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  • fav ever omg

    I luv gg so much

    Chuck Bass had to go to Prison for killing his Father, and he must marry Blair inside. Blair deserves Chuck. She is a bitch and he is a bastard, she adores when he humiliates her, and calls it 'Love'. Dan Humphrey should marry Georgina and her child must be also his. The Gossip Girl had to be the narrator of the Show - Kristen Bell.
  • Dan & Blair had to be together at the end.

    I Loved the show until the last episode of season 5 when show writers decided to break up Blair and Dan connection. Chuck dumped Blair several times, insulted her many times, treated her like a lower than him person, openly slept with piles of women, told her that his family business is more important than her, send her to sleep with the enemy to save his company, killed his Father in front of her, but show writers want us to believe that after all that Blair still loves Chuck and must marry him. Knowing Blair from several seasons, do you think that she would be that stupid? Show writers want us to believe that Gossip Girl was Dan Humphrey. The Show narrated by the girl, with a lot of girlish stuff in a blog, with Dan physically out of computer board when messages arrives, do you really believe that? I do not.
  • My Review on Gossip Girl

    I started watching Gossip Girl on Netflix this year, I came across a Season 1 episode of Gossip Girl. I instantly became a fan and started posting about 1st episode, how much I liked it, especially the friendship Blair and Serena shared. I was fascinated by the glamorous lives of these socialites living in the Upper East Side of New York City. One of the characters I identified with was "Lonely Boy," also known as Dan Humphrey (played by Penn Badgley). He was a middle-class boy from Brooklyn who never liked the life of Upper East Side but he fall for Serena van der liked Serena because of her faithfulness, altruism, fashionable (I loved her dressing style/sense) and gregarious behavior. I loved the chemistry of bestfriends Serena and Blair, till season 2 Serena was the main Heroine and my favorite character another character I adored was the Queen Bee, Blair Waldorf. Till season 2 her character was supposedly like a villain (as she was envious towards Serena) but can't help but love because of the charm and attitude (scheming and plotting).

    From Season 1 till Season 2 it was a genuinely great character-driven drama and I was fascinated and obsessed with this show. But with each new season, the quality of the storylines became repetitive and uninspired. Serena running away to a different city because she was afraid of facing her problems, Blair reuniting with a boyfriend (Chuck or Nate mostly Chuck) who doesn't treat her with respect, and Nate dating the attractive female guest star.

    I was completely caught by surprise and adored by the amazing chemistry between Dan and Blair ("Dair"). These two were from completely opposite worlds, but are so similar in many ways. These two were self-righteous personalities and they both share the same passion for art, film and literature, and I found them more intelligent than other characters. The dialogue between the two is such a magical to watch. My favorite character got shifted from Serena to Blair.

    "Dair" was as if they belonged on a different show, because their storyline was vastly superior to everyone else's dull drama. In Season 4 I loved their phone-movie date (for a Dan and Blair scene). The two began as enemies, became friends and eventually a couple (I guess not "eventually" but for short time 5-6 episodes).

    The toxic and emotionally abusive relationship between Chuck and Blair is just disturbing to watch. I will never understand the appeal of a romance where the woman has no self-respect. Blair literally lets Chuck treat her as his property. Who can forget in Season 3 when Chuck sold Blair to his uncle Jack as a prostitute just to save his precious hotel? How about the time when Chuck was drunk and physically abused Blair out of anger that she was engaged to a prince? Apparently that kind of relationship is Blair's idea of an epic romance. That's just sad.

    I don't understand why writers wanted Chuck to be in main romantic lead in Season 6, disparaging Dan.

    Dan and Chuck have always represented two different sides of Blair's personality. Chuck and Blair's relationship is based on their shared interest in kinky sex and scheming, plotting. Dan brings out the mature, independent Blair who I liked in Season 1. Blair in Season 1 would never let a boy treat her like his property. Yet that's what Blair becomes when she is with Chuck.

    One of my favourite quotes that Dan says to Blair speaks volumes of how healthy their relationship is. In Season 5, Episode 12, he says: "That girl is fiercely strong, independent, outspoken, beautiful and capable of anything. And no man or magazine should be able to take that away from With Dan, Blair was equal in a relationship. I see her genuinely happy and a return to Season 1 Blair. So it's disappointing to see that even when she's not with Chuck, she is negatively influenced by him.

    I actually got the hint that "Dair" might exist from the scene at hallway Season 1, Episode 4. Blair is mad at Serena because she is reminded of how she has always been in her shadow. Dan decides to comfort her. Even though they come from different worlds, he can relate to her and encourages her tell her mother how she feels neglected. Dan and Blair represent the idea that two completely opposite people can still form a relationship, despite class differences or prejudices against them.

    Even Leighton Meester (Blair) and Penn Badgley (Dan) supported Dan and Blair relationship (I went through some of their interviews).

    Blair left Dan for Chuck without any explanation in the Season 5 finale. At least give a proper closure for a couple as I invested two seasons on it.

    In my idea of the perfect ending, Gossip Girl ends in Season 5, Episode 19. In particular, the scene where Dan and Blair go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Blair had officially divorced her secretly evil husband, Prince Louis. She had lost the princess fairy tale she grew up fantasizing, but Dan was there to remind her that she was always a princess in his eyes. He gives her a dollar store crown and Blair accepts it. Dan finally found his true love in a place he least expected, and Blair finally accepted him into her world. Together, they brought out the best in each other's personalities.

    While I'm disappointed in how the series ended, I'm still appreciative of the writers for writing on the most unlikely couple. I loved it.

  • My opinion

    Gossip girl was a show that really targeted all social issues teens have.


    - drug use

    - alcohol abuse

    - bullying

    - heartache

    - gossip

    - falling off the wagon and learning how to get back on

    And much more...

    It shows you how they go through it, how they got themselves into it and than out, and the consequences that come with it...

    I really like that about gossip girl

    And on another note

    The love stories in it, and if I had to pick my fav GG couple, it's chuck and Blair

    There love was consuming .. While most probably fell in love with dan and serena , I couldn't wait to see what would happen next with chuck and Blair

    It was something about the chase at first, you knew they loved each other but they could not admit it to each other, the first kiss made me nearly fall off my seat and the first I love you's made my heart stop, and the fact that no matter what , no matter where they were in their lives, they always came back to each other, were there for each other, sure they weren't perfect , but there love was just so real , so truthful, so consuming, even when they weren't together they longed for each other .. It was the best love of every couple in the show.

    And chuck , I fell in love with his character from the beginning , the way he was so dark and mysterious, but you look past all that and he's deep and loving and passonite and funny.. He was never boring let me tell you.

    This show was the most real , funny, romantic , sad , heart breaking all consuming show Iv watched , i wish it hadn't stopped .
  • Serena van der who?

    Somebody please tell me what is all the hype with this character. All she does is say how sorry she is for her latest screw up to every friend, family member, or guy she happens to be with at the moment. This girl is a wreck of the hesspris. And her monotone voice is enough to make you want to use Q-tips to break your own eardrums . Serena you may be rich and cute but you bore me to tears. Advice, act like you have a little class, stop being a slobbering drunk, try to keep your clothes on and do something with your life. I just started watching this show over the last few days via my laptop and its a good show, everybody puts there own spin on things happening, but Serena I could do without.
  • Gossip Girl

    I loved this show!!!!!! I hope they make a new season because it was my favorite show! I need more of gossip girl!!!!
  • Scotch: The New Beverage of Choice for Underage Drinkers

    I finally got around to watching Gossip Girl (GG) on Netflix. I like to marathon-watch series that have ended, so this has consumed a big chunk of my time over the past few weeks. It went 5 full seasons + 10 episodes (also known as "Season 6"). I had a love-hate relationship with GG. During the first season, I was shocked at how much scotch, bubbly, and assorted mixed alcoholic drinks a bunch of freshman and juniors in high school guzzled in front of their parents and in so many upscale establishments around Manhattan. I don't think any of the main characters was of legal drinking age until GG Season 4 or 5, and yet no one EVER got carded by a barkeep (or even reprimanded by any adult for downing an 80 proof beverage in their presence). Did Drew Barrymore teach these adults NOTHING of the dangers of alcohol use by the young and privileged?? I found that disturbing, because it made it seem like teenagers drinking booze was more than just a part of their glamorous Upper East Side (UES) teenage lives it made it seem like it was a normal teen activity. I could go on about the predictable plot twists. Or the absurd amount of coincidences faced by the GG characters. Or the fact that the characters have the WORST timing EVER.. But the fact remains that the show normalizes addictive behavior. All of the characters emerge unscathed. It's a complete fairy tale, and it must be viewed as such. Taken as farce, the show is entertaining primarily because of Blair and Chuck. Nate was solid (through most of the episodes) because he was so deftly played by Chace Crawford. Beyond those 3 and the Waldorf household, though, the rest of the regular cast grated on my last nerve after several episodes. If I were to recommend this series, I'd probably suggest skipping Seasons 3 and 4 altogether. Aside from the locations and the fashion, there was little to entertain during those two seasons. That said, it was a semi-entertaining way to get nothing accomplished for a couple of weeks.
  • Totally Worth Your Time

    It Was Awesome Honestly !! I Have Read Reviews On IMBD, And In My Opinion They're So Irrelevant. The Entire 6 Seasons Are Made Up Of Extremely Entertaining Drama Of The Wealthy In Upper Manhattan. Drama & Rich People Will Never Seem More Interesting . This Is Honestly A Perfectly Put Together Show & I'm A Big Fan . Totally Recommend It. Its Really Worth Your Time
  • Worth It

    At my age in 2007, Gossip Girl was the kind of TV show that my mom would never approve of me seeing. So I watched the first season on Netflix a few months ago, and lost curiosity into season 2. A lot of drama, and nothing too appealing for my taste in television shows. I tried a couple other shows, but was somehow drawn back to Gossip Girl, being slightly curious for some answers. I finished season 2 and fell in love with Chuck and Blair, which I've noticed I'm not the only one. After that, it was all-nighters and endless hours with my laptop rather than my boyfriend (luckily he's very understanding). Although it was Chuck and Blair's passion that sparked my interest for good, so did everything else. The lies, jealousy, heartbreak, love affairs, and scheming were too good to forget. I have one season left that I plan on finishing in the next day or 2. If I hadn't tried it again, I would have missed out.
  • gossip girl

    this show is amazing i sart watching and i cant stop xx
  • SUPERB! I love Blair & Chuck xxx Dan & Serena

    I was sooo hooked up with these episodes especially the last two seasons that I cannot believe I will not see these guys again! I just love Blair Waldorf attitude and powerful Chuck! & sexy Serena .... And the intriguing Dan! Not to mention Nate and Lily & Rufus .... Will miss you all ... Or is there a sequel coming up?? Or maybe a movie?? ;)
  • gossip girl

    Couldn 't resist watching this tv show and found this really great! It deserves to be rated as one of the most amazing serials.. Dan Humphrey is my favorite cool one!!!! Every girl would wanna drool behind this handsome guy. LOL !! The story of gossip girl is more likely of an everyday happening of teens, endless gossips , pointless jealousy , humiliating one another, criticizing and more fun!!!!

    I would never stop watching gossip girl. Awesommmeeeee!
  • best show ever

    I found out about this show and thought I might try it .so I watched it I didn't understand it a first but its the best best best best thing that I have ever watched in my entire life:-) :-) :-) :-) also my fave characters are Blair Waldorf she is so funny and always wants to be queen of what ever school she is in. but she has a rough has had a very complicated and bad background but after returning back to Manhattan is always there for her best friend Blair when she is in trouble and all of her family and friends:-) and chuck bass who has a rough side and a very soft side with people he loves .he is always losing Blair and getting back with an amazing TV show

    Xoxoxo gossip girl


    Gossip Girl , I don't mean to sound clich, but it is my favorite show in the entire world.

    The show teaches teens that by doing what you love you will find where you belong. Just like Dan Humphrey. Dan is the ultimate outsider. He's from Brooklyn so he doesn't fit in with the kids he goes to school with. But, Dan and I quote writes himself into the group of elite/popular students.

    This show also teaches you that, everybody can surprise you. In the show nobody guessed that the person who Gossip Girl is, could be Gossip Girl . (I say this so that if you are going to watch/ are watching the show I don't spoil it for you).

    So after reading my little letter, I hope that people who thought Gossip Girl was clich don't think that anymore!

    You know you love Gossip Girl ,

  • Overated

    I went to school one day, and like five girls came up to me and screamed "OMG! you gotta watch this show, its sooo

    so i came home and went to netflix, and watched like 6 episodes. it was a totally waste of time, that show is boring as fuck...

    I LOVE THIS SHOW NO JOKE! I think the acting is amazing! The characters are funny, and I think this show should have continued to 7 or 8 seasons! I like this show! I am gonna miss it!
  • Characters

    All the characters seem to glue together age-wise, but not Serena. She looks much too old for the group, I think.

  • What i thought about Gossip Girl!

    I just finished watching this show today! WOO!

    I was reading reviews and noticed a LOT of people were not pleased with the last few seasons on the show and the finale.

    I personally really enjoyed this show. Yes, there were moments that i found annoying (Blair/Dan-although i will admit it was well written) and somewhat boring (season 3 . There were points in the show where i pretty much was annoyed by every character. I had a nice chuckle at the amount of love interest's Nate can have too... Hahah... I actually did like his character in the end, although not alwys his love interests. There were "YES!!" "OMG!" "NO!!" "Aww!!" moments! I love Blair/Serena's friendship, Blair/Chuck's heartbreaking relationship, Dan/Nate/Chuck friendship, Lily/Rufus romance, Lily/Chuck mother son bond, Serena/Chuck's brother sister relationship, the Blair take towns, when they all worked together, when Georgina showed up to mess everything up:P

    Now on to the things i was not so happy about... I found that they RUINED Dan's character somewhere between seasons 4/5 and i really just started hating him... The end with Chuck/Blair was too rushed. I was hoping for a real wedding and better proposal. That was THE moment to wait for IMO and we didn't get it... We didn't get that surprising, romantic proposal we were teased probably around 3x beforehand :P Serena and Dan were also rushed... I feel like they were ruined when Blair and Dan got together. I am happy they ended up together as i wanted them to from the start, but they could have written them better. I mean, for half of season 6 Serena was with another guy(don't remember his name). Nate didn't even end up with anyone... I was hoping he would end up with Jenny actually since i knew she was returning for the finale. Serena and Blair were basically not friends the whole time until the end... As much as i didn't like Blair/Dan there was no closure for them. LILY AND RUFUS DID NOT END UP TOGETHER! The whole season they were barley taking and APART! :( I have to admit.... for a while they were the only interesting party of the show for me and I have been rooting for them as endgame since day 1! I have to say i'm 100% against the incest idea but i just HAVE to make an exception for them because i love them sooo much! For a season that was SO short and only had 10 episodes, they really needed to skip all the filler stuff and work on rapping up the season. I feel like the show lacked a good rap up of all the characters and story lines... the beginning half focused on things that were not important. Dan revealing himself as GG was pretty good. The thing is, i feel like the writers just threw it together. I do not think it was very planned out. It was rushed as well. I would have preferred 5ish episodes to rap that story up too (or at least more than what was given). I know they were only given 10 episodes so possibly things would have been different if they were given a whole season.

    So even with all my complaints---- I rated the show as an 8 because without looking at all the technical stuff, i REALLY enjoyed watching! It lost points for the ending being too rushed and ruining some characters... The Blair/Chuck angst was KILLING me but i loved it! I know my complaints were longer than the part on what I liked. The complaints were mostly about the last season. I really did like this show but there are some things that i would have done differently and changed. But it is what it is.. :)

    (PS- WOW! Can't believe how much i wrote... LOL IDK if anyone will read to the end:P Hope i was not too boring)
  • Why I enjoyed watching Gossip Girl

    Gossip, relationships, sex, schemes, family issues, figuring out so many of us don't go to the extremes in our own life, but it goes to show that we all have problems. These kids are born into fame and riches which makes them interesting and I found it intriguing to see the problems that rich people struggle with. It proves that life with money isn't any simpler.

    I found Gossip Girl to be about personal empowerment, awareness that we all make mistakes and finding your true self.

    Drama's not for everyone, but, it is for me. All-in-all, I enjoyed watching the show over the years. Thanks for such a great story adventure!!
  • What I believe Gossip Girl is really about

    Lots of people think that Gossip Girl is just a stupid show about, shallow, spoiled teenagers (actually, for characters like Serena that's true), betrayal, lies, gossip.

    I feel like I'm the only one that sees what Gossip Girl truly about: Real love. Warning, i didn't say true love. I'm mainly referring to Chair, they're beautiful, it just shows that anyone can be loved, that everyone is capable of love and that not every love is a sweet, love at first sight. Take Blair and Chuck for example, it wasn't exactly love at first sight when they slept together in the back of Chuck's limo.

    Now, even if I am a sucker for romantic shows, I'm going to tell you how Gossip Girl is not only about real love:

    This show especially shows that not everyone is perfect, and it has some important life lessons (also certain things that if you pick up/learn your life could be ruined forever). Another thing about this show: IT'S AMAZING AND IF YOU CAN'T SEE THAT then you need to get your brain + heart checked out!

    I <3 Blair, she's funny, bright, passionate, loving and she has a good, warm heart.

    As for Serena, the only thing I like about S is her kindness, which actually, after season 1 is gone, so I take that back. I don't like a single thing about Serena van der Woodsen.

    BTW, if you want to watch a crappy superficial show, then I would suggest 90210.
  • In love with gossip girl's style?

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  • I really liked Girl Retrospective...

    I really liked Girl Retrospective...
  • Not just another guilty pleasure chick flick

    Deep down gossip girl is not just a guilty pleasure kind of chick flick. Its characters are really developed and complex. This marvelously done CW shows a side of the world that most of us will never experience, in the most intriguing way. Even though sometimes it can be exaggerated its quite realistic

    because it never forgets to put some feelings to the episodes. You never feel like the characters are boring nor superficial. They are interesting , perfect on the outside and really delicate on the inside. The charismatic cast makes everything work perfectly.
  • Boring!

    A lot of my peers and friends watch this show, but I found it incredibly boring. I stomached three episodes and couldn't care less about anything on the show or the characters. It's basically just about a bunch of bratty, spoiled rich kids sleeping together and all the drama that ensues. Oh, and they have daddy issues. Not my cup of tea.
  • martin

    very nice story written by Josh Schwartz. Thanks for this information.

  • the it girl

    The it girl and the Gossip Girl are one of the the New York Times Bestselling series. Popular gossip girl character is Jenny Humphrey is living Constance billiard to attend Waverly academy, an elite boarding school in New York horse country where glamorous rich kid don't let the rules get in the way of an excellent time. Determined to leave her Manhattan past behind her, Jenny sets off to Waverly with big plans of reinventing herself. She'll be a goddess---sage's a sophisticated city girl, after all! -----and will find a boy who can properly worship her. But that's going to be a little tricky since her self-adsorbed new roommates, Callie Vernon and Brett Messerschmitt, aren't exactly there to help---unless there's something in it for them. Three guys, new intrigue. And delicious Gossip adds up to more trouble than ever for Jenny. But even if getting caught with boys and going up against the Disciplinary committee is what it takes, Jenny's ready---she'll do all that and more to become the it girl. It was the first book in girls history that the author of gossip girl Wright. Jenny is one of the most girls that get her way in enemy thing she wants because her family is rich and she sometimes gets in treble an she still dose get in treble and her parent are lifting her out of there sits to go to colleague my memo and dad would not let me out of there sits. The it girl book is a series and its one interesting book and I would resumes id to everyone else's and I think it's a rely good book. The book goes with the the seers gossip girl and the book is a good book and it a book if u like drama book. The book is a really good book there are quotes from the book. One of the quotes is come and meet me on my boat when u can. Jenny wants to go to dc now and her mom and dad are letting her go to dc. She lives at the plaza hotel she has to be rich. Jenny has a lot of friend and their names are collie, Brett, tinsey, brandonand there all rich and they spend boohoo bucks an there family and there fringes and they are the coolest people in school. Jenny and her friends are all going to DC and they have a lot of money to get there and back. Jenny has a lot of clothes and shoes she like her asserts and jurally. She has as many parka of jurally u can count of she is a rich person. Her guy fringes are going to brown university and her mom and dad are not sending her to brown and her mom and dad are disagreeing over what college she goes to. She is a daddy's girl and what she wants to do her dad lets her do enemy thing she wants.
  • The Finale

    The Finale was awesome. I really liked it. I have always shipped Chuck and Blair and how they ended the story. X
  • About time it ended

    The first couple of seasons were very good but somehow it just went downhill after that. The final season (or 10 episodes) was a disaster and pretty much just an excuse to end the series.
  • Acceptable.

    I actually think the end was kinda rushed, the way Serena forgives Dan was really pushed. About the Gossip Girl identity, the last season really blew it up, we can easily guess who is behind all that.

    While it was related to school, Gossip Girl was one of the best series I've seen, but after that, it's just another one.

    Easily predictable, almost no emotional scenes and some things don't fit together I suppose because the story line wasn't good enough.

    But I liked it anyway.