at 8:00pm on the CW. If you are just checking in.... You might want to check out all of the episodes. They are all worth it.
  • Different city but hte same story...

    Nice and rich places, beatiful girls and handsome boys but no plot. Come on !!!!! The story is the same as O.C. actually the only difference is the city but the rest of the story is the same, beautiful rich girl and cute poor boy with a little bit taste of Beverly Hills 90210. The only things I like about the show is Selena, she is really cute and seeing Sam Whitmore again.
    I dont think the show last very long like Beverly Hills and share the same faith with O.C.
    But I hope I can see Blake in more adultish series next time.
  • Rich people, love dramas ..what do you need more :D

    Absolutely LOVE the show.makes me wanna be part of that world just 'cause it's so far away from mine.
    Right from the first episode I knew that it was gonna be a great show... Queen B with her beautiful clothes that I would die for.S and her lovely way. Oh and Nate..How can you not love him,a real gentleman.
    And you can't get past Chuck.I never was the kind of girl,who falls for the bad guy, can imagine I've changed :D
    I'm not a big fan of the Humphreys but it wouldn't be the same without them.
    CAN'T wait till the next episode
    your truly
  • Money. Sex. Beautiful people. And deep down, a really complex world of secrets, love, friendship and excitement. Is it weird that I completely cherish Gossip Girl?

    Gossip Girl is definitely my current obsession when it comes to TV-shows. I have seen all the episodes, I see the trailers the first seconds they air and on Sundays I am almost shivering with excitement towarsd the upcoming episodes. Why do I love this show so much? First of all I love the characters. I am madly in love with Chuck Bass. I admire Blair Waldorf smartness, her sense of style and her extraordinary beauty, I admire Jenny Humprey's sewing skills, Vanessa's skinny legs, Lily's personality and Nate's sexy hair. I do not only love these people as individuals, I love them together! : I love Nate and Chuck's weird relationship, as they are really not alike at all. I love Dan and Vanessa together, as well as Eric and Jenny, and I love Lily and Rufus. But guys, let's be honest: The main reason I love this show is Chuck and Blair!
  • this is a show that really brings the drama!

    my cousin is on the show so i m really hooked on the show and i love shows like this and i love the drama on shows! i just love the love triangles and the fights especially like the one where serena and blair actually fight! that was comedy right there but it was such a wussy fight tho! lol i think all the guys are hot in their own special way! dan is so quiet and nice and nate is missunderstood and kinda more to himself and chucj is just such a bad boy and i kinda like that!
  • This is thee most awesome series out at the moment, i haven't missed an episode yet.

    I just cannot wait for the next episode. Does the series end at season 2 or is there going to be a season 3. I'd hate to know this series is coming to an end. I'm actually making my teenage cousin watch it cos, it is so true what goes on in girls heads at times as well as at high school/College It relates alot to how cold hearted and devious people can be even when you think they're part your family or even a friend that's so jealous about the life you lead and they do everything in there power to bring you down. I absolutley love this show.
  • Unmissable for adults and teenagers alike. However hard we try to hate it, we jsut can't

    The thing about Gossip Girl isn't the fashion, or the money, or the lifestyle. It's all three. Individually any one of these elements wouldn't be enough to make this show watchable, but altogether, it is unmissable. The thing about it is that it appeals not only to teenage girls, although it certainly does appeal to this age group, it also appeals to grown ups too. You don't mean to get addicted. In fact for the first few minutes of watching it can seem like tedious peurile rubbish. Then suddenly you feel your interest piqued and before you know it you are hooked. Of course, you know it's bad for you, but it's like sugar. The more you have the more you want.
  • Despite its superficial name, I assure you Gossip Girl is amazing and yes, deep.

    So, I'm pretty sure everyone's heard the genereal summary: Gossip Girl follows the habits and lifestyle of a bunch of spoiled and very good-looking rich teens. Why should you watch such crap?

    Because it's not crap!

    This was my opinion when I thought of the show, before I started watching it. Gossip Girl focuses on basically five teenagers: Serena Van Der Woodsen, the blonde girl you always see at the forefront of the posters, Nate Archibald, that Zac Efron lookalike, that's always next to her, Blair Waldorf, the brunette, Chuck Bass, the boy with the evil grin, and Daniel (Dan) Humphrey, the one with the curly weird hair. And Vanessa, the Native-American-looking girl, with black hair.

    There are essentially three major couples on the show: Dan/Serena, Nate/Vanessa/Jenny, and Chuck and Blair. I watch the show solely for Chuck and Blair, so don't expect to find any summaries of the other coples in this review. (What can I say? I'm biased.)

    Chuck and Blair are honestly the most amazing couple I've ever seen. They're like....Gone With the Wind, meets Sebastian/Kathryn, meets Wuthering Heights. Their chemistry is astounding. Their love story is turbulent, sometimes sad, sometimes happy (okay, mostly sad), and always touching. There is no scene without them that cannot be graced simply by both of them being there. Their banter and sexual foreplay and emotional angst is just unbelievable. They are frankly the only reason I watch this show, and I hope you will get as much profound pleasure in them as I find each and every time.
  • This show is beyond amazing. It deals with Upper East Siders, Blaire and Serena, and their daily lives. Through these two best friends we are also introduced to many others whom they interact with - Chuck, Nate, Jenny, Dan, and so many more people.

    As stated above, this show is amazing. It teaches people everywhere many lessons in life - such as you always need a friend. On top of that it includes many important quotes that are life lessons too such as "People don't tell you who you are, you tell them." by Serena Van der Woodsen. Although sometimes inappropriate at times, people need to look past that fact and realize what other lessons this show can teach. It is great show to watch with teenagers to show them that they should not be doing some of the things that the Upper East Siders do, such as drugs etc. Overall, great show and a good way to get into talking about touchy subjects with teens.
  • Melrose Place for the junior set. Upper East Side high school kids with too much money going through the rites of adolescence.

    I like this show, but I don't think I love it. It's interesting. The character that draws me to the series is really Blair. I know she may be portraying a poor little rich girl who needs a major attitude adjustment -- not the most original of characters, but she has substance. Despite her hobby of putting people down and getting into malicious mischief, she only wants to be first with someone -- anyone, it would seem with the way things are going. Come to think of it, she was betrayed by everyone she trusted so she has every reason to be twisted. And despite being a **** she isn't a whore. She was saving herself for Nate, but Nate was too much of moron to appreciate how much she loved him. Go Blair! I would appreciate it if this series trained the spotlight on Blair for once and stopped focusing on Serena...
  • Still very good, used to be better...

    I really like Gossip Girl. The gossiping and the scandals are really funny. But the quality is decreasing. The first season was amazing. This one is still very good but I don't like the way they're going with the story...I mean, come on, Blair and Nate? We've already seen that and it didn't work. Move on Blair, be with Chuck.
    Oh, but I'm glad Serena and Dan broke up, it just isn't their time yet. They better wait a little longer so that they can be together in the end. Also, it's better for them to wait for Lily and Rufus to break up (they won't last much longer...). All in all I think there's much where they can improve but I'm happy it got renewed for another season. Hopefully the third one will be as good or better than the first one.
  • Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite...

    Personally, Gossip Girl is my favorite show. It makes me crave for more, I can't afford to miss an episode. It stares on the lives of the wealth and the privileges, 'the glitz and the glamors'. Pretty girls in beautiful dresses, good-looking guys in well-made tux. It's a really good view. A scandal is never a secret. Someone will be watching you, and who? Gossip Girl, an anonymous blogger, who will keep you up-to-date on the latest juiciest scandal. Spoiled rich kids involved with sex and drugs, plotting against people, revenge and so on. But if you really understand the show, they're showing us a positive view. These kids are growing up and still learning their mistakes. And also, getting into colleagues, continuing their family's legacy. It's really interesting. It's a well-produced and well-connected show. Tune in!
  • This is a story set in the Upper East Side of New York where the return of Serena Van Der Woodson creates quite a buzz.

    I think this one is definately worth a watch! Its fun and light hearted...not too mushy and brings a smile to my face espeically when Dan is mumbling! Its a rich classy world!! All the characters are somehow different and yet bring out something relatable in all of us! I especially like the way it starts and ends i.e with the gossip girl 'Hello Upper East Societors Gossip Girl Here' and 'you know you love me xoxo Gossip Girl.' Pretty funky!!

    I absolutely love the character chuck (Pretty naughty if you ask me)

    Different and definetely well produced tv show!!

    A complete classic which will be watched by all the young girls in the future as well!! XOXO
    Keep it coming!!!
  • I love this show (but don't tell anyone!) This is a show to take you out of yours and into one that is more fabulous and scandalous.

    A show where everyone is young, rich and beautiful. It's not your life and it's not the life of anyone that you know--it is infinitely better and infinitely worse. Materialistically, they have everything they could ever want. Emotionally, they only want each other, but ... issues continually arise to thwart them. Blair Waldorf, the Queen Bee, is in love with The Infamous Chuck Bass, who refuses to allow himself to openly love her back. The golden girl, Serena Van Der Woodsen has an off-and-on relationship with the poor boy, Dan Humphrey. None of the relationships, whether they involve romance, family or friends, are easy. It is all sparkles, glamor and over-the-top drama and THAT is why I love Gossip Girl.
  • Upper East Side New York. The lives of the rich and the famous. Private School isn't as innocent as it seems. These kids are scandalous and how do we know? Gossip Girl. There are no secrets anymore. Only drama.

    This show can be extremely addicting. At times I find those kids unbeliavbly abnoxious but perhaps thats what makes it so intriguing. There is always drama which means - never a dull moment. The world they live in to most is a fantasy world and it shows us all that its not all its cracked up to be. The stories at times are relatable and sometimes extreme but they are always interesting. Sometimes I find it to be a little unrealistic its almost too much drama. But really, reality shows are starting to take over the television world whats wrong with a little extreme? This show has great acting and intense drama. It's a great show to watch with your friends.
  • Gossip Girl is a show for individuals of all ages.

    I was first introduced to Gossip Girl by one of my younger friends who is in her 20's. I had no idea that I would actually enjoy this show because I rarely watch shows on the CW. I am so intrigued by the characters and the well-written storylines. Congrats to the CW for having such an awesome show. I must say, I have joined the "Chuck Bass" following. I'm not sure what the show would be like without that character. I also am a fan of the Dan/Serena relationship and all of their ups and downs. And, who could forget Blair. Overall, this is a great show and I'm glad that I was introduced to it.
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