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  • Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite...

    Personally, Gossip Girl is my favorite show. It makes me crave for more, I can't afford to miss an episode. It stares on the lives of the wealth and the privileges, 'the glitz and the glamors'. Pretty girls in beautiful dresses, good-looking guys in well-made tux. It's a really good view. A scandal is never a secret. Someone will be watching you, and who? Gossip Girl, an anonymous blogger, who will keep you up-to-date on the latest juiciest scandal. Spoiled rich kids involved with sex and drugs, plotting against people, revenge and so on. But if you really understand the show, they're showing us a positive view. These kids are growing up and still learning their mistakes. And also, getting into colleagues, continuing their family's legacy. It's really interesting. It's a well-produced and well-connected show. Tune in!
  • This is a story set in the Upper East Side of New York where the return of Serena Van Der Woodson creates quite a buzz.

    I think this one is definately worth a watch! Its fun and light hearted...not too mushy and brings a smile to my face espeically when Dan is mumbling! Its a rich classy world!! All the characters are somehow different and yet bring out something relatable in all of us! I especially like the way it starts and ends i.e with the gossip girl 'Hello Upper East Societors Gossip Girl Here' and 'you know you love me xoxo Gossip Girl.' Pretty funky!!

    I absolutely love the character chuck (Pretty naughty if you ask me)

    Different and definetely well produced tv show!!

    A complete classic which will be watched by all the young girls in the future as well!! XOXO
    Keep it coming!!!
  • I love this show (but don't tell anyone!) This is a show to take you out of yours and into one that is more fabulous and scandalous.

    A show where everyone is young, rich and beautiful. It's not your life and it's not the life of anyone that you know--it is infinitely better and infinitely worse. Materialistically, they have everything they could ever want. Emotionally, they only want each other, but ... issues continually arise to thwart them. Blair Waldorf, the Queen Bee, is in love with The Infamous Chuck Bass, who refuses to allow himself to openly love her back. The golden girl, Serena Van Der Woodsen has an off-and-on relationship with the poor boy, Dan Humphrey. None of the relationships, whether they involve romance, family or friends, are easy. It is all sparkles, glamor and over-the-top drama and THAT is why I love Gossip Girl.
  • Upper East Side New York. The lives of the rich and the famous. Private School isn't as innocent as it seems. These kids are scandalous and how do we know? Gossip Girl. There are no secrets anymore. Only drama.

    This show can be extremely addicting. At times I find those kids unbeliavbly abnoxious but perhaps thats what makes it so intriguing. There is always drama which means - never a dull moment. The world they live in to most is a fantasy world and it shows us all that its not all its cracked up to be. The stories at times are relatable and sometimes extreme but they are always interesting. Sometimes I find it to be a little unrealistic its almost too much drama. But really, reality shows are starting to take over the television world whats wrong with a little extreme? This show has great acting and intense drama. It's a great show to watch with your friends.
  • Gossip Girl is a show for individuals of all ages.

    I was first introduced to Gossip Girl by one of my younger friends who is in her 20's. I had no idea that I would actually enjoy this show because I rarely watch shows on the CW. I am so intrigued by the characters and the well-written storylines. Congrats to the CW for having such an awesome show. I must say, I have joined the "Chuck Bass" following. I'm not sure what the show would be like without that character. I also am a fan of the Dan/Serena relationship and all of their ups and downs. And, who could forget Blair. Overall, this is a great show and I'm glad that I was introduced to it.
  • i loved it

    Welcome everyone this week on Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf is at war with no other then the new teacher Racheal to tell u honestly i kinda hated her form the first time i saw her. Well anyway well i am happy that S ended it with D for good well at least hopefully they did i hate them as a couple. Anyway that teacher was like i would never and she was like all mad about it and then she sleeps with D in the end i was so shocked i was like wait didnt she say she would never i was like wow that slut i mean he is under age Wtf was she thinking thats my question.B never gives up a battle as u can see i was like wow when B gossiped it was true i was like she got really lucky and plus u could todaly tell there was something going on between lonely boy and racheal i was i cant beieve D acally went he told S that he would never and he jumped form S to R the teacher in like less then 5 minutes i was like wow does he even care about S thats y i dont like them. O yea i cant belive the teachers knew about GG so they like knew what all the students were doing thats kinda creppy and i think it would suck to have a real GG website because like everyone would know where u r who r with and like ur rents would know every thing your doing i woudl not want that .I was sorta mad that there was no C and B like are they really over C did not mention B and B did not mention C what is up with that they got over each other so fast . Anyway the Chuck story line was kinda confuseing about the club. I feel bad for blairs dad he beilved her it's kinda sad that he thinks she is good when she is blair waldorf I am shocked he thought she was inncoent.N and V Togther I don't like it I am a J and N fan. I thought it was funny how they were all aganist takeing down the teacher and then when they took away the cell phones they were all ready to kill her I would not be alive with out my phone right now I am typeing all this from my phone. Oh yea I can't belive racheal wanted to exspell Blair from constance and I can't believed D told R thAt B is the one behind it . I think reacheL olny cares about herself. Oh before I felt bad for nelly yuki now she becAme a **** when she rated on blair when she used jenny what has got into her. Well that's all for now you know you love me xoxo blair
  • "There's Nothing Better Than People Loving A Perfect Scandal" And Thats What This Show Is All About. Gossip Girl Who Checks Out The Lifes Of Manhanttans Elite Aka The Uppereastside For Us Tells Us Whats Up With One And Each Of Them. All Hot People.

    "There's Nothing Better Than People Loving A Perfect Scandal" And Thats What This Show Is All About. Gossip Girl Who Checks Out The Lifes Of Manhanttans Elite Aka The Uppereastside For Us Tells Us Whats Up With One And Each Of Them. And There All Hot People. Icluding The Queen B "Blair", The Innocent And Friendly "Serena", The Bad But Hot "Chuck", The Lover Boy "Dan", The Im There For You "Nate", The Young And Niave "Jenny", And The Ex-Girlfriend New Girlfriend "Vannessa" Are There To Make This Show What It Is Perfect And Delicious Gossip Girl Mondays On The CW.
  • I love this show and would reccomend it to one and all.....above the age of 12.

    Gossip girl at first appeared to be a snaobby preepy run off of 90210 and what not. But i decided to watch it one night and wass amazed with the plots and subplots. It's about love, sex, high school issues and the lower class life entering the upper class life. This is personally one of the best in depth plots i've seen and i would and do reccomend it to everyone. Every tuesday morning the we ask each other, " did you see gossip girl!?" I'm glad there was nothing else on that day because this show was the best discovery ever.
  • this ep. was great..esp the final part..

    I couldnt decide whether i should be happy for Dan or not.cuz the things growing up with Rachel and going down against Serena, those are too much at the same time..

    BTW Chuck is going directly in to trouble or what such thing was in Bart?A secret society or sth?

    I dont know if i could wait for the next episode but with the fact that Rachel is turning back to Constance and Serena is not totaly ok with the breaking up issue with Dan next episode is going to rock...

    Dan&Serena couple always seemed cute and lovely to me and I realy wanted them to get back together but the things have rally changed for the parts.Serena always been the guilty and she wasnt a true innocent in the past but the thing Dan did this time put him in a really guilty position and this time "we were not together" spam wont work...

    Finally i wanna ask sth.Whats the name of the rock song in the final scene?

    Thnx for reading and sorry for the misstypes cuz English is not my mother tongue..See you
  • Many things happen this week. Drama with Dan and Serena as well as with their parents. Chuck grows up, Blair does the opposite, and I'm also pretty sure Nate and Vanessa were there too.

    The Mozart metaphors in this episode were genius. It added to the natural drama and sophistication of the show. The almost rape of Lily was unexpected and, might I add, very well played by the writing staff. They did this with utter perfection. Watching this episode gave me goosebumps. Serena's story line this week was more Salieri than Mozart and because Blair is usually the Salieri to Serena's Mozart, this change was interesting. I was both excited and sad that Blair would act so childish especially since it's just when you think she's starting to grow up, too. Chuck was hilarious with is list of ways to get Jack fired. His character has gotten so many layers since his dad died. It makes for emotional and intense story lines for him, which is good. As for Nate and Vanessa... Before this episode I temporarily forgot they were people. Sorry N and V!
  • Dan and Rachel turned out just exactly what I predicted. I knew it! And I gotta say, I love it. I never liked Dan anyway.

    Dan has never occurred to me a good guy. I have known since the very beginning. I am not sure why. Maybe it's my experience with men. Dan gives out that vibe. Something is just wrong with him. I suppose I have been right all along. Poor Serena. Do you think it's karma? Serena wasn't exactly a good girl before, either. She betrayed Blair and had sex with Nate when he was her own best friend's boyfriend. Although she knows that she made a lot of mistakes in the past, perhaps at some point she is supposed to pay for all that. I am sure things will look up for her soon. She has become a better person since she came back from boarding school. I feel so bad for Harold. Blair has a really great father, but he's got this evil daughter. I like Blair a lot, to be honest, but she's pretty scary sometimes!
  • Just saw the first season, from the maker of the o.c and is pure awesomeness. Chuck Bass, lol

    I just had finished watching the season finale for gossip girl season one, and I think I'm really excited to see season two. In season one it all started with a girl (Serena) she had come back to New York's upper east side of glitz and glamor of her wealthy friends. But when she came back the Queen B Blair was still mad from a one night stand with Blair's boyfriend 1 year ago that Serena had. As Serena comes back during the season it introduces new characters along the way with Serena working her way back up to the top getting her old friends back. This show is a drama that was made by the o.c and really is as good as the O.C was until season 3 and I hope season 2 is just as fantastic with Back stabbing, love, drama and happy endings. Xoxo lol
  • Features the lives of six kids that attend upper east side schools,four been very rich and two whose parents try to keep them there.Their relationships with their parents and even that with each other.

    This show is so great.The cast are so great,they are extraordinary. Personally my fav character is Chuck Bass played by Ed Westwick.I just love his and Blair's relationship,they give me butterflies.Another relationship i admire is that of Dan and Serena in season one it was great but lately their relationship seems to be getting on my nerves.The choice of their parents is very good i just love Lily and Rufus,I totally hate the fact that Lily married Bart Bass i love Chuck but his dad just gives me the creeps.Jenny is hard to understand its like as if she doesn't even know who she is,its weird. Finally all in all Gossip Girl is a great show and its kudos to the writers they have got a great thing going and also kudos to the cast and crew you're all loved.
  • Pure Awsomeness !

    I absolutely love this show ! Amazing characters, amazing plot lines ! Amazing music as well. Love Chuck ! Personal Favourite. Rufus and Lily < so cute couple ! I hope this show goes on for many many many many many seasons ! love it!
    Even better than O.C ! Which I never thought I would say my life considering it was my life last year but now Gossip Girl is my new best friend ! Each episode gets better and better! ; D The characters are SOOO HOT!
    Love you Ed ! And Chace ! And Penn ! But Ed mostly!
  • about high mantinence teens in manhattan

    I love this show! I only recently started watching it and i'm addicted to it! Not only does it show basically every aspect of a high maintinence teen's life, but also the trials and tribulations and love as well as hate. Its amazing to watch every week (and Im still waiting to see if blair will forgive Chuck! they're meant to be, obviously!) So, come next monday, my eyes will be glued to the set. Thank god the CW decided to run this show or else I would probably die due to GG deprivation. Keep on rocking, Serena, Blair, Chuck, Dan, Nate, Vanessa, Eric, and Jenny!
  • It is my favorite show!!!I just love it!

    It is my favorite show!!!I just love it! Ep 16 was almost the best :P XoXo :)I loved every scene. It was very good the scene where Chuck saved Lily from Jack... The whole Chuck and Lily thing is cool! And I'm happy that Chuck will move back and isn't against Lily! I love Lily's character. It's so mature and intelligent. :) I recommended to everyone! :)This was my favorite episode until now from this season.

    The Serena & Dan couple is a little sad.... it's like it is the end of their relationship... although it's wearied that is so important to them thin collage thing... :( they were special... but know.. :(

    Anyway i still love the sow! :) XOXO
  • Shamefully, I really like this show.

    Look, I am a heterosexual adult male. When I read the description of this show I laughed. It's ridiculous. But... there is something very seductive about it (uhh.. maybe all of the beautiful women who, by the way, do NOT pass as high school students) I guess maybe the only reason I like this show is that the girls are so amazingly beautiful. It is well written, might I add. I just can't believe it because the show has such a disgusting premise. I guess that goes to show that good looks and snazzy production can go a long way.

    Anyways, obnoxious film about rich teens and their self-important little lives. And yet, I somehow love it.
  • honestly

    I honestly love this show so much, I don't know why I didn't see it sooner

    The story line I reckon is really good and the acting skills of the people aren't bad although I think it could be better. Regardless, it's a lot better than other dramas I've seen and this is definitely a must watch. The only thing is that it sometimes drags out a lot which makes it boring but usually the next episode makes up for that haha :) Can't wait for the next episode in this amazing tv show. Catch you all later then!
  • The first time this show came out I started loving it. This show is definitely a guilty pleasure because of the drama it has and the way they make New York kids look like is awesome. This is a huge show and it will be remembered just like 90210 was.

    The minute the CW started showing previews of the new teen drama that was going to come on September in 2007...I instantly decided I was definitely going to watch it. The premiere night I got ready and I saw the first ten minutes and I knew this show was going to be loved by everyone. The first episode was great and the rest were awesome. I am so glad that everybody is talking about this show. I love that the main character doesn't ever show her face and that the drama doesn't even surrounds her...she just delivers it to us. That idea was a genius. Well I really hope this show does better than The OC did since it's called "the new OC". Let's see what the future holds for this great show.
  • Girls are beautiful, Mean and Story Tellers.

    A lot of the Teen Dramas in our days are far to predictable. You always know what the story is gonna be, who's gona hook up with whom and just watch it because you might be wrong and wanna be surprised. Gossip Girl is so much different than that. The characters are believable and The love triangle is a good way to shoot of the story. You immediately wonder what's going on and don't expect it to be another "One Tree Hill". It's an interesting series which makes you want to see the next episode straight after the other one and the episodes don't end with the predictable sexy girl looking into the sky with some boy band music playing in the background.
  • Based on the Gossip Girl novels, this show is one of the newer and more popular teen soap opera-like dramas. And it's easy to see why it's reached and kept the top slot.

    A lot of shows on tv currently run one episode after another...never linking them all together. Others do so by making too many subplots that can, at times, be demeaning to the actual story going on. Gossip Girl breaks this pattern. Though it's based on a series of novels, the writers took the stories in new directions and by doing so, took them to new heights. Now, I watch a lot of shows on a weekly basis, but this one is my favorite by far. If I miss it, the rest of my week is ruined until I find the time to see it from beginning to end. There is no missing Gossip Girl.
  • Part of the reason kids act so mean

    Ever wonder why children today are so cruel to others or why they don't focus on anything else but themselves? I'm sorry to all you Gossip Girl fans out there, but this is part of the reason.

    Shows today are mostly promoted sex to young people today, which is a major problem. It's kind of saying that life is going to be easy to the beautiful ones and you have to make those who are less fortunate a hard time.

    Plus this show is just so cocky, I know that this show has a lot of fans and I'm one of the few haters, but this is why I hate this show.
  • it is a pretty cool show.

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  • Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's Chuck Bass teetering at the edge of his sanity!

    Why are the episode scores so low? It annoys me that people who don't watch this show/hate it rate it like '2' every episode. It's really sad and pathetic Don't you have something better to do? I mean it's as bad as those people who give every episode a 10! Now I gave this episode 10 because I thoroughly believed it deserved it, and I've only ever rated around three or four episodes of GG a perfect 10. I'd like to think I'm fair, heh.

    Anyways, enough about that BS. I'll just repost what I wrote in the forum (sort of)... So ok, wow that was a great episode! Who wrote that? Hardly any contrivance, no frizzy dumbarse Vanessa no fug faced Nate. Whoo! Paartay. It felt kind of like a pre-strike season one episode, especially the start where they're all walking to school etc. I really did not miss Nate and Vanessa one jot. Even though I adore Nate he really is somewhat superfluous at the moment -- give him a decent storyline writers! He's too blank and pretty to be left out of episodes... I'd rather Dan disappear more often than Natey. BTW Penn Bagley or however the feck you spell his second name, totally dissed his role on Gossip Girl recently. He said Dan basically sucks and he can (rather arrogantly) play Danny boy with his eyes closed his hands tied behind his back and his balls in an steadily closing iron vice. Well I'd like to see that.

    Jack Bass you wanker! I kind of hate him already which is ironic since I was convinced I wouldn't. He is hot though... I have a thing for older men. Do.Not.Judge.Me! I'll get that final scene out the way now -- while I was watching this episode I had this nasty realisation that Blair and Jack were acting like they'd been intimate or "familiar". It seems my fears were at least founded with that last scene! I'm not angry with the writers like some fans are I mean just take a look at the sheer vitriol flailing around on Fanforumz. They're proper bricking it over this latest OMFG development. I have to support Blair 100% if she screwed teh sexy old guy, coz seriously. He's hot and a Bass, hot Bass men are irresistible to anyone with a vagina as we fangurls well know by now. Also the double standard for people who can forgive Chuckles for screwing his way through every prostitute in the East, why can Blair not be forgiven? Oh I remember it's because she's a woman. I really hope people don't take her to cleaners over this if she has indulged in some depressing naughtiness. I think it's a potentially interesting storyline! Don't hate me!

    Serious speculation time: I do think Blair probably slept with Jack. Although I think maybe that this was all part of his master plan to get the company from Chuck. It's unlikely that Jack came to his nephews rescue without doing some thorough research before hand -- I suspect he could well have honed in on Blair as Chuck's kryptonite. He could well have seduced her at vulnerable time without her knowing who he was. Last names may not have been part of the deal if it was a new years thang; but yeah, new years is evil. Another theory I loathed with every fibre of my being was that Blair shagged him to get Jackarse to help her find poor drug induced Chuckles -- whole I hated this idea initially I believe the story has potential, and i would love it since it's entirely in character and fraked up.

    I think Jack catching Blair purging would be a bit random and why would that be any kind of leverage? I just don't get it. I would be a little disappointed if Blair and Jack didn't sleep together (well not disappointed as such) but I would feel like this hinting was all a big waste of time of it wasn't something OMFG. I mean the story could turn out to be quite interesting and its ramifications -- I don't believe it's out of character one jot for Blair as long as she didn't know it was Chuck's uncle. I do think Chuck would take it badly, but he has a right to it is his uncle for goodness sake. I think he would care less if it were a random, but anyway I'm getting ahead of myself! Blah.

    When Jack said 'nephew of mine' I had a brief Doctor Who flashback. You know what I'm talking about you saddos who watch Doctor Who! ;)

    Now, it hardly needs saying but I loved Chuck and Blair separately and together as always. Ed's acting was superb in that rooftop scene and the meta allusion to his rapiness in the Pilot was fun ('Chuck loves rooftops!'. I cried three times during this episode mainly due to Leighton Meester who also owned this episode... the finale scene made me whimper slight tears: 'he can never know!'.

    Also loved the mean girls reappearing after quite a notable absence this season. Nelly Yuki! Dorota! ERIC! WIN! I loved Eric so much he really needs to be made a regular cast member, but they should fire Vanessa first.

    Quite liked Dan and Serena. Maybe the hiatus has caused some kind of short term insanity but I found them sweet for the first time in well, forever. I also enjoyed Dan's scene with Chuck! Always a pleasure Humphrey. That first scene with Serena dancing was funny and made me think of joyful Serena from season one -- but what was up with her attitude towards Chuck? I found it rich coming from her that Blair should not abandon him, because 'he has no family or brothers or sisters'. Way to abandon him yourself there S.

    Sooo, in conclusion. Dan is ok for now, Rufus is a douche as always, Serena is a dumb blonde (some things never change), Blair is awesome (some things never change), Chuck likes prostitutes but who doesn't? And Jenny needs to get her roots done. Till next week gentle viewers xoxo.
  • Gossip Girl is a show about teens who live on the Upper East Side and how their everyday life is from dealing with sex, drugs, jealousy, and other problems. In the show, their life is being narrated by Gossip Girl who is an anonymous blogger.

    Gossip Girl is the best show on right now hands down. It is the only show even worth watching these days. It always has a juicy storyline and some of the greatest characters I've seen in a while. It is definitely something to watch. Also, it is a show that everybody can relate to in one way or another since it does deal with issues facing society today. Gossip Girl is definitely a funny and entertaining show at times but it can also pull at heart-strings at just the right time. It is a must watch. You know you love it! xoxo
  • 10
    Gossip Girl is definitely my favorite guilty pleasure. Ed and Leighton are very talented. This is much better than lots of the other shows out there. The actors are suited for their characters. I do believe that Ed/Chuck should have gotten an award nomination for his acting skills. Leighton should have gotten a nomination, too. These 2 have bright futures. I do like the fact that the writers listen to the fans. They got rid of Aaron Rose. The actor and character are both bad. I do like Cyrus. The show is getting better and better. I definitely think that Nate and Vanessa should go. They are annoying. I prefer more screen time for Eric and Jenny.
  • i have a question

    i loved this episode. i can't wait for the next one.
    i actually liked bart. it made me sad that they killed him off, but it also pushed forward the story about lily and rufus having a baby when they were young. i don't think it would go well if bart was still around. the storyline would be different and bart would be calling the shots instead of lily speaking her mind like she should have been doing all along. with a man at her side she is quiet, when she is single she is awesome.

    i thought that there was a scene where blair runs after chuck's limo, in the pouring rain. audrey hepern style. but i saw all the episodes so far and the scene isn't in them. has anyone seen or heard of this scene please tell me.
  • That upset stomach you had last Monday wasn't food poisoning, it was caused by Gossip Girl.

    It's the show that everyone is talking about, yet no one watching. It's consistently found at the bottom of the Nelson Ratings scan, yet is one of the most popular shows of the '07/'08 television season. It's a series that should be borderline cancellation.O Brother, Where Bart Thou? - "More towers than Trump, more bucks than Bloomberg... Bart Bass definitely made his mark on Manhattan. The passing of a public figure can shake a whole town, but the real story is always the one happening in private, away from. Jenny and Nate leave DUMBO forever; Dan becomes what he hates
  • I love this show Gossip Girl has been my number one favorite show. I watch it every monday night at eight o'clock. I have never missed a single episode since it first came out on television.

    I love this show Gossip Girl has been my number one favorite show. I watch it every monday night at eight o'clock. I have never missed a single episode since it first came out on television. I was extremly mad when time warner stoped show the cw so i began to watch the episodes on the www.thecw.com website. Before this show came out i watched the show called the o. c. which was writen by the same writer as Gossip Girl. the o. c. stop coming out with new episodes so i nothing to watch anymore. once i saw that Gossip Girl was writen by the same guys i said i have to watch that show. and i have not been disappointed. Gossip Girl is now become my new The O. C.
  • The best show on television today.

    Where do I start? I love Gossip Girl. I'm a massive fan of Josh Schwartz's work (namely The O.C., may it rest in peace) and this is no exception. Before I even watched this show, I knew I would love it. The mere poster and television adverts were enough to have me wanting more. And that's what happens every time I watch an episode. I end up wanting more. And I'm not the only one. Teenagers around the globe are as desperate to hear about the escapades of Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate and the rest of the Upper-East Side of Manhattan as the teeny-boppers that we see frantically whipping out their Blackberrys or dashing to their iMacs the second Gossip Girl dishes out some new dirt. But why? Well, let's take a look at the various elements that make up Gossip Girl.

    1. Characters. Now I don't want this to be one of those extremely boring television analyses where I go into great detail taking apart all the characters' facial expressions and the symbolism of their actions, but you must admit the characters are fabulous. From Blair's constant desire to remain in control to Serena's affair with Nate (that essentially started the whole show) to Lonely Boy and his hatred of commercialism and anything related to upper-middle class people (i.e. everyone he goes to school with). The stars for me, however, are Leighton Meester as the dangerous Blair Waldorf and Ed Westwick as the unctuous, yet undoubtedly charming Chuck Bass. Now I don't mean to say that I think they are the best television couple, or a "ship" as people seem to refer to them. I mean, I love the way they are both portrayed by the actors. Yes, everyone on this show is fantastic, but I believe Meester and Westwick shine beyond all others. Blair's constant struggle to stay on top and retain her position as (aptly enough) Queen B make her a loveable, rather than scary, character. People watching aren't intimidated by her, as the people in the show are, but rather, they want to BE her. And why wouldn't you? She is beautiful, with poise and grace like a real member of the upper class. Yet she has her flaws, and that's what makes her real. We realise that we can identify with her through the problems she encounters. Her parents' divorce, her mother's carelessness compounded with her absence in Blair's life (as highlighted in S02E09: There Might Be Blood), her issues with living in Serena's shadow, Nate cheating on her, not being able to admit her love for Chuck, and of course, her eating disorder. Blair is just like us - she has her own problems on the inside, but hides these in favour of fighting for something she cares about. The thing I love most about Chuck is his mannerisms. The dark stare that all girls melt before, then the low, charming voice that coaxes them into sleeping with him and forgetting all their inhibitions. Yet Chuck, like Blair, has his own problems, as we discover in Season 2. The guilt he harbours about the death of his mother touched so many hearts, and made hundreds of people around the world tear right in front of their television screens. Sure, he's awful to begin with, but we love him, and as the series has continued he's just gotten better and better. Of course, the one thing we will never get tired of: "I'm Chuck Bass."

    2. Money. Being that the show is about the lives of rich and poor, what happens when they collide, and the problems the Upper-East Side harbour beneath their expensively draped exteriors, you expect it to involve some discussion and/or use of money. But it's not just the money of the characters; it's the money the show has. Now, I don't know what the exact figures of production costs are (I couldn't find them), but you can tell just by looking at it that so much money has been put into it. I mean, how else would they be able to have all those big crowd scenes and extravagant social events in hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars? Schwarz and co. pour a wince-worthy amount of money into Gossip Girl, and that's what makes the show what it is. Without all that money, it would be nothing.

    3. Gossip Girl.
    The anonymous blogger documenting (read: ruining) the lives of the Constance Billard girls and St. Judes boys has earned herself a celebrity position within the Upper-East Side. Voiced by the lovely Kristen Bell (and why isn't she credited?), Gossip Girl shapes the whole show. Yes, it is a tad unrealistic that she seems to know things that are said behind closed doors and have a million sources that don't even know who she is, yet devote all their time to scouting the streets for people making up, breaking up and hooking up. But she is fantastic. Even though she is merely a narrator, an accessory to the show, she plays a big part in teaching the audience valuable, sometimes even philosophical, life lessons and she provides an added dimension that other shows just don't seem to have. 4. The book.
    Hopefully you're all relatively observant and know that the television show is based on the book series of the same name by Cecily von Ziegesar. I have to say that I was one of the people that found out only after the show had started, but the books aren't bad. Granted, other than the first one, it seems that the books are vastly different to the show, and it is only the characters that are based on the book (actually, not even. Those of you who have read the book will understand: Chuck is on the verge of being gay?)
    Okay, while I find the book differs greatly to the show (and I have to admit the show is far better than the book in comparison), I must tip my hat to von Ziegesar. After all, if she hadn't written the book we wouldn't be watching the best show on television today, would we?
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