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  • Dan & Blair had to be together at the end.

    I Loved the show until the last episode of season 5 when show writers decided to break up Blair and Dan connection. Chuck dumped Blair several times, insulted her many times, treated her like a lower than him person, openly slept with piles of women, told her that his family business is more important than her, send her to sleep with the enemy to save his company, killed his Father in front of her, but show writers want us to believe that after all that Blair still loves Chuck and must marry him. Knowing Blair from several seasons, do you think that she would be that stupid? Show writers want us to believe that Gossip Girl was Dan Humphrey. The Show narrated by the girl, with a lot of girlish stuff in a blog, with Dan physically out of computer board when messages arrives, do you really believe that? I do not.