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  • This has to be my favourite show on television, I'm obsessed!

    The never ending drama keeps me on the edge of my seat, I love it. It's a show that make you wish that you were them. What's not to love about Gossip Girl. I love the characters in the show, Blair the b***h, Dan the outsider, Jenny the fashion designer and blair wannabe, Serena the bad girl gone good, Nate the lost one, and Chuck the womanizer. What a set of characters. You can't help but love all of then, even Blair and Chuck. Victor/Victrola has to be one of the best episodes in season. Why? Blair and Chuck in the back of the limo. The episode that follows Victor/Victrola, Sixteen candles has to be my favourite out of all the episode. I think that Chuck and Blair are so sweet together, when he told Blair about the butterfly's my heart melted, so cute. I was happy that they ended up being together, they belong, Blair brings out the best in Chuck whereas Chuck brings the worst out in Blair. The last episode left me wanting more. Drama, drama, drama. Chucks speech was very romantic and sweet, no wonder Blair decided to be with him after that, well until Chuck gave the rose to the decorator. I seriously couldn't believe it when Lily married Bart, it is so obvious that Lily and Rufus should be together. My point is you can't get enough of the show, as soon as you've seen one episode you immediately want to see the next. For a bunch of 20 something year olds, the show is very well acted, the actors bring out different side to the characters making it hard to dislike any of them. It doesn't matter if your a boy or girl, whether your 15 to 21, you have to watch the show. Trust me you'll love it.
  • its ok!

    ok well Gossip Girl was great in the beginning and now it has just gotten into something that is just dragging on... that has to be something else. So Serena is a great character and he relationship with Dan s just too weird. My favourite part of the actual series and the reason i watch it, is Chuck and Blair. it is so much fun watching them play their little game. But still Gossip Girl has not reached its full potential, and it really does need more. If you want to watch Gossip Girl, i suggest watching the first season, but at the moment not the second as it really is not that good.
  • Best episode yet!

    I loooooved this episode!!! for lily-rufus lovers it's great, i was actually quit surprised with the ending. I would have thought it to be, something silly but it was shocking that they have a child together rufus doesn't know about. loved all the drama, Ed sure knows how to act. it was cute that he came back to blair, after she told him she loves him. serena and dan had love trouble again, both admitting they still had feelings for each other but serena doesn't want to do anything. she knows that her mother wants to be with dan's father and last time she asked her not to do anything about it, and she thinks she can't ask her again to put her feelings aside. I don't like aaron at all, probably because i'm a dan-serena fan, but he has kind of a flat personality in de series, whereas in the books he's very deep.
  • Exactly why I watch this series!! It was amazing!

    Ok this was definately one of the best episodes of the 2nd season so far. Everything about it was great. It was just so heartbreaking. Ed's acting was fabulous, it was great to see him with more lines and depth to his storyline! Finally Blaire tells Chuck how she feels, which is followed by heartbreak then a sweet reunion and then once again leaving us with heartbreak. I nearly cried when he left her again. So Lill and Rufus have a child together, surprise surprise lol I knew thats what it had to be, but it will be interesting to see how things progress with that, althought its sad that they wont be together :( So the Serena, Dan, Aaron love triangle continues again, and its so obvious that S & D are still in love but S is willing to sacrafise that for the happiness of her mother. Cyrus and Ellanore get married and Cyrus and Blaire share a very sweet moment! All in all a fantastic episode, cannot wait to see what happens with everything!
  • I cant imagen life without it!

    oh my gosh, this season has gotten better and better, im now in love with Chair(hope they will stay in love with eachother, but also that the twisted plot doesnt stop!)
    serena and dan are a will they wont they, considering Aaron is now on the scene.
    rufus and lilly are destined and luckily since barts tragic passing, all is possible! the only bad thing about it is it only lasts for 40mins, more more :)
    oh and more chuck(ed westwick) too.
    a great idea would for blair and chuck to get together for christmas, but i have to admit the whole rivalry is very fun to watch xx
  • LOVE IT!

    I love this show soo much. Expecially chuck and blair. There such a great hate-love couple, and I really want them to be togther. It was really sad when Blair finally told Chuck she loves him and he just said Well that's too bad, and went in his limo. But he was hurting and just needed time to take in everything. Also in the latest Episode Dan was pissing me off alot. Like why the hell would he come to the funeral after trying to blackmail chuck's father oviouslly Chuck would not want you there and who the hell does Serena think she is telling Dan to stay and all this crap. Like Chuck's father just died and if he says he doesn't want Dan there then let him go there's no point in arguing with him. And then i felt like Dan was also kind of upset with his father for wanting to be with Lily in the ending when he came home and said " Well thanx for telling me your in love with Serena's mom" What Serena said is true it is there parents turn [ even though it ended up not working] and they've tried it over and over again and it hasn't been wrking. So their parent's should try it out. Anyways I really think Serena and Dan is soo old news. I mean I like them and everything, but it's really all about CHUCK & BLAIR.
  • Keeps getting better. An outstanding show! better than the books.

    Gossip Girl is an amazing show and is by FAR one of the best shows I have ever watched. It is much better than the books (which I never read), so if you didn't like the books TRUST ME you will like the show. It has its own life separate from that of the books, which makes even more enthralling. The cast are great and the characters they play develop/mature as the show goes on. It's very unpredictable and thrilling in more ways than one. The writers are good and are doing a brilliant job! I will admit that season 1 was not the best. The show was finding its ground. In season 2, they have done it bigger, better and juicer. Gossip Girl is doing fan – freaking – tastic right now. Its guilty pleasure you can't resist ... taken to a whole new level !! I love the characters and Chuck Bass especially. I highly recommend this show to all.
    To all who are reading this review ...
    What re you waiting for ??

    Go watch GOSSIP GIRL !!
  • Fan freaking tastic

    Sooo much fun. I really love this show, every week I tune in for it. The characters are great, there young and fabulous most are rich and have the nice clothes en the cool boyfriends but so much drama! The writers are doing an excellent job I'm always wondering what is next to come, so exciting. The Chuck & Blair storyline is going on for some time now but it's not boring they have such good on screen chemistry. The actors are perfectly cast. I really recommend this show to anybody who isn't watching it already cause you're really missing out.
  • this is the best show i see ever seriana plair chuk all are perfect and funny too the director is perfect all the time seriana is the most touchable for me

    his is the best show i see ever seriana plair chuk all are perfect and funny too the director is perfect all the time seriana is the most touchable for me i found also dan is wise and ideal for seriana i 'm totally dependant on this show from week to week every monday i see the cooperation between cast is the most helpful to the sucess of this show i hope they have at least 7 seasons iwould be so sad if they don't but i know that the cast sign on acontaract for six seasons i hope so really
  • Who would believe it another show with a cliffhanger

    I really hate these episodes that are technically finished, and just to make sure you watch the week after and the hook you, a HUGE cliffhanger at the end.
    I really think that if you like a show you will watch it no matter the end of the episode before.
    If you do a cliffhanger do a double episode or something along the lines of it.

    apart from that I liked the episode OK.

    especially the transparent dress and the consequences that is going to have for Vanessa. Really hope that Dan and Serena finally get back together they are just best together with each other.

  • It's about young privileged teenagers Serena van der Woodsen,Dan Humphrey, Blair Waldorf,Chuck Bass,Nate Archibald,Jenny Humphrey. Love, hate, envy, richness, cheating, friendship, family, fashion, rumor, party, school, desire, lie, alcohol, drogs...

    I really like this show.i think its good that it's really glamorous and the actors are young and pretty.i like the theme of this show that especially i like Senera. The alegance and generosity of her is attractive. i was fall in love with my heroine.Just kidding.actually i really like her so much.
    i think it is on to late as the target audience is teens. i think this show should maybe attract a wider audience by adding some older teens as this show only revolves around the teenage audience 15 to 25. i am 22 ihave saw this show on Xunlei website in clearance. if your show does not get a wide audience it will be deleted from TVNZ maybe its a lie but wouldn't want this show to not be on any more anyway keep up the good work Success!!!
  • The show is way better than the books. This is a must see show!!!

    Yeah the show was very predictable in the first season, but now its like unpredictable. The second season is really good. Dan's little sister is coming out her shell. Chuck is like still in love with Blair. I love Chuck because he is so unpredictable. He likes make the show because every time it seems he started he new leaf. He also end up back to his old ways, reference to first season. Do I need to say anymore? For those who haven't even read or watch this great story you need to because everything that others are saying its true. This is like one of the best shows ever and you just have to be apart if it!
  • Heart Warming Episode...

    I can't remember if this is the first time I cried watching GG. But, this episode got a lot of moments that warmed my heart and made me cry (a little).

    Yes, it was beautiful. The story was well written and very fitting for thanksgiving.

    Surprisingly, I am still not fond of Aaron and Serena, they still bores me. Blair, she always made watching GG worth it, that also includes Dorota. I miss Chuck on this one. As for Nate, finally a good one for him. Lily, I don't know what it is about her but I love her since the first season, as for Bart Bass, well, he kind of scares me. Nobody can really tell what he can do.

    Vanessa, surely surprises me on this one, maybe the writers of the show is finally reading/listening to what the people and author, Cecily von Ziegesar are saying. Vanessa is one tough character and maybe it's about time this show will let the viewer sees that.

    All in all I can honestly say that this episode is a must watch.
  • First couple episodes? Boring. Dull. Yawn. Run of the mill and even somewhat predictable. Hang in there. It get's a lot better.

    Yes, at first I found Gossip Girl somewhat boring. It was riddled with scandal, but in my eyes the scandal was in the world of children and inconsequential. The only reason I kept watching was because the music was fabulous. It all turned around for me when the characters started developing depth and the two "game-playing" characters became even more clever in the games that they played. Everyone grew up very fast and the problems were beginning to be tailored to this particular group. Every character that seemed one sided and capable of nothing else held a completely different side that emerged as the show progressed. I expected the two seemingly self-centered, dark, compassion-less characters to remain that way. I was delighted to see them forgive and even band together to protect a former enemy. Other such character surprises are what kept me watching.
    Needless to say, the show is dripping with drama and partner swapping and scandal and all sorts of other things that shouldn't interest us as level-headed, logical human beings but end up being the things we love to watch the most. It's a show in which no one is completely in the right and everyone alienates everyone else at one point or another. The show actually ends up somewhat unpredictable, and that's what I love in show. If the first few episodes aren't doing it for you, keep watching. By the end of the first season, you'll be hooked. After all... "You know you love me. xoxo -Gossip Girl"
  • When Nate's dad comes back into the picture he is faced with even more problems and doesn't know what to do.

    This newest episode of Gossip Girl was a very intersting episode. Even though I was watching it over my cousins house and he kept changing the station during it so I didn't exactly get to see all of it but I saw most. Overall it was a good episode with some great parts. I'm glad Nate and Chuck are best friends again. I was getting tired of that stupidity. Vanessa though is starting to annoy me a bit... she shouldn't have kept the letter Nate wrote to Jenny. She is becoming just as bad as the rest of them. I did like Blair and Jenny's storyline though. I personally love Cyrus and think he is just so amusing. Even though I probably just love him because he was in one of my favorite movies of all time, but I still think he's a great new character. I'm glad Jenny is finally back in the Humphrey houseold too... it was time she found her was back. Agnes was really getting on my last nerve. I believe though that lasts years Thanksgiving episode was just a little better but I still liked this one. The only bad part about this one was the Serena plotline. I really don't like Aaron, he's like a little knat that keeps buzzing in your ear and no matter what you do it won't go away. Other then that this episode was good even though it was just a filler I still anjoyed it.
  • Gossip girl slogan: You know you love me x.o.x.o

    It's about young privileged teenagers Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively), Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley), Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford), Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Moomsen), Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szohr. They live in Upper East side and Brooklyn in New York. Love, hate, envy, richness, cheating, friendship, family, fashion, rumor, party, school, desire, lie, alcohol, drogs, bloging - this is Gossip Girl ;)
    I realy love this TV Show because it's absolute amazing. My favorite characters is Blair and Chuck. They are together so cute and hot. I hope in the future will be more scene with Blair and Chuck.
  • Dorota's ringtone??

    dat one made me lauf with dorotas ringtone to "Im A Slave 4 U"? LOL ok seriously jenny is such a brat! i hate her character right now
    Poor Nate i really feel sorry for everything thats happening to him. But him and Vanessa are so...not perfect but they just fit and make sense
    serena and aaron are just more drama and its just old
    ok Blair and Chuck are just the coolest characters right now they're different and that makes them better but i stiill like them when they are so...manipulative
    and Chuck is soooo sexy!
    Hes soo brooding yet so sweet and hes manipulative yet cares for his family and friends
    somehow i think he and vanessa should be friends...dont ask why.
  • I really like tis show

    I really like this show i think its good how its really glamorous and the actors are young and pretty. i think it is on to late as the target audience is teens but teens usually go out every Friday night so miss this show which i don't think should this show should be on like a Thursday night at 9.30 i agree it is to older show for the 8.30 slot but 9.30 is perfect i think this show should maybe attract a wider audience by adding some older teens as this show only revolves around the teenage audience 15 to 20 i am only 17 but have read in a media studies assessment that if your show does not get a wide audience it will be deleted from TVNZ maybe its a lie but wouldn't want this show to not be on any more anyway keep up the good work =] xo
  • Guilty pleasure, no better way to explain the way I feel when catching a new episode of GossipGirl.

    It's only fair that among reality TV shows and the news, there is something haning around on cable just calling my name. When i found gossip girl, i realized there was. this show is about everything i hate in society, the most elite people, who live in a world i might never ever experience or choose to live in, but watching the show is one of my favorite pasttimes. The acting, I'd like to say, is superb. Exept for Blake Lively, i haven't seen any of the other actors in movies or anything but they are amazing in gossip girl. I get the feeling the believe in thier lines, and are committed to thier characters. Exept for that, Gossip Girl shows a various array of people, characters, all of which are real and exist in the world around us. The show puts these people out there in the bluntest way possible for us to watch, understand, and end up caring about these characters. Not twice have i found myslef gasping in mere horror at the screen when something terrible happens, feeling my heart break for the character on screen. this show is something i enjoy more than a lot of other things, and i think it's wonderful. The book by the way are great too.
  • An insight into an unknown world for me

    I took a while to get into Gossip Girl but am glad I took the trouble to do so. I find the characters and situations highly entertaining especially as they are set in a world I know very little about - namely Manhatten's Upper East Side.

    I like the way that the older characters are fleshed out as well as the teenagers, I think this helps to give it more appeal to a wider audience. I love Blair and Serena but find Chuck to be absolutely repellent although recently he has been painted in a slightly more sympathetic light thanks to Dan's story. He's now become the poor little rich boy.

    Overall I love the escapism and drama here.
  • Didn't know what to expect

    I'm not going to lie, at first I didn't have the slightest interest in this show, and had pretty much refused to watch it. I'm so glad I did though. This show is absolutely amazing and completely addictive. I haven't finished it yet but it's definitely one of my new favorites. I can't wait to see what happens next. Especially with the rumors I've heard about upcoming episodes. I love the different dimensions of all the characters, especially Chuck. I never thought I could like someone like him, but I find myself absolutely intrigued by his character. Keep all the great work coming!!!
  • This show is the best I love everything about it!

    This show is about the upper eastsiders of New York the characters and show are based off the books. The show is awesome the characters Blair Waldorf, Serena Van der Woodsen, Dan Humphrey, Chuck Bass, Jenny Humphery, and Nate Archibald. I love the couple of Chuck and Blair the are hilarious and the perfect couple on the show. This show is a trendsetter I love any episodes with Blair and Chuck. Leighton Meester, and Blake Lively are awesome, Tayor Momsen is a good actress also. Chasew Crawford is the best. Ok anyways this is like the best show ever yeah!!!!
  • Loved the books, but love the show even more!

    Gossip Girl is definitely a great show. It has basically everything - drama, romance, secrets- that makes it a good show. The personalities are great. From Chuck, the 'womanizer' to Dan, the 'lonely boy'. All this and more is what makes a tv-show worth it - for me at least. And Gossip Girl is really great. I love the relationships between the different characters, hot or romantic, are some of the most important things of the show, where i especially love the Chuck and Blair romance. So, if you like really good teen-dramas, with a lot of romance and secrets, GG is definitely a show for you!
  • Following the lives of New York's upper east siders and two kids from brooklyn.

    All of a sudden Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively) returns back from borden school with no reason and her BFF Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) has no idea of why she left in the first place and has now took over as queen of the school and in love with her boyfriend Nathaniel "Nate" Archibald (Chace Crawford) who is suspectedly in love with Serena. Also there is Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) a nobody who has been in love with Serena and his little sister Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) who is desperate to be in Blair's group. Not to mention Charles "Chuck" Bass (Ed Westwick) Nate's bestfriend, multi-millionaire's son and the local play boy. Rufus Humphrey (Matthew Settle) Jenny and Dan's dad a forgotten rock star used to have a fling with Lily Van Der Woodsen (Kelly Rutherford) Serena's mom. And all along the way all their secrets being spread all over by non other than the illurious Gossip Girl.
  • It gives a good inside look at Manhattan's up scale teenagers.

    I really love Gossip Girl. It is by far my favorite t.v. show EVER! I tune in every Monday at 8 to watch it. My favorite character would have to be Chuck Bass because I think that there is a lot more to him than what he portrays. Hopefully this season we get to see the real side of him, and that he opens up to people. I think that this show may be inappropriate but if you think that it is then dont watch it. I think it also teaches kids what not to do. My least favorite character on there whould have to be Serena i just really do not like her at all. I think that she is fake and doesn't have any depth. Overall that is my favorite t.v. show of all time.
  • What an Unforgetable episode

    OMG what an unforgetable episode. NATE and JENNY kissed!!! It took all the willpower I had not to jump up and hug the TV. I know I am not the only one that has been waiting for that to happen. I wonder what they are going to do. They probably won't tell anyone if they stay together, and I hope they do. But what if Jenny thinks it is weird and calls it off they live in the same place its not like she has anywhere else to go. And how wicked would it be if Dan found out. Him and Nate seem alot closer than when they first met, but I don't think there that close. Damn I can't wait for the next episode.
  • so. Jenny quits working for elanor. Blair goes to dan for help. Dan ends up doing the opposite. Serena meets an artist. Blair and chuck are leaving it at a sad note yet hopeful. NATE AND JENNY KISS

    SOO!!! OMFG!!
    I love the whole nate jenny thing. i have been waiting for it since episode one. I hear that jenny and nate end up in a Juno situation. and i know it soo does not mean that they are going to sing. I hope that their relationship is on off.. but mostly on for the rest of the tv series. i love the idea of them together. it is so intense and adds the like fairy tale romance of today. it is so addicting to watch and anticipate for a tv relationship. then when you get to see it you want more. and trust me i think more than just me want to see more of the Nate+Jenny relationship.. and oddly enough in the back of my mind i have an odd feeling about Dan and Blair.. idk what it is.. but its there. let me know what you think...
  • Sure, everyone is self-involved, but at least they're consistent!

    I have a bit of trouble thinking of things to NOT like about this show. Apart from the fact that I'm a 19 year old guy who watches Gossip Girl, of course. I'll admit, I've seen my fair share of teen soaps, but this has, by far, been my favorite.

    What I like about it is that it reminds me of my actual high school experience. Granted, I didn't go to a prestigious private school in the Upper East Side (or any private school, for that matter), but rather, the characters seem real to me. I can picture people I've met in real life doing the same things and behaving the same way as the characters do. OK, I can't honestly say I've known any of them to be as beautifully manipulative as Blair Waldorf, or as, well "Chuck Bass" as Chuck Bass, but those are the exceptions. Unlike other soaps (Degrassi springs to mind), the characters aren't bent and twisted to conform to a plot line.

    Of course, my FAVORITE part of this show is the conflict between different characters. They can be close to killing each other in one episode and a few episodes later, they'll have made-up and be back to normal. In closing, Gossip Girl is probably my favorite show on TV, right now. That I can think of, at least.
  • Hoplessly addicting. Seriously.

    This show has me hooked from the silky greeting of Kristen Bell's voice with "Good morning, upper East-Siders" to the final "XOXO, Gossip Girl," every week. I didn't want to like it. I used to think of myself as the girl who would always choose "Heroes" over a show like Gossip Girl any day, but the winds are starting to change a little. (And not just because Heroes is totally being slammed by everyone for no reason this season). No, there's a certain seductive quality to Gossip Girl that few other shows have been able to match in a long time (I'm including the O.C. on that... i never got into that one, for the record). Perhaps it's the insanely sexy cast, the girls of which cause the self-esteems of teenage girl fans to plummet every time they're on screen, and the boys of which cause hearts to nearly stop due to just how hot they are. Perhaps it's all the juicy gossip. I mean, seriously, who doesn't sometimes secretly wish their lives were that interesting. Perhaps it's the setting in the city that never sleeps, an heir that something is always going on, 24/7. I think it's actually all of those things. I think Gossip Girl just managed to find the magic formula, and got everything totally right. Seriously, it's insane, i'll come to school on Tuesday, and every girl will be talking about what happened on GG the night before... especially with Serena's confession to killing someone cliffhanger ending last season. Bottom line, it's a great show. I think for where it is right now, Season two started off weak, but just recently it's almost managed to get back up to the level of season one again, so hats off to it. I'm hoping it always stays this guiltily intriguing.
    So thanks for checking out what i had to say. But who really is GravityDefyer? That's one secret I'll never tell.
    Overall show grade: A
  • I love chuck

    This was just brilliant! I love how we got to see a more sensitive side of Chuck, just unfortunate with the whole jumping to conclusions thing with Dan and his notes. I thought they were a very funny match and unlikely pair of mates. I would love to see more of them together and Chuck just taking the p*ss out of Dan really, but deep down they will start to like each other. I'm glad to see a more humane side of Serena again, just hoping she'll go back to nice, normal Serena again. Hurting Blair was a bit harsh, but I guess she's right to some extent, although she said it in a pretty mean way...
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