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  • My opinion

    Gossip girl was a show that really targeted all social issues teens have.


    - drug use

    - alcohol abuse

    - bullying

    - heartache

    - gossip

    - falling off the wagon and learning how to get back on

    And much more...

    It shows you how they go through it, how they got themselves into it and than out, and the consequences that come with it...

    I really like that about gossip girl

    And on another note

    The love stories in it, and if I had to pick my fav GG couple, it's chuck and Blair

    There love was consuming .. While most probably fell in love with dan and serena , I couldn't wait to see what would happen next with chuck and Blair

    It was something about the chase at first, you knew they loved each other but they could not admit it to each other, the first kiss made me nearly fall off my seat and the first I love you's made my heart stop, and the fact that no matter what , no matter where they were in their lives, they always came back to each other, were there for each other, sure they weren't perfect , but there love was just so real , so truthful, so consuming, even when they weren't together they longed for each other .. It was the best love of every couple in the show.

    And chuck , I fell in love with his character from the beginning , the way he was so dark and mysterious, but you look past all that and he's deep and loving and passonite and funny.. He was never boring let me tell you.

    This show was the most real , funny, romantic , sad , heart breaking all consuming show Iv watched , i wish it hadn't stopped .