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  • gossip girl

    this show is amazing i sart watching and i cant stop xx
  • best show ever

    I found out about this show and thought I might try it .so I watched it I didn't understand it a first but its the best best best best thing that I have ever watched in my entire life:-) :-) :-) :-) also my fave characters are Blair Waldorf she is so funny and always wants to be queen of what ever school she is in. but she has a rough has had a very complicated and bad background but after returning back to Manhattan is always there for her best friend Blair when she is in trouble and all of her family and friends:-) and chuck bass who has a rough side and a very soft side with people he loves .he is always losing Blair and getting back with an amazing TV show

    Xoxoxo gossip girl


    Gossip Girl , I don't mean to sound clich, but it is my favorite show in the entire world.

    The show teaches teens that by doing what you love you will find where you belong. Just like Dan Humphrey. Dan is the ultimate outsider. He's from Brooklyn so he doesn't fit in with the kids he goes to school with. But, Dan and I quote writes himself into the group of elite/popular students.

    This show also teaches you that, everybody can surprise you. In the show nobody guessed that the person who Gossip Girl is, could be Gossip Girl . (I say this so that if you are going to watch/ are watching the show I don't spoil it for you).

    So after reading my little letter, I hope that people who thought Gossip Girl was clich don't think that anymore!

    You know you love Gossip Girl ,

  • Why I enjoyed watching Gossip Girl

    Gossip, relationships, sex, schemes, family issues, figuring out so many of us don't go to the extremes in our own life, but it goes to show that we all have problems. These kids are born into fame and riches which makes them interesting and I found it intriguing to see the problems that rich people struggle with. It proves that life with money isn't any simpler.

    I found Gossip Girl to be about personal empowerment, awareness that we all make mistakes and finding your true self.

    Drama's not for everyone, but, it is for me. All-in-all, I enjoyed watching the show over the years. Thanks for such a great story adventure!!
  • What I believe Gossip Girl is really about

    Lots of people think that Gossip Girl is just a stupid show about, shallow, spoiled teenagers (actually, for characters like Serena that's true), betrayal, lies, gossip.

    I feel like I'm the only one that sees what Gossip Girl truly about: Real love. Warning, i didn't say true love. I'm mainly referring to Chair, they're beautiful, it just shows that anyone can be loved, that everyone is capable of love and that not every love is a sweet, love at first sight. Take Blair and Chuck for example, it wasn't exactly love at first sight when they slept together in the back of Chuck's limo.

    Now, even if I am a sucker for romantic shows, I'm going to tell you how Gossip Girl is not only about real love:

    This show especially shows that not everyone is perfect, and it has some important life lessons (also certain things that if you pick up/learn your life could be ruined forever). Another thing about this show: IT'S AMAZING AND IF YOU CAN'T SEE THAT then you need to get your brain + heart checked out!

    I <3 Blair, she's funny, bright, passionate, loving and she has a good, warm heart.

    As for Serena, the only thing I like about S is her kindness, which actually, after season 1 is gone, so I take that back. I don't like a single thing about Serena van der Woodsen.

    BTW, if you want to watch a crappy superficial show, then I would suggest 90210.
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  • I really liked Girl Retrospective...

    I really liked Girl Retrospective...
  • martin

    very nice story written by Josh Schwartz. Thanks for this information.

  • Outstanding

    one of the best series i've ever seen in my whole life
  • Gossip Girl

    Gossip Girl is an amazing show it is soo gripping and i love all the actors and actress. Especially Blair and Nate <3
  • I'm Addicted and it Doesn't Bother Me One Bit

    I love this show, it is absolutely my favorite. In my opinion I think it's the best show on The CW. I always thought it was lame until one of my friends told me about so I watched the first episode and I couldn't stop. I watched the first four seasons in under a month, then when the fifth came on TV I never missed an episode. I cannot wait for the sixth season I know that it's going to be a wild ride just like the others. I highly recommend this show to anyone, and I'm not just blowing smoke here, I really think that it's that good.
  • OM*G is there gonna be a 6th season?

    First of all what are Blair and Dan doing together? It's supposed to be Blair and Chuck. And MAYBE Dan and Serena. I just think that S and Lonley Boy had gone through too many different, tough, sad and I could go on things and situations as a couple.

    And I'm wondering if there's gonna be sixth season of GG? I hope it will :).

  • GREAT!

    Okaay I think, the 1st season was the best. But I also think, that there are worse shows than Gossip Girl out there. I think the popular Grey's Anatomy isn't that better than GoGi. Of course there are boring episodes. But tell me, are the other shows interesting all the time? I don't think so. Every show has a lot of boring moments. So, haters, when you don't like the show, don't watch it! ;D haha
  • dan and blair no it should be chuck and blair

    omg seriously dan and blair

    the only one who belongs with blair is chuck and that obvious

    no they come up with some stupid thing like god that they can't be together and then they go with dan over chuck I mean this is'nt possible.

    I'm truely dissapointed in the gossip girl writers and I hope for them the show get's better because a lot of viewers will not watch it again

    including me.
  • Best show Ever !!!!!

    I have seen too many shows and I know one think, Gossip Girl is the only one that every time can make me happy, its exactly as it supposed to be, and if anyone's watch the Fifth season it will realized that it's not boring at all, but exciting. I hope that we have and a Season 6!!!!

    I want to express my gratitude and to thank all the actors and all the people that working hard for this movie.

    Just continue the good Job!!!!
  • One of the Best TV Shows!


    I used to love the O.C. but after finished watching first season of Gossip Girl, wow!! I dare myself to say that it's MUCH BETTER than the O.C.! Some people might disagree and I guess they're just totally different in terms of East and West lifestyle. I haven't read the book by Cecilia, but I have to say that she is a really fine writer! The only thing that really really bugged me was .... Why did they hire "Michelle Trachtenberg" ? ddaanngg her nose is sooooo enormously fugly! oopss excuse my french, but really, it's to the point of me pu*ing at my TV when I watched her!! ggrrrr hopefully she will NOT return for the 2nd season. I don't know, It' snot just her face/look, but to me she just doesn't fit in to the show!(see my review about michelle rodriguez for LOST) Casting is always a strong point, I have absolutely no complaints with all the other original casts, they're all absolutely spot on and fabulous! Just one little note about that "lanky" dude at the season finale episode, hhmm I was like, naah "he" could have been better! (in terms of his "look") but hey I guess that's just me! In summary, If you like to watch the posh, rich and wonderful lifestyle of these NewYorkers (albeit superficials) and with some really good stories and twists and everything else a la The O.C. then definitely watch Gossip Girl! Don't knock it down until you watch at least 5 episodes! It gets better and better (some episodes might be weaker than others, but in general it's just Fab & Awesome!) 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Its one of the best shows on tv. Love everything about it from the actors to the script everything is perfect.The show is about wealthy teens who dont have boundries.

    The show is brilliant. It reminds me of how our school was. the characters are brilliant. The actors are great you wouldn't think they were acting. The girls are all dressed up great and the guys are all soo hot. I love Nathan the most i feel like he can act the best from the guys and in the girls i like sereina the most.The show shows how the rich and spoiled teens lives but also shows how a not soo wealthy family step into the lives of the glamorous people. The show is real becuase most of the things that happen in the show reminds me of things that used to happen in school.
  • Best. Show. Ever

    Co-created by The O.C's Josh Shwartz, this show is a milestone in its own. This is the show that creates the ultimate "good guy-bad guy" distinction and leaves you loving the bad guys for being so reckless, charasmatic and scandelous & detest the good guys for being sugary sweet, adorable and holier-than-thou; all morals apart. It boasts of well etched characters, proficient actors and scandelous storylines that leave you wistful for more. Its a world where the scoop about your parent's love life is as delicious as your own, where the crowd is hesitent to let you rise but quick to make you fall, where every person is hiding deep dark secrets we all know will be ultimately unearthed by 'Gossip Girl'. The cast comprises of the perfect guy-next-door, Dan Humphrey;the girl-next-door desperate to shake off this title, Jenny Humphery; the meddled up yet marvelous Queen Bee, Blair Waldorf; the even more meddled up with looks to die for, Nate Archibald, the sugary sweet Sarena Van der Woodsen, the charasmatic Chuck Bass and the eye candy parents Lily Van der Woodsen and Rufus Humphery. This show is definately not perfect but the best part is that you won't just love it despite its flaws but you'll come to love its flaws too!!
  • One of the best episodes so far :) Just loved it and cant wait for the next :)

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  • It is a show about upper east side yuppies and they drama they love to live.

    This is the best soap on right now. The cast is hot and very talented. Two seasons in and it is still addictive. The storylines are well thought out and believable. Colege will be the real test. There is sure to be many comparisons to The O.C. and Beverly Hills 90210. But it is way better The O.C. BH 90210 is a classic. at least the first few seasons are. My favorite characters are Serena and Chuck. Serena is just a great character who is strong and independent but realistic. Chuck is a great bad boy and sexy as hell.
  • I love this show!

    It's so addicting and it's an actual INTERESTING teen drama, with real plotlines, style, and LOTS of drama. Not to mention, that Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf are the hottest characters on tv. In other teen shows, the characters have money but still choose to deal with things in a regular teen fashion, but on this show the characters actually embrace their wealth, and instead throwing keggers or wearing t-shirts and jeans, they have stylists and ride around in limos. This show goes past the usual teen boundaries and I hope it stays on television for a long time to come.
  • A show about the troubled (HA!) lives of Manhattans elite.

    This show is one of the better CW shows. Its about 6 people living either in Brooklyn or the Upper East Side. Social climber Jenny Humphrey, or Little J, is having difficulty becoming one of Constance It Girls. Dan, J's bro, is having trouble NOT becoming popular By being Serena Van Der Woodsen's boy friend. Serena is back from a mysterious year-long stay at boarding school. Blair Waldorf is having trouble keeping her crown at Constance. Chuck Bass is also having trouble keeping his steamy affair with Blair a secret from Nate. Nate's dad's a druggie, his GF had sex with his best bud, Chuck. All of this is documented by the unseen narrator, Gossip Girl.
  • Great show from CW.

    Gossip Girl.

    A show about the scandalous lives of the Manhattan elite told from the view of Gossip Girl: an anonymous blogger. This show started out great and just keeps getting better as the characters grow. It deals with the typical issues of teens nowadays: school, dating, parties and sex, except that the people are the richest people on Earth. This show has a great variety from hilarious scenes to ones so sad that you can't help but cry along with the characters. Add to it the fact that all of their secrets are posted online and sent to the cells of every person in Manhattan who read Gossip Girl. It definately makes life interesting.

    Great show.
  • Deepest, Darkest, Guiltiest Pleasure

    Can't stop watching. Delicious. Of course, I was born and raised on the Upper East Side (below Park Avenue...on the "middle class Dan" side of the tracks). I knew these Dalton types... Didn't think much of 'em, to be honest. But I must say I enjoy the total ridiculousness of billionaire Chuck Bass doing hookers in Bangkok at age 17 and the fact Moms and Dads drop in to show some dysfunction in their own lives, then drop back out while their kids run amok. I'm sure I will watch until it's ultimate demise but enjoy pretty much every sick moment along the way.
  • Gossip Girl posted a Dan-Ms. Carr relationship issue which resulted to Ms. Carr being fired and Dan and her having sex. Chuck met his "Dream Girl" and found out his dad was in this secret group society and he feels the need to explore more about it.

    Call me superficial but I'd have to say, this episode showed exactly why i keep watching this show! I LOVED THIS EPISODE! The drama, scandal, lust, and everything, it was all crazy. IT was awesome! haha sorry bout me raving about this episode but seriously, while i was watching it, i was almost always at the edge of my seat (LITERALLY!). Either because i want to push the fast forward button, shake the computer to make sense in everything that's happening or simply because i want to start jumping up and down. From this mystery group of Bart Bass and whatever happened to Elle, to this Serena-once-again-break-up-with-Dan thing and Ms. Carr-Dan relationship, it was really well written! two thumbs up for the writers! ;) Looking forward to more scandalous, dramatic episodes!
  • Gossip Girl is about the lives of 6 teenagers: Dan, Jenny, Serena, Blair, Chuck, and Nate, who live their life in the glamour of Manhattan. Everyone knows everything about their lives thanks to an annonymous gossip girl.

    This show is awesome! Once you start you just keep on watching non-stop!! Anyone would dream to be Blair, Serena, Dan, Chuck, or Nate, being rich and being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want. That's what keeps me hooked on. And on top of that, their lives are so interesting and have so much drama that you cannot stop watching this show. You know that Upper-East Side kids are are rich, bratty, spoiled, but with everything that goes wrong in their lives, this show is always interesting and you don't want to miss a single episode! You cannot get enough of Gossip Girl!
  • You know you love me xoxo gossip girl...

    Gossip Girl is "your one and only source into the scandalous life" of the elite of New York's Upper East Side. You can identify with each character in the show; you have the drama queen, the queen bee, the player, the rich kid, the extremely cute guy that everyone falls for… The cast is amazing, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick (so hot btw)… Another main attraction is the amazing wardrobe I mean you will be taking a hot peek on what is trendy and à la mode. This show will keep you wanting more and more every time you watch it. You know you love me,
    Xoxo Gossip Girl
  • Gossip Girl is so, completely, amazing! This acting is great, the storyline is great, the script is great, and the locations are great! Its sooo good and I can't wait for season 3!

    Some people may not like gossip girl as they may think it is about spoilt kids in NYC but I think it is amazing and it is so much more than that. It follows the lives of the main characters-Blair,Serena,Chuck,Nate,Dan,Jenny and Vanessa- who are all in high school in the Upper East Side. (Except for Vanessa who is home-schooled)Sometimes the storyline can be hard to follow but if you are keeping up with your episodes then you should have no problem. It can also be very frustrating to watch as it can seem that characters such as Blair and Chuck will never admit to their true feelings! But it is so amazing that it doesn't even matter. The acting is brilliant and so is the script! Watch gossip girl!
  • It's cliché, but it's so cliché-ridden, that it's intelligent again!

    If you keep that in mind, and if you don't take it too seriously, it's top entertainment of the "guilty pleasure"-kind!
    Another feature of the show is action: I have to say, the writers' achievement to pack so much into single episodes cannot be underestimated, most of the time it fits well together. It's relatively pointless to recapitulate some of the content, as things can change to the complete opposite within two episodes. What happens in usual soap operas within a season, can happen here within an episode, twice!
    Sometimes you have the feeling that they could have taken a little more time to deal with some storylines, but overall it's a feature that definitely won't let you fall asleep.
  • What can I say about Gossip Girl.

    Well this show is the most Hots show I ever show thank you CW for having a show like Gossip Girl & keeping it on to the people how made this T.V. show I could not thank you from the bottom my Heart.Just like(Desperate Housewives)this show is so cool with a Gert cast that do a good job on the show what more can I say.I witch the show all the Time I even DVR it if I am not going to be how..I can't stop witching it I am 26 years old & I love the show Keep up the good work for more season to come....

    P.s. Have a Good Summer to all of the people at Gossip Girl. A Loving Fan XOXO
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