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    this episode was one of the best episodes of the season i loved it but jenny was such a little **** she changed so much but thats what makes awesome drama. This shows is one of the best of the year. I love blair, serena everybody from the cast and nate is so hot. i cant wait until the next episode when michelle trancheberg comes . she was one of my favorites in buffy the vampire slayer. OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG! OMFG!
  • Addictive, funny and brilliant. And a bit of a guilty pleasure!

    Gossip Girl is a quick witted intelligent show, narrated brilliantly and perfectly by the wonderful Kristen Bell. It has humour, romance and drama all rolled into one, more importantly it's addictive and for some people a bit of a guilty pleasure. The chemistry between the characters works perfectly with all the fitted storylines, and that's just the teenagers! The adult's lives are pretty action packed as well, which you don't normally get from a classified teenage show. All the actors are superb and are excellent at portraying extraordinary situations.
    The narrative quality, acting and great storylines is what makes this show unique.
  • I love Gossip Girl! I could watch this show day in and day out.

    Gossip Girl is quite a show. It interested me from the start, because it was my guilty pleasure to read some of the books the show is based off of. This show amazes me to no end; I look forward to every new episode! Sure the acting isn't always the best, and sometimes the story lines aren't that great, but the show has got something special. The chemistry between the actors is great; it's always a pleasure to watch Penn, Ed, Chace, Blake, and Leighton. It doesn't hurt that the three main men are gorgeous either. Gossip Girl has drama, romance, and a little bit of comedy throw in. And I also love their outfits!! This show is great fun, and I would recommend it to any teen like myself!
  • Completely, mindlessly addicting.

    After reading the Gossip Girl books I knew this show was going to be dangerous. I knew I was going to end up loving it. Cause who doesn't love to watch the bad girls play? We're all drawn to the glamor of the rich, sophisticated, and incredibly shallow and b***hy lifestyle of celebrities, so it's not surprise we love the lives of Upper East Side's teenagers just as much. First off acting props to all. For the most part everyone is pretty believable, something I didn't really expect. Extra kudos to Ed Westwick, who plays Chuck Bass. The guy really is a genius, he made Chuck one of my favorite characters after I despised him the books. Can't say Nate does it for me, but he is really cute. The storyline is surprising, I'm really happy they went in a different direction than in the books. My only problem is the Dan/Serena story. Love them together, but it happened a bit to fast and it bugs me how every episode they have a disagreement or problem, then they don't communicate and finally they kiss and make up. Once or twice it was interesting, but every episode. Give these two a story that'll stick. But c'mon guys, you know you love it.
  • One of the best shows you could possibly watch. Once you start your addicited.

    My friends were telling my should watch this show. Once I watched the first episode I was hooked on the show. I pulled an all night just to watch all the episodes. When i found someone I could talk to about the show, I go all out. People leaving for reasons only certain people know. Lost love rekindles in the air. The truth is revealed and more hardships appear. Some who were once alone realize that just one person can make the best of you. This show has reached the meaning of all of this. Having the ability to understand it in the way the writer wants you too that when you truly have captured the meaning of the show. This was how great this show is
  • Gossip Girl is the Stylish new teen drama from O.C creator Josh Schwartz. The show is based upon a series of popular books and is set around the lives of six teenagers who attended an elite New York prep School.

    Gossip Girl is not the kind of show that appeals to everyone. On the surface it seems nothing more then a show designed to fill the massive teen show hole created by the cancellation of the OC. But after ten minutes of watching Gossip Girl you will understand it has an impressive unique style that makes it stand out from not being just another teen drama. The characters are in there own way are all likeable and efficiently set up by the writers, all with their own identity and motives that are believable and understandable. The show's story moves along at slower more subtle pace leaving time for great moments of character exploration. Gossip Girl is a show that is equal parts Cruel Intention and The O.C and a show that if given a chance my surprise you.
  • Um Enredo que Cativa cada vez mais a cada episodio

    Uma serie para deixar qualquer um agarrado ao televisor sem pestanejar para apanhar toda a Coscuvilhice que existe naquele meio de pessoas da alta sociedade de NYork. o enredo não podia ser melhor, mantem sempre uma expectativa enorme sobre o que vem a seguir. Para quem gosta de saber o que se passa com as pessoas a sua volta é uma boa experiencia televisiva. As grandes festas e um estilo de vida que nem qualquer pessoa pode alcançar, mas em que nem tudo são rosas e ha problemas que chegam a fazer duvidar se é a melhor vida que se pode ter.
    Não li o Livro de onde esta série foi adaptada por isso não sei se é uma boa adaptação ou não, mas que é uma boa série não tenho duvidas.
    À espera que retomem as exibições televisivas.
  • Gossip Girl is a great drama of the real lives of rich spoiled brats. It's the next OC and it will have that title for a long time.

    Gossip Girl is a great show with a great plot, great episodes and great drama. It tells the lives of very different types of people. Serena- the spoiled drama queen who runs away from her mistakes. Blair- a vornable girl who lives the life hasn't found herself, yet. Dan- a good boy who falls for the bad girl and changes her dramatically. Nate- a messed up kid whose parents don't give a **** about him so he makes bad choices. Chuck- just plain messed up because of his father, the real bad boy who falls for a bad girl. Jennie- the good girl who wants to be popular so much that she'll loose herself for that. It's a great show with great music, characters, and storylines. I hope it doesn't end like THE OC.
  • A story about Manhattan's elite.

    Omg I love gossip girll. Not just because it's scandolous and romantic/dramatic/awesome but because like OMG, it's sooo good. lol also i'm soo happy that gossip girl films on the upper east side mostly. I mean like I always get excited when I see them. I like bounce up and down. And like omg the stars of gossip girl are so like good looking and they fit the part perfectly. Like Blair and Serena have the perfect stars to depict them. Gossip girl is a really good show. And it's not only for girls!!! Boys should give it a shot too once and a while
  • Dan's girlfriend, Serena is best friends with Blair, whose boyfriend she slept with once. Nate is his name and his best friend's name is Chuck, who slept with Nate's girlfriend when he and Blair was broken up. Don't miss out on the drama! Tune in to GG!

    Gossip Girl is a show with a lot of drama, humor and nice clothes. The people living on the Upper East Side are rich and fortunate, but not everybody is that lucky. Dan Humphrey lives with his father and sister on the West Side, but he and his sister still goes to the same school as the rich kids. It was here that Dan met the love of his life, Serena. The girl who skipped town due to her betrayal towards her best friend, Blair. You see, Serena slept with Blair's boyfriend Nate who is best friends with Chuck who slept with Blair when Nate broke up with her. Yeah, there's a lot of drama on the Upper East Side and nobody want to miss it. That's the reason we have Gossip Girl; our reliable gossip source. The drama of Gossip Girl never ends, and that is what makes it such a great show. You have love, betrayal, cheating, assaults, the search for something better, lost and found lovers and much much more. I advise you to watch Gossip Girl. You won't be disappointed.
  • A look into the scandalous lifes of the Upper East Side. Romance. Drama. Passion. Revenge, some of the many aspects of this great show.

    Gossip Girl is based on the novels written by Cecily von Ziegesar. As a fan of the books I had great expectations of the show. The show more than lived up to them. The show does not necessarily follow the storylines of the books but that just makes the show new and more exciting. We get a look into the glamorous lives of the Upper East Side. There is a character everyone can relate to. Having 'Gossip Girl' narate the show adds an extra component to the show, you have to love her commentary. With new Romances, Drama and Revenge this show never gets boring.
  • Both Gossip Girl TV series & books are so awesome!

    Gossip Girl is based from the novel series by Cecily von Ziegesar. This is a great show. Most teens are watching it. It's kinda like the talk-of-the-town show. I love how the story goes. All the characters, scenes, and episodes are interesting. It's all about what's happening the Upper East Side. Gossip Girl talks about Serena van der Woodsen and her friends. Serena just came back from boarding and everyone is talking about her. Her best friend Blair Waldorf was mad at her because she left her and most of all because of her relationship with Nate Archibald, Blair's boyfriend. Serena then meets Dan Humphrey and they fall for each other. Dan's sister, Jenny, becomes Blair's friend. They all live in a scandalous world of gossip.
  • Gossip Girl is another teen drama that is often compared with the O.C. However GG is loosely based on a book that was written awhile back.

    Let me start off this review with the fact that i love this show. Gossip girl is very similar to the teen drama show, The O.C in that they have the same kind of characters and share some significant plot lines but it figures as they have the same writer and there is only so much you can do for teen drama.

    Anyway when i said that Gossip girl is loosely based on the book. If you have read the book then try to put that at the back of your mind when you watch the tv series. Leighton Meester is great in portraying the queen bee Blair Waldorf. When watching you can feel all the emotion that she is feeling. Surprisingly Leighton does match the book caracter of Blair except for the blue eyes issue.

    Blake Lively portrays the model-like character of Serena Van Der Woodson, however the Serena on the series has a different story line to he one in the books. Blake is really quite good at portraying the newly reformed Serena Van Der Woodson.

    Penn Badgley portrays the less wealthy character of Dan Humphrey. Penn is great at portraying Dan in that you can feel the sparks between Serena and Dan.

    Chace Crawford portrays the amazingly attractive character of Nate Archibald. Chace is a great actor and he can make you believe what is actually happening.

    Ed Westwick is the sleasy guy, Chuck Bass, that will go for any girl. Ed's storyline is clearer towards the end of the first series, in the beginning he is just seen as a slease whereaslate on there is actual emotion portrayed.

    Taylor Momsen is the young freshman, Jenny Humphrey who is Dan Humphrey's little sister. Jenny is probably the one person that has nothing in common, looks wise, with the book character however if you overlook that you wil see that she has the same personailty of a social climber and Taylor is great at showing it.

    The only book that is actually followed is the first one to a small extent.

    All in all i love both the books and the tv series. Even though they are different.
  • This show ventures on a elite group of preppy teens who go to a private school and get into some drama. Now i think that we've had enough teen soaps, don't you think? Its time for people to get real, and watch a normal show, like prison break.

    This show is about an elite group of teens trying to make it. They all live in New York, and they go to a prestigious private school. They have a lot of drama, and it drives me insane. Though the show is adapted from the novels, i feel that books should never be adapted into TV shows or Movies. The director either wants to change the ending or mess up the show big time. Now, i understand if your a girl, and you watch it, but my brother watches it. I just don't want to waste my time watching a teen soap that is pointless and doesn't get to the point.
  • Oh, I'm in love with this show.

    Blair is the best, 'cause she can be so mean. Love to watch something which is so surreal, but at the same time so entertaining. From the first episode I was hooked on Gossip Girl. 'Cause I love GOSSPING more than everything I can relate to characters. Who doesn't love to hear bad things about someone else? Gossip girl is also more fun than a barrel of monkeys. For example I couldn't stop laughing when Serena went and bought a pregnancy test. In a five second or so everybody knew and thought that Serena was pregnant. Best show ever made. :D :D :D :D
  • Teens in the lavish world of the Upper East Side face the challanges of most teens only with so much more to lose and totally in the public eye.

    I absolutely adore this spectacular show. I love all the couples,and the drama and just everything.I think its cool that the show kind of has a narrator in Gossip girl and the mystery that surronds her. I enjoy the cleverness of both Blair and Chuck in their evil schemes.I do think that some couples need a few rough patches to make them a little more interesting (Dan and Serena) and some couples need to get back together (Blair and Chuck or Nate). A lot of girls in my class love this show and are talking about it all the time! Really this is like one of my all time favorites!
  • fantastic new show that makes me fall in love a bit more with every episode.

    fantastic new show that makes me fall in love a bit more with every episode.

    omg can this show get better? i hope it can. its just perfection. blair is my favourite. she is just soooooo fan-friking-tastic. i adore her. the clothes and most importantly the way she is. very playful and with so many aspects. she can be a total .... (which i love about her) and she can be soooooo sweet and messed up (i always cry in those scenes.) and the show it self is FANTASTIC and i would never miss an episode. WATCH IT. u will love it too. u cant NOT.
  • Gossip Girl, somewhat loosely based on Cecily von Ziegesar's enthralling novels, is set in modern New York and focuses on the lives of teens in the Upper East and West Side. Surprisingly, Manhattan's elite are more relatable than you'd think.

    While watching Gossip Girl, you are so completely drawn in that the rest of the world does not matter nearly as much as what's happening on the screen. Gossip Girl is everything a good show should be: scandalous, romantic, addicting, and relatable. Though most of us don't have fabulous lives in the Upper East Side, everything that the characters are going through is happening to us. It's like watching your own life replay itself on the screen, except with more designer clothes and a little more scandal. The scripts are well-written, the story lines are enthralling, the cast is brilliant, and the New York location is amazing. Every episode reveals a new scandal and lots of drama, guaranteed. Gossip Girl is a calorie-free treat you won't want to pass on devouring.
  • il love this show.its awsome

    This show is the best ever .

    It follows the life of rich upper east side teen throught all the drama ,sex ,scandals of there lives.This may sound verry suppurficial but it not they have this caracther called dan humphrey and he is kinda like the ryan atwood of the (reference to the Oc).Here are the mainm caracthers:serena van der wodsen,blair waldorf ,nathaniel(nate)Archibald,chuck bass,Jenny humphrey and last but not least Dan humphrey.

    The show starts off with Serena returning from her suspicious stay at boarding school.She left because she had sex with her best friends boyfriend nate archibald.And and outsider dan falls head over heals for serewna and she falls head over heels for him.

    You can only imagine whaT will happen next actually i do know what will hapen next and it awsome i would give this show two thumbs up cause it the BOMB
  • A Teen classic

    In the beginning, I was little shaky about show. I thought the show will get cancel just like other shows on CW11 before giving it a chance but I was wrong. I didn't see the pilot but i caught the show on its reruns. Past episodes that i saw were great. My favorite episodes are "Blair Wadolf Must Pie", Seventeen Candles, Hi Society, and Roman Holiday(my fav out of all other episodes).

    Hopefully, CW will not cancel this show after one season cause I'll be really heated.

    Gossip Girl is bound to turn out to a big hit and classic teen show of the ages.
  • the cast are basically what makes the show what it is as of today. when i read the books I always think about them acted as their characters and they play it really well too!!!!!!!!

    What can I say about this show....there are so many things to say about it, but the main ones that there's so much drama in it and it opens the doors to conversions about the issues in teens lives. there's so much drama to it that I absolutely love it! the way, characters act in the book are total different in the series which is overwhelming. the Cast is absolutely amazing and gorgeous too, everyone in there is beautiful and handsome in many ways. They each play their character so well. This so has so much love triangles and Squares as well.
  • This show showcases the lives of New York's upper eastsiders, and revolves around the lives of the teenagers growing up in the facade of manhattan's elite.

    Well I started to watch this mainly because i felt nostalgic thinking about the OC.Although the pilot was not that impressive and deals mainly with character development, nonetheless it was good enough for me to watch the other episodes. The show starts to get momentum from the third episode.So I will plead everyone to have patience until the third episode because from there it really starts to get good. However if you're looking for a show which shows non-stop partying, drinking and drug use, well sadly this show doesnt show much of it{especially drug use :(}.Well this show is very trendy and showcases amazing songs by rising artists and this is where it inherits the OC's good sense of music.Basically its a good show and quite fun to watch, so all you OC fans out there try out this show because it has the look and feel of the OC but retains its originality.
  • I love this show. It isnt the OC but still a good show to watch. I love gossip and it is great that there is a show about it. lol I give it 9 1/2 out 10 stars.

    It is a great show. The acting is good the oc has a upper hand on the acting though. The Plot is great. I can see this show lasting for years to come. I would recomend it to all my friends and family. I would like to see something shocking happen like one of the guys coming out of the closet or something that will just shock you. My favorite character would have to be chuck. I love his character. He is involed with every scandal and knows all the gossip. I would almost say that he is gossip girl. lol
  • I' was really looking forward to Josh Schwartz production "GOSSIP GIRL" could easily be the cure to any die hard oc fan including myself.

    Being a huge fan of the OC, and being totally devastated by the end of it, i was hoping to find sort of a replacement, Of course i found it! i love "one tree hill"' but i was really looking forward to Josh Schwartz production, i really like gossip girl! The setting is grate! fantastic cast! i' really enjoy Leighton Meester character as Blair, she kind of reminds me a little bit of Rachel BILSON's Role as summer but Naughty. I' love it the plot is great and if it keeps going this direction "GOSSIP GIRL" could easily be the cure to any die hard oc fan including myself.
  • omg how hot are the chicks in this show?? ooof.. spankin...

    I first saw this pilot when I downloaded it fo` free on iTunes- n I was hooked **** ass **** I had **** read tha books before but I knew tha basics, n I knew this tv **** would become mah new bizzest **** on Wednesday nights!!!

    I guess money, sex n relatizzles is a good combinizzle in ever so many ways where the sun be shinin and I be rhymin'. I suggest you give it a trizzy, coz who doesnt love beautiful ****ez (and ****ez) wit tha combinizzles of money, alcohol n intrigues

    Also, they have so much chemistry n they all fit so wizzell togetha as gangsta like a motha **** Even tha baddest of tha bad (Chuck) has a heart, n tha sweetest of tha cuties (Jenny) has a mean streak

    dis show is fo ganstas onlai
  • Gossip Girl. Scandalous. :)

    Gossip Girl has very quickly become one of my favorite shows ever. I usually don't like this type of show (rich, preppy, gossipy), but this one is just .... different. Each character is so lovable and has so much personality! And they are all SO different. From evil, sexy, cunning Chuck (my favorite) to sweet, innocent, naive little Jenny this show has the best cast on television. Also, they have so much chemistry and they all fit so well together as characters. Even the baddest of the bad (Chuck) has a heart, and the sweetest of the cuties (Jenny) has a mean streak. I recommend this show to every one, you should also read the AWESOME books!!
  • Highly recommend.

    Gossip Girl is extremely addictive I've found, I knew it would be a show I'd love but I've only just realised how much. As well as being entertaining, I find the show relatable being a teenager myself and I love the way it's been adapted from the novel into the show. I find it really hard to hate a character on this show because each has a certain quality that makes the show what it is. Gossip Girl revolves around main characters Dan, Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck and Jenny, a group of young adults growing up in the Upper East Side. I highly recommend it for people of all ages although it does appeal more to a younger audience.
  • Those Upper East Siders

    I really didn't want to like this show, but I do. Blair and Chuck are probably my two favorite parts of this show, they are really great together and Chuck plays the never do well character down to a point.They could of played out the whole Serena and Nate thing a little more in the beginning but there is always next season. And normally the lives of the parents are so unbelievably boring so the lives of their parents is a nice change of pace because they are actually interesting. Jenny is also played very well, but they should give her a little more to do. I'm still a little ashamed that I watch this. Kristen Bell's narrations are amazing as well "Xo xo"
  • The New OC

    Gossip Girl from The Creator of The OC Josh Swartz.

    This is another Guilty Pleasure for me to watch for hours on end. Just like The OC it focuses on Rich teenagers only this time it's in the Upper east side of Manhattan,New York. It is more soapy in my opinion than The OC & not as funny but still good. Since I am in Australia I have only seen the first 7 or 8 episodes and it has impressed me but so far. I haven't seen any characters I actually like a great deal, some characters I like but none I love (yet). Besides Chuck who is a good & interesting character. So far the show show seems to get better as it goes along which I hope continues.
  • Serena was found buying a pregnancy test and thought it was really Blairs Chuck trys to get back at Blair by telling everyone and ends up ruining his friendship with Nate and will not talk to Blair. So Blair trys to run away to her dads house to run away.

    This was probably would have to be one of the best episodes ever so far of this show. I really do not want this show to end like all of the other shows I like have. Any ways back on topic I think this episode is the most quencing one yet so far where you just have to keep watching it and how you can't change the channel yet cause you just have to find out what is happening. I hate it when they are just getting to the good part and then bam they change it to a commercial that just always gets me.
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