Gossip Girl

Season 3 Episode 5

Rufus Getting Married.

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on The CW

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  • When I said I wanted to see Georgina go out with a 'bang', her fantasizing about Dan wasn't really what I had in mind.

    At least we know that Dan is dating a movie-star and he likes her enough to throw any other potential relationship out the door. I didn't ever really get used to Dan and Georgina, couldn't really get the electricity between them, so when Georgina insinuated the times that Dan probably used to grab her a**, that came off oddly disturbing.

    The best appearance Georgina ever made was in season one and she hasn't been able to measure up since. My expectations of her sudden return from Boston were too high apparently. I really geared up for the big bomb she was going to drop, that big slap in the face that would have you wanting to wring her neck for being such a b****, only to end up with a love sick puppy. I really wondered if Georgina was serious when she was blackmailing Vanessa to get Dan to break up with his movie star girlfriend? Really? That was it? Did she really think that Dan would dump a movie star actress for her?

    So the Georgina return was flat and pointless, I actually laughed when she revealed Scott's real paternity to Lily and Rufus. Was that supposed to be the Jaw dropper, what was wrong with that entire picture?

    The Buckley's revelation was an entire joke. So we suffered through the long relationship engagements and extended after hour bed time with Bree and Nate, only to have the end result be an entire sham, and a pathetic one at that. I couldn't really care about Carter and why the Buckley's had it out for him. Frankly I was really disappointed with the delivery of the whole deal, which took a short time to develop with an unpolished revelation. I didn't even see the point to Bree using Nate, if she had done her research well enough Chuck would have been a good alliance, without the strings attached.
    If that's it for Bree, I was really wondering what Nate's grandfather had up his sleeve seeing that Bree was playing Nate all along.

    I couldn't really grasp the slightest bit of enjoyment from 'Rufus Getting Married'. I really believed that Rufus' and Lily's marriage was just placed there and didn't take the time to fall into place. Their bickering resembled that of a married couple, but it came to the point where it really didn't matter if they were married or not. I also couldn't understand why Lily would leave her wedding plans in the hands of teenagers and the oddly placed mean girls; also why she would give Jenny the responsibility of making a wedding dress. Is Jenny really that good?

    The only highlighted scene that brought an element of decency; was Chuck giving Blair a massage. I honestly don't view Chuck as the going out with other couples type and I couldn't get whether Blair's resentment for Bree was a shade of jealousy or she just knew bad blood when she saw it. It really looked like Chuck knew what he was doing when he eased the tension from Blair's back. Unfortunately that moment could not out-way the poorly structured concept of the show. I actually preferred for Lily and Rufus' marriage to be planned and for Cece to attend seeing as she was probably better and would love to see her daughter get married again.

    Bree's resentment for Cater was profound, but she couldn't measure up. Her detective skills were flawed; if she really wanted to find Carter she could have by putting a stake out on Serena. So when Carter was hauled in by the Buckley's presumably to be dumped somewhere, the tension just wasn't there. I expected him to take his one way ticket out of town, I didn't buy that he cared for Serena so much that he risked his life to tell her that. He didn't strike me as the changed type, I was even shocked that Blair liked him as opposed to just tolerating him

    Blair surely had something to do with Georgina's Prince. Georgina has lived the tale many times over, she couldn't believe that a Prince would just come up to her like that without other conditions. The only thing I possibly liked about that scene was Dorota dressed up in something other than her uniform; she must be paid highly for her to go on roles like that for Blair.

    Sometimes Gossip Girl would spare a certain episode that leaves you baffled at the end, this was probably one which could not deliver the standard I am accustomed to. What might work to their benefit would be to make more use of the underused characters like Jenny and Eric, probably even tune down the extra drama with Serena and Brown which wasn't even worthwhile this time. Some more Chuck and Blair, more elaborate story-lines, lose the the mean girls and maybe things might look up next week.

    Lexa Reviews



    Three Stars

    Grade D
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    An okay but substantial episode in the season. The payoff wasn't that great which is why the episode deserved this rating. I mean, this was supposed to be the episode where everything came to a boil: the adopted son story line, Rufus & Lilly, Carter & Brie, Georgina, but most story lines just fell flat tonight.

    Georgina was fantastic but the fact that she was scheming because of Dan really bothered me. I liked the Georgina that schemed just because she was bored. Trying to get a guy? Really? The Rufus & Lilly scenes were tired and incredibly annoying.

    I think the adopted son thing could have been revealed in a bigger way, but I'll take what I can get. Also the Carter & Brie thing was a bit disappointing. I found it funny that Nate ended up being played in the end of it all, especially since we once thought his story line with Brie was totally unrelated. Fair episode, not a lot to write home about.
  • Wow this episode title is genius. Truly, I am in awe.

    Ahh it's a sad sad day when I enjoy a One Tree Hill episode more than a Gossip Girl one. The gods of TV smite me down! For I have blasphemed. This episode was pretty forgettable, actually really really forgettable. The promo made it look all OMFG and awesome and more like the perverse/scheming outrageous GG we all know and sometimes revile, sadly the CW promo monkeys are lying liars like Scottie Humphrey pretending to be something they're not. Instead what we were given was too much Rufus and Lily... too much boring rubbish. I was like ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz all the way through it. Admittedly the writing was better than last week but it didn't grab me -- at least last week was gayer than Chuck Bass and Scott Humphrey put together to make up for things. Although next week looks like it'll be upping in the gay factor, heh.

    I'll start with the good stuff: Chuck and Blair, Satan AKA Georgina Sparks, Dan and Vanessa. Yes I did just say VD. They can be enjoyable on occasion. Dan has grown on me like mould over the past two seasons, plus he's hot (lately anyway). I really have no excuse for liking Vanessa. Chalk it up to madness or the PTB wearing me down. They seem to think that ramming her down our collective throats incessantly for 22 episodes straight will make us like her. Unfortunately it worked this episode. I'll probably go back to hating her next week and the universe will right itself rather than spinning backwards on its axis accompanied by flying pigs. Chuckles and Blair barely get any screentime at all but they still steal their scenes. Chuck and Blair have a dubious kind of double date with Bree and Nate. Apparently you're only invited to this little outing if you've slept with at least two of the other people attending. Chuck's the adult so he has to reign in his woman while she's busy plotting her next scheme to expose Red as an imposter. Chuck thinks this correlates to jealousy over Natie moving on. I'm busy groaning at this implication while Chuck does some plotting of his own with Red. Chuck can get rid of his arch nemesis (Carter apparently) once and for all, since the rivalry between Chuck and Carter, behind the homoeroticism, is of Lex Luthor and Superman like proportions. Red has her issues with Carter which we find out later are kind of stupid, because this episode is stupid and apparently so is Reds cousin for falling for Carters schemes.

    Thankfully we're spared Blair's Ultimate Planz For Social Domination Version 6.0 (until next week!)
    Chuck warns his arch nemesis off quietly mwhahahahaing to himself. He informs Carter that if he doesn't clear off he'll reveal to All About Serena that Carter is a bad bad man who does bad things. He's got him now! Oh yes... Later, and somewhat quite randomly we have Chuck giving Blair a massage as she whines about Carter and Chuck rolls his eyes. I try not to roll my eyes as Chuck explains to Blair that he's not.at.all.jealous that she apparently isn't over Nate -- or so he thinks. Blair is over Nate but her spider senses were tingled by Red. Chuck is just being stoopid and jealous. Also it amused me that he's apparently an expert masseur -- he's Chuck Bass after all. I have to wonder if this insecurity of Chucks regarding NB is going to come into play again since it wasn't addressed again within the episode.

    At the wedding Carter reveals to Serena that he is a bad bad man who does bad things. He apparently charmed his way into the good graces of Reds hick cousin and fooled her into paying off his excessive gambling debts through too many lost games of Go Fish and Snap, but not before skipping merrily off into the sunset without so much as a 'see ya! I'll call you. Only I won't. Carter's all: 'She was a moron! And fat! I couldn't hit that again'. All About Serena manages to make this about her yet again and pulls what I can only decipher as a 'sad face' and sez: 'Go away Carter! You're not who I thought you were, the Perfect Man. Even though I've known you for years... and have hung out with you, gotten drunk with you, possibly taken drugs and other things equally illegal. Slept and left you several times over. You're still not the guy I thought you were..!! Or whatever. Just go away, our scene's almost over and so is your guest stint.' *pout*. Some badly acted weeping follows. Carter is no longer Serena's tru wuv. I suppose we're meant to be sad about that. I can't say I am. Honestly, I like Carter but I don't really give a flying fig if we ever see him again.

    While all this is going down Georgina wishes she was going down on a certain someone. Yes Satan returns from Hell and reveals quite shockingly that she was NOT visiting family. OMFG. Get this. She was actually in Boston, yes BOSTON visiting Scott-eyeliner guy-Humphrey. I nearly fell out of my chair with shock. Georgie being the all powerful emissary of evil that she is knows that Scott is the half Humphrey of All About Serena and O' Danny boy. Dan is talking to Hilary Duff on some kind of MSN thing and is also avoiding Georgie. Georgie however, has a plan to Get Dan Back. She enlists Vanessa to help -- or should I say 'blackmails'. I can't remember why or what for but I'm sure it was all very interesting... yeah anyway, V does such a supremely sh***y job of trying to break up Dan and Hilary Duff so she is resorted to Photoshop. I know it's always my last resort in this situation. Dan walks in and is all: 'Oh dear God! You love me! I knew it! That teenage crush you had on me and your Joey Potter ways in season one were transparent, but this? This IS PROOF! My suspicions are confirmed.' V's all: 'I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.' I'm all: 'hahahahahahaha'. VD are kind of funny; I liked them in this scene together. Actually I've always liked their friendship and V the irritating judgmental self-righteous frizzy haired bint (now dread-locked haired bint) is actually somewhat tolerable around Dan.

    At the end of the episode all kinds of boring crap goes down. All About Serena has it out with Carter, Nate dumps Red because he may be a ho but he has feelings too. CB make googly eyes at one another, Scott is revealed as the Man in the Iron Mask and a half Humphrey. Lily is all Queen Biotch to Scott saying: 'get lost you ear-wigging little sh**!', except she doesn't know he's her son until Georgie tries in vain to make the episode remotely interesting. Georgie sez: 'Scott's gay Oh and he's your kid... whatevs I'm off now to marry a random Russian guy. Laters.' After this bomb has dropped I'm so bored I'm clicking around on my laptop in search of more interesting past times and the episode is fin! As the French say.

    Next week: Chuck takes a walk on the gay-side, Blarizilla re-emerges, Nate and Serena hook up to play Go Fish. And Dan and Hilary Duff continue to bore us to death. xoxo.
  • An Average Episode but Scandalous Enough To be Fantastic!

    Fantastic scandalous episode.

    * Georgina proves herself to be an angel in this episode. Haha! Spilling the beans about Scott did reunite a separeted family, she did good. :D
    Blair did she what she always does and chased Georgina away.I wish she hadn't. But this won't be the last of her -- she'll come back for a much eviler revenge. * Serena and Carter are okay. Not hot. The actor who plays him has kind of weird face expressions that it's distracting when you watch. But I support them. * Nate -- STOP, just STOP this madness, writers! If you can't come up with freaking ideas other than ''filler'' than just don't write at all. I love Nate but if he were to poof away from the show, it would really help because his story lines and love life are totally useless which last just a few weeks.

    * Lilly & Rufus - I say finally. They're married and happy and we are all happy too. Disappointment of the episode was: Oliver was absent. I like her and expect to see her every week this season. Overall 9.5 out of 10.
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