Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 14

The Backup Dan

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2012 on The CW

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  • Another Dan

    Seems like Dan would literally do anythinh for Blair even ruin her marriage. I hope we see more Dan Blair Serena love triangle!
  • Georgina & Gossip Girl

    The worst part of this episode was sitting through Georgina's mini monologue about how she's not the real GG. What was the point of the big GG reveal if the very next episode you are just going to do a 180.

    Coming in a close second for bad timing was Chuck being knocked back by Blair yet again. I still don't know why at the end of that scene after she had just made her big "when and if" statement she doesn't at least kiss Chuck on the cheek. She's repeatedly told the guy she loves him, followed by we can't be together and now she's skipping off for a year to sort out her mess and he doesn't even get a parting kiss. Shame on Blair!

    Finally Dan has waged a guerrilla war against Chuck who is completely unaware. When is Chuck going to wake up and smell the Humphrey and get his groove back?

    Please writers give Chuck a distraction so he stops musing over Blair long enough to get his spark back.

  • Still wearing their wedding gowns!

    I enjoyed the episode: we're getting closer to everyone finding out about Charlie!

    Ps: I knew Georgina wasn't GG, I think it'll be one of the main characters. I wonder if even the writers know who GG is. Maybe it's Nate, we saw in this season that he never sent any Gossip Girl blasts so perhaps he didn't send any because he IS Gossip Girl.

    I just read the new article "Where or Where is Blair" and wow, there were a lot of negative comments. I'm sorry to everyone who thought Gossip Girl would be an intellectual show where the characters discuss politics at every opportunity because it's so obvious that this was the intent of the writers! If you don't like the show, stop watching but don't pretend the show is way worse than it was before because of all the drama. The show started with the exact same drama and so it continues (minus the annoying Jenny and Vanessa).

    Let's admit that in a show where everything is hunky dory, there isn't a lot of entertainment: Nate finds his true love (maybe THE Charlie Rhodes), Serena makes up her mind and ends up with Dan, Blair and Chuck get married and live happily ever after. That doesn't sound like good TVto me so I vote in favor of drama. We need Chuck and Blair to suffer (maybe with someone else for a change but still) and we need Serena to continue being the confused blonde that she is. Otherwise, we need new characters or a new show all together.

    For those people who are interested to see silly drama that occupies the lives of the rich who have nothing better to worry about and for those who enjoy seeing beautiful outfits and expensive shoes, the show is still delivering. I suggest people stop being so negative, after all no one forces you to watch the show.
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