Gossip Girl

Season 1 Episode 11

Roman Holiday

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 2007 on The CW
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Christmas on the Upper East Side!!!

Blair's father, Harold, comes home for the holidays with an unexpected guest: his boyfriend, Roman. Blair cannot hide her disappointment and makes a plan to get rid of Roman forever. Jenny and Vanessa help Serena get the best Christmas present ever for Dan, who has a surprise of his own for Serena. Then when Chuck texts Blair that Nate is with him in Monaco, Blair worries that Chuck may tell Nate about their hook-up. Meanwhile, Rufus refuses to remain the understanding husband any longer after Alison's former lover calls the house.moreless

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  • 111

    I was really excited about the Gossip Girl Christmas special thinking that it would be as eventful as the Thanksgiving episode, but I was quite disappointed in that department. We got some ongoing annoyances tonight put on the forefront, like most of the scenes dragging out for what it seems like a decade, but it still brought us it's signature ending that made the episode what it was.

    The Vanessa/Dan/Serena triangle is getting kind of tired, but I guess I can handle this triangle for a couple more episodes until it gets really annoying. The Blair & Vanessa scene was pretty funny though. I never really cared for the Bart & Lilly relationship but the ending of the episode made me realize how much I care for these characters, with the engagement meanwhile Bart's confession of love to Lilly, definitely quite a cliffhanger.

    Chuck blackmails Blair at the end of the episode, and even though these two are at odds right now, I hope they find a way in to each other's arms again soon. Serena & Dan's presents toward each other were quite nice, and I really liked some of the interactions. I found Blair's story line boring though, no matter how she schemed. Overall, solid Christmas special from Gossip Girl tonight.moreless
  • Christmas-the Upper East Side way

    It was an okay episode, not really great but not disappointing either.

    Blair was so excited because her father was going to New York, but she didn't expect that he would bring his beau with him. Blair plans to sabotage Roman so that she would have her dad to herself. Eleanor meets a guy at a skating rink while Blair tripped Roman on purpose.

    Vanessa gave Dan the "best Christmas present" ever by submitting his story to the New York Times. Serena feels pressured that Dan liked Vanessa's gift better so she scours out an looks for a perfect gift.

    Rufus and Alison have a fight because of Alex, Alison's ex-lover.moreless
  • How can Josh Schwartz make so good christimans ep??

    It's not a Chrismukkah, but it's still one of the best christimans' episode i've ever seen. I can't even choose my favorite part! Is it the first time for Dan and Serena? Or the talk between Allison and Rufus? Or his love speak to Lily in the snow? Or Chuck's text messages? Or the fact that I began the episode hating Roman and in the weeb i was totally in love with gim, like Blair? There are so many special moments in this episode!!! It's really an 'it' episode in this season!

    Another great moment was when Blair gets to talk to Vanessa to tell her that not everyone is believing on her, and then, when she is going and Serena asks if she wasn't gonna help she says "I've already helped." Really cool moment!

    Best quote:

    Lilly: You said you don't mind who I'm dating.

    Serena: That's before I knew it is Bart Bass.

    Eric: He has just one face, he scares me.

    Serena: He raised Chuck. That scares me!moreless
  • Christmas time!

    Blair is excited that her father is coming for Christmas. Unfortunately for her, he brings his boyfriend, Roman, with him. She is jealous and tries to sabotage Roman. Vanessa gives Dan the perfect Christmas gift, so Serena tries to give him a good gift too. Her first gift is too expensive, so she comes up with snow! Vanessa and Erik help her. Dan gets Serena a Christmas tree with Jenny and Lily's help. Rufus meets Alex, the man Alison had an affair with. Blair forgives her father. Eleanor meets a man named Jack and they have an attraction. Lily tells Serena and Erik that she's dating Bart Bass. Chuck is off somewhere and Blair is worried that he might tell their secret. Dan and Serena stay out all night on Christmas. Alison is going back to Alex. Blair finds out that Chuck is with Nate. Bart proposes to Lily.

    This episode was pretty good! I did not like the homosexuality between Roman and Blair's father. That was weird. I also don't agree with sex before marriage, so Dan and Serena staying out all night wasn't pleasing. I don't like Bart and I don't want Lily to say yes. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • Merry Christmans!

    Blair, her dad and his boyfriend = awkward!!

    He was a little insensitive!! It was supposed to be a father and daughter holiday!

    Roman is a friend of Eleanor? I dont know how she could stand him!

    No appearences of Chuck and Nate. That's bad because they're sooo hot! hahaha

    But seriously, after their first night we should see more of Nate and Blair's relationship! Lily cant accept Bart's proposal!! She should stay with Rufus! They are such a nice couple!! And Bart Bass scares me too!

    I didnt like Serena's and Dan's gifts but its good to see how strong their relationship is becoming!

    I dont like Vanessa! I'm sure she'll be a problem soon!

    I would like to see Jenny and Eric as a couple! Although I have my suspicious Eric is gay lolmoreless
Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester

Blair Waldorf

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

Jenny Humphrey

Blake Lively

Blake Lively

Serena van der Woodsen

Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley

Dan Humphrey

Matthew Settle

Matthew Settle

Rufus Humphrey

Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford

Lillian "Lily" van der Woodsen

John Shea

John Shea

Harold Waldorf

Guest Star

William Abadie

William Abadie


Guest Star

Austin Lysy

Austin Lysy

Freddy Parnes

Guest Star

Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr

Vannessa Abrams

Recurring Role

Susan Misner

Susan Misner

Alison Humpfrey

Recurring Role

Robert John Burke

Robert John Burke

Bart Bass

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (34)

    • Gossip Girl: Hear those Silver Bells? It is Christmas time in the city.

    • Chuck: (via text message) So how did you fake your virginity with N?

    • Dan: (reading Christmas cards) This one is from the Smiths. 'Seasons Greetings.' It's very original.
      Jenny: Their name is Smith, you don't have to be original.

    • Rufus: (on the phone) Hey Lil, you know everything closed on Christmas? The Diners claim to be open 24/7, its false advertising.

    • Serena: Merry Christmas!
      (Dan walks into the room, decorated with fake snow, wind, and paper snowflakes)
      Serena: Do you like it? Do you think its cheesey?
      Dan: No, no its incredible. How did you do this?
      Serena: Well, I had help from my elves.
      Dan: Your present is waiting for you at home. But, um, I did bring you a little pre-present. (Hands Serena an envelope. She opens it and realizes it is his story)
      Serena: This is your story.
      Dan: Its the original. Right out of the spiral notebook.
      Serena: I'm kinda scared to read it. What happened on October 8th, 2005?
      Dan: Umm, well I was accidentally invited to a birthday party. Where I met a girl. She only spoke two sentences to me but I've never forgotten her.
      Serena: Wait, your story is about me? (Dan nods and they kiss. Serena unties the top of her dress)
      Dan: Are we really gonna do this?
      Serena: Yeah.

    • Bart: (towards Lily) Look, when I commited myself to you, I meant it. You know I am in love with you. What are you waiting for?

    • Rufus: (on the phone outside the Palace) So, uh, Alison's leaving. She's spending some time alone with the kids. And I seem to have walked all the way from Brooklyn to your doorstep...without a jacket...in the snow. So, what the hell? I miss you. And I have been missing you for a while.

    • Blair: (giving Dorota a cell phone) Merry Christmas, Dorota! So, we can text. Do you like it?
      Dorota: Thank you, Miss Blair.

    • Gossip Girl: Some families actually do make the Yuletide gay, managing to leave their troubles far away. (scene cuts to the Humphreys) Other families have a merry little Christmas even when their troubles aren't so far away. (scene cuts to the van der Woodsens) Some presents might end up getting returned. Some gifts are for keeps. (scene cuts to Rufus standing outside the Palace) Other presents come when you least expect them. (scene cuts back to Bart Bass down on one knee) And everyone knows the biggest present comes in the smallest box. (scene cuts to Blair picking up her phone to read Chuck's text message) Then there are those boxes you wish you had never opened. Have a holly, jolly Christmas! XOXO Gossip Girl.

    • Blair: What's going on?
      Howard: We're back for Christmas.
      Blair: Well, Roman, you are in for a treat because the Waldorf Christmas is like no other.

    • Dan: The arts and crafts were impressive, but how did you manage the real snow?
      Serena: (laughs) I'm well connected.
      Dan: This is, without question, the best Christmas ever.
      Serena: Ever. In the history of Christmas.

    • Rufus: I guess by turning our backs on these other people, we thought we could fix ourselves.
      Allison: Maybe other people aren't the problem. Maybe we changed.

    • Blair: There's no room in your life for me anymore.
      Howard: Sweetheart, there is always room for you. No matter where I am. No matter who I'm with. (kisses Blair's forehead)

    • Dan: Hey, Mrs. van der Woods... Lily, hi!
      Lily: Dan. Jenny.
      Jenny: Hi!
      Lily: Tree!
      Dan: Yeah, um, they don't allow Christmas trees inside... which is why we're out here.
      Jenny: Which is why Dan is about to ask for a favor.
      Lily: Does it involve distracting Dexter and sneaking into the elevator?
      Dan: Why, would that work?
      Lily: No. Never. He has the eyes of a hawk and he takes his job very seriously.
      Dan: So, I've noticed.
      Lily: But Bobby at the service entrance, I think could be bought. Come.

    • Eleanor: I wish you would just slow down for a second and let her be.
      Howard: Well, I just can't believe that Blair would do something so cruel. And to Roman, who only have ever been completely kind to her.
      Eleanor: It isn't Roman Blair's lashing out at, it's you. She was looking forward to spending time with you alone and then you show up on our doorstep with your lover. Without a word of warning. How did you expect her to react?
      Howard: Well, I hoped that once we were together, it would all work out. I suppose that was pretty naive.
      Eleanor: Blair learned scheming from her mother. And unrealistic dreaming from her father. She tries really hard to act all grown up, but don't you be fooled. She's still a little girl, who needs her daddy.

    • Lily: When you two are done hiding up here, I'm taking you both out for dessert.
      Serena: Can't, Mom. I'm busy.
      Lily: But this is important for our family. It would be just the three of us.
      Serena: Mom, everytime you say, "it would be just the three of us," it means you're dating someone new. Whoever it is, I don't care. I'll just see him at the wedding.
      Lily: Fine. Then, I'll just tell you who it is because you're going to be seeing him around from now on. It's Bart Bass.
      Eric & Serena: Bart Bass?
      Serena: Mom, you cannot date Bart Bass.
      Lily: You just said a moment ago you don't care who it was.
      Serena: That was before I knew who it was.
      Eric: He only has one facial expression. He scares me.
      Serena: And he raised Chuck. That scares me.
      Lily: Oh, Serena, as usual you're being overly dramatic. I'm not marrying Bart. This is very casual. And, regardless, I'm not asking your permission.

    • Blair: (after intimidating Vanessa) I'm going to go check on my daddy.
      Serena: I thought you were going to help.
      Blair: I think my work's done here.

    • Roman: Eleanor, we've been friends for a long time. Since before Marc Jacobs went into rehab.
      Eleanor: Friends don't steal other friends' husbands.

    • Vanessa: Well, Dan's not really that into things.
      Serena: Which makes shopping for him kind of hopeless. The only thing he wants for Christmas is snow. It's not like I can give him that.
      Vanessa: (getting an idea) You sure?

    • Serena: Hey. I come to you hat in hand, tail between my legs, and off my high horse. I spent the entire day searching for the perfect gift for Dan. Now, all the stores are closing, Christmas day is looming and, um...I need your help.
      Vanessa: I could take this opportunity to gloat, but I actually like you. So, let's get down to business.

    • Blair: You know, I called you about an hour ago, BTW. You're late.
      Serena: Um, you're lucky I'm even here at all. It's Christmas Eve and I still haven't found a gift for Dan. Now, all the stores are closing and I'm totally screwed. Do you have any idea what you can buy for under fifty dollars these days?
      Blair: I don't know. A single entrée in a mid-price restaurant? Three-quarters of a DVD box set? Maybe a pair of Wilfrid stockings?
      Serena: Oh, stockings! Yes! Great idea for Dan! Blair, please, this is serious.
      Blair: I don't know, why don't you buy him a gold money for forty-nine, ninety-nine. He won't know the difference.

    • Chuck: (answering machine) Leave a message and I might listen to it.
      Blair: Chuck! You are not answering my calls. To torture me, I am sure. But, please! For the love of God, do not tell anybody about us. Okay? Please? Please.

    • Blair: I cannot believe that Daddy decided to stay with Roman, instead of having tea at the Carlyle with me. The ER doctor said he would make a full recovery. (sighs) Everything is ruined.
      Eleanor: What makes you say that? You and I had a marvelous time.
      Blair: Well, I'm sorry, Mother. It's just not the same. I don't understand how that French fox stole my father and your husband, and always seems to come off like an innocent lamb.
      Eleanor: Roman was not always so innocent, you know?
      Blair: (getting interested) Really? What's the story?
      Eleanor: When I first met him, he was going out with this model named Freddy. And Freddy was a horrible scoundrel.
      Blair: Roman would actually be into somebody like that?
      Eleanor: Into him? He was actually infatuated with him. Freddy had him in some kind of spell. I was the one who got him to break out and turn his life around. Don't mention Freddy to your father. It is a sore subject.
      Blair: Okay. (smiling innocently) What was Freddy's last name?

    • Gossip Girl: Spotted spinning at Wallman Rink, the Blair-capades. All the grace of Nancy Kerrigan, but packing the punch of Tonya Harding.

    • Vanessa: Hey! If it's any help, I could tell you Dan's favorite used-book shops.
      Serena: That's okay. I think I got it.

    • Dan: Hey! What's in the bag?
      Serena: Perfection! (brandishing out a black box) Look, I know it's not Christmas, yet, but open it. Please? I can't wait, I'm too excited.
      Dan: (opens the box to reveal a fancy watch) Oh, my.
      Serena: I noticed the other day that you don't wear a watch. And then it occurred to me it's because you don't have a watch. You're going to need one to be punctual for all the meetings with editors and publishers, now that you're fancy and, apparently, self-important writer. (looks at Dan's not so excited face) You don't like it. You want the band changed.
      Dan: No! I love the band. I love the whole thing. It's the most amazing watch I've ever seen...but I can't accept this.
      Serena: What? Yes, you can. Look, it's more of a gift for me because I had so much fun picking it out for you. You have to.
      Dan: Serena, I buy a book for my dad every Christmas. I think the most elaborate gift I've ever given has been a pair of rubber boots from L.L. Bean.
      Serena: So, then, I overdid it?
      Dan: I think even your underdoing it, would be overdoing it. Look, hum, let's set some rules. Maybe, some helpful guidelines.
      Serena: Fine. Deadline?
      Dan: Tomorrow morning. Price limit?
      Serena: Fifty bucks.
      Dan: Alright. May the best gift win.

    • Eleanor: Roman, it is going to be so dull for you to sit and watch them skate...
      Blair: Yes! Why don't you go to the petting zoo and feed the sheep?
      Roman: Why don't I join you in the rink? It looks fun.
      Howard: Wonderful!
      Roman: Yes! Super!
      Howard: I'll get you skates.
      Blair: (with a fake smile) Super.

    • Roman: (referring to Jack Roth) The handsome man was just flirting with you.
      Eleanor: That's absurd. He was not flirting with me. (hits Roman with her purse)

    • Blair: I can't believe you're okay with this.
      Eleanor: Who said I am okay with this? What am I supposed to do? Make a scene? Behave like some pathetic, scorned wife? No!
      Blair: Roman doesn't even know how to ice skate. Can't you escort him out of the park on the way to your meeting? Maybe drop him off a nail salon...

    • Rufus: My son, the writer.
      Alison: Published writer.
      Jenny: Yeah, you got your dream girl and you're star of the New Yorker. Maybe you should just die now.
      Dan: It's true. I may have peaked.

    • Blair: (to a passing cab) Hey! Nice holiday spirit, Scrooge!
      Serena: Oh, gosh. It's gonna be a real Waldorf Christmas?
      Blair: A real Waldorf Christmas eve. Eleanor drew the line at Christmas day. That's only for me, her, and Dorota.
      Serena: Well, it's still a couple days with your dad.
      Blair: No, it'll be more than just a couple of days. I'm going to convince him to stay in New York.
      Serena: What about Paris and Roman?
      Blair: Roman is a phase. My father belongs here with me. He only left New York to ride out the scandal. It's time to come home, don't you think? Hey, did you want to ask me something?
      Serena: Yes! A gift idea for Dan, now that Vanessa brought him the most thoughtful Dan-like present ever.
      Blair: Why don't you just buy a new outfit for Cedric and call it a day?
      Serena: Thank you! For being totally not helpful, at all. See you tomorrow night.
      Blair: Bye!

    • Gossip Girl: Hey, Upper East Siders! It's Christmas in New York. And along with the season comes the Constance Billard-St. Jude's Bazaar; where the only thing bizarre are the donated items for sale.

    • Gossip Girl: (about Blair) Looks like Daddy's girl isn't sugar and spice and everything nice after all.

    • Blair: Vanessa, I think I'd like to help with this little project. Would you come and help me find another pair of scissors?
      (they go inside Blair's bathroom)
      Blair: It's so nice what you're doing for your friend Dan, helping his girl friend make his Christmas present. Serena is so greatful because she likes to see the best in people. I like to see the truth.
      Vanessa: Yeah? And what's that?
      Blair: I think you like Dan a little too much. Just thought I should let you know, someone's watching. Merry Christmas!

  • NOTES (6)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Vánoce na Upper East Side (Christmas on Upper East Side)

    • This is the second holiday episode. This certain holiday was obviously Christmas.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      India: January 18, 2008 on Zee Cafe
      Australia: February 26, 2008 on FOX8
      Norway: March 5, 2008 on TVNorge
      Latin America: March 13, 2008 on Warner Channel
      Denmark: May 4, 2008 on Kanal 4
      Philippines: May 13, 2008 on ETC
      Sweden: June 2, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Poland: June 17, 2008 on TVN7
      The Netherlands: July 22, 2008 on Net 5
      Turkey: November 25, 2008 on CNBC-E
      Greece: November 29, 2008 on Star
      Slovakia: January 4, 2009 on Markiza
      Hungary: March 8, 2009 on Cool TV
      Germany: June 27, 2009 on ProSieben
      Czech Republic: November 28, 2009 on Prima

    • Music featured on the episode:
      - "Santa Baby" by The Constance Billard Choir
      - "O Come All Ye Faithful" (Jazzy Instrumental)
      - "O Christmas Tree" by The Plush Interiors
      - "Stuck For The Summer" by Two Hours - Traffic
      - "Christmas Alphabet" by The McGuire Sisters
      - "Christmakwanzakah" by The Dan Band
      - "Deck The Halls" by The Republic Tigers
      - "Jingle Bells" (Instrumental)
      - "Joy To The World" (Instrumental)
      - "The General Specific" by Band Of Horses
      - "All That I Want" by The Weepies

    • Although they are credited, Ed Westwick (Chuck) and Chace Crawford (Nate) do not appear in this episode, but there is a photo of them while they are on vacation.

    • In Canada, this episode aired on Monday December 17, on CTV instead of Tuesday.


    • Gossip Girl: Hear those Silver Bells? It is Christmas time in the city.

      "Silver Bells" is a classic Christmas song, composed by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans.
      Bing Crosby recorded the most popular version in 1952. Some lyrics from the song are:
      "Silver bells, (silver bells)
      It's Christmas time in the city"

    • Roman refers to Marc Jacobs.

      Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer. On March 12, 2007, Jacobs checked into rehab for treatment of drug and alcohol abuse.

    • The New Yorker

      The New Yorker is an American magazine that publishes reportage, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry.

    • Gossip Girl: Looks like daddy's little girl isn't sugar and spice and everything nice after all.

      This line is from the popular nineteenth century nursery rhyme "What Are Little Boys Made Of?"

    • The episode is called "Roman Holiday" because Blair's father's boyfriend Roman spends the holiday with them.

    • Blair's dad mentions that he and Roman have a cat named "Cat" just like the cat in Blair's favorite movie- a movie alluded to previously, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

    • Jenny refers to Hercules as Dan is about to lift the Christmas tree present he has for Serena by himself. Hercules is the Roman name for the mythical Greek hero Heracles, son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmena. His most renowned attribute is having extraordinary strength.

    • Gossip Girl: Spotted spinning on the Wallman Rink, the Blair-capades. With the grace of Nancy Kerrigan, but packing the punch of Tonya Harding.

      The Blair-capades refers to the Ice Capades, a traveling entertainment show featuring theatrical performances involving ice skating.

      Nancy Kerrigan is a two-time American Olympic figure skating medalist and 1993 U.S. champion.

      Tonya Harding was also a figure skater and a controversial rival of Nancy Kerrigan. She became a boxer later on in her career.

    • Episode: Roman Holiday

      This is a reference to the 1953 film Roman Holiday which starred Audrey Hepburn.