Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 22

Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on The CW

Episode Recap

Blair is in one place she never expected to be; Grenwich Village. She's complaining to Nate about NYU who points out not only did she not get in anywhere else, but now they'll both be in the city. Nate knows the village and is eager to pass his wisdom onto Blair, which starts with the subway. Blair, being well, Blair, refuses to go down the stairs and get on the subway with all the middle-class professionals. Nate points out car service would be too slow for her to visit him at Columbia, but she begs him not to make her goes down those gum-covered stairs.

The Humphreys are in an antique shop where a jovial Rufus wants Dan to pick something out, such as a trunk. Dan and Jenny are confused by Rufus's good mood and he tells them it's from the money he'll make selling the gallery. Dan spots Rufus eyeing a ring but Rufus assures him he's just looking. He walks away to take a call from Lily and Dan points the ring out to Jenny.

At Serena's, Blair tells her rats go underground, not Waldorfs. Serena jokes she could borrow Chuck's helicopter and Blair laments what a waste of time Chuck was. She says Nate is good to her and for her, but no man is worth mass transit. She asks how Serena's foreigner is and Serena reminds her Gabriel's from North Carolina, but adds things with him are good. Except for the fact he can never commit to dinner reservations or movies and sometimes he gets a text and just leaves. She tells Blair about kind of marrying Gabriel in Europe and Blair is beside herself and declares they have to get to the bottom of Gabriel's disappearing act. Serena doesn't agree and tells Blair not to go following Gabriel. Blair asks then what she and Gabriel doing tonight? Serena doesn't have an answer.

Chuck and Nate are playing basketball when Chuck notes Nate doesn't have his head in the game. Nate is hesitant to talk because it's about Blair but Chuck tells him Blair is his girlfriend and it's okay to talk about her like they used to. Nate tells Chuck he's worried next year is going to be harder than he thought with them living on opposite ends of the city. Chuck tells him he needs a place in the middle like the Palace and offers that Blair can crash with him, something Nate doesn't find funny. Chuck tells Nate he won and Chuck lost and he's out of the game.

Serena and Gabriel are having dinner with Rufus and Lily and Gabriel is charming the pants off them telling them about his business. Lily gets a text and tells them she's hosting the co-op meeting tomorrow and invites Gabriel. He accepts and Rufus suggests the four of them watch a movie, but surprise, surprise, Gabriel has to go finish some business. Serena tries to talk him out of leaving, but he tells her his business is important to him, and Serena retorts him spending time with her family is important to her. Gabriel tells her his deal will be closed soon and then he's all hers. He walks away to get his coat and Serena gets a text from Blair asking if Gabriel's bailed yet. She texts back and tells Blair to stop spying on her and sure enough, Blair is standing on the curb watching the door of Serena's building. Chuck pulls up and she turns around and he asks who she's spying on. She tells him Gabriel and Chuck agrees he doesn't care for him either and asks if there's not enough thrill in her domestic bliss with Nate. Blair tells him she's worried about her best friend and is going to find out where Gabriel goes when he's gone. She adds it's good for couples to have different interests, then sees Gabriel and shoves Chuck behind the car. They crouch down and watch as Poppy gets out of a car and Gabriel picks her up and hugs her, then gets into the car with her.

On the phone Blair tells Serena she has to dump Gabriel and Serena tells her she will get to the bottom of it and Blair should try worrying about her own relationship for a change. She tells her on Friday night Blair was spying instead of doing something with Nate. Behind her, Gabriel gets out of the elevator. He tells her there's something she should know.

Blair is telling Nate about Gabriel, but Nate's interest is more piqued when he hears Chuck was there too. She tells him they ran into each other and it's not a big deal and Nate agrees. She adds they have a relationship without secrets or lying and Nate agrees they're lucky.

Serena asks Gabriel if he's sleeping with Poppy and he tells her he isn't, not since he met Serena. He told Poppy he needed space and time to think. He'd like to never see Poppy again, but all his investors are Poppy's contacts and she threatened to pull them, so he told her he and Serena were over. If Poppy found out the truth, he could lose everything. Serena tells him she doesn't hate him but she hates lying and she and Poppy are still friends. Gabriel says he didn't plan on falling in love with Serena and she tells him he has to tell Poppy about them. Gabriel refuses and tells her he spent two years developing the company and it's everything to him. It's the only way to be free of his parents and Serena tells him he's still tied to Poppy and she's done the two girlfriend thing and can't do it again. Gabriel tells her the contracts will be done in one week and after that he promises to tell Poppy everything. Serena reluctantly agrees as long as it's not physical and it's only for a week. Gabriel tells Serena he only has eyes for her and kisses her hand.

Vanessa asks what Dan's wearing and he tells her he's a cater waiter and asks where she's been. She tells him she never wanted to speak about it, but it might help to. Jenny comes in and asks if Dan told her about the ring. Vanessa is excited but asks if it's good news and Dan tells her he didn't buy it. Vanessa asks if they're okay with it and they say while it'd be weird, they've never seen Rufus so happy. Vanessa tells them to let Rufus know they support him and Rufus comes in and seems very frazzled in the middle of a phone call. Jenny adds, maybe not today.

Serena is trying on a dress and Blair clarifies Gabriel is still seeing Poppy and Serena tells her he's not sleeping with Poppy. Blair doesn't believe he'll break up with Poppy and Serena tells her she trusts Gabriel, who told her he fell in love with her the first time he ever saw her. Blair finds that interesting especially because he was with his girlfriend at the time but Serena tells her he first saw her when she was out with Georgina a year ago. Blair asks if that was the night Georgina drugged her and Serena tells her it was before that and Blair tells her Gabriel is having her cake and eating Poppy's too. Serena clarifies Nate and Chuck can both be obsessed with Blair but Gabriel can't stay faithful for seven days? Blair tells her she doesn't want to see her get hurt.

Rufus is getting off the phone when Vanessa comes in and hands him a cup of coffee. She tells him she'll miss the gallery and he tells her the real estate agent hasn't had any calls about it and thinks it could be months before they find a buyer. Vanessa guesses that's why he was so upset earlier and he tells her his only other option is to sell the Lincoln Hawk catalogue, which isn't even worth what it was a year ago. He laments he quit touring to spend time with his family and it might've been the worst thing he could've done for them. He apologizes for dumping all this on Vanessa and says they can close up shop.

Chuck and Nate are in a spacious apartment with lots of windows and Nate tells Chuck he wants to buy it because it's halfway between NYU and Columbia. He tells Chuck he wanted to show him he and Blair are really serious and Chuck guesses Nate heard about his run-in with Blair. Chuck tells Nate it's not a big deal and Nate tells him with him and Blair, it's always a big deal and he doesn't want Chuck going near Blair again. Chuck gets a call from Blair and goes outside to take it, which Nate doesn't look too happy about. Blair tells Chuck she thought proving Gabriel was a cheat would be enough, but Serena fell for his business excuse. She tells Chuck she's really worried and they have to expose Gabriel and asks if Chuck's up for one last mission. He asks if she has Poppy's number.

At the co-op party, Blair comes up to Serena and Gabriel and declares she and Gabriel haven't had enough time to bond! She drags Gabriel off with Serena following to give Gabriel a tour, despite Serena protesting it's her house and Gabriel protesting he's been there before. Outside, Poppy meets Chuck and tells him she doesn't think Serena will want to see her and Chuck tells her it will be exciting for everyone. In Serena's room, Blair is showing Gabriel Serena's things, much to Serena and Gabriel's confusion. Chuck comes in with Poppy who is surprised to see Gabriel and she sees Serena and gets upset. Serena says they need to talk and Poppy accuses her of stealing her boyfriend but she's more upset with Gabriel and says he's a liar and a cheat and starts hitting him when Chuck stops her. She can't believe Gabriel used her connections for his company and Gabriel tells her it's not like that and she tells him if it's not, then he leaves with her. If he doesn't, she'll call all the investors and tell them to take their money back. Gabriel tells Poppy they're done and he's sorry but Serena didn't steal him, she swept him away. She can tell the investors whatever she wants. She says she'll tell them the truth, that he's ruined. She walks out. Gabriel tells Serena he needs a minute to clear his head and walks out as well. Blair awkwardly says at least now they know Gabriel really likes her. Serena tells Blair she'll deal with her later and goes after Gabriel.

Dan goes back to the loft and finds Vanessa there drinking. She tells him Rufus and Jenny let her in as they were leaving and she thought they could play "I Never" and hands him a beer. Vanessa goes first and tells him she slept with Chuck. She tells Dan that's why she's been avoiding him and it's repulsive, and Dan agrees while it's repulsive, Vanessa's been through a lot with Nate and Blair getting together and everyone makes mistakes. He tells her he almost slept with Georgina and she tells him she slept with Chuck twice. She adds his life might suck right now but he didn't need an STD panel. He agrees, then realizes he doesn't know why his life sucks right now.

Jenny asks if Rufus is going to Lily's and he invites her to the co-op party. She declines and asks Rufus if everything's okay. She doesn't believe him when he says he's fine and adds she knows he wants to propose to Lily. She tells him she and Dan are totally okay with it, but Rufus tells her it's not the right time and there are some complicated things right now. Jenny tells Rufus he can fix anything if he wants it bad enough, after all, that's what he always told her growing up.

Gabriel is on the phone with Chuck watching him around a corner. He hangs and Serena comes over and tells him she's glad he chose her over money. He tells her now he'll go back to North Carolina and work for his father. He tells Serena how much he wanted to show up his father with the money and Poppy's investors would've tripled their money by the end of the summer. Serena tells him he has to still do it and convinces Gabriel to let her find him new investors at the party. She goes to find Lily and Chuck goes over to Gabriel. He tells him he heard he met Serena when she was out with Georgina and it must be quite the story. In another part of the party, Nate surprises Blair and asks if Serena and Chuck are there. Blair tells him she can't believe she got talked into another scheme with Chuck and she's glad Nate surprised her. Behind her, Nate sees Chuck and he shows her the apartment keys and asks if she'll move in with him. She says yes and Nate tells Chuck he's taking her to the apartment now and Chuck tells her before she goes, he tells her Gabriel claims to have met Serena at Butter the night before the SAT's. Blair says that's impossible and Chuck agrees and wants to go tell Serena. Nate says Chuck can handle it on his own and wants to take Blair to the apartment. Blair has to choose; a castle with a white knight or a quest with a dark prince.

Gabriel is telling Lily and Rufus about his business plan and Lily tells Gabriel she's in. When her and Rufus walk away, Gabriel picks Serena up and kisses her. She tells him all he has to do is tell the other co-opers Lily plans to invest and they all will. Blair shows up and drags Serena to her room where Chuck is waiting. Chuck tells Serena Gabriel is lying to her and Blair tells her that night Butter was closed because she used the bartender for the Nelly Yuki sabotage party. Serena tells her Georgina knew the manager and it was probably a private party. Serena turns to leave and Blair tells her Chuck saw Gabriel making a suspicious phone call! Serena tells her she has supported Blair in all her choices, for example Chuck, and Blair could do the same for her. She and Chuck are just using this as an excuse to get together again. Serena's going back to her boyfriend and if Blair knows what's good for her she will too. She walks out and Blair admits it does sound kind of stupid when said out loud. Chuck says there's only one person who knows what really happened the night Gabriel supposedly met Serena.

Dan and Vanessa have had enough to drink they've gone from sitting in chairs to lying on the floor. Dan laments he's not going to Yale and Vanessa apologize for letting it out like that, but maybe it'll be easier on Rufus. She asks if Dan blames him, and Dan says he blames the financial aid office and the recession and a stupid former president, but not his dad. Rufus is the one person more upset about this than him, as he was so excited about selling the gallery and moving on. Vanessa asks if Rufus will still propose, and Dan says Rufus has a lot of pride.

A man offers to write Gabriel a check on the spot and looks forward to working with him. Rufus asks to talk to Gabriel and tells him he'd like to invest as well. Rufus tells him his money is as good as anyone's else and he wants in. Elsewhere, Blair tells Nate she has to see the apartment tomorrow and she has to do something. Nate clarifies with Chuck and Blair tells him Serena didn't believe them. Nate isn't surprised and tells Blair she shouldn't go and Chuck is playing games. Blair doesn't believe that and needs Nate to trust her. Chuck arrives at Blair's side with her coat and Nate tells her he trusts her and to go. Blair pecks him on the cheek and Nate watches her and Chuck go. Outside, Chuck tells Blair they won't be back tonight.

The limo is parked in a woodsy area. Inside, Blair and Chuck are asleep and holding hands. They wake up and immediately let go of each other and Blair laments she has to see her enemy with messy hair and Chuck suggests she stay in the limo. He points out she and Georgina are enemies and he and Georgina have a special bond. Blair realizes Chuck didn't need her and he just wanted to get her away from Nate. Chuck points out he got the apartment right when Blair and Chuck started talking again. Blair protests it was so she didn't have to take the subway and Chuck says that's why he got it, but asking her to move in was because of Chuck. He adds she chose to spend the night in a car with him over the apartment with Nate, but she has a weakness for limos. She tells him she came for her best friend and he asks if that's the only reason and leaves. Upon departing the limo, he sees a big wooden cross and hears church music and sees people wearing shirts with the letters OMJC. A woman asks if he's a wayward soul in search of direction and he tells her he thinks he's in the wrong place. Georgina sees him and runs over and gives him a hug and asks if he's been saved too.

In bed, Serena tells Gabriel Blair was wrong about him. She tells him about Blair and Chuck's theory and asks what he thought of Georgina. Gabriel tells her she didn't make that much of an impression and Serena talks about Georgina's hair. Gabriel says he remembers that but forgot everything but Serena. Serena looks uncomfortable all of a sudden and tells him she has to get home before her mom wakes up.

At the camp, Georgina tells Chuck it's a seven day session and at the end they put on a passion play. Chuck thinks it's an act so she doesn't have to go back to boot camp and she tells him people can change. He agrees people can change, but she can't. She tells him he's wrong and boot camp gave her a chance to think about what kind of person she'd become. She went to church and found Jesus and told him her sins, and He forgave her. She tells him she's happy but guesses he's not there to be reformed. He asks if she knows Gabriel and she tells him she and Serena never went to Butter that night.

Gabriel answers the door and Poppy comes in and jumps into his arms. She kisses him and thanks him for his amazing performance and he agrees they're a good team.

Chuck gets a call from Serena and she tells him she knows Gabriel is lying but doesn't know why. Chuck tells her he and Blair will be there soon, or a little longer as Blair has taken the limo and left him stranded in Jesus land.

Poppy looks at a spreadsheet of all the investments from the party and tells Gabriel they'll have everything they need by the end of the month. She praises Gabriel for finding a way to make it work when she thought they were screwed after Chuck called her. Gabriel plays a message from Serena saying she's coming back to his room and they have to talk. Poppy says she sounds nervous and Gabriel tells her Butter was closed the night he supposedly met her. Poppy tells him they have to get out of there fast. They start scrambling to pack but there's a knock at the door. Poppy tells him not to answer it but he tells her he can handle it and Poppy hides. Gabriel answers the door, but it's Rufus with his check.

Blair meets Nate at the apartment and tells him she made a mistake and she shouldn't have gone with Chuck. She tells him she doesn't like Murray Hill and asks why he got the apartment. When he tells her it's so they wouldn't be so far apart she asks if that's why he asked her to move in. Nate admits he got jealous when she and Chuck were hanging out and Blair says Nate doesn't really trust her. Nate apologizes and asks her to stay.

Chuck and Georgina are still at the camp when Chuck gets a call from Serena. Georgina tells him to say hi for her and she has so much love in her heart for Serena. Serena tells Chuck she's too late and Gabriel is gone. Poppy comes in and tells Serena she gave Gabriel half a million dollars.

Dan is sleeping when Rufus comes in and brings him coffee. He tells Rufus he knows about Yale and Jenny comes in and gives Rufus the ring she and Dan pooled their savings to buy. Rufus thanks them and tells them he has good news, Yale might still be possible.

Chuck has called a cab to pick him up. Georgina asks where Chuck's limo is and he tells her Blair took it. She tells him it's her day off and she really misses the city. Chuck opens the door to the cab and Georgina gets in. Chuck gets in after her and the cab drives off.