Gossip Girl

Season 3 Episode 5

Rufus Getting Married.

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Dan's new girlfriend, Olivia, went off to a movie tour in Asia. Georgina takes advantage of this time Dan has alone to try and get him back. Georgina, who knows the truth about Rufus and Lily's love child, Scott, uses this information to blackmail Vanessa into getting Dan to break up with Olivia.

Vanessa eventually broke down and told Dan the entire story, including Georgina blackmailing her. Dan kept this information to himself to not cause trouble before Lily and Rufus' wedding. Dan also tries to have Georgina keep her mouth shut as well.

At the wedding, she shows up with Scott, and spills the story to Rufus and Lily, while their in a middle of a fight about not being ready for this marriage. Scott goes of but Rufus and Lily goes after to find him. While looking they work out their differences and make up. And find Scott just as he is about to jump on a bus back to Boston.

Chuck noticed Bree's fascination with Carter. Chuck discovered that Carter and Bree have history. He left her cousin with a wedding ring and took their family's money. Bree did not want to let Carter get away with that. Chuck told Carter to either leave town or tell Serena the truth and face Bree and her family at the wedding. Carter decided not to leave town. It was revealed that Bree was only using Nate to get to Carter and so they broke up. Blair got a prince from White Russia to follow Georgina and get her out of the country.
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