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  • Incredible Waste of Time

    How the Hell did I like this show for a while at the beginning? I must indeed have had brain damage to like this show as well because I cannot stand it at all.

    This show is pathetic and I cannot understand why anyone who does not have OCD would waste their lives watching it. This show is nothing but a pile of crap about a bunch of rich, spoiled losers and their pathetic, boring "problems" which amount to self-induced garbage involving their stupid, mundane love-lives.

    Who the Hell cares?

    It deserves a 0.

  • Boring!

    A lot of my peers and friends watch this show, but I found it incredibly boring. I stomached three episodes and couldn't care less about anything on the show or the characters. It's basically just about a bunch of bratty, spoiled rich kids sleeping together and all the drama that ensues. Oh, and they have daddy issues. Not my cup of tea.
  • awful storyline

    It would be nice if the writers were at least trying to make the story believable. Do any of these people even know what love is?! Serena falls in and out of love faster than I can write this sentence.

    If she isn't sad after an engagement is broken off, then why would she marry that guy in the first place. I've really had it with this stupid rehashing of storylines and making unbelievable excuses for anything. Really, these people could just as well roll a dice to make all their life decisions.

    The first seasons were really good, but now I will be really glad when this nonsense is finally over.
  • Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!?!?!!?

    I'm finished with this stupid show and its horrible story line. Chuck and Blair finding every opportunity not to be together is ridiculous. Nate is a young, handsome, twenty-something...what on earth is he doing with a freaking teenager?!?! And what's more disgusting than a high school kid and Nate? Try Rufus and a girl his son's age! Yuck!
  • Depressing me with GG

    S6 SUCKS in comparison to S5 - Let gossip girl rest in peace before they ruin it with this butchery ..
  • chuck and blair forever!

    Seriously!? Just get rid of Dan and Blair as a couple! I like em as individuals, but hair just needs to quit playing around with Dan and get serious with Chuck! He didn't pay her dowery just for her to be with Dan! AHHHHHH! JUST PLZ PUT CHUCK AND BLAIR BACK TOGETHER! IM GOING CRAZY WAITING FOR BLAIR TO GET REAL! GOSSIP GIRL WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER WITH THEM TOGETHER! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
  • Give me a break!

    After watching the last episode and venting here how abysmal it was, I thought this episode was quite good... until the ending. Gossip Girl is hitting us below the belt. I mean c'mon!! Blair is IN LOVE with Chuck. He loves her with all his heart too. For about 4-5 years, they have been in love with each. Blair keeps pushing off Chuck because of God, because of Louis and what not. Finally finally, Chuck has a chance to be with his true love and Blair tells him she doesn't love him... oh wait, my bad. She isn't in love with him?? Blair was my favourite character, now she just seems such a witch. She basically stringed Chuck around for years, and now she wants to be with lonely boy? Poor poor chuck! If I were him, I would have strangled Blair and stabbed Dan. I detested Dan for the last few episodes and sadly, Blair has joined the gang. Dair has got to be the worst thing the producers could possibly think of. On a different note, the Georgina thing is quite good. The villain might be turning out to my fav character since the lead people are so stupid!! (Yes Blair, you) Serena has to develop some sort of story line. They should name this show Blair anyway. I was feeling quite sorry for Ivy until she turned lily and Rufus out of the house. That was too much. And the fact that William Vanderwoodson is Charlie's father... horrible idea!! That disgusts me. Serena and Charlie are now step sisters? Their mothers being sisters???

    How could they take one of my most favourite shows and turn it into something this awful??

    I wish there was a rating less than 1.
  • I hate this show.


    No, you guys. It is not even guilty pleasure standard because I gave it a shot, and it bored the living crap out of me. No matter what you guys claim, there is no love on this show. None of it. Everyone hates everyone but themselves. They're just ruining love by claiming to be in it. They're ruining friendship by claiming to be friends with people they don't give two hoots about. I don't understand why people like this show. I mean, how does it make you feel good, watching people bitching about each other, being catty? It's not a pleasure. It is not. It is an abysmal show and always will be. And I honest to God cannot understand what is so amazing about Blair and Chuck, or Blair and Dan, or any other pairing on this ridiculous show. Want to watch a show about teenagers? Go watch Pretty Little Liars instead.

  • Poor in every respect!

    Having read all the books I was very excited to hear of this series being made. I shouldn't have been! It is a very poor version of what was an excellent series in book form. Character's have been removed, changed beyond recognition or created. the wonderful feeling of voyeurism that came from reading the books is completely missing as is the underlying warmth. The characters in the book were flawed yes, but underneath there was all the usual teenage angst we experience and the simple desire to do the right thing. The characters in the TV series come over as shallow, self centered wannabes and little more.

    A MAJOR disappointment as a show, and I'm disappointed Cecily Von Ziegesar signed off on it.
  • Thumbs down to this show

    This show is just as stupid as most of the shows they show on the CW Network these days. Another show of arrogant, egotistical, snobby, irresponsible teens. It's too confusing and just dumb for words. I don't know how crap like this stays on the air. It reminds me too much of Dawson's creek, One Tree Hill, and the new Beverly Hills 90210 shows. Makes me wonder if the network can air better shows than teen garbage shows these days. This show is crap and i'm surprised it hasn't cancelled yet. I could even tell by the previews to this show that it was a load of boring crap
  • A show about spoiled, snobbish, heartless brats from the upper east side.

    I hate it. It is about spoiled brats from the upper east side who have money coming from everywhere. The characters are shallow and i find it unable to take a liking to all but one or two of them. When i saw the OC i thought that a people with that amount of money were snobbish. But at least those characters had alittle bit of depth to them. The characters in Gossip Girl are so shallow that it is almost unbelieveable. I could not stand it long enough to see if there was actually a good storyline but from what i saw there wasn't anything good there. A show about rich, snobbish teenagers with absolutely no depth whatsoever. One of the worst tv shows that i have had the misfortune of experiencing.
  • What a waste of air time

    I know that these days it's all about pleasing viewers from the age of 12 to 23 but I am aghast at the quality of television these days including this senseless show that shows young, egotistical, useless teenagers going about life as if there were no responsibilities. The characters are fairly artificial and trust me, I know it's all about the clothes being worn by beautiful people but there in no depth to the stories.It goes to show you that the shows that sell on television are still shows about hospitals,detectives, young heartless people,more hospital series, more detective series and oh yes, those reality shows.Welcome to the Dark Ages of television.
  • That upset stomach you had last Monday wasn't food poisoning, it was caused by Gossip Girl.

    It's the show that everyone is talking about, yet no one watching. It's consistently found at the bottom of the Nelson Ratings scan, yet is one of the most popular shows of the '07/'08 television season. It's a series that should be borderline cancellation.O Brother, Where Bart Thou? - "More towers than Trump, more bucks than Bloomberg... Bart Bass definitely made his mark on Manhattan. The passing of a public figure can shake a whole town, but the real story is always the one happening in private, away from. Jenny and Nate leave DUMBO forever; Dan becomes what he hates
  • Part of the reason kids act so mean

    Ever wonder why children today are so cruel to others or why they don't focus on anything else but themselves? I'm sorry to all you Gossip Girl fans out there, but this is part of the reason.

    Shows today are mostly promoted sex to young people today, which is a major problem. It's kind of saying that life is going to be easy to the beautiful ones and you have to make those who are less fortunate a hard time.

    Plus this show is just so cocky, I know that this show has a lot of fans and I'm one of the few haters, but this is why I hate this show.
  • Overated

    I went to school one day, and like five girls came up to me and screamed "OMG! you gotta watch this show, its sooo

    so i came home and went to netflix, and watched like 6 episodes. it was a totally waste of time, that show is boring as fuck...
  • Boring

    wow this show is boring. Everything about it is boring, nothing happens at all. The show is basically "Oh i broke a nail what am i going to do for the next half in hour" i mean give me a break. I only watched one episode and i had to resist the urge not to break down and start crying tears of pain. I felt like someone stole my wallet and took two dollars out of it. Anyways hearing a bunch of snobby rich kids whine about how sad there lives are is awful. "Oh no i'm so unhappy that i got the blue dress instead of the red one" give me a break
  • It's the same excat thing as all the other teen dramas.

    Why put on so many stupid shows that are about like the same excat things. I mean they all have basicly the same plot line. And all the characters are always so shallow.. Keep the book, but don't make it a show, There are enough of them already out there. We need more show that have more depth and action. Not the "rich girl with problems" show. I mean what can you get out of it. Sure, it may be enternaning for the first episoide, but the tv plot is diffrent from the book. They added more into the story line and i don't thinks it's right.
  • Is this show "Straight?"

    It must be a "non-straight" show. the girls are kind of "not really looking good". also "Really really not looking good". maybe also "Very very extremely not really looking good".

    and the dudes are like "really metrosexual". very metrosexual". "extremely metrosexual".

    well, I mean, I have no problem with peoples choice or look but, for a "high society" show, they could do better I guess.

    Low Budget productions trying to handle subjects off their reach, often give big holes in casting. I guess this show is falling under the same mistake.

    But perhaps they will succeed where "DIRT" failed. (It is not hard to do better than "DIRT")
  • Don't live up to the hype.

    I started wacth Gossip Girl because it's a show of Josh Schwartz, the creator of The OC, one of the best teen dramas ever.

    But with this he clearly lost his touch. I mean, it's a teen drama where the teens almost don't go to school. It's only parties and clothes and whatever stupid other think those guys think it's important.

    The cast is painful bad. Blake Lively it's a new actress, but she is unwacthable with her Serena. The adult cast is bad too, they look (are) too young and don't convince me with her characters. Penn Badgley, Taylor Momsen, Jessica Szhor and Chace Crawford are so-so to bad actors. The only two cast members that deserve honorable mention are Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester. They have the best (only) good moments of the show. But even so, Ed Westwick have only one "face", no matter if Chuck is happy, sad, vengeaful or whatever, his face looks the same over and over again. The show really dissapointed me, I have high expectations, but not even the season finale made the show look better.

    In short words: IT'S A BAD SHOW, and I'm not coming back to the 2nd season.
  • First impression: they moved "The Bold and the Beautiful" to primetime.

    This is a very demographic-specific show. If you're a pre-teen, teen, or just got out of prep-school then you'll find alot to like about this "Bold and the Beautiful" daytime drama done at night. But if you're an adult (not the creepy kind) and/or parent of a teen then you'll despise almost every aspect of this show. I personally agree with alot of the naysayers here, the acting is melo-dramatic, if it's any good at all, and the show would be a farce if you added a laugh track instead of the hip pop background tunes. The show has gobs of plausibility issues, too, but again, the targeted demo don't care about such technicalities, they're too busy seeing themselves and their friends in these characters.
  • A thirtysomethings perspective

    Although I typically find the teenage dramas a bit much (apart for my irrational, undying love for the outrageously over-the-top One Tree Hill), I heard a lot of buzz about Gossip Girl, so I decided to give it a try. It was as dissapointing as I feared. Let's look at what does and doesn't make sense.

    Gossip Girl is a faceless narrator who apparently sees all and reports it on a blog. Okay, I can see that happening in this day and age.

    There's Serena, a former popular girl who is returning from a year spent in boarding school in Conneticut. She lives in a hotel with her mother and drinks martinis at the hotel bar. Now, let's stop right there. I know these types of kids; I attended boarding school myself and grew up in an affluent family. But drinking martinis in an upscale hotel bar? Yeah, right- in my fantasies.

    And I couldn't help but notice- Serena looks as old as her mother. But perhaps this is the result of a substance abuse problem (like, say, alcoholism)? Substance abuse can make people look old and harsh, so I'll reserve judgment on this one.

    Serena and her mother are hiding a shameful secret- Serena's brother (Eric) attempted suicide and is staying in a hospital. True, people are hospitalized for suicide attempts- for a few days at the most. Then they typically have to return to school. Why is that such a shameful secret? Is this set in the sixties?

    Apparently, one thing Serena did before going to boarding school was sleep with her best friend, Blair's, boyfriend (Nate). Watching this scene unfold in flashback, I had to laugh. On TV, teens are portrayed like adults who just happened not to have lived as long. But let's get real about adolescents sleeping together. In real life, they have trouble finding where things are, even more trouble figuring out where to put things, and the whole event is shorter than the flashback scene was on the show. This is the voice of experience talking.

    The competitive nature of Serena and Blair's friendship, however, was very realistic, I'll give the show that.

    The wallflower Dan was lovable, of course- too shy to introduce himself to his crush Serena and kind enough to leave his first date with her to rescue his sister, Jenny, from attempted date-rapist Chuck.

    Chuck is your typical wealthy, entitled sleazebag teen who will make a great party boy. But Nate's father convining Nate to continue his relationship with Blair to help out with a business deal? Since when did a teenage romance become that influential? And the whole idea that they've been dating since kindergarten? Please. Only other teens would actually find that even credible.

    It's not even a question of credibiltiy. Some of my most favourite shows have no credible premise. Prison Break, Battlestar Galactica. Rather it's the execution. I found it to be dull, drab and akward. There is no real stand-out character, all the girls look the same, all the guys look the same. Recycled O.C.

    So, I'm left mystified with what makes Gossip Girl so highly recommended by the critics. The under-18 set will probably find this show thrilling, but for the grown-ups, I'm sure Dirty Sexy Money, Cane, or Big Shots will be more interesting.
  • Just End it Already

    Dear Gossip Girl:

    I just don't care anymore. Watching this final season is like eating that last piece of lasagna in the fridge: I know it's about to go bad and it seems a shame to waste it, but I'm so sick of it that it's all I can do to keep it down. Maybe your writers are trying to break all the characters down so at the end they can be redeemed? If that's the case, at least make it interesting! Or make me care about one of the characters. Any of the characters. Right now Nate is the most likable, and until recently he's been boinking a 17 year old and is probably engaged in some sort of creative accounting. (At least I think that's what's going on, I'm not sure since I frequently get distracted by shiny things when I'm trying to watch this show.) It really feels like every show in Season 6 up to this point is a throw-away episode - having the characters and the plot tread water - until the season finale. I'll keep trying to choke down this last season, but I think it's already gone bad.
  • Everybody thinks this show is cool,but their wrong.

    It's not even cool,even with the girls.It's very boring and whenever the makers are doing,it was a bad idea for a show.It's not even like High School Musical or all of the other shows.I don't think that the show is a good one.It's like a drama or a not scary version of The Haunting Of Molly Hartley,even with Chace Chrawford.I say that it's really boring and it's really a bad drama show.It's not even a best show or it's not even better than Drake And Josh.I would say that it should be a bad show and my grade is a F because it's boring and lame.
  • Completely unoriginal and repetitve.

    Every episode I watch of this show convices me more of how stupid it is to hire all good looking actresses and actors without any sense of talent.I mean it's getting so lame that it's almost pathetic. This season love's affaires:
    -Dan and Serena
    -Dan and Rachel
    -Jenny and Nate
    -Vannessa and Nate
    -Blair and Nate
    -Serena and the paintor guy whatever his name is.
    -Chuck with Blair
    -Chuck with Vannessa. I mean it's too much even for this show. I mean one thing is to show " the scandolous lives of Manhattan elite " another thing is to make every character in the show date every other character , it's lame and completely out of touch. What it's worse , every episode a new relationship is introduced so this show has lost all sense of storyline and plot , and one day Nate is in love with Vannessa next day she doesn't exist , I mean come on . Dan which was an interesting character in season one , now is the worst nice guy of history and he is as boring as anyone can get. Dialogues are so basic and idiotic that any 5 yeard old with a computer could write them. For example I watched " Remains of the J " today and Blair says to Nate: " Only my boyfriend can touch my hair".I think that explains it all and prooves my point. This is a lame excuse of a show which has nothing to do against other shows of the genre such as One Tree Hill ( that's a really good show) , the OC or even Privileged. If I don't see any improvement before this season finishes , this show is absolutely done for me , total waste of time.
  • Chuck and Blair are the saving grace of the show!

    The show started out pretty good for a teen soap opera. I liked it well enough, though I've always hated Serena/Blake. She is a terrible actress and the character is even worse. Chuck and Blair are the only reason I continue to watch the show. Even when they are not together their chemistry is fabulous. The one absolutely terrible thing about this show is how old these characters act. They are supposed to be 20ish! LOL that is something I can't get over. And there are so many useless characters on, the number one spot goes to Vanessa! Honestly, I hope the show ends next season (with Chuck and Blair together). Leighton Meester (Blair) is absolutely fabulous. I can't wait to see her get more and more famous.
  • Gossip girl episode one...

    Tell me why the cast is underportrayed compared to the book. Serena is supposed to be the prettiest, and is not. In fact, Blair isn't pretty enough either. Jenny, who is a brown/red head and large busted, is blonde and a B cup... WHy?? I certainly hope the author knows the shows are of no comparison to her books. However, I think Chuck plays his role very well. He most definitely has the face and personality of a schmuck. I just wish that the people responsible for the cast would have put a little more effort into portraying the characters the way they were in the book. That is the reason for character descriptions. I will still watch though.
  • Scotch: The New Beverage of Choice for Underage Drinkers

    I finally got around to watching Gossip Girl (GG) on Netflix. I like to marathon-watch series that have ended, so this has consumed a big chunk of my time over the past few weeks. It went 5 full seasons + 10 episodes (also known as "Season 6"). I had a love-hate relationship with GG. During the first season, I was shocked at how much scotch, bubbly, and assorted mixed alcoholic drinks a bunch of freshman and juniors in high school guzzled in front of their parents and in so many upscale establishments around Manhattan. I don't think any of the main characters was of legal drinking age until GG Season 4 or 5, and yet no one EVER got carded by a barkeep (or even reprimanded by any adult for downing an 80 proof beverage in their presence). Did Drew Barrymore teach these adults NOTHING of the dangers of alcohol use by the young and privileged?? I found that disturbing, because it made it seem like teenagers drinking booze was more than just a part of their glamorous Upper East Side (UES) teenage lives it made it seem like it was a normal teen activity. I could go on about the predictable plot twists. Or the absurd amount of coincidences faced by the GG characters. Or the fact that the characters have the WORST timing EVER.. But the fact remains that the show normalizes addictive behavior. All of the characters emerge unscathed. It's a complete fairy tale, and it must be viewed as such. Taken as farce, the show is entertaining primarily because of Blair and Chuck. Nate was solid (through most of the episodes) because he was so deftly played by Chace Crawford. Beyond those 3 and the Waldorf household, though, the rest of the regular cast grated on my last nerve after several episodes. If I were to recommend this series, I'd probably suggest skipping Seasons 3 and 4 altogether. Aside from the locations and the fashion, there was little to entertain during those two seasons. That said, it was a semi-entertaining way to get nothing accomplished for a couple of weeks.
  • Characters

    All the characters seem to glue together age-wise, but not Serena. She looks much too old for the group, I think.

  • Um ...

    Oh ... this show is still on? Wow. how nice. NOT REALLY.
  • A complete and total disappointment

    I was excited to see that Gossip Girl was becoming a show, considering I was a fan of the books. What a disappointment I was in for. While the books are edgy, witty, and interesting, the show is nothing like them.
    I don't usually moan and complain about differences between books and screen adaptions, because some things just cannot be transfered. But the only things that are the same between the books and the show are that it's named "Gossip Girl", the characters have the same names, and it's set in the Upper East Side. That's it. Important character traits that were in the books, that defined the characters, are not found in the show. In particular, Jenny and Dan Humphrey. Even their zany but hilarious father, Rufus, has completely changed as well. These quirky, complex, extremely interesting characters transfered onto the show as shallow, generic, pretty people. Jenny, who, in the books, really wanted to be like Serena, but in reality was short, with curly hair and was very self conscious, tried her best to be accepted, even following in the footsteps of what Serena did in her past. In the show, Jenny is almost a carbon copy of Serena. Blonde, pretty. Bland. The same thing happened to Dan when he transfered to the screen, as well as many other characters.
    The only slightly interesting characters that this show has are Chuck and Gossip Girl herself. Played well by Ed Westwick and Kristen Bell (even though just her voice is used). I feel that the character of Serena was designed to suit Blake Lively, the pretty, 'good girl', instead of Blake making herself into Serena. In the books, Serena is a beautiful girl, who attracts the attention of men all around. Even though Serena isn't too smart and is a bit of a space cadet herself. The same thing seemed to happen to Dan. In the books he is a witty and intelligent poet, but quirky and strange. Penn Badgely just seems to be trying to hard to be funny in the show. He's just as bland as the rest of them.

    Even though the book series of Gossip Girl isn't 'fine literature' by any means, it definitely is one of the better, well written books of its kind. There is literally no comparison between the show and the books. It had potential to be a different teen show, but ended up being just so completely bland and boring. I think I am the most disappointed in Josh Schwartz, who created the great show of The OC, which deteriorated over the years, but started out strong. Those characters had some substance. If you enjoy good television, skip Gossip Girl. It has no real substance at all.
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