Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 14

The Backup Dan

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2012 on The CW

Episode Recap

In the aftermath of the major royal wedding fail, everyone wants to know where Blair has run off to. Eleanor thinks she's with Louis, but Sophie finds out that Louis told Blair their marriage was meant to be fake.

Gossip Girl tips off Serena, Chuck and Nate that Blair's at the Empire. When they arrive, they find Georgina was behind the G.G. communiqués.

So where is Blair? She's at the airport with Dan. She's heading to the Dominican Republic because you can divorce without the groom's consent there.

Passersby in the airport recognize Blair from the tabloid pages, so she pretends to be a decoy. Not until she gets to the ticket counter does Blair realize she doesn't have a passport. Holding up a picture of her on the cover of a tabloid doesn't help either, so they have to wait for Dorota to deliver it. Meanwhile, Blair naps on Dan's shoulder. And Dan tells Rufus what's going on but continues to keep Serena in the dark.

Serena knows Dan's lying when she receives a text from Louis on Blair's cell, which Serena has. Sophie goes to Eleanor's and threatens they won't waive the dowry if Blair doesn't return.

Louis calls a press conference and announces that Blair's missing, saying she couldn't handle the stress. Blair gets surrounded by paparazzi in the airport and Dan has to hide her in a hotel.

Georgina finds out that Dorota is going to the Waldorf's, so she intercepts her and locks her in a cabinet. Serena shows up and rescues here and then takes the passport to the airport herself.

While Blair fights with Dan about how the best day of her life turned out to be a disaster, Chuck and Serena show up. So, does Georgina. She pulls out the Chuck-Blair video. Serena admits she's the one who sent it to G.G. and Blair is furious with her for that. Then Serena gets mad at Dan for lying to her.

When Sophie shows up yelling about the dowry money, Chuck chimes in that he'll pay. Blair doesn't like this, and tells him if they should ever be together it must be as equals.

Blair apologizes to Dan for being a pain, and he forgives her, though his heart is broken now that he knows she is irrevocably in love with Chuck. She also decides to stay married to Louis for a year to deal with the dowry problem.

Then we find out that Serena didn't upload the video. She suspects Chuck, but he says it wasn't him either. Was it Dan?