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  • i started watching gossip girl the day it started i watched it with my friend and was hooked from then on out! its a great show that keeps you on edge every time! i cant wait for it to start again!!

    Gossip girl is a great series of RUMOR , love and friendship its a show that once you see it you see it you cant stop bc you have to find out the twist next time!! B-Blair and S-Serina are best friends that have secrets that will brake their friendship apart and others that will build them closer! When S left last time she did it without any warning and when B found out she was so upset... then come to find that she left to help keep the secret that her and nat had slept together a secret well when that was unbailed it was a battle between the two until all solved and now they are stronger then ever having to try to cover up S's biggest secret ever!! well off to the positive Dan and S are by far the cutest couple on the show they are cute and fun and best friends. S's lil brother is now out in the open about him being gay and S's lil secret is tearing her and Dan apart.... also now that Jenny is the good girl again we dont have to worry about her and B getting into it.. Also it sucks that S's mom and Dan's dad aren't together bc until really recently I couldn't stand Chuck but when S received the letter from her long lost partner in crime things with chuck started to get a lil closer and more personal for the help of her! well when the episodes start again they will open with a twist and then when it ends again it will leave you on the edge of the cliff......thats gossip girl for you

    xoxo GOSSIP GIRL!!!
  • My Fave Showw!! Incredible! xD

    Omg, this is like the best show ever!! Its made me cry, its made me laugh, its probably made me feel every emotion lol! I luv Dan & Serena.. they are soo cutee!! Chase Crawfard(Nate) is such a HOTTIE!! The story lines are amazing and I know that season 2 is going to be fantastic! I can't wait!! I also am looking forward to buy the DVD. Its gonna keep me going untill Season 2. Other wise I would be having withdrawel Symptons, lmao!
    This show is just ACE!!
    What more can I say, haha! :)
  • Love it

    I love this show... it's so amazing.
    I love Blair, she's the queen.
    She's so beautiful, evil and nasty ...
    I can't wait for the second season ...

    I want to know what's going on with Blair and Chuck.
    They're so perfect for each other.
    First Blair was (is) a **** but I think that Chuck is peferct for her.

    Blair/Chuck Blair/Chuck Blair/Chuck Blair/Chuck Blair/Chuck

    But that don't mean that I hate Nate.
    I love Nate.... He's so cute ;) But I hate him for sleeping with Serena ...
    I can't believe it... :D

    Gossip Girl Gossip Girl Gossip Girl Gossip Girl But Jenny is the real **** and she's so fake :D
  • omg, this show is awesomee! can't wait for the second season, i'm sooo routing for chuck and blair.

    omg, this show is awesomee!

    can't wait for the second season,
    i'm sooo routing for chuck and blair.

    Bring on season 2. Bring on season 2. Bring on season 2. Bring on season 2. Bring on season 2. Bring on season 2. Bring on season 2. Bring on season 2. Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2. Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season 2.Bring on season
  • Unexpectedly awesome

    So, I'm sitting at home a month ago, flipping through the channels. I come across the pilot for Gossip Girl. I had heard about the show so I decided to see what it was about. I figured I'd watch for a little while then go back to channel surfing. What I did instead was watch the whole episode and rush to download the entire season once the episode was over. This show is awesome. Yeah, it's essentially a teen soap opera filled with rich, spoiled, over dramatic people. But there is something about the show that makes it ok to have all those things. On the outside you get all those things. But if you actually watch the show and follow the plotlines and relationships, it is a (for lack of a better word) deep show.

    To me the best parts of the show are the relationships. Dan and Serena, Chuck and Blair, Nate and Blair, Nate and Chuck, Serena and Blair, and my favorite Rufus and Lilly. For people who like character and relationship driven shows, Gossip Girl is something you will like.

    So, if you haven't checked this show out DO IT. It's awesome and offers more than just rich, spoiled New Yorkers
  • my new guilty pleasure :)

    i heard about gossip girl from a friend and started watching it when i heard my favorite actress kristen bell would be providing the narration, and a few episodes in i was addicted! unlike most shows in its genre, it doesn't take itself too seriously. the plot revolves mostly around the rumors and scandal of a group of rich young socialites on the upper east side of new york. the best characters on the show are blair waldorf, who is always mean and fun to watch but is also relatable, and womanizer chuck bass, who seems to have a soft side underneath it all :), played by charasmatic actors leighton meester and ed westwick who stand out alongside an otherwise mediocre cast. plus the amazing narration done by the always fabulous kristen bell gives the show something special and different. it is a great show and although it can be a bit cheesey and over the top, that is one of the things i love most about it and it gives me an enjoyable hour.
  • Amazing, just amazing, keeps on getting better each episode! I advise people to watch it if you don't well.....

    Like i said it's amazing, keeps on getting better each episode. Gossip Girls has so many fans and it's not for no reason! It's so interesting, it's fabulous, glamorous, it's indescribable, i think your getting the point. It's not just for girls don't think like that, it's also for boys my brother watches it as well! I told him to watch it! I also got my sister to watch it, my friends as well. It's not a waste of time i promise you that lol i have good taste in tv shows. I can't wait for season two, it's the most thing I'm excited about and I'm not even lying. I'll never hate it!
  • You're nobody until your talked about.

    Welcome to the East Side world where everyone revolves around money,sex,drama,and lies.From the book series to the television screen.Gossip Girl! Thank God they made it into a TV show! There are 2 reasons I watch this show: 1. The fashion! I love the style that they always wear; 2. The drama. I like drama on TV shows and this show is in and out drama. My favorite character would have to be the infamous Blair Waldorf. Yes, she can be a female dog sometimes but I still love her. I think shes really pretty. I like Serena too, though! Everybody hates Chuck but I find him sexy.LOL. and Nate, hes cool I guess. Dan..I dont know what to say about Dan. Hes sweet and all but ehh no. And little Jenny. Shes cool too. But I do NOT like GEORGINA. What the hell kind of name is "Georgina"? It sounds like a dudes name! Well it has "George" in it so whatever. The show is definitely worth watching. OMFG CEXY ;)
  • Wanna be part of the Upper-East Siders' dream? Certainly not, because the definition of "dream" is quite far what u'r about to see...

    Oceans of money, plenty of arrogance, more than plenty of vanity, "star wars", love, sex, parties, false friends, lies, broken hearts, lots of family issues... and "all that money can buy". But why do i have the feeling that i've seen this before? Hmm, yes, "the Bold and The Beautiful"!... (just kidding, Rich is hardly a handsome teenager anymore :D)

    But anyway, i absolutely adore the outfits that the stylist chooses, the actors are not that bad in playing spoiled princesses and princes and the story is nice. I guess the show is worth watching even only because of these things. All else is... "A secret i'll never tell". Just watch and see!
  • Serena van der Woodsen returns after a mysterious absence, disturbing the silence that has covered the Upper East Side for too long.

    One of the best shows I've watched. Every episode doesn't disappoint. A lot of people would say that the show is superficial and that all the characters care about is partying and drinking and stuff. But I for one, know that we can learn a lot of stuff from this show, even if we don't mean to. The Blair and Jenny feud teaches us about not craving for power, because we'll only get hurt in the end. The whole Chuck-Blair-Nate-Serena thing is a perfect example of friendship, no matter how they f-ed things up, true friends are forever. Lol, that was real cheesy. But yeah, Gossip Girl is a great show and I love every minute of it.
  • No secret's are hidden from GG, and more drama is taken from the Upper East Side.

    This show is classified by many as either tacky or the same as many other teen shows. Well, it isn't. You don't have to take my word for it, because you don't have to like it. The point is I watch this show because while my sister read and told me everything in the book series, and while people expects certain things from it the show somehow doesn't catch you by surprise, but gives you what you secretly want. Many people hated the SereDan prefect couple so they broke them up, in the stupidest way but nonetheless. Chuck and Blair was not liked by everyone so they didn't get together, plus they're transforming characters that maybe someday will hookup again. Nobody likes Jenny, so she's being shadowed for now, just wait when she gets together with Nate. It'll be funny to see those whole like them together but don't like Jenny. Still this shows deliver, it's first season was unpredictably predictable. Some predictable things like Seredan breaking up, Blair backstabbing everyone, Blair doing it with Chuck and then with Nate. Also some unpredictable things, like Vanate, Eric being gay and Serena killing someone. They have to catch the fish first, then they eat it. So they're delivering what people want, they have enough time to twist it up and down, and I'll be there watching.
  • Good, but could of been a lot better, especially with the Rufus/Lily story line and Dan, in my opinion, overreacted.

    Since the pilot episode I have enjoyed watching this show, it felt original and fresh and more promising then the popular but rather shallow GG books. This episode of course had its highlights, Blair and Chuck pairing up together for the demise of Georgina Sparks and ultimately then realizing that they want to be together; for real this time, but then for Chuck to only go back to his old ways because his father scared him with the speech about commitment, to me was a very good twist because he's Chuck Bass, and for his character to change so drastically in such a short amount of time is not only unrealistic but a betrayal to the fans who have seen his character so carefully sculpted from the pilot episode.

    Also Blair coming along and bringing Georgina down in pure 'Blair Waldorf fashion' made me happy, however I think the writers could of dragged it out more, they built up Georgina's character so much, yet disposed of her very quickly.

    I did not, however like the "closure" of Rufus and Lily, there was no heartbreak, no sadness and Rufus, who spent most of this season pining for her, only seemed too happy to let her marry Bart.

    Serena and Dan annoyed me in this episode, Dan overreacted and I felt like it was just an excuse for the writer to tear all the couples apart to start with a new slate in season two.
  • This show puts daily soaps to shame.

    This show was recommended by my friend who just loves watching shows (he is the tv genius, not me). And I watched this and god! was it amazing. It is like you don't need flashy CGI and million dollar actors to make a good show. All you need is a gritty story that can last long and make you wet your pants because you can't wait til next week.

    This show has not been spoiled at all, even by the writers strike. The story was always there and the formula was pitch perfect. The actors and actresses definitely played well in this whether they were playing a romantic scene or a hand-me-a-tissue scene. And also, may I just say the people in the show were absolutely gorgeous!

    This show may start off as a guilty pleasure but in no time, you will be standing on top of a building screaming your undying love out to america that you watch gossip girl.
  • Love, Betrayal, High Society, Scandal, Power, Ruthlessness........Ahhh

    I just recently got into this show and I love it. Theres something about drama in New York City that I just love! I think its so great that the entire show is filmed in New York City, this leaves no room for plot mishaps and goofs. But the best thing about the show to me is Gossip Girl itself. I love how that one blog is so powerful in their little world, and holds so much extremely personal knowledge about the characters lives, and what they do and what they don't do behind closed doors.

    XO XO Gossip Girl
  • This series is based on the series of books by Cecily von Ziegesar. Although the TV series differs greatly from the books it is still a very intriguing show. This show gives insight to the lives of the elite in the upper east side of New York.

    This show is absolutely fantastic. I was doubtful at first because usually movies and shows based on books aren't as good as the books they are based on. However, with this show although it differs quite significantly from the books I still find that it is a very good show and shows great potential for next season.
    I also love the idea of the gossip girl. It's amusing to see how obsessed they are with the site. It is a great reflection of how society actually is. The representation of the rich kids is great. I love how they do whatever they want because even if they get in trouble mommy and daddy can always bail them out. However, in this show they actually learn to have some morals (or at least most of them do)
  • Not as good as the OC...but definately worth watch...A very hot new show

    I've read some degrading comments on this programme and am not surprised, just disappointed at people's cynicism. Yes it's simple and it's like The OC in Manhattan but who cares?! The OC, which i think is the best tvs eries ever made..was well acted, funny, sad and kept me hooked right to the last episode in Season 4. I can't say whether Gossip Girl will match that but so far I've been impressed, the acting is solid and the girls are hot so that's a definite plus. You've also got the underdog loner who is easy to like and relate to and the plot simmers along nicely mixing humour, drama and lavish locations which in all honesty are pretty cool. And you do care about the characters which sets it apart from many other TV programmes. I don't think it will ever match the roller-coaster ride that The OC provided but as that's gone I'm perfectly content with Josh Schwartz's new effort.
  • MUCH better than i thought it would be

    I have to admit that at first i thought that Gossip Girl wouldn't interest me. I never read the book and i usually don't really care for these High School Shows, especially not when all the Characters are rich as hell. But i decided to give the show a shot, since everybody was praising it so much etc. Well, the majority isn't right all the time, but in this case they were. I can't really empathize with the characters on GG, but that doesn't matter. It is very entertaining and if you can't love the characters you at least love to hate them!
  • a mix of biatches,(i cant say the real word) the hot guys, hippest fashions, and biggest scandals wrapped in one and you get Gossip Girl

    This show is totally amazing. I love everything about it. The loves stories are unbelievable. At first I admit I was a little skeptical cause I thought it was gonna be a rip off O.C which it is not. Serena pretty and free spirited and blair goregous and **** Nate sexy and undecided a nd CHUCK the total bad boy. Then we have our autsiders Dan and jenny the brookyln kids going to this big rich private schooll where the only thing these kids have to worry about is if they have the american express. Great ACTORS, Great PLOTS, and Great EVERYHTING. this show is exciting and it keeps you on your toes. Its not as O.Cey because with this show you wont have to cry every other episode. Its good you should watch
  • Gossip Girl, is a tv series based on Cecily von Ziegesar books, and tells us a story about a group of young millionaires through the eyes of gossip girl, a bloger who knows every that happens in their lifes, and loves every scandal!

    Manhattan... School full of teenage rich kids with very little to do so they explore everything NY has to give them. This is the perfect environment to create intrigue, comments and rumours.
    Gossip girl, seemed to me, like a very futil series at first but then I got addicted to it! It's not bad at all! It's all about rich people..it's so much more then that! you just have to know everything about Serena and Blair's rivalry,secrets, their loves and affairs, friends, enemys, text messages..
    It's pretty addictive and I just can't stop watching it know!
    I totaly recommend people to watch it! I really do like it even though I'm usualy a "soap" kind of person..
  • This is the first show i have been genuinely interested in since the O.C.. Josh Schwartz is a genius!

    Every Monday i count down the minutes until gossip girl comes on, and it isn't because i want to go to school the next day and have something to talk about. All my friends tell me that i am obsessed with tv, but i can't help it when there are shows like this to watch! Gossip Girl gives me a reason to wake up on Monday mornings.
    I have read all of the books, and i know that the show is completely different. But it is interesting to see my favourite characters having alternate experiences, and ultimately, different lives. In conclusion...gossip girl rocks :P
  • Gossip Girl "Do not mimic at home Kids, someone might get hurt".

    Gossip Girl has become this addictive series where we have become wrapped up in the lives of crazy teens and a drama that would keep you going. Serena has the average 'beautiful girl with horrifying past' thing going on. Blair has this 'Let's be Blitchy but know your limits' thing as well and Jenny has her 'Sweet girl gone sour, but still good enough to tolerate'. I actually love the story lines, but what a surprise 'Eric is Gay and Serena has an even more devastating past, this is just filled with twists and turns. In the beginning I didn't really take to Blair, she was your average Blitch but now I actually believe that there is a good side to her, which makes me love the series more. BTW, What's the deal with Georgina or should I say Sarah. She adds this sense of craziness to the plot of the show, she is actually perfect for her role. Basically if your just looking through this review and wondering what is one reason I should look at this series, you probably hear it's popular, but you want one reason why you should spend time with this series...... It gives you a perfect idea of what drama could be, it relates t our everyday lives and indirectly teaches us what not to do, Basically IT"S GOOD. So stop reading and start watching.
  • Perfect show for a Gossip girl and gossip queens all over the world

    What more can a woman want, a program that gives u gossip every week, to shock and amaze you till the next episode. i love gossip girl as i love each character for what they are. Good or bad the make the show exciting in there our way. never thought i would like this show but as soon i watched the show i was hooked and i'm hoping lonely boy keeps his girl. i hope it's a series that doesn't have too much unhappiness in it as they seem to do.
    Didn't ever think that i would like good looking people
  • The best television show for 2007/2008!

    Before watching this show, I had never picked up the Gossip Girl series. I read regularly, but thought I wouldn't enjoy the book. Surprisingly, I first related to Serena and her loneliness and friendlessness. As I watched the complexed characters unravel, I found parallels to the things going on around me. I then read the books after the show went on hiatus due to the writers' strike and finished it the day the new episodes returned. Now I connect with Blair, although Blair is meaner on the show. The great thing about the show is while it is similar to the books, the characters make totally different choices so it's unpredictable. It's relatable and brilliant and I absolutely love it. It's the new Buffy, Tru Calling, and Veronica Mars for me.
  • Set in the elite Upper East side, teenagers learn that the fabulous life comes with a price from on-going rumors, power struggles, and keeping your place in society at all times. All this from an anonymous blogger/gossiper "yours truly xoxo Gossip Girl"

    Love this show. Although it may sound cheesy, the show has great potential since it shows the lives of real kids and what the true elite can afford. Its unique, it inventive, and its inspiring. If you haven't seen it, I envy you because once you do you will get this amazing feeling to watch more. If you have seen it keep watching.... LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully it will not change for the worse in the future.

    P.S. Favourite character is Nate. I love his status in society and his preppy clothes. Keep watching and stay tuned for more GOSSIP GIRL>!
  • The characters are Jenny Humphrey, Serena Van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Dan Humphrey and Nate Archibald. They are typical teens learning about whatever. They are very fun and of course ordinary. (Like what did you think?) I SO

    The characters are Jenny Humphrey, Serena Van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Dan Humphrey and Nate Archibald.
    They are typical teens learning about whatever. They are very fun and of course ordinary. (Like what did you think?)
    Jenny's boyfriend is Nate. Nate was Blair's buyfriend and now ex-boyfrind.Now, Blair's boyfriend is Chuck. Serena's boyfriend is Dan. Dan is Jenny's brother. Serena is the most popular. Blair is Serena's bestfriend. Blair and Serena know Jenny only a bit. They only knew her because of Dan. Jenny- Taylor Momsen, Serena- Blake Lively, Blair- Leighton Meester. Gossip Girl who never showed herself is voiced by Kirsten Bell. That's all I can say. Luvulotz!
    xoxo, gossip girl :))
  • The best show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GG is not only better than The O.C. and more than One tree hill and I'm watchin' that too. GG is the best show ever!! It's describin' us perfectly Manhathan's elite's daily life which is so crazy, creative and original!!!
    The couple Sex and Luv is practically present anywhere in any way and I appreciate the manner how the events are takin' different ways.. I'm waitin' for relations' changements between the persons in the show and specially Serena and nate, Blair and Chuck or Jenny and Nate...and much more possibilities!!!

    Now I hope that this show will be aired for long time!!!
  • This show is awsome..

    YOu cant get no better than this show. The Chuck/Blair affiar, the secrets that get reveled...is just awsome. I love the actors and actresses that protray these charachters. Its what most teens are used to...we love drama and it is some real life problems: your BFF leaving, pregancy scares, scandals and the whole idea that everyone knows about it, because in high school you cannot have a secret.

    The show is great...the storylines are awsome. There is characters I hate, little Jenny Humphrey, but I love the whole show. I wish some times it was real. I know I talk about the thing as though it is real....like "OMG! Can you believe Chuck said that to Dan?" as do many on Gossip Girl forums.
  • This show is really good..one of the best teen shows I've ever seen

    Gossip Girl is a really great show. It shows a life to privilged spolied kids that live in the upper east side of New York City. The show is not how real life is supposed to be but it's fun seeing how these kids mess up there lives its so funny!! I hope other people like this show as much as do and i was saying that this is the best teen drama right now. The acting on Gossip Girl is really good, it actually fells like you watching the lives of these overgrown high school kids. I also like the fact that the girl who plays Jenny is an actual freshman in high school.
  • it's all about highschool students in the upper east side world..bestfriend serena-blair are the main character. serena who fell for a boy from different social class and blair whose boyfriend still has feeling for serena..

    my new GUILTY PLEASURE!!!!
    this show has classical theme: "highschool life" which is always alwaaayss bring so much fun to watch!
    highschool, popular kids, and popular kids' boy/girlfriend, with their conflict and drama are always interesting to watch...
    we can really enjoy this series by watching beautiful people and their good acting combined with the great storyline which is the most important part..
    the main character in this show are serena, blair, dan, nate, chuck, jane. They go to the same private school on the upper east side.
    serena van derwoodsen is the beautiful girl and popular girl in school who fall in love with an ordinary boy from different social class named DAN, who has an 'ex-rockstar' father who used to date serena's mom..
    and Blair waldorf has a boyfriend named Nate who actually has feeling for serena and unluckily Nate's bestfriend chuck has feeling for Blair too...
    Every person in this series has firm and strong character...
    we don't get confused too long by the storyline..cause this series' storyline goes so fast..
    so watch the show and be addicted!
  • I really love this show!

    Gossip Girl is about the lives of teenagers in New York, some rich and some poor.

    There is Serena, the bad girl gone good. She slept with Nate, her best friend's boyfriend. Blair, the aforementioned best friend, now hates Serena. Dan is one of the poorer kids who has had a crush on Serena for a long time. His sister, Jenny, is just trying to fit in. Chuck, Nate's best friend, causes trouble for everyone. Erik is Serena's brother, who tried to commit suicide. Lily, Erik and Serena's mother, used to know Rufus, Dan and Jenny's father. They used to go out and were almost married. Vanessa is Dan's former love, but now that he's with Serena, she is just a good friend. Nate and Blair have their ups and downs. Jenny starts hanging out with Blair and her group, it won't be long until Jenny reaches the top. Chuck likes Blair and they sleep together in the back of a limo. She loses her virginity to him, but is afraid of what Nate will think, who she has sex with days later. Lily and Bart, Chuck's father, are now engaged and Chuck and Serena must live together. Gossip Girl records everything.

    This show is so great! There are a little shaky parts concerning content. Teen sex, drug references, teen drinking and mild language fill this show. That part I could do without. Despite that, I love the premise of the show and the idea is nice! This is a really great show that gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me!
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