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  • Are You Freaking Kidding Me?!?!?!!?

    I'm finished with this stupid show and its horrible story line. Chuck and Blair finding every opportunity not to be together is ridiculous. Nate is a young, handsome, twenty-something...what on earth is he doing with a freaking teenager?!?! And what's more disgusting than a high school kid and Nate? Try Rufus and a girl his son's age! Yuck!
  • well it's all about the life of the upper east siders. the people, their lifestyle and culture..

    i'm a teenager.and maybe that's why i got addicted to this show. it really got my attention. but if you really try to think about it, the show's kind of senseless. BOOZE, GIRLS, MONEY, GREED, PARTY. that's what this show teaches you. after realizing this, i told myself that maybe i should watch another tv show instead. a tv show where i can truly learn. i think other teenagers have the need to realize this. coz because of this show, our morals are affected. teenagers think that it's ok to party all night and go have sex with a whole bunch of people. well there are also good things being learned from the show, but there are really only a feww. i dont really mean to offend anyone. it's just an opinion :)
  • I love chuck

    This was just brilliant! I love how we got to see a more sensitive side of Chuck, just unfortunate with the whole jumping to conclusions thing with Dan and his notes. I thought they were a very funny match and unlikely pair of mates. I would love to see more of them together and Chuck just taking the p*ss out of Dan really, but deep down they will start to like each other. I'm glad to see a more humane side of Serena again, just hoping she'll go back to nice, normal Serena again. Hurting Blair was a bit harsh, but I guess she's right to some extent, although she said it in a pretty mean way...
  • Just End it Already

    Dear Gossip Girl:

    I just don't care anymore. Watching this final season is like eating that last piece of lasagna in the fridge: I know it's about to go bad and it seems a shame to waste it, but I'm so sick of it that it's all I can do to keep it down. Maybe your writers are trying to break all the characters down so at the end they can be redeemed? If that's the case, at least make it interesting! Or make me care about one of the characters. Any of the characters. Right now Nate is the most likable, and until recently he's been boinking a 17 year old and is probably engaged in some sort of creative accounting. (At least I think that's what's going on, I'm not sure since I frequently get distracted by shiny things when I'm trying to watch this show.) It really feels like every show in Season 6 up to this point is a throw-away episode - having the characters and the plot tread water - until the season finale. I'll keep trying to choke down this last season, but I think it's already gone bad.
  • awful storyline

    It would be nice if the writers were at least trying to make the story believable. Do any of these people even know what love is?! Serena falls in and out of love faster than I can write this sentence.

    If she isn't sad after an engagement is broken off, then why would she marry that guy in the first place. I've really had it with this stupid rehashing of storylines and making unbelievable excuses for anything. Really, these people could just as well roll a dice to make all their life decisions.

    The first seasons were really good, but now I will be really glad when this nonsense is finally over.
  • dan and blair no it should be chuck and blair

    omg seriously dan and blair

    the only one who belongs with blair is chuck and that obvious

    no they come up with some stupid thing like god that they can't be together and then they go with dan over chuck I mean this is'nt possible.

    I'm truely dissapointed in the gossip girl writers and I hope for them the show get's better because a lot of viewers will not watch it again

    including me.
  • I love this show Gossip Girl has been my number one favorite show. I watch it every monday night at eight o'clock. I have never missed a single episode since it first came out on television.

    I love this show Gossip Girl has been my number one favorite show. I watch it every monday night at eight o'clock. I have never missed a single episode since it first came out on television. I was extremly mad when time warner stoped show the cw so i began to watch the episodes on the www.thecw.com website. Before this show came out i watched the show called the o. c. which was writen by the same writer as Gossip Girl. the o. c. stop coming out with new episodes so i nothing to watch anymore. once i saw that Gossip Girl was writen by the same guys i said i have to watch that show. and i have not been disappointed. Gossip Girl is now become my new The O. C.
  • love it.

    i am in love with this show. i have read books 1 and 2 and im now on book 3 but the show is nothing like the books. the show started like book one but it went completely the opposite direction. i think the show and the books are good. either way, you read and watch two different stories so its actually really cool! i seriously love this show. it makes mondays a beautiful day because i get to come homw from school and watch gossip girl! its a good way to start the week. the good thing is that each episode is just as good as the last episode. so it makes you want more, it definately is a guilty pleasure.
  • what are you doing here???

    if you guys hate the show, then what the %%&& are you doing here?!!! jajaja i dont go to eat where i dont like the food!! i just dont!

    i really like gossip girl, and i think the blair and chuck relationship its the best thing about it, we all love the chase, and the happy endings!! please we need chuck and blairs fairytale to end how we all want it to end, they being together!!
  • Exactly why I watch this series!! It was amazing!

    Ok this was definately one of the best episodes of the 2nd season so far. Everything about it was great. It was just so heartbreaking. Ed's acting was fabulous, it was great to see him with more lines and depth to his storyline! Finally Blaire tells Chuck how she feels, which is followed by heartbreak then a sweet reunion and then once again leaving us with heartbreak. I nearly cried when he left her again. So Lill and Rufus have a child together, surprise surprise lol I knew thats what it had to be, but it will be interesting to see how things progress with that, althought its sad that they wont be together :( So the Serena, Dan, Aaron love triangle continues again, and its so obvious that S & D are still in love but S is willing to sacrafise that for the happiness of her mother. Cyrus and Ellanore get married and Cyrus and Blaire share a very sweet moment! All in all a fantastic episode, cannot wait to see what happens with everything!
  • Intriguing and Addictive

    I read these books at 18 and felt like the biggest loser. I couldn't help it; I was enthralled by the drama.

    When the show aired, I decided against watching it because I decided I was over the teen-angst soap opera phase in my life. Boy was I wrong.

    I didn't get into the show until the CW took the first season episodes off their website, so at first I could only watch the first episode. I downloaded it from Amazon and watched it at least seven times that first week. Then I waited for the DVD to come out.

    In the last week, I have watched all of the episodes that have aired. I can't seem to get Blair Waldorf or Dan Humphrey out of my mind. I find myself wondering what they're doing right now, as if the characters are real.

    I know that someone said the characters are flat, that they don't really develop as the show progresses, but I tend to disagree. I think they can revert and they tend to stall, but I also think that's typical of high schoolers.

    I love this show, and I can't wait until the next episode!

  • What i thought about Gossip Girl!

    I just finished watching this show today! WOO!

    I was reading reviews and noticed a LOT of people were not pleased with the last few seasons on the show and the finale.

    I personally really enjoyed this show. Yes, there were moments that i found annoying (Blair/Dan-although i will admit it was well written) and somewhat boring (season 3 . There were points in the show where i pretty much was annoyed by every character. I had a nice chuckle at the amount of love interest's Nate can have too... Hahah... I actually did like his character in the end, although not alwys his love interests. There were "YES!!" "OMG!" "NO!!" "Aww!!" moments! I love Blair/Serena's friendship, Blair/Chuck's heartbreaking relationship, Dan/Nate/Chuck friendship, Lily/Rufus romance, Lily/Chuck mother son bond, Serena/Chuck's brother sister relationship, the Blair take towns, when they all worked together, when Georgina showed up to mess everything up:P

    Now on to the things i was not so happy about... I found that they RUINED Dan's character somewhere between seasons 4/5 and i really just started hating him... The end with Chuck/Blair was too rushed. I was hoping for a real wedding and better proposal. That was THE moment to wait for IMO and we didn't get it... We didn't get that surprising, romantic proposal we were teased probably around 3x beforehand :P Serena and Dan were also rushed... I feel like they were ruined when Blair and Dan got together. I am happy they ended up together as i wanted them to from the start, but they could have written them better. I mean, for half of season 6 Serena was with another guy(don't remember his name). Nate didn't even end up with anyone... I was hoping he would end up with Jenny actually since i knew she was returning for the finale. Serena and Blair were basically not friends the whole time until the end... As much as i didn't like Blair/Dan there was no closure for them. LILY AND RUFUS DID NOT END UP TOGETHER! The whole season they were barley taking and APART! :( I have to admit.... for a while they were the only interesting party of the show for me and I have been rooting for them as endgame since day 1! I have to say i'm 100% against the incest idea but i just HAVE to make an exception for them because i love them sooo much! For a season that was SO short and only had 10 episodes, they really needed to skip all the filler stuff and work on rapping up the season. I feel like the show lacked a good rap up of all the characters and story lines... the beginning half focused on things that were not important. Dan revealing himself as GG was pretty good. The thing is, i feel like the writers just threw it together. I do not think it was very planned out. It was rushed as well. I would have preferred 5ish episodes to rap that story up too (or at least more than what was given). I know they were only given 10 episodes so possibly things would have been different if they were given a whole season.

    So even with all my complaints---- I rated the show as an 8 because without looking at all the technical stuff, i REALLY enjoyed watching! It lost points for the ending being too rushed and ruining some characters... The Blair/Chuck angst was KILLING me but i loved it! I know my complaints were longer than the part on what I liked. The complaints were mostly about the last season. I really did like this show but there are some things that i would have done differently and changed. But it is what it is.. :)

    (PS- WOW! Can't believe how much i wrote... LOL IDK if anyone will read to the end:P Hope i was not too boring)
  • Guilty pleasure about the rich and ... well. Not that beautiful.

    Tonight the 3rd season kick off, but I haven't seen it all until today. Once upon a time I watched half the first season, but lost interest. Now I've revisited and I'm up to date.

    I'm a simple guy. The problems and powerstruggles of rich kids ain't especially fascinating. In my case it really doesn't help when I don't find any of the female cast beautiful either. Just not my cup of tea.

    And the circling never ending plot twists of the same couples on and off? Seen that before, and not only once or twice.

    It still manages to stay interesting enough I watch it as guilty pleasure, or maybe just in lack of other options. I'm kind of running out of shows now.

    I guess moral isn't on top of the list for those rich kids in the real world either, but the fact every character lacks any abillity to be honest or take the high road gets on my nerves.

    Still. I'll check out the new season and give them their minutes, at least for a couple of weeks, but it's not one of the shows I'm looking forward to as we now begin a new tv-season.

    I do however love the show tag line....

    xoxo gossip girl
  • New York City. Gorgeous girls, hot guys. This show follows New York teens through the best times and the worst times of their lives. Breaking up and hooking up. Best friends and enemies. Gossip Girl doesn't leave any secrets behind closed doors.

    Gossip Girl is a teenage soap opera. I personally love the show. You will fall in love with the characters as you watch them grow and then fall. There is more drama then anything. The teenagers and the parents relationships are ridiculous. The Upper-east side vs. Brooklyn. The poor boy falling for the rich girl. The "best" couple splitting up. Best Friends hooking up! You pretty much got it all. Now all you need to know is it's on Mondays at 8:00pm on the CW. If you are just checking in.... You might want to check out all of the episodes. They are all worth it.
  • This is a story set in the Upper East Side of New York where the return of Serena Van Der Woodson creates quite a buzz.

    I think this one is definately worth a watch! Its fun and light hearted...not too mushy and brings a smile to my face espeically when Dan is mumbling! Its a rich classy world!! All the characters are somehow different and yet bring out something relatable in all of us! I especially like the way it starts and ends i.e with the gossip girl 'Hello Upper East Societors Gossip Girl Here' and 'you know you love me xoxo Gossip Girl.' Pretty funky!!

    I absolutely love the character chuck (Pretty naughty if you ask me)

    Different and definetely well produced tv show!!

    A complete classic which will be watched by all the young girls in the future as well!! XOXO
    Keep it coming!!!
  • 10
    Gossip Girl is definitely my favorite guilty pleasure. Ed and Leighton are very talented. This is much better than lots of the other shows out there. The actors are suited for their characters. I do believe that Ed/Chuck should have gotten an award nomination for his acting skills. Leighton should have gotten a nomination, too. These 2 have bright futures. I do like the fact that the writers listen to the fans. They got rid of Aaron Rose. The actor and character are both bad. I do like Cyrus. The show is getting better and better. I definitely think that Nate and Vanessa should go. They are annoying. I prefer more screen time for Eric and Jenny.
  • The best show on television today.

    Where do I start? I love Gossip Girl. I'm a massive fan of Josh Schwartz's work (namely The O.C., may it rest in peace) and this is no exception. Before I even watched this show, I knew I would love it. The mere poster and television adverts were enough to have me wanting more. And that's what happens every time I watch an episode. I end up wanting more. And I'm not the only one. Teenagers around the globe are as desperate to hear about the escapades of Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate and the rest of the Upper-East Side of Manhattan as the teeny-boppers that we see frantically whipping out their Blackberrys or dashing to their iMacs the second Gossip Girl dishes out some new dirt. But why? Well, let's take a look at the various elements that make up Gossip Girl.

    1. Characters. Now I don't want this to be one of those extremely boring television analyses where I go into great detail taking apart all the characters' facial expressions and the symbolism of their actions, but you must admit the characters are fabulous. From Blair's constant desire to remain in control to Serena's affair with Nate (that essentially started the whole show) to Lonely Boy and his hatred of commercialism and anything related to upper-middle class people (i.e. everyone he goes to school with). The stars for me, however, are Leighton Meester as the dangerous Blair Waldorf and Ed Westwick as the unctuous, yet undoubtedly charming Chuck Bass. Now I don't mean to say that I think they are the best television couple, or a "ship" as people seem to refer to them. I mean, I love the way they are both portrayed by the actors. Yes, everyone on this show is fantastic, but I believe Meester and Westwick shine beyond all others. Blair's constant struggle to stay on top and retain her position as (aptly enough) Queen B make her a loveable, rather than scary, character. People watching aren't intimidated by her, as the people in the show are, but rather, they want to BE her. And why wouldn't you? She is beautiful, with poise and grace like a real member of the upper class. Yet she has her flaws, and that's what makes her real. We realise that we can identify with her through the problems she encounters. Her parents' divorce, her mother's carelessness compounded with her absence in Blair's life (as highlighted in S02E09: There Might Be Blood), her issues with living in Serena's shadow, Nate cheating on her, not being able to admit her love for Chuck, and of course, her eating disorder. Blair is just like us - she has her own problems on the inside, but hides these in favour of fighting for something she cares about. The thing I love most about Chuck is his mannerisms. The dark stare that all girls melt before, then the low, charming voice that coaxes them into sleeping with him and forgetting all their inhibitions. Yet Chuck, like Blair, has his own problems, as we discover in Season 2. The guilt he harbours about the death of his mother touched so many hearts, and made hundreds of people around the world tear right in front of their television screens. Sure, he's awful to begin with, but we love him, and as the series has continued he's just gotten better and better. Of course, the one thing we will never get tired of: "I'm Chuck Bass."

    2. Money. Being that the show is about the lives of rich and poor, what happens when they collide, and the problems the Upper-East Side harbour beneath their expensively draped exteriors, you expect it to involve some discussion and/or use of money. But it's not just the money of the characters; it's the money the show has. Now, I don't know what the exact figures of production costs are (I couldn't find them), but you can tell just by looking at it that so much money has been put into it. I mean, how else would they be able to have all those big crowd scenes and extravagant social events in hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars? Schwarz and co. pour a wince-worthy amount of money into Gossip Girl, and that's what makes the show what it is. Without all that money, it would be nothing.

    3. Gossip Girl.
    The anonymous blogger documenting (read: ruining) the lives of the Constance Billard girls and St. Judes boys has earned herself a celebrity position within the Upper-East Side. Voiced by the lovely Kristen Bell (and why isn't she credited?), Gossip Girl shapes the whole show. Yes, it is a tad unrealistic that she seems to know things that are said behind closed doors and have a million sources that don't even know who she is, yet devote all their time to scouting the streets for people making up, breaking up and hooking up. But she is fantastic. Even though she is merely a narrator, an accessory to the show, she plays a big part in teaching the audience valuable, sometimes even philosophical, life lessons and she provides an added dimension that other shows just don't seem to have. 4. The book.
    Hopefully you're all relatively observant and know that the television show is based on the book series of the same name by Cecily von Ziegesar. I have to say that I was one of the people that found out only after the show had started, but the books aren't bad. Granted, other than the first one, it seems that the books are vastly different to the show, and it is only the characters that are based on the book (actually, not even. Those of you who have read the book will understand: Chuck is on the verge of being gay?)
    Okay, while I find the book differs greatly to the show (and I have to admit the show is far better than the book in comparison), I must tip my hat to von Ziegesar. After all, if she hadn't written the book we wouldn't be watching the best show on television today, would we?
  • Fan freaking tastic

    Sooo much fun. I really love this show, every week I tune in for it. The characters are great, there young and fabulous most are rich and have the nice clothes en the cool boyfriends but so much drama! The writers are doing an excellent job I'm always wondering what is next to come, so exciting. The Chuck & Blair storyline is going on for some time now but it's not boring they have such good on screen chemistry. The actors are perfectly cast. I really recommend this show to anybody who isn't watching it already cause you're really missing out.
  • this is the best show i see ever seriana plair chuk all are perfect and funny too the director is perfect all the time seriana is the most touchable for me

    his is the best show i see ever seriana plair chuk all are perfect and funny too the director is perfect all the time seriana is the most touchable for me i found also dan is wise and ideal for seriana i 'm totally dependant on this show from week to week every monday i see the cooperation between cast is the most helpful to the sucess of this show i hope they have at least 7 seasons iwould be so sad if they don't but i know that the cast sign on acontaract for six seasons i hope so really
  • The show is way better than the books. This is a must see show!!!

    Yeah the show was very predictable in the first season, but now its like unpredictable. The second season is really good. Dan's little sister is coming out her shell. Chuck is like still in love with Blair. I love Chuck because he is so unpredictable. He likes make the show because every time it seems he started he new leaf. He also end up back to his old ways, reference to first season. Do I need to say anymore? For those who haven't even read or watch this great story you need to because everything that others are saying its true. This is like one of the best shows ever and you just have to be apart if it!
  • Best . Show . Ever!

    This is totally my new favorite tv show. You gotta watch it, it's totally worth all the stupid commercials in-between. (If you don't have a tv, buy it on iTunes, it's worth the money)
    The first season was totally amazing! From all the overly priced, but totally worth it cloths, to the twisted story line, this show has got to be one of the best ones out there. At first i was a little mad because it's nothing like the books, but then i realized, the show was almost even better than the books!
    This next season i hope will be just as good as the last, if not better!
  • Yes, please.

    So, the whole episode starts off with the skeavy Jack stepping out of a limo after a GG-speech about inheritence and money and looking just as one would expect him to: sort of awesomely wicked. It's set to "Mirror Error" by the Faint which is a really great song and also finishes off the episode which I have to say is a nice touch.
    Blair approaches with the most disgusted look on her face in a long time, looking like she got too much botox or otherwise she would frown. They're gathered for the reading of the will, and Jack is fully intent on inheriting the power to run Bass Industries. And then Nate appears out of the blue, like the BFF he should've acted about an episode ago. No word on where he's been or why he hasn't been in touch before now, but whatever.

    Then there's Dan and Jenny, and Jenny is refreshingly still in high school. I know, shocking. Also on their way to school is Serena and Eric, and Eric actually has a bit of plot in this episode, not just gay sidekick. He's not thrilled about Jenny latching onto him and Jonathan all the time, which I get, because I wouldn't want to hang out with Jenny too much either. Or at all, but y'know, no personal judgement.

    Anyways, Chuck gets the power to run Bass Industries, which is sort of shocking to everyone [at least those who don't watch promos] and especially Jack, who's not turning that frown upside down anytime soon. But turns out he's more of a Bass than one might've bargained for, because throughout the episode he's a total sleaze who tries to bring Chuck down whenever he's not name-dropping prescription drugs for STDs.

    So what is annoying couple no. 1 up to today? Well, Rufus and Lily are in Boston trying to track down their lost child, which is just terrific except for the fact that Lily hasn't mentioned the part about a child to her other two children, which isn't surprising for her. Seriously, that woman does not know how to care for her children. You would've thought she would've cleaned up her act after that talk with Eric but no, as soon as Bart is cold in the ground she's onto a new man. Or rather yet, the same one she hasn't been able to let go of for twenty very, very long years. The worst part about all this is that Serena and Eric don't even complain anymore, they just seemed used to the fact that their mom's not in town.
    Complaining aside, Rufus and Lily don't have much luck finding their kid, so they go back to doing what they do best: hooking up. So much for Dan having a VdW woman alone for like, two seconds.

    The mean girls decide that they've had enough of following after Blair, who in turn is attached to Chucks' hip, so they decide to dig up the dirt on Dan all by themselves and Nelly Yuki, who went from likeable to surprisingly mean in two episodes (though I have to admit it's really amusing) snatches Dan's cellphone when he and Vanessa are in a candy store.
    Important things about this candy store: 1) Nate starts acting like the flip-floppy BFF that he really is, because even though there's like a huge brunch for Chuck he wants to celebrate his 2 month anniversary with Vanessa. Which I get, but why can't he do it later (it's a brunch for crying out loud, not a day-long thing). But the other important thing about the candy store scene is that Vanessa is not as annoying as usual! Normally I want to rip her apart whenever I see her with that holier-than-thou attitude, but she was quite tolerable in this scene.
    So, the mean girls leak the dirt on Rufus and Lily: they have a kid and omgasp! That means that Dan and Serena, who've are back together for anyone who happened to blink or anything, share a sibling. Even Chuck and GG think this is taking it a bit too far.

    Meanwhile, Bart hit Chuck's weak spot and made him believe that he had a boring life when he was in reality going to meet the smoking-hot Blair in what seemed more like a nightgown than a dress by calling her 'wife'. So he drags Chuck out on the town with three ... respectable ladies ... and the next day, at the big brunch Blair and Jack have thrown for him, he's wasted and still entertaining these respectable ladies up in the office. Blair's not happy about this, and neither is the board for Bass Industries. Then Chuck goes on to tell Blair to back off, which is probably the stupidest thing Chuck has done in the last week or so because seriously, Blair is the best thing to have happened to him.

    Dan and Serena decide to try and work it out anyway, which isn't as icky as one would've thought, because Rufus and Lily met with the dad of the child who said that their son drowned a while ago. But no, he didn't really, because the parents are just afraid that Rufus and Lily would take their kid away. I can't blame them, because Lily's parenting has been messed up beyond belief before. This woman makes Eleanor look like Mom of the Year. Eric and Jenny have a little spat and then totally make up in a very teenagy and sweet way. Everything's sweet as soon as Eric's involved. That kid is so needed for this show, because the show needs genuinly likeable characters like him. Dorota and Cyrus are pretty loveable too, especially Dorota.

    In other annoying news, Dan goes to the gallery to find Vanessa, and Nate gives him a speech about finding his real friends through hardness. So sweet, but then he goes and ruins it all by naming Dan as the true friend he was talking about. What the hell, Nate? Forgetting someone much? Like your BFF Chuck? Chuck and Blair are two of the most loyal people on this show, and if you hadn't been such an ass to both of them on different occasions you'd be able to see that. Shame on you, Nate. You haven't even talked to Dan since that little bromance with the football.

    And then Chuck realises what a douche Jack is (an awesome douche, as Barney Stinson would say) and goes to apologize to Blair and they have an incredible scene. They always do. Blair tells him that she's done watching him self-destruct, and more power to her and all that, I just wish they would get back together already. My C/B heart is aching for some love.
    But somehow, even though Chuck and Blair need to get back together, Rufus and Lily get that opportunity this episode. They come home to the loft and find Eric, Serena, Dan and Jenny being adorable and family-like and clasp hands. Yeah, way to forget that other kid of yours that used to be in your family too and needs your help, Lily. You might remember him? Named Chuck and you used to be married to his dad less than like, two months ago. No? Only Humphrey from now on? Ok, got it.

    "But every once in a while, the fate smiles upon you and you get the one thing you truly need."
    What I really need? Some love between Chuck and Blair, proper UES style. There's a reason Blair doesn't like Brooklyn.
  • First couple episodes? Boring. Dull. Yawn. Run of the mill and even somewhat predictable. Hang in there. It get's a lot better.

    Yes, at first I found Gossip Girl somewhat boring. It was riddled with scandal, but in my eyes the scandal was in the world of children and inconsequential. The only reason I kept watching was because the music was fabulous. It all turned around for me when the characters started developing depth and the two "game-playing" characters became even more clever in the games that they played. Everyone grew up very fast and the problems were beginning to be tailored to this particular group. Every character that seemed one sided and capable of nothing else held a completely different side that emerged as the show progressed. I expected the two seemingly self-centered, dark, compassion-less characters to remain that way. I was delighted to see them forgive and even band together to protect a former enemy. Other such character surprises are what kept me watching.
    Needless to say, the show is dripping with drama and partner swapping and scandal and all sorts of other things that shouldn't interest us as level-headed, logical human beings but end up being the things we love to watch the most. It's a show in which no one is completely in the right and everyone alienates everyone else at one point or another. The show actually ends up somewhat unpredictable, and that's what I love in show. If the first few episodes aren't doing it for you, keep watching. By the end of the first season, you'll be hooked. After all... "You know you love me. xoxo -Gossip Girl"
  • german opera :-)

    I'm really hooked the Gossip Girl! It's nice to see Chuck back with the van der Woodsens. "Point 26..." Fun :-)

    I really liked Eric with the German Opera / German Klaus statements.

    If anybody's wondering about the German stuff, the Opera is originally called "Die Zauberflöte" (the Magic Flute).

    The Song they talk about is: "Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen", which Eric translates perfectly but pronounces slightly wrong. (It's the first line you hear on the record player as the scene starts ;-)).

    The other 2 German parts were:
    "Es war wunderschön, Danke. Und sie?"

    Which translates "It was beautiful, thank you. And you?"


    "Geh zum Teufel" translating "go to the devil" (i.e. go to hell...)
  • Vanessa gets worse by the minute!

    I used to love Vanessa, but now, she is becoming more and more of a coniving, backstabbing, little Upper Eastsider! One of the things that I hated that she said was when Jenny confronted her after finding out she was seeing Nate. Jenny was saying that she couldn't believe that Vanessa would go behind her back and see Nate, the Vanessa said that Jenny did the same thing! No, no she did not. When Jenny kissed Nate at the fashion show, Vanessa was not dating him, and had not been for a while. Not to mention which, Vanessa and Nate kind of parted on bad terms. So, Nate was obviously single. And, like Jenny said, she felt horrible about it, and went to try and make ammends with Vanessa immediately. Vanessa knew how much Jenny liked Nate, not to mention which, they were almost dating, and hiding that letter was disgraceful! I haven't particularly liked what Jenny had been doing in recent episodes, but I truly felt sorry for her this episode. I know that what Jenny did with the dress was a little cruel, but Vanessa kind of had it coming. Not to mention which, if all that was seen was what they actual camera showed, it wasn't that revealing. All that you could see was the shadow of her legs. Nate also kind of pissed me off. Yeah, Vanessa was embarassed, but he completely ignored the fact that Vanessa stole his letter to Jenny, so Jenny never knew how he felt, leaving both Jenny and Nate to feel that the other one blew them off. Then on top of it, Vanessa then started dating Nate behind Jenny's back, all the while knowing that Jenny still had strong feelings for him, and was thinking about Nate all the time. So, in my opinion, while it was a little humiliating, Vanessa got what was coming to her. I hate Nate a little bit right now. The fact that he chose Vanessa over Jenny makes me so angry. If he wanted to date Vanessa in the first place, honestly, he shouldn't have flirted and made out with Jenny. All he did was play with her emotions, and make her feel horrible. He should feel bad himself. It seems that all Nate and Vanessa have been doing lately, other than canoodling on a city sidewalk, is messing with Jenny's head, and for that, I say that Nate and Vanessa are made for each other.
  • Depressing me with GG

    S6 SUCKS in comparison to S5 - Let gossip girl rest in peace before they ruin it with this butchery ..
  • Rich people, love dramas ..what do you need more :D

    Absolutely LOVE the show.makes me wanna be part of that world just 'cause it's so far away from mine.
    Right from the first episode I knew that it was gonna be a great show... Queen B with her beautiful clothes that I would die for.S and her lovely way. Oh and Nate..How can you not love him,a real gentleman.
    And you can't get past Chuck.I never was the kind of girl,who falls for the bad guy,but..you can imagine I've changed :D
    I'm not a big fan of the Humphreys but it wouldn't be the same without them.
    CAN'T wait till the next episode
    your truly
  • Gossip Girl is a show about teens who live on the Upper East Side and how their everyday life is from dealing with sex, drugs, jealousy, and other problems. In the show, their life is being narrated by Gossip Girl who is an anonymous blogger.

    Gossip Girl is the best show on right now hands down. It is the only show even worth watching these days. It always has a juicy storyline and some of the greatest characters I've seen in a while. It is definitely something to watch. Also, it is a show that everybody can relate to in one way or another since it does deal with issues facing society today. Gossip Girl is definitely a funny and entertaining show at times but it can also pull at heart-strings at just the right time. It is a must watch. You know you love it! xoxo
  • This has to be my favourite show on television, I'm obsessed!

    The never ending drama keeps me on the edge of my seat, I love it. It's a show that make you wish that you were them. What's not to love about Gossip Girl. I love the characters in the show, Blair the b***h, Dan the outsider, Jenny the fashion designer and blair wannabe, Serena the bad girl gone good, Nate the lost one, and Chuck the womanizer. What a set of characters. You can't help but love all of then, even Blair and Chuck. Victor/Victrola has to be one of the best episodes in season. Why? Blair and Chuck in the back of the limo. The episode that follows Victor/Victrola, Sixteen candles has to be my favourite out of all the episode. I think that Chuck and Blair are so sweet together, when he told Blair about the butterfly's my heart melted, so cute. I was happy that they ended up being together, they belong, Blair brings out the best in Chuck whereas Chuck brings the worst out in Blair. The last episode left me wanting more. Drama, drama, drama. Chucks speech was very romantic and sweet, no wonder Blair decided to be with him after that, well until Chuck gave the rose to the decorator. I seriously couldn't believe it when Lily married Bart, it is so obvious that Lily and Rufus should be together. My point is you can't get enough of the show, as soon as you've seen one episode you immediately want to see the next. For a bunch of 20 something year olds, the show is very well acted, the actors bring out different side to the characters making it hard to dislike any of them. It doesn't matter if your a boy or girl, whether your 15 to 21, you have to watch the show. Trust me you'll love it.
  • Best episode yet!

    I loooooved this episode!!! for lily-rufus lovers it's great, i was actually quit surprised with the ending. I would have thought it to be, something silly but it was shocking that they have a child together rufus doesn't know about. loved all the drama, Ed sure knows how to act. it was cute that he came back to blair, after she told him she loves him. serena and dan had love trouble again, both admitting they still had feelings for each other but serena doesn't want to do anything. she knows that her mother wants to be with dan's father and last time she asked her not to do anything about it, and she thinks she can't ask her again to put her feelings aside. I don't like aaron at all, probably because i'm a dan-serena fan, but he has kind of a flat personality in de series, whereas in the books he's very deep.
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