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  • My Review on Gossip Girl

    I started watching Gossip Girl on Netflix this year, I came across a Season 1 episode of Gossip Girl. I instantly became a fan and started posting about 1st episode, how much I liked it, especially the friendship Blair and Serena shared. I was fascinated by the glamorous lives of these socialites living in the Upper East Side of New York City. One of the characters I identified with was "Lonely Boy," also known as Dan Humphrey (played by Penn Badgley). He was a middle-class boy from Brooklyn who never liked the life of Upper East Side but he fall for Serena van der liked Serena because of her faithfulness, altruism, fashionable (I loved her dressing style/sense) and gregarious behavior. I loved the chemistry of bestfriends Serena and Blair, till season 2 Serena was the main Heroine and my favorite character another character I adored was the Queen Bee, Blair Waldorf. Till season 2 her character was supposedly like a villain (as she was envious towards Serena) but can't help but love because of the charm and attitude (scheming and plotting).

    From Season 1 till Season 2 it was a genuinely great character-driven drama and I was fascinated and obsessed with this show. But with each new season, the quality of the storylines became repetitive and uninspired. Serena running away to a different city because she was afraid of facing her problems, Blair reuniting with a boyfriend (Chuck or Nate mostly Chuck) who doesn't treat her with respect, and Nate dating the attractive female guest star.

    I was completely caught by surprise and adored by the amazing chemistry between Dan and Blair ("Dair"). These two were from completely opposite worlds, but are so similar in many ways. These two were self-righteous personalities and they both share the same passion for art, film and literature, and I found them more intelligent than other characters. The dialogue between the two is such a magical to watch. My favorite character got shifted from Serena to Blair.

    "Dair" was as if they belonged on a different show, because their storyline was vastly superior to everyone else's dull drama. In Season 4 I loved their phone-movie date (for a Dan and Blair scene). The two began as enemies, became friends and eventually a couple (I guess not "eventually" but for short time 5-6 episodes).

    The toxic and emotionally abusive relationship between Chuck and Blair is just disturbing to watch. I will never understand the appeal of a romance where the woman has no self-respect. Blair literally lets Chuck treat her as his property. Who can forget in Season 3 when Chuck sold Blair to his uncle Jack as a prostitute just to save his precious hotel? How about the time when Chuck was drunk and physically abused Blair out of anger that she was engaged to a prince? Apparently that kind of relationship is Blair's idea of an epic romance. That's just sad.

    I don't understand why writers wanted Chuck to be in main romantic lead in Season 6, disparaging Dan.

    Dan and Chuck have always represented two different sides of Blair's personality. Chuck and Blair's relationship is based on their shared interest in kinky sex and scheming, plotting. Dan brings out the mature, independent Blair who I liked in Season 1. Blair in Season 1 would never let a boy treat her like his property. Yet that's what Blair becomes when she is with Chuck.

    One of my favourite quotes that Dan says to Blair speaks volumes of how healthy their relationship is. In Season 5, Episode 12, he says: "That girl is fiercely strong, independent, outspoken, beautiful and capable of anything. And no man or magazine should be able to take that away from With Dan, Blair was equal in a relationship. I see her genuinely happy and a return to Season 1 Blair. So it's disappointing to see that even when she's not with Chuck, she is negatively influenced by him.

    I actually got the hint that "Dair" might exist from the scene at hallway Season 1, Episode 4. Blair is mad at Serena because she is reminded of how she has always been in her shadow. Dan decides to comfort her. Even though they come from different worlds, he can relate to her and encourages her tell her mother how she feels neglected. Dan and Blair represent the idea that two completely opposite people can still form a relationship, despite class differences or prejudices against them.

    Even Leighton Meester (Blair) and Penn Badgley (Dan) supported Dan and Blair relationship (I went through some of their interviews).

    Blair left Dan for Chuck without any explanation in the Season 5 finale. At least give a proper closure for a couple as I invested two seasons on it.

    In my idea of the perfect ending, Gossip Girl ends in Season 5, Episode 19. In particular, the scene where Dan and Blair go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Blair had officially divorced her secretly evil husband, Prince Louis. She had lost the princess fairy tale she grew up fantasizing, but Dan was there to remind her that she was always a princess in his eyes. He gives her a dollar store crown and Blair accepts it. Dan finally found his true love in a place he least expected, and Blair finally accepted him into her world. Together, they brought out the best in each other's personalities.

    While I'm disappointed in how the series ended, I'm still appreciative of the writers for writing on the most unlikely couple. I loved it.