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  • Best episode of the season!!

    This episode was the best of season two and maybe the whole show! All the storylines were intriguing and captivating. The characters that shines this episode were the Humphries. Serena and Blair: The fight for the Queen B just got hotter- the manipulative Blair did her best to ruin Serena's chance to shine, but failed miserably. It's going to be interesting to see them fight. Who will it be, Queen B or Queen S?

    Blair and Jenny: I think they got closer this episode and that they might even become friends. The way Jenny was talking to Blair about how highly she thought of her was very touching. It was fantastic to see Blair's softer side again.

    Bart and Lily: I hated how Bart snooped into Lily's past and got all the things that she did in the past. But it was still a good storyline. I'm not sure what was the last thing that he showed her and she told him to hang to them. Was it the picture or a new secret???

    The Humphries and everyone: Chuck and Dan's storyline was intriguing. It's true that Dan was using Chuck in the beginning but I think by the end of the episode he truly cared for him. Jenny's acting was flawless this episode. The was she just told her father that she's not going back to school and that he just doesn't scare her anymore was very interesting. Rufus' was amazing this episode too. The look on his face while Jenny was walking away was priceless.
  • all of the pieces are there now find someone to put them together.

    could have been one of the greats. the writers are lazy, why else would dan and serena break up for no apparent reason. all the reason they stated were never issues before why are they now, all of the sudden. if you cant be creative then find someone who can instead of just putting the fans through the pain of having to deal with what could be an amazing show. shock value does not make for a long term story line. at least when the same stuff happened in the O.C. they made an effort to make it make sense, it fit whith the story. a little effort would be nice is all. you have the pieces for an unbelievably amazing show, dont waste it. a couple could actually go through rough times and stay together, be different for once. originality is always welcome.
  • You should have been had this show on the network. Thumbs up all the way!

    After being hooked on all the old and new 90210 shows, I really didn't want to like this one. And I didn't I LOVED it! My 16 year old daughter insisted that I watch it and my 42 year old self absolutely loved it! We watch it every week and look forward to many more shows to come with this one. The guys aren't bad to look at either, which helps one my age to get interested and hooked on watching every episode. To me, the actors and actresses do a very fine job at what their doing, and I wish them and this show the very best.
  • Story of the young, rich and beautiful youth of Manhattan. Includes their ups and downs, which is narrated by a virtual gossip columnist of which the show is named after.

    Yes it's another show in the tradition of Beverley Hills 90210. The creator has used basically the same format as The OC, but just relocated it to Manhattan. There's the non-super-rich feature family the Humphries' based in Brooklyn. Of which are Dan and Jenny who go to school in Manhattan and socialise amongst the upper classes. Really a melodramatic expose on the lives of rich kids Serena, Chuck, Nathaniel and Blair, aka. Queen B. vs the happy and morally correct family unit of the Humphries. Show focuses on the 'usual' issues facing youth today. Good performances by the cast, especially by veteran actress Kelly Rutherford. Would recommend that children under the age of 16 watch this with a sensible adult, to stress the importance of taking the show on face value. It has unrealistic portrayals of women 'especially their bodies,' which should not be glamourised by young viewers. Otherwise it's a bit of trashy fun, where one can indulge into the lives of the rich and beautiful.
  • Ahh I don't even know where to start with this episode. From the complete and utter uselessness that is Dan and Serena's break up to Vanessa's idiotic-ness, to Josh Schwartz's stupid accelerated story lines (way to O.C. it up Josh!)!

    Serena notices that Dan has been talking to the new girl in school, Amanda, the ever-loyal Blair and her minions decide to befriend Amanda and sabotage the potential new love interest for Dan This leads ultimately to the distancing of Dan and Serena, and the loss of any ability to remain friends after the break up of gloriousness. Now, what irritates me about this whole thing is, first Dan is pretty harsh with Serena about all that happens to the new girl Amanda (thanks to Blair's minions), but Serena in turn decides that she will prove Dan right, and act like the rest of the girls. So she decides to take on the role of Queen B by the end of the episode, and blacklists Dan.

    The only thing that's even remotely awesome about this whole thing is Chuck, since he carefully orchestrated the whole thing, but hiring Amanda to instigate the whole mess. It's a thing of beauty really; these fools are so easily manipulated!!! Chuck does this to usurp Blair as Queen of the minions. I don't know how demoralizing and humiliating his paramour is going to win her back, but I like his style! Go Chuck!

    Vanessa discovers a scandalous secret about Catherine and enlists Blair's scheming expertise to use the information to help Nate. First of all, Marcus sleeping with his step mommy is SO All My Children-esque, shame on you Josh Schwartz!!! and Yuck! It's only the fourth episode of the season, and he has conveniently shipped off both mommy and stepson off the show and back to England. I don't think speeding through story lines is such a great idea, since it didn't really work out all that well for Josh's last show, The O.C.

    Of course Blair is awesome and manages to get rid of all of Nate's problems with a little careful maneuvering and blackmailing…uh that is until impatient Vanessa decides to tell the Duke about the illicit affair, and now Nate and his dad are screwed. V ends up alienating Nate…and rightfully so, since she didn't feel she could go to him with Catherine's threats earlier.

    Meanwhile, Lily finds herself drawn back to her ex, Rufus, once again. Which doesn't pan out well when she finds out that Rufus is dating someone. Hehehe, Lily deserved that embarrassment, she must've been quite irked to find out that she chose Bart so that Serena could be happy with Dan, only to return from her honeymoon and discover that they've broken up!

    The Good: All things Chuck, his scheming rivals only that of Blair! I am convinced that they should be together.

    The Bad: The accelerated story telling with Catherine and Marcus.

    - Anything with Jenny in this episode was sub par.

    - Blair's minions had far too much screen time.

    The Ugly: 'Bad Serena' is clichéd Serena, and I want her off my screen. Leave being catty to Queen B, she does it much better.

    - The name Rufus.

    Bottom Line: Most infuriating episode of GG in a long time, if only Chuck could scheme us out of idiotic plot lines.

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  • The best teen drama series on TV!

    I love this show! It's definitely better than all those Teen dramas I've seen on TV.

    Good storylines, plots, actors and actresses, etc. I love how they make you wait and see what's going to happen next, the catfights and definitely the relationships! The fashion is awesome, too. The clothes and dresses are really nice. Also, all the things you thing wouldn't happen would sometimes happen! The actors and actresses are HOT. They know how to act like they mean it, unlike those people in 90210, They can't act.

    Overall, good show and you would NOT be disppointed when you watch Gossip Girl!
  • The cast rocks and best couple is blair and chuck

    Gossip Girl rocks I like the o.c but after season 1 it started to get bad and Gossip Girl gets better by season. Blair and Chuck are the best couple EVER they have so much chemistry and passion. I wouldnt say it was the best show ever but is in the best shows list. I just love it so much! chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair chair 4 evrer i had nothing else to write since i have to write an 100 word review
  • Just my oversee of this fabulous serie

    I just love this serie, the first season was absolutely perfect! I was waiting like crazy for the this new season and until now I am not disappointed.

    I am a bit sad Serena broke up with Dan, I hope they come back soon! It was such a cute scene last episode when they had to say goodbye to each other.

    And I LOVE Blair, I like the way she is; so delicated and also so smart, but I hope she stays with Chuck and that he changes, I guess it would be a much cuter couple than Blair and Marcus.

    Oh and last episode was so sad about Vanessa, it almost made me cry, I cant wait to see whats coming next
  • Well, I orignally tuned in for the Series premiere last year simply because of the fact that this show is written by Josh Shwartz and Stephanie Savage, both of whom wrote The OC, my all time favorite show. After the premeire I was very displeased

    Well, I orignally tuned in for the Series premiere last year simply because of the fact that this show is written by Josh Shwartz and Stephanie Savage, both of whom wrote The OC, my all time favorite show. After the premeire I was very displeased, but decided to give it a couple more weeks. By about the Third or fourth episode of the first season I had enough of this show and called it quits. Well, a couple weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly had Gossip Girl on the Cover and I read some other reviews saying that after the show got over it's initial hump, it was fabulous. Well, I got duped again. I have watched the first three episodes of this season, and am again calling it quits! This show is nowhere near the level that The OC was, and I find the story's in this show very boring, and based solely on sex. There are much better teen shows on today, off the top of my head, I prefer, One Tree Hill, Greek, and for heavens sake, even the new 90210. NOW WORTH WATCHING!!!!!
  • The best teenybopper show on TV.

    I love this show. I am not normally into this kind of TV, being over the age of 18 and not much of a girly girl, but it is defiantly my guilty pleasure. The relationships although way over the top are fun to watch. Blair makes a great **** and Serena makes a great good girl. I think Chuck is the best character on the show he is fun to watch and always getting himself into thinks with is one-sided self-centered views. All the other characters are ok but make good backups for those three. I hope that Serena doesn't get back with her ex.
  • Great acting and writing sets this show apart!

    This show is a great and well-acted show. That is really sets itself apart. That it doesn't show that rich people aren't perfect and invincible. But they are also have problems and are human, just like the rest of us. It is bringing back the night time soap operas. That were so great in the 80's. Hopefully this will only be the beginning. Led by very talented and young actors in the cast. Plus, it has sex appeal along the way. Hope that it stays on for a long, long time. It if keeps going at this rate. The producers, cast, and crew should applaud themselves.
  • Best . Show . Ever!

    This is totally my new favorite tv show. You gotta watch it, it's totally worth all the stupid commercials in-between. (If you don't have a tv, buy it on iTunes, it's worth the money)
    The first season was totally amazing! From all the overly priced, but totally worth it cloths, to the twisted story line, this show has got to be one of the best ones out there. At first i was a little mad because it's nothing like the books, but then i realized, the show was almost even better than the books!
    This next season i hope will be just as good as the last, if not better!
  • A fab show that really brings forth the OTT atmosphere and reality of the upper-east-side.

    For me, Gossip Girl very early on became like a new best friend because, it did something that is very rare for me cause, I was hooked after watching only the pilot episode. It just had everything a classic teen drama should have, a great set of characters, a great storyline focus, fantastic music and a most of all it's use of modern technology and the ever so fabulous world of gossip.

    I was really intrigued by the way that the show uses the conventional guilty pleasure of tens as it's main focus that of 'GOSSIP'. I was just really interested by the way that these characters had this online blog that just revealed everyone secrets and I just wished that there was something like that in my school it would really liven things up.

    The characters on the show have also been extremely well constructed and casted in a way that they've really allowed you as a viewer to relate to them, and really believe in everything that is going on. What was really strange about this show for me was the way that by the end of the first season the characters that I hated at the start became my favourites and, those that I loved at the start I start to dislike. At the start of the series I saw myself as being a part of the world that Dan/Jenny are part of but, as the season went on I gradually moved towards being more one of the east-siders. My , favourite character's are, Chuck and Blair they're just so well played by Leighton and Ed that you can really believe that they're the characters they're playing. I also generally find myself loving all of the characters that are on the bad/evil side they're always the best and bring fourth the best drama.

    I also, just love how this show has really tried to bring fourth some of the darker area's of teenage life and not just focus on who's dating who. And, I love how the show likes to push the boundaries with it's vocab and some of the themes focussed upon.

    This show is just fantastic and just great in all area's, a must see for everyone.
  • i love this show soooo much,i made sure and tried all my resources to know when is the next season..typically new york life and the way they play and handle their relationships.love all the casts especially sereena and queen B,love chuck and dan.excitin

    ...so exciting to watch queen B and chuck on this new show.i wonder how chuck will deal and handle queen B's new beau,its not easy for him because his a lord or a prince/king.i hope you'll stay highest in the tv ratings and more power to you guys.you guys perfectly delivers your roles and we all got carriedd away,you made it really feel its really happening.what are you gonna do now chuck now that queen B is going away,you should say those 3 words and 8 letters,its that easy.stay strong forever guys!love you all!if im rich enough ill make you guys a gossip girl movie.
  • If there's a show worthy of waiting for, episode after episode, season after season, it's Gossip Girl.

    Needless to say, Gossip Girl is one of those shows that one doesn't expect to suceed much. It's title sounds like a cheesy chick flick about "girls who gossip" duh. Nevertheless, when the first season aired it took us all by surprise, with the scandels, backstabbing, malicious plots, forbidden love,...etc, and we found ourselves grabbed into the commotion of the character's world. We can't deny that their outfits are always perfect feom top to bottom even "the humphrees" who represents the middle class family, or actually the poor people compared to the other characters. Thus forming the 'Romeo & Juliet' dilemma between Serena Van Der Woodsen and Dan Humphree, which i find as the cliche part the plot of the story, I really hope they don't get back together next season because their relationship... 'yawn'. The not so boring whatsoever part is definitely Chuck Bass, with his twisted mind and his unfulfilled satisfaction of inflicting misery into other people's lifes. It wasn't really unexpected when he fell inlove with Blair because they both shared the same evil spirit and love for vengence. Surprisingly, when Nate broke up with Blair, he hocked up with Vennesa. I mean what was he thinking. I have nothing against freakishly ugly, untamed, greasy hair chicks, but... nevermind. The good thing is he broke up with her and i hope for good. What most took me by surprise, though, is the fact that gossip girl is only the narrator, by the voice of Kristen Bell, which i found a very smart move from the creators of the show. We have already been used to concentrating to Kristen's narration in Veronica Mars, an amzaing show I might add but that's another review, in which she revealed secrets of other people as well. Moving on, there's something that has bothered me at the end of the first seasson. Sometimes they skipped events in the show like when 'S' faced the parents of the guy she unintentionally killed, which was a realy important scene. And when 'N' and 'V' broke up also. 'N' just told 'S' that he broke up with her. Someone's being sloppy. All in consideration, I still think it's a show that has an interesting story line, and I hope that all the cracks are fixed by the second season... 'And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell. You know you love me XOXO Gossip Girl'
  • Awesome show, great storyline!

    This show is awesome! The storyline is well written, the drama is great, the actors and actresses are excellent at acting.
    The first thing I love about this show is the drama. Every week, their will be something different and unexpected happening. It will keep you suspended and drooling to see what happens next in the next week.
    Second, the actors and actresses are great at acting their parts. You'll really think they're living it in real life.
    Third, the storyline. It's kind of like what I wrote for "Drama." It's good and entertaining. Fun to watch and everything.
    Although it might be inappropriate, it's a good and awesome show!

    By the way, who's Gossip Girl? Serena or the narrator?
  • Good Tv Show nothing more than that like a summer blockbuster movie

    Based on the popular book series of the same name, this drama gives viewers a peek into the world of privileged teenagers on an elite private school in New York City. The story is written by The O.C.'s Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, and directed by Mark Piznarski who has worked on series like Everwood and Veronica Mars.

    Surface's Leighton Meester and Accepted's Blake Lively have taken the lead roles in this drama series. They will play Blair and Serena respectively, rich Manhattan rivals at a private school in New York. The last additions to this new CW drama are Misconceptions Taylor Momsen, The Covenant's Chace Crawford and The Bedford Diaries's Penn Badgley. Their characters are Momsen as Jenny a 14 year-old and shy girl, Nate the good looking boyfriend of Blair, and Dan the secret admirer of Serena. Good Scipt it needs a little more screws
  • Best show ive ever seen in the longiest time i never knew wat it was i use to always here about it and never kno wexcat wat it was i thought it looked kinda corny but hey ya know one day i just was sitting down and decided to downloade season 1 and watch

    And it is far by one of the best shows ive ever seen im so into it i mean i thought desperate housewives was good I love this show its amazing and man serena is so amazing lol shes gorgoues and i Love love love love love her lmao i lvoe this show intesting cant wait to see season 2 cuz im all into it now ive become a gossip girl addict my name is tee and im a gossip girlcoholic lmao well yea but its a good show cant wait till next season peace love and country music yup cool
  • You know you love me... oh Kristen, yes we do!

    Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Brothers&Sisters and now Gossip Girl are the only four shows that I absolutely have to catch on television this fall/spring. It has to be my biggest new fascination of the entire season. Though my shipping preference definitely didn't go my way (Dan/Serena, Nate/Blair), I think I'll love season 2 as well, since I am growing a soft spot for Chuck/Blair. As long as Nate/Serena don't happen, I'm fine. But that's the soonest thing that will make me turn the channel.

    I really hope they take the timeline a little slower this time around, though. They fit an entire school year into season 1, and it was very disjointed. That's one of my only complaints, though, and I anticipate to see Summer, Kind of Wonderful in two weeks!!! Yay.
  • My new old favourite show!!! Ever watched "The O.C." or "One Tree Hill"? Still this show is newer, better, richer and funnier. A good show with a lot of potential!!!!

    It truly is a typical teenie-show and it is as shallow as it can be, but it is positivly shallow. You still can't switch your brain off.
    Out of the sky glamourgirl Serena van der Woodsen returns from boarding school. Not a minute passes and whole Manhattan knows she's back. Thanks to Gossip Girl(V.O. by Kristen Bell) for doing her job and informing everyone including Serena's BFF Blair Waldorf, the new queen of the private school, who has a hard time forgiving Serena that she left without saying a word about her sudden departure. Also Blair's boyfriend Nate Arhibald and the school's playboy Chuck Bass (played terrific by Ed Westwick) are surprised that she returned. Not everyone is happy that Serena returned, but Gossip Girl surely is, because a lot of new gossip is coming up.
    And there is a whole Family who never had to do anything with the characters mentionned above - the Humphrey's. Consisting of father Rufus, daughter Jenny and son Dan, who later is going to become Serena's boyfriend for the whole season. It turns out that Dan's dad had a relationship with Serena's mother and that they are still in love with each other.
    After a great start, the first season of gossip girl loses a lot of its good humor and its well-elaborated plot and gets very onesided. Dan and Serena, then nothing, then the other characters. Not as exciting as it could be!!! The idea, the show and the screenwriting have a lot more potential than the first season shows and the season finale is the most disappointing episode in the whole season. Still this show is worth watching it.
    Still I will continue watching. What there is to see from season two up to now looks a lot better, a lot more dirty and provoking and a lot more original! This Show was not at its best YET...
  • Based on the popular book series of the same name, this drama gives viewers a peek into the world of privileged teenagers on an elite private school in New York City.

    When I first heard about this series being aired on television I was curious how good it would be. Its based off of a series of books with the same title. Even though I never read the books I was very curious about the series, so I started to watch it weekly and I like it a lot. I been pretty much watching almost all the episodes. I hear the series is coming back. I plan on going to the website of the network airing it and check it out after so long. I can't wait until the new season come on television and sees what happens next.
  • We follow the lives of the fabulous upper east siders in New York city. In an elite private school, we meet a group of privileged teens (Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck) who faces difficult problems in their glamorous lives.

    This show keeps you desiring for more, and it's wildy entertaining. There's the excitement and drama that keeps us wondering what will happen next to these glamorous teenagers that faces scandalous rumors and gossip. Although it is very similar to 'The O.C.' and 'One Tree Hill', this show brings something diffrerent, its plot is very interesting, and just the characters alone, make you want to watch the series. Not to mention the fabulous and stylish clothing the characters wear, it's a real trendsetter. It makes us grow curious about the lives of these teens. The series shows that if you feel that your life couldn't get any worse, there is always something that turns your life around, and even though you're rich, popular, and ranked the highest in the social status, it might just take a little gossip to bring you down.
  • It is a drama based on a series of books which includes the easterners and their problimatic lives!! How their lives revolves around being rich and popular and how that is not always what makes us happy!

    It shows how life turns around and how people change.
    the show also shows how money and popularity alone don't bring happiness!! the aspects of a caring family around you is cery common thing in the USA and the mixed lives back in high school, even for the parents! Ofcourse what made me excited even more to watch the series and continue it was the presence of really hot people such as Dan Humphrey and Nate Archobolt!! I mean for heaven's sake where do these people come from!! DAYUM!!! hehe
    Also, the actions of the mean girls such as Blair and how she uses everything to her advantage is just amazing!! Oh and the freindship that Serena has with Balair is also amazing as Blair was there for Serens in spite of what she did and Serena was there for Blair in spite of everything especially when Blair's social status was ruined and was about to leave and Serena stopped her!! I guess that tells you that facing the problem is the best so far!! I've always beleived that!
  • Based on the popular book series of the same name, this drama gives viewers a peek into the world of privileged teenagers on an elite private school in New York City.

    When I first heard about this series being aired on television I was curious how good it would be. Its based off of a series of books with the same title. Even though I never read the books I was very curious about the series, so I started to watch it weekly and I like it a lot. I been pretty much watching almost all the episodes. I hear the series is coming back. I plan on going to the website of the network airing it and check it out after so long. I can't wait until the new season come on television and sees what happens next.
  • Counting down the days for the next season premiere!

    It is definitely entertaining, almost and kind of real like, absolutely funny, freaking mind blowing crazy, completely surprising, rolling on the floor laughing hilarious, adrenaline rushing risky, carefully secretive and eye catching attractive, oh my God so, so ,so darn H-O-T-T hott!, eye brow raising mysterious and suspicious, obsessively unexpected, really, really awesome, totally addictive, creative and informative, greatly done, amazingly directed, performed and [oh that motha chucka ED] oh so perfectly casted, weirdly identifying with normal teenage life problems and well really, no need for 100 words,... I can sum it down to three: I LOVE IT!!!

    XOXO B ♥
  • Gossip Girl is the show your parents don't want you to watch, but you do anyway.

    Although most viewers won't be able to relate to the glitzy and glamorous lives the teens on this show lead, they will be entertained nonetheless. Gossip Girl is set in the elite Upper East Side region of New York City, which is a nice change from the seaside locations of former teen dramas 90210 and the OC. The show explores hot button issues such as drug abuse and homosexuality, but it never delves too deep. Its main focuses are primarily social cliques and the price of popularity, so expect to sit through many catfights. If drama is not your thing, the fashion on this show is amazing. What I would give to raid Serena's or Blair's closet!
  • Full of drama and scandal, and I like it.

    When I first heard of Gossip Girl, I said to myself, "oh great, another stupid show where everyone sleeps each other." Though that may have happened in the show, it's more than just that I learned when I actually watched it. I love Gossip Girl not only for all the drama that takes place in their lives, which we can relate to, but because the character's are so alive. You love some of them, and you hate some of them, you care about most of them, it really draws you into the series. It also makes you say "OMG" frequently. I would have never seen myself watching a show called Gossip Girl. The good thing about this show is that in my opinion, it draws all audiences, of all ages, boy or girl. But that is just how I feel. Make things simple, this show is great, regardless of what people say.
  • This show is really really amazing.

    Once I watched it, I was hooked. It gets soo many awesome reviews, and it really deserves it. The great acting skills of Blake are unforgettable. The drama, love, all the mishaps, ups and downs are believeable. This show doesn't seem like one of those off the wall fake things, you can believe it. I would reccomend it to anybody... anybody. It's not one of those shows that I would die for, but it is one of those shows that I'd watch over and over and over and over, because its simply the best of its time. Really awesome show. We all know it.
  • using only adjectives:Captivating, atractive, refreshing, sensational, intense, addictive, hip, salvational(my word means worthy of salvation)

    This show has everything anyone could want in a drama. It has great fashion, romance, setting, hot characters, and of course a great story line. each episode is extremly captivating and will leave you salivating for more everytime.( FYI this show is based off of It's best selling book series)this show apeals to teenagers and young adults in majority. However, even my mother is in love with this show(mid 40's)This show is one of my personal favorites, although I was skeptical at first because of its cheesy comercials. This show is deffinatly not your average drama, and is your time so give it a try! I promise you will be hooked:)
  • A hit show based off a hit book, what could be better?

    A show about rich upper-west side prep school kids who look and act a LOT older than they should be. Everytime I watch and someone is like "I'm only 16" I can't believe it. Well for one the actors are much older but the storylines make them seem in their twenties. I went to a private school but that was definitely not how I spent my time. The show is very entertaining and the cast is nice to look at. The cast has also spiked a lot of controversy out of the show when it comes to their personal lives and dating history. As the show is coming to its second season I hope it does as well or better as the first did. It is the CW's main show on the air, I would hate to see another great show cancelled.
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