Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 10

Riding In Town Cars With Boys

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2011 on The CW

Episode Recap

Thanks to Twitter, Lonely Boy goes into a second printing. Serena regrets how things went down between her and Dan.

Chuck gets the news of Blair's failed engagement from the paper and Nate finds out his grandfather is involved in a bunch of scandals.

Blair hides out with Dan in Brooklyn and all of Dan's friends tell him he's in love with Blair.

Blair tries to choose between Chuck and Louis. It seems like her heart is with Chuck, but Louis is the father of her unborn baby, so she's confused. She asks Chuck if he could love another man's child; he tells her it's probably not a mistake to stick with the baby daddy.

Serena advises Louis on how to win Blair back so that Dan doesn't stand a chance with her while Dan advises Blair on how to find happiness. Nate's grandfather admits Diana hired Nate at his bequest. Also, he never invited Tripp on a nice trip. Tripp did all the inviting. Max pays a visit to Nate to tell him the truth about Charlie/Ivy's identity.

With Tripp's election over, Nate's grandfather says Nate is the new family leader.Max tries to get Tripp to care that Charlie/Ivy isn't who she says she is. Charlie/Ivy says no one cares she's an imposter. Lily tells Chuck that her love is unconditional and Chuck disagrees.

Chuck and Louis got to Dan's loft together looking for Blair, but neither of them is there.

At Charlie/Ivy's party, Dan tells Serena he has a new ending for his book. Later he takes Blair to a secret room, but not to make out with her. He's arranged it so Chuck and Blair can be alone together. Chuck tells Blair that she should be with him.

As they try to make their escape from the party, the paparazzi chase after them. Gossip Girl tipped them off after she got the news from Charlie/Ivy. Nate follows their limo in his own limo, and he sees them crash into a concrete block.

At the hospital, Nate, Dan and Serena vow to put an end to Gossip Girl forever. Charlie/Ivy comes clean with Rufus that she's the one who tipped off Gossip Girl and that Max isn't the one who is a fraud. She leaves and promises to never return. Blair is conscious but we don't know about Chuck yet. Diana comes back when she hears about the accident. Guess she couldn't stay away!