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  • Just End it Already

    Dear Gossip Girl:

    I just don't care anymore. Watching this final season is like eating that last piece of lasagna in the fridge: I know it's about to go bad and it seems a shame to waste it, but I'm so sick of it that it's all I can do to keep it down. Maybe your writers are trying to break all the characters down so at the end they can be redeemed? If that's the case, at least make it interesting! Or make me care about one of the characters. Any of the characters. Right now Nate is the most likable, and until recently he's been boinking a 17 year old and is probably engaged in some sort of creative accounting. (At least I think that's what's going on, I'm not sure since I frequently get distracted by shiny things when I'm trying to watch this show.) It really feels like every show in Season 6 up to this point is a throw-away episode - having the characters and the plot tread water - until the season finale. I'll keep trying to choke down this last season, but I think it's already gone bad.