Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 10

Riding In Town Cars With Boys

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2011 on The CW

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  • Finally up to snuff


    (Spoilers ahead)>

    I was happy to see that even when Gossip Girl is in the throes of what I believe to be their worst season to date, they can still deliver a kickass midseason finale.

    First, Dan and Serena become friends again. They're both at family breakfast and they keep sniping at each other (Lily mentions that Max was bad news and Dan mutters "No wonder he dated Serena") and Lily sends them both to Serena's room. They talk through their issues and make up.

    Blair is stuck because the paparazzi are curious as to why she;s not with Louis right now and she flees to Dan;s where the paparazzi won;t find her. She tells him she has to choose between Louis and Chuck and it sounds like the only reason she would stay with Louis is he;s the father of her child. Dan tells her, "It wouldn't to me." Blair misses what he's implying and calls Chuck. After they talk, Dan, doing the most selfless thing seen on the upper east side in a while, doesn;t tell Blair about his feelings and instead takes her to Chuck.

    Where he takes her is a coming out party Lily is having for Charlie and everybody is there, including Nate whose grandfather has chosen him over his icky cousin Tripp to take over the family whatever. Tripp isnt happy with that and runs into Max who;s still trying to ruin Charlie.

    Blair and Chuck talk and Chuck tells her he;ll love her baby as much as he loves her. They leave the party after it shows on Gossip Girl they're there (because Charlie sent it in hopes to get the party shut down) and they leave in Nate's limo. Just as they;re happy and kissing and Blair tells Chuck she could never promise Louis she wouldnt leave him because Chuck is the one she never wants to leave paparazzi surround the limo and it crashes.

    At the hospital Lily tells them Blair is awake but Chuck isnt and doesnt look so good.

    Obviously Chuck has to be okay but there is the thought that the accident was set up by Tripp because the limo was Nate's. Also Charlie tearfully tells Rufus she;s a fraud but I dont think he believed her as Lily appeared a second later. She calls Carol and tells her she;s leaving but I think we havent seen the last of her.

    Even though this season has varied from bad to just awful, they really delivered with this ep. Cant wait till the new year!