Gossip Girl

Season 1 Episode 8

Seventeen Candles

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2007 on The CW

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    Chuck & Blair's chemistry really is incredible, and you can really tell in this installment of Gossip Girl. I was surprised upon watching the last episode, and I'm glad the writers aren't treating this as just some random hook up. Chuck actually likes Blair, very interesting. The wager at the very end was dark but intense, and in the end, it didn't seem like Blair was "forced" to sleep with Chuck, the necklace was another great tie in. I'm really loving this couple right now.

    Nate's actually becoming a three dimensional character? What? Okay, that's a little too harsh, but as late as the eighth episode, I began to sympathize for Nate's character. His interactions with Jenny were good, but I hope they don't actually get together, because that definitely would be ridiculous. I think Jenny should have her crush, but I think that's where things should end for these two if the writers decided to continue with their friendship.

    The Dan/Serena/Vanessa scenes were definitely entertaining but it all just seemed too familiar with the past 2 episodes, Vanessa likes Dan, Dan likes Serena, blah blah blah. I would like to add that the Guitar Hero scene was pretty great, and it was just good fun, definitely a nice break from the drama. Overall, good episode, nice cliffhanger.
  • A whole new side to Chuck!

    This was a whole new side to Chuck. I loved it. I didn't like him much as an aspiring rapist in the first two episodes. I'm glad they decided to change him, in a way. So... After a night together in his...limo, Blair seeks forgiveness from God and Chuck seeks a repetition of what happened between them. This reveals something new in the Bass-tard. He buys her the present she wanted, knowing Nate won't bother to. He admits he...likes her with a "define like". And when Nate doesn't show up and wins their bet, he says he's sorry. How can Blair not give in to that?
  • Awesome.

    Well I told you I was back into this show. Thank god for that, another awesome episode from Gossip Girl. I just really, really, really, enjoy this show. But as I was saying a awesome episode, I loved the storyline to everything really. I love the whole Dan, Serena and Venessa, awesome story line. In this episode I started to like Nate more, I didn't really think his storyline could go anywhere else other than Blair but I was wrong, I really like where he is heading. Well another awesome episode from Gossip Girl, lets hope there is more like this one because it was awesome.
  • Happy Birthday, Queen B!

    The confession scene was marvelous. Though I can't understand why Blair's still madly in love with Nate even though she already had sex with Chuck. This ep was great because it had Chuck and Blair in it! :D Chuck was really sweet, buying her the necklace and all, while she thought it was Nate who bought the necklace. I loved all of the CB scenes. Especially the "butterflies have got to be murdered" and I use that line quite often now. Nate was such an a** but it was okay, because if he came to the party, CB would never have happened and they'd still be stuck in their loveless romance. Poor B, getting that picture of Nate and Jenny. But she sure ended her birthday with a blast!
  • It's Blair's birthday

    The first scene in this episode where Blair goes to the priest to confess is classic and I love her little black veil that she has on to dramatize the moment. I also really like the song that plays when she flashes back to the last night with Chuck. Then he just happens to be outside as she leaves the church, it's great. I cannot stand Vanessa's character especially in this episode, I hate her line about them all knowing how to swim, they are making her so pretentious it is annoying. Jenny and Nate were really cute in this episode together as they went through their respective family drama. The best part of this episode was Chuck and Blair who really cute together and when he admits that he likes her and then tells her that it wasn't that great anyways, it shows a whole different side to him. Then when he gives her the necklace it is a really sweet moment and then the narration over the scene when Serena walks in is really great.
  • I loved it!

    Blair's seventeenth birthday party is underway! Nate's parents want him to get back together with Blair, but only for their selfish reasons. To Serena's surprise, Dan shows up with Vanessa at Blair's birthday party. Vanessa and Serena get to know each other. Chuck admits that he likes Blair. Nate and Jenny take a walk after both are hesitant to go to Blair's party. A photo of them hugging is caught and sent to everyone, including Blair. Jenny has brought Alison, Rufus's wife home. They end up spending a nice time together. Serena catches Chuck and Blair making out.

    This episode was great! I'm starting to like Nate more, but Blair and Chuck a little less. I think it would be weird if Jenny were to date Nate. Even though I'm glad that Rufus and Alison are reunited, I still think he looks good with Lily. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10 from me!
  • Blair has a not so happy birthday, or does she?

    Seventeen Candles sees Blair turning 17. She really wants everything to be perfect but it isn't by a long shot. She wants to get Nate back but she's keeping a huge secret. If Nate finds out about her and Chuck all hell is gonna break loose. The triangle of Serena, Dan and Vanessa is still puzzling. Good thing Serena kicked her but in Guitar Hero, she was awesome. It was also great to finally see Alison Humphrey, she's unintentionally hilarious. I wonder how long she'll stay. Nate is getting tired of his parents trying to control his life. g g g
  • blair birthday party comes with a few surprise.

    blair is feeling guilty because of her one night stand with chuck. and she is missing nate. she has a sweet sixteen birthday party. where she orders for herself a necklace. she thinks nate and her are going to get back together so she rings the jeweler to find out if anyone has pick up the necklace. she thinks it is nate. at the party chuck tells blair that he has feeling for her. later that night nate doesnt show up to her birthday and she know that it is over between them. chuck comes into the room and gives blair her present. she is suprise that he is the one who got the necklace for her. they are later spotted by serenna making out on the bed.
  • Blair's birthday is approaching and she is feeling guilty after her night with Chuck and is desperate to get Nate back. Nate to needs to get back with Blair, but only because he's being pressured by his parents. Serena and Vanessa attempt to bond.

    This may be my favourite episode so far.
    I have never really been a fan of Blair or Chuck, but in this episode I found them extremely enjoyable to watch. Blair; because she was just so funny. Almost everything she did had me laughing and she probably bought most of the comedy to this episode, which is something I didn't think possible for her. Chuck; because we finally got to see another side to the always whoring, sleazy and snobby Chuck Bass...the human side to him! I particularly enjoyed the scene where Chuck was trying to convince Blair not to get back with Nate, basically revealing his feelings towards her (which she picked up on). Then when he tried to denied his feelings and then seconds later admitted he had feelings for her...it was just so hilarious.
    I really like this side of Chuck because even when he is his vulnerable self he still gets a lot of the best lines. I also like this side of him because he is not so sure of himself and is not as confident anymore.
    I also enjoyed the Nate and Jenny bonding time. It kind of makes me wish they were a couple but then I remember I want Jenny to be with Eric, so I'm a little conflicted.
    All in all: a great episode!
  • Another scandal on the Upper East Side.

    Yet another excellent episode of Gossip Girl. I now have a new view on Chuck, before I didn't dislike him but I didn't like him and now that he "likes" Blair I found it cute to see a true side to his character. I'm also warming up to the idea of Jenny and Nate together and Chuck and Blair together, so I find myself becoming a fan of Chuck and Blair because they suit each other and have the same personality. As for Dan and Serena I love them as a couple but I hate the fact that Vanessa threatens their relationship because they're so perfect for each other. My favourite scene of the show was of course the Guitar Hero one, it really bought a comedic side to the show.
  • Serena walks in on Blaire and Chuck making out.

    It's Blaire's seventeen birthday. Blaire doesn't want anyone to know that she and Nate broke up nor that she had sex with Chuck. Nate's dad is being charged for fraud and embezzlement. Chuck reveals to Blaire that he likes her. Dan's mother Allison comes back to town on Jenny's request. Vanessa makes an effort to bond with Serena. Both of them face off at Guitar Hero. Serena is pissed off at Dan cause he doesn't tell her that is mom is back. Nate and Jenny have a talk. Nate is pressurized by his mom to give Blaire her ring. Blaire receives a picture from Gossip Girl showing Nate with another girl. Rufus and Allison are back together. Serena walks in on Blaire and Chuck making out.
  • This episode was really great! I loved it because it as all about Blair and Chuck. It's Blair's birthday, and Nate has disappointed her, yet again.

    I absolutely loved this! Blair and Chuck showed me exactly why I love them (together, and apart). Their conversations were so cute, and funny. Chuck was really funny, and even though he was going behind his best friend's back, in order to get with his girlfriend, which is backstabbing, I though it was kind of sweet. And the scene where he gives her the necklace... beautiful! Blair looked gorgeous, as usual, even when she was crying.

    My one dislike, the whole Serena/Dan/Vanessa storyline. It was about how Serena was jealous that Dan spent so much time with Vanessa, I mean, they're best friends, it's normal for them to hang out. The WORST part though, was the Guitar Battle scene. It was really cheesy/awkward. All in all, the episode was really great!
  • great episode.

    it's Blair's 17th birthday and she's having a birthday party. She feels bad about having sex with Chuck and she just wants Nate back. At Blair's party, Dan brings Vanessa which is awkward for Serena. Soon, they get to be friends though. Jenny didn't go to Blair's party and neither did Nate. They saw each other so they just talked, and they hugged. Someone took a picture for gossip girl of them hugging and Blair announced to everyone that her and Nate had broken up. I felt so bad for Blair. Then, at the balcony, when her and Chuck talk she figures out that Chuck actually likes her. Serena walks into a room at the party and she sees Chuck and Blair kissing.

    I thought that was a great episode, but I hope that Chuck and Blair don't become a couple because I'm a huge fan of Nate & Blair together.

    In this episode you really see a new side of chuck especally in the last 5 minutes. They best blair and chuck moment yet!!! Blair and Chuck share many moments together while serena and vanessa click. All around great episode. writing was fantastic and left you wanting more at the end. Writers did a fantasic job at showing blairs vulnerable side and chucks not so womanizing qualities. Very cute nate and jenny moment. My favorite episode yet. Garented any blair chuck fan will love. Not for those who are blair nate fans. FANTASIC EPISODE! The best episode ive ever seen!
  • chuck + blair = suspense

    As a reader of the book series, it surprised me to see that chuck and blair have a fling. In the books, nothing ever occurs between the two. I really hope that something evolves between them. Nate and Blair is way too old school couple. I love the image of chuck and blair. Chuck is the typical bad boy and Blair is the upper east side princess with a little edge to her. They seem like the perfect couple. Jenny and Nate do have a fling in the book series but i would not expect that to happen in the show. The books so far have turned out much different then the show
  • I love Blair and Chuck as a couple and I can not wait to see how it works out

    I was starting to feel unsure if I should keep watching this show, but this episode convinced me to stay with it. I really love the idea of Blair and Chuck as a couple. It's great that they are so different, yet he really likes her. Around her he is not like his usual self and it was so cute how he got her the necklace she wanted. I also liked the storyline of Nate wanting to get back together with Blair because of his parents. It makes you feel really bad for everyone involved. The Dan, Serena, and Vanessa storyline was also pretty good. It was good to see the awkward situation worked out and it should be interesting to see how that works out in the future. The introduction of Nate and Jenny was interesting and a want to see how that works out. I didn't love the storyline with the Dan and Jenny's parents, but it was something they needed to work out.
  • It's Blair's birthday.

    This was another amazing episode of Gossip Girl, and as always I absolutely loved the interaction between Blair and Chuck. The actors who play Blair and Chuck have great chemistry together. Blair and Chuck are definitely becoming two of my top favorite characters on the show. They are both written so well, and this episode really shows that. This whole episode was written very well. I also really liked Dan's story line and how he dealt with the return of his mother. Nate's story line was also very interesting. I think that all of the male characters on the show are written very well, and this episode really shows that. All in all, this was another amazing episode of Gossip Girl.
  • It's Blair's 17th birthday and she wants everything to go smoothly. Yeah right, nothing goes smooth in the Upper East Side. Blair ends the night with someone she didn't plan on ending it with.

    This episode was so so good. I re-watched it again last night and can't wait for the Thanksgiving episode that airs on the 28th. The ending of these episodes are always so good and exciting. You can feel the lust, and betrayal in the air. And i like how there may be a future couple in Jenny and Nate. More complications before he ends up with Blair. Vanessa is annoying. Dan just can't tell her to go away and truly yell at her. She's so wierd. But, by the end of this episode it looks like things may go smoothey between Dan and Serena and Vanessa is not a complication at the moment. Overall another great installment and can't wait for the next one! Keep it up GG!
  • It's Blaire's 17th birthday and not everything goes as planned

    Overall a very fun and interesting episode filled with amazing character development especially for Nate, Serena and Vanessa!

    Dan is in hopes to get Serena and Vanessa close as he wants to have a very stable and strong relationship with the both of them. But when Vanessa decides to start in Blaire's 17th birthday party, Dan starts to get worried.

    Nate and Blaire have been broken up for awhile, but Nate is in hopes of getting back together, or is he really? Blaire anticipates him at her party, but Gossip Girl breaks the bad news!

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Blaire): We ended it. I wanted to tell you, but a part of me thought that if I didn't say it out loud, then it wouldn't come true. It was my birthday wish for us to get back together, but now, I think it's really over.
  • I am really starting to like Blair

    I really like this episode. Blair is staring to grow on me. I loved her whole snarky attitude when trying to give Serena advice about Dan and Vanessa. "You did not tell me she looked like that." Loved that line -- Classic.

    When the promos for this show came out I was expecting a Nate/Serena/Dan triangle and I was upset when Nate seemed to be so detached from Serena's circle. That doesn't really bother me anymore.

    Everyone's storyline is interesting to me. The whole Chuck/Blair storyline is interesting and they have some chemistry. I like watching Nate have to deal with his family's problems. Serena and Dan are cute and I like Jenny is very nice. I am really liking how this series is progressing.
  • Another good Gossip Girl episode!

    There was something different about this episode though. It didn't absolutely catch my interest like the other episodes did. I still loved this episode but something felt.....different. I absolutely love Blair and Chukc together! They are my favorite couple on the show. Along with Serena and Dan. I just wish that they would get rid of Vanessa. I really dislike her character, along with Jenny. I'm glad Blair and Nate did not get together. I thought it was so sweet when Chuck bought the necklace for Blair when she was suspecting it was Nate. I definantly like Lily and Rufus together more then him and Alison.
  • it was the best eposide yet

    i loved it c and b rocks as a couple cuck was great he has butterfiles he really likes her he gave her the neckless and he asked her if she wanted to go to breakfast with him it was exactly wat i wanted in this eposide he cares more then nate about bliar he really changed he could not sleep iam so exited 4 next weeks eposide sirnia found ou i wonder wat is going to happen its so intresting this show is like a drug lol and of course there is something going on between nate and jenney the took a walk and to me he seems more happier with jenny then with bliar they eally tallked and understand each other and with bliar and nate there just wrong 4 each other bliar and chuck r just prfect 4 each other and serina should be with dan and i think chuck will be there 4 bliar wehen ever but nate did not show up t her birthday and not even call to wish her a happy birthday wat a jerk and there iis chuck trying to get bliar to fall in love with him because he is falling 4 her head over heels i loved the eposide .

    xoxo bliar
  • Another great episode!

    Gossip Girl was amazing! I really liked this episode. I alternatly liked and disliked Nate's predicament. I wanted him to go to Blair yet I knew he didn't really want to and if he did it would only be for his family and not for Blair. I guess I'm glad he didn't get back with Blair. Besides I'm starting to like Blair and Chuck together. When Chuck said that he had feelings for her and Blair snorted, I felt so bad for him. Although when Chuck mentioned the butterflies in his stomach and Blair said something along the lines of: "you know how much I love all of God's creations, but those butterflies need to be killed" I cracked up! After last episode I liked the idea of Chuck and Blair together and after this episode I like them together even more! I like Jenny and Nate's friendship in this episode. It was sweet, but I felt bad for Blair when GG sent her a photo of them. Serena and Dan were cute in this episode and I like how Vanessa and Serena became friends. The whole Guitar Hero contest was great! I hope that they stay friends. I'm sort of mad that Dan and Jenny's mother came back, because I like Rufus and Lily together. I guess they were kind of cute though once they started talking... Anyway it was a great episode and I can't wait until next episode!
  • Suprise !!

    Who have ever taught that Nate would give up Blair? Who have ever taught Blair and Chuck would really make out? And what about Serena and Vanesssa friendship?
    Seventeen candles strats with Blair confession, what gave a wonderfull and "fitable" begining to the episode. But maybe Chuck apperance wasn't necessary. At the very nxt scene, Serena and Dan were kissing exactly where Vanessa started to work. Perfect spot huh? S and V were kind of embarassed, but what could they do?
    Wonderfull party B!But wasn't exactly what she expected. Okay, she and Nate had split but why haven't he shown up? Or maybe even called? Except, he was with Jenny's company sharing family experience...
    The "gran finale": B and C spotted by S making out at Katy's brother bedroom.
  • Eventually the right characters will be paired, after much drama and time. Blair & Chuck are realising they are good for each other, though it will take sometime to ferment. That's the real reason the episode is a success: destiny is fulfilled.

    Simply put, this episode showcases the start of the show's coupling of the characters of similar character.

    I'm soo happy that Chuck & Blair are getting together; they're both evil and daring. Dan needs to stop trying to get Vanessa in his life; he needs to focus on Serena whom shares his altruistic hippie personality. What may seem out of left field is the idea of having Nate & Jenny as soulmates; they are both naive, confused, and somewhat good. The show is built on the foundation of the characters. How the coupling works out is what makes the destiny of the show exciting, a real must see.
  • Nate has to make a difficult decision and Blair is not having a good birthday.

    This was an exciting episode.
    I don't like Chuck but he was bearable in this episode and even likable when he confessed, to his own dismay, that he actually likes Blair. That was a sweet scene and him getting her the diamond necklace was a nice touch. Still, Blair shouldn't have given in to him, again!. They should have waited a while cause I do think their relationship might actually work.

    Dan's an idiot for trying to get Vanessa and Serena to be friends. He should concentrate on Serena, not cut off Vanessa completely, but she should become more of a close friend rather than a best friend.

    I'm not sure about Rufus and Allison, I quite like Lilly but a Lilly and Rufus relationship would make Dan and Serena very uncomfortable.
  • Blair's birthday sets the stage for an eventful story: while an old flame dies out, a new affair is born, and old affairs are rekindled.

    Poor Blair...she basically spends her entire birthday waiting for things to get back to normal with Nate, while he's only considering getting back together with her to help his dad out. In the end, both Chuck and Jenny talk to Nate and help him do the right thing. However, I really hope they're not gonna pair up Nate with Jenny, or at least not before they actually have chemistry.

    As for Blair and Chuck, I LOVE it!! Talk about chemistry!!! I love Dan and Serena together, but they're getting a little boring, and these two could really become the hottest couple. I can't believe Chuck can actually feel butterflies in his stomach!!

    I think Dan should try to keep Vanessa a little bit at arm's length and stop pushing her on Serena though, because she clearly has feelings for him, and while that's going on, she can't be Serena's friend like he wants her to be.

    Oh and I'm glad Dan's parents are getting back together because it would suck for everyone involved if Rufus got back together with Lily...Serena would become Dan's sister!
  • A-not-so-happy birthday for Blair ...

    I like the way how the story developed. We all knew that Chuck is an ass and he just wants a piece of it as well but surprisingly our resident bad boy has a heart that beats for Blair. Even Bad boys have to fall in love sooner or later. This might not be a birthday that Blair wished for but at least she is surrounded by her true friends, a boy toy and that lovely necklace. Don't worry dear, Nate will come around after all you have history together.

    Nate's parents are just ridiculous! I mean come on asking your son to be your damage control. Give us a break!!! Good thing Nate didn't give in to their wishes. Let's just leave Nate to sort out all of this on his own and hope that everything will turn out right for him.

    Clearly the Humphrey boys are totally understanding when it comes to the love of their lives sleeping with another guy. I mean do you remember how Dan reacted about the whole Serena slept with her best friend's boyfriend thing and how Rufus reacted that his wife was doing the next door neighbor. Yes they were upset at first but they still came around right? Now, Dan is never been this happy before with Serena and it seems that Jenny got her wish. There's a part of me that secretly hope that Rufus won't forgive Allison because I really think that Rufus and Lily look good together. Imagine if they become an item and move in together it's going to be a riot! It's so Brady Bunch! *lol*
  • awsome

    i lvoe this episdoe go dan adn serena and blair and chuck.So dan wanted vanessa to bond with serena becausehtere situation was awkward after vanessa walked in on dan and serena about to have sex.So the episode starts dan and serena making out in a diner and guess what vanessa works there.Meanwhile later in the episode jenny mom comes back.Also cuck has"butterflies " in his stomach when he see blair so cute

    anyways im rooting for serena not to egt to jealous of the vanessa and dan friendship because serena and dan are the best couple on the show.I wonder how the whole lilyand rufus thing will play out after that allisson has reutrned