Gossip Girl

Season 1 Episode 14

The Blair Bitch Project

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 21, 2008 on The CW

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    I can imagine a lot of fans being disappointed with this episode as the comeback, but I could be wrong, considering how overrated this show is sometimes. Anyways, Jenny was at least tolerable before, but in this episode, she just tempted me to stop watching from time to time.

    Jenny is incredibly annoying, and the fact that she is the new "queen bee" and is now the "star" of the show just annoys me. Her attitude is hideous, and you can't help but feel bad for Dan & Rufus who are basically spelling it out for her: She can do better!

    Don't get me wrong, we got some classic Gossip Girl moments that made this epsiode what it was. The banter between Blair & Jenny was fun to watch. Also we got a great tie in/cliffhanger with Chuck supposedly sending Serena unsettling gifts, can't wait to see what happens next (but seriously, the Jenny scenes need to be cut down).
  • A little bit of a blank canvas... I expected more after the long wait.

    I hate Jenny, she was so mean to poor Blair I did feel sorry for Jenny though.She tried so hard to be friends with them and then she had to steal Hazel's Mother's dress.

    The packages that Serena were sent were so funny.She was so mean to Chuck, Eric actually thought he was a brother to him and Serena had to ruin it.

    When jenny dropped the yougurt on Blair's head I was mad at Jenny,sad for Blair and lauging my head off.

    It was a very good episode but they should of given us more since we've been waiting for so long.
  • In this episode Jenny started to turn more and more into Blair.

    In this episode Jenny started to turn more and more into Blair. She wanted to fit in so badly that she even started stealing. But the wicked Blair made a return and she got back at Jenny at her birthday.

    But as they say, revenge is a plate best served hot. And Jenny cunningly used Nate to get back at Blair and also to get back into the group, something which seems to have succeeded at.

    Meanwhile Serena has been receiving some disturbing gifts and she thought they were from Chuck. Chuck was even kicked out of their home by his father. But then it was revealed that someone from Serena's past G was sending her those disturbing gifts.
  • Wake up little J, the B*tch is back! Or is she?

    I thought this was the end of Jenny Humphrey. Too bad it wasn't. She was getting too full of herself. Especially the last scene of her and the girls and Nate at Butter. I wanted to kick my TV. The whole Jenny stealing the Valentino was hilarious, and the way she was caught. Too bad, all it took was one Nate Archibald for her to return to the "spotlight" again. I hate Jenny. Serena however was really judgmental. Of course if I were her, I would've also thought that Chuck was the one who sent those things. I'm definitely not excited on Bart and Lily's upcoming marriage. But I love the idea of the van der Bass family.
  • Gossip Girl returns

    This was a good return after the hiatus caused by the writers strike. I thought the real strenght in this episode came from Jenny who got more screen time than she normally does. You can feel her spiraling downwards since the beginning of the episode and you just keep waiting for her to get caught and when she does it is in a really big way. She was really good in this episode and I think it shows just how far she is willing to go. I also love how she uses Nate at the end to get what she wants, it shows how she is a real player against Blair who is currently in banishment (hopefully not for long).
    On the opposite side I loved Eric and Chuck bonding in this episode and I felt so bad for Chuck when he is kicked out for something that is entirely Serena's fault. A good episode.
  • Jennys bday approaches and she doesnt have anything to where, leading here to make a wrong choice and giving Blair the perfect opportunity to regain its throne... Serena receives a lot of misterious gifts related to her past activities blaming it on chuck

    Im sorry but I love Blair and I really dislike Jenny... so I loved this episode!! u cant mess with the queen B..I even felt for chuck, because in some twisted way I think he really likes to have family around...for the surprise gifts that were give to serena all the episode it had me really guessing.. but I think that we are going to really understand a huge part of her life..and definetly why despite of everything we just lovee Serenaa and I want her to be with Dan all the way. but all those new characters who knows?? I guess GG
  • Hello More please?

    I hate Jenny, she was so mean to poor Blair I did feel sorry for Jenny though.She tried so hard to be friends with them and then she had to steal Hazel's Mother's dress.

    The packages that Serena were sent were so funny.She was so mean to Chuck, Eric actually thought he was a brother to him and Serena had to ruin it.

    When jenny dropped the yougurt on Blair's head I was mad at Jenny,sad for Blair and lauging my head off.

    It was a very good episode but they should of given us more since we've been waiting for so long.

    G hmmm wonder who that is if you don't read spoilers you should.
  • Top 5 Reasons Why The Blair **** Project Rocked!

    [B][U]Reasons Why "The Blair B*tch Project" Rocked, [/U][/B]

    [B]1. Because Little J's a mini b*tch [/B]- I really never expected Jenny to turn into a power hungry byotch. She really has learned a lot from Blair. The "dairy" in the hair was low. Not to mention standing Blair up at dinner. And just when I thought Jenny was going to be at the bottom of the social ladder again, she surprised us and made a power play during the end of the episode. I loved to hate her during that episode. But I also felt for her when she was crying to her dad. [B]2. Because Chuck is still a [I]Ba$$hole[/I][/B] - Chuck is just a great character on this show. His lines are funny and he's sarcastic. I love the fact that he was in Serena's bathroom smoking a joint and pretending to have girls in Serena's shower. :lol: Although, to be honest, I think we all knew Chuck wasn't sending Serena the dirty packages. Oh! And his line about dirty packages, priceless. :lol: [B]3. Because Eric is so gay ;) [/B]- Come on! They are so hinting at it. I was expecting us to find out last night but I guess we are going to have to wait a bit before Gossip Girl will spill the beans. [B]4. Because the Jenny/Blair war has just begun [/B]- I am really happy that the producers didn't end this fued in one episode. It seems it was only a single battle in the war ahead. And if I was Jenny I would be scared. IMO, Blair plays b*tch far better than Little J. Also, the look in Jenny's eyes at the end said, "Let the war begin." Should be an interesting end of the season. [B]5. Because Georgina is coming to town [/B]- Serena is scared. Really scared. I especially like the scene with her and Chuck at the end, where she shows him the note. Although we all suspected Georgina was the one mailing Serena the packages it was still a good plot. Also, my bet is that Serena was either in Rehab or has a sex tape. Anyone got any other guesses?

    Oh, and Nate's still boring. :lol:

    So all in all I'd give this a 10/10 rating. I really enjoyed it. And I cannot wait till next week.
  • Average!

    okaiish episode...

    Getting borde with the whole Jenny story now though...
    With every episode she's in it makes me HATE her even more!!
    The girl is a **** with no class at all!!She should just give up and face up to fact, she's no Blair Waldorf and she never will be, pathetic little girl!!

    Nate, Chuck and Blair need to make up so they can all be friends and Chuck and Blair can get together!!!

    Love Blair in this episode but felt bad for her with the whole ice cream and not getting her way in the end thing.

    Serena storyline was interesting, felt sorry for Chuck his dad is an ass.

    All in all the episode wasn't bad but could be alot better.
  • Blair vs Jenny

    Blair vs Jenny: This was surely eventful. I enjoyed seeing the backstabbing and plotting between these two as repetitive as it was. It also showed how easily swayed girls like them can be, wow, the world would be a whole lot better without people like that.

    Serena's packages: She has been getting very offensive material in her mail from someone and she thinks it's Chuck. We then eventually find out it is from G, a girl who used to live in the Upper East Side and she seems like trouble. I'm excited to see what this new character will have to offer to the show, hopefully improvement.
  • Gossip Girl is back and change is in the air!

    This episode was definitely worth the long wait and the future episodes will probably be the same. Gossip Girl is one of the best shows on television now. I'm beginning to like it better than OTH. Yes I said it. Lets start and what made this episode so great. Kristen Bell a.k.a. Gossip Girl. Your awesome and you have the perfect voice. I hope we get to see you on-screen in future seasons! (since there will be many of this wonderful show) Blair/Jenny war- Jenny has become quite the snob with her popularity. And if i were Blair I would ruin her! Taking my friends and my life when she was a nobody! This storyline will be very exciting as time goes on. And i absolutely loved when Jenny got caught wearing Hazel's moms dress. Serena/Chuck- I'm starting to like the family that they have. At first i didn't like this storyline. I felt bad for Chuck because Serena was blaming him for things he didn't do and turning his family against him. Nate/Jenny- Possible couple in the future? Dan wasn't really key in this episode so I don't have anything to say. Rufus/Lily- Hope they get together soon! Georgina- She's back and Serena is terrified! Watch out S. G is back!
  • Gossip Girl is back and it sure keeps us guessing!

    One of TV's best shows making a huge return, and there's so much in the episode I don't know where to begin. I think I might be jsut the tiniest bit excited that Chuck and Serena are becoming stepsibs. I think it'll be interesting to see what happens. =]
    I don't really remember much of what Dan did this episode, but I think it was interesting to see him talk with Nate, in another world I think the two may be friends.... Jenny is getting badder and badder, lying, stealing, and scheming, oh my! I felt bad to see Blair get crushed, because of everything that's happened to her, but sometimes she's a real b---h.
  • jenny plots on blair. blair gets back. jenny gets the last laugh.

    a really cleverly plotted episode. how everything actually worked together, how the girls plots against each other. shows the essential politics and biatch of high sch girls, which is why some people would prob say this is why they watch the series in the first place. but personally, too much of a biatch attitude there, Jenny! totally different from what we have been seeing in prvious episode. the stealing just to keep her place in the gang especially. and where is the humphrey family attitude? all gone. i think it is a nice twist to her character but probably too much.

    i'd rather see more blair, more serena, not jenny.
  • i loved this eposide

    i love this eposide i hate jenny . i fell so mad 4 blair she got yogert on her hair.Big deal is she slet with chuck they probally all did to and they r detrowning her i think those girls r dump and jenny there just using her to get blair mad jenny will do anything money and more power.When she invites blair to come with them she olny did that because she could not afford to go to butter and they stood her up i felt so bad when blair.all of sudden jenny staels now can u say desprate i cant beieve she steals it she isso dumb.Blair then goes to brooklyn and plans that horrbile party i loved that when they yell suprise and jenny is wearing the dress under her jacket then she says she is gooning to change and the whole group thinks the party is lame and then when she is tring to take off the dress it won't come of then teycometo the room and she that she is wearing the derss they just left and blair said iam going to butter u can come in case there is an after party at this part i was like yes blair will be queen b agan when they all came to thr estrant but i was wrong this is y she was not the queen b beause jenny uses nate when blair goes to the bar jenny arrives with nate and penople says i think ur mom did give way the dress and then blair is standing behind nate. i was like omg they r going to forgive her just because she brought nate and penope likes him .Jenny is poor and i hate her i hoe she dies or something badhappens to her.And thenthere is chuck nd blair there was not any sence of them toghter olny when blair was comeing to school he lookedat her they did not talk.I felt so bad 4 chuck in this eposide because he had to move out and go back to the hotel swite i think chuck liked liveing and having family in the end serna apogzies to chuck because it was not him who sent all the stuff it was gergina i wonder what gerogina has on serena iam dieing to find out the secert.Icant wait till monday.You know you love me xoxo blair
  • Blaire Waldorf returns to school after being dethroned and battles with Jenny for the spot of Queen Bee. In the mean time, Serena has to deal with Chuck being her stepbrother and recieves bad packages that she blames Chuck for sending.

    This episode was a perfect way to introduce the show back onto TV after it had been off the air for so long. It was filled with both drama and cliffhangers that made your eyes stayed glue to the TV screen. The final ending to the episode left you on the edge of your seat. With Jenny using Nate to get back in with the A-list crowd, Blaire still not regaining her Queen Bee status, and Serena recieving a mysterious note signed from an old "friend," G, you were left with questions that will leave you thinking till the next show. It also showed you another side to each of the characters. You saw Blaire's helpless side, Jenny's mean side, Chuck's innocent side, and Serena's scared and confused side. It goes to show, this episode was one of the best episodes yet!
  • Gossip Girl returns with full glance!!!

    Gossip Girl returns witha full glance and shows the audience the perfect Gossip Girl moments.I feel taht the tone is somekind different than before maybe because of Blair's dethrowning.Now Jenny is the new queen-bee and she acts really amazing as one but her character is getting annoying and the show goes to that level where the fans feel nostalgic for the past episodes where Blair was the queen.Blair's project was great but it could be awful if Jenny was defeated after only one episode as a queen.I think Nate and Blair are the perfect couple and nate and Jenny are not so beliavable and there are no chemistry between them.I think Serena's character was again somekind replaced by Balir and even Serena is the main character in the last few episodes we feel that Blair is stealling the spotlight from her.Nate and Dan were totally dismissed this time and they even didn't have a stiryline.Actually,this is not the best Gossip Girl episode but I think there are shape of things to come!!!
  • Felt like they never left ...

    Great returning episode. The only thing is that I had to watch it online because the TV station that shows it where i live isn't playing it. Hated how Serena jumped to conclusions about Chuck. Think everyone knew it wasn't him sending the things. Chuck is so nice to Erik. That was so cute. I am really starting to hate Jenny. I felt bad for her before when Blair was being mean to her but now I feel bad for Blair. The yogurt on her head. Nate was so sweet, going to Dan to tell him that he was worried about Jenny. I think it would be cute to see J and N hook up and it would cause some more drama. Can't wait until next week. Of coarse I'll be watching on my computer.
  • Warning! Spoilers:P

    Ah, it was so good to watch Gossip Girl again! I missed it so much:)
    It was a good episode. We learned that little J is now the queen and she is struggling to stay there. B is having a hard time getting back on top and I felt so sorry for her when J and the girls tricked her. The stealing of the expensive dress; J is desperate. I just don't understand how she can actually want to be with those annyoing, selfish, shallow girls. She calls them friends, but I do not think she understands what a friend is.
    The whole situation with Chuck and Serena and all was so heartbreaking. I feel so sorry for Chuck; it's all Bart's fault that he behaves bad. There's no father-son bonds between them and Bart is so mean to Chuck.

    Looking forward to see Georgina and get to know what S has done; she's not the good girl she's pretending to be;)
  • Spring break is over and it's war between Jenny and Blair as Blair seeks to regain her throne. Serena gets suprises from her past and the Bass's and Van Der Woodsens offically merge.

    I loved the start of this episode. Partly because I, like Blair love the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. Though I was kind of hoping for the kiss in the rain between Blair and Nate, even if it was just a dream sequence.

    I love the merging of the Bass's and the Van Der Woodsen's. I think that Chuck is being really cute with Erik and I love the interactions between Chuck and Serena. Bart Bass however I do not like. I know it's his character but I felt so sorry for Chuck when he kicked him out.

    I am loving the war between Jenny and Blair. Although it is disapointing Blair didn't come out on top in this episode. I have faith in her though and I cannot wait until Blair takes Jenny down. This episode confirmed and extended my dislike for Jenny. Stealing from her 'friends', Using Nate to get back into the inner circle, and the look of 'I win' on her face to Blair. Dan and Serena were nice and cutesy and happy. But it is obvious they won't stay that way for long. I liked all the suprises Serena got from 'G' (Georgina), I think this is going to prove a really good storyline. I loved the end of the episode when she showed Chuck the note and he was all serious and offered to make her a drink.
  • Interesting episode!!

    After all this time without Gossip Girl, the episode was quite good and exciting!! Jenny keeps playing a dangerous game with Blair and the other spoiled girls, while Serena starts receiving weird things allegedly from Chuck. Although, close to the end of the episode she finds out that Chuck didn't do anything. She's getting those from someone whose name starts with a G, that is arriving in town soon. This character seems to have quite an effect on her. I'm really curious to know if she tells Dan, how he's going to react and if Chuck gets back in the house forgiven.
    Another interesting point is how fast Chuck managed to put Serena's brother against herself.
    Let's stay tuned!!
  • Wow, great episode!

    Blair is skeptical about coming back, but Serena encourages her. It looks like Jenny is part of the A-list. She humilates Blair more than once. Serena, Erik and Lily have moved in with Chuck and Bart. Someone is sending Serena some very naughty things like alcohol, drugs and porn. She blames Chuck, but then, she finds out he's innocent. G is sending her the stuff, but who's G? Jenny turns to Nate when she steals a very expensive one-of-a-kind dress from Hazel. She has traded it in to get a new dress, but when Hazel talks about how her mother got it special, Jenny tries to take it back, but she has to shoplift it. Blair attempts to get back on top, so she talks to Rufus about Jenny's birthday party. She has a surprise party for Jenny with her friends and Hazel finds out about the dress. Blair seems to be on top, but Jenny sneaks out and goes with Nate to Butter, where Blair and the girls are. It seems Jenny gets revenge. Lily and Bart are almost married and Erik is hanging out with Chuck a lot.

    This episode was great! I love Jenny's hair! She's so hot now! Blair seems nicer, but Jenny seems meaner. I don't like Jenny's personality now that she's popular. I can't believe Lily might marry Bart! I don't like Chuck, but I'm glad he didn't send those things to Serena. This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • blah blah blah

    I hate that kati isn't in it anymore..:( But the rest was GREAT! I'm really starting not to like Jenny anymore too. With all the excuses in the world that she could possibly make, stealing clothes is just wrong. From a shop... maybe, but from someone's house... that's a no-no. Especially if that someone invited you in and trusted you enough to let you wonder alone through it. I wonder if this misterious G (as in Georgina- i read) is a clue to Gossip Girl's true identity... I mean, think about it, with all of her 'sources' GG could run her operation from afar, right?..
  • Blair returns to school to find out that she is dethrowned and Jenny has taken her place. Serena has to cope with living with Chuck, and she receives some nasty presents from an anonomous sender.

    This episode was really disturbing. Jenny has taken Blair's place?? What was that all about? And she stole a dress from her new friend? And then stole it back again? And then set up Nate with that very same friend while Blair was watching? Jenny really has been taught well by the Queen B herself, but has it gone too far? The competition between Jenny and Blair has just begun, and guess whose team I'm on? Well, it's safe to say that I'm on Blair's team. Serena blaming Chuck.. I did see that coming, though, but Chuck has really developed as a character. He's actually becoming nice and caring and he's taken his role as best man very seriously. Too bad his father doesn't trust him.
  • We have been apart from our favorite upper east-siders for nearly four months now, and its good to see everything back from where they left it. Serena is upset over Chuck being her potential brother and Jenny is taking over the "it" crowd.

    After being so far apart it was good to see that Gossip Girl had jumped right back into the teen drama department. This episode may have been more humorous than many of the other ones, something that Josh Schwartz is known to heavily mix into his shows, as most of the scenes with Chuck and Serena were quick to bring a laugh, before turning serious. Also it was good to see Blair back, the way we love her most. Instead of continuing her downward spiral or self-pitying, Serena finally convinces Blair to take matters into her own hand and that is exactly what Blair does, going against Jenny in a test of wills.

    For the most part, this is one of the best episodes Gossip Girl has had to offer. All of the major characters complimented each other well, especially Chuck and Serena as this hate-to-be-siblings but still care about each other vibe. Without spoiling anything, it also seems that the ending of the episode is going to be the center of the final four episodes in the season, as both of the major story lines have only started and still have a lot more development in them. If you are just getting into Gossip Girl now, or been a fan all along like me, we are definitely in for a treat.
  • Most Excellent!

    This was another wonderful episode. Great advancement with the characters, it should be quite an interest rest of the season. Especially with the character Georgina's return to NYC. Clearly she doesn't know how Serena has changed her was or perhaps she does and is screwing with her, either way interesting television last evening. I still wonder if the Consignment shop owner will be calling the police on Lil' Jenny. I think it would be interesting if she did. Jenny has turned into quite a Blair, love how her showing up at Butter with Nate cleared her of all charges with the other girls. Personally I would of liked Blair throwing the martini in her face. GREAT EPISODE!!
  • Blair is back, but Jenny is not gonna give up that easily !

    I really liked this episode, even with no blair and chuck actions. But everytime Serena is trying to dish on Chuck, BLair just skipped to another subject, So I guess I'll just be happy with that.

    OMG ! Blair is really a master in setting up people ! Chuck is actually trying to be nice ! Serena and chuck ?! How can Blair want to stay friends with those girls ? I mean, they dont even like each other...
    ANd Jenny,...Brrr Jenny, you're horrible, do you really want to belong to this crowd ? come on ..what is so special about them when they can only talk about superficial stuff and be mean to each other....
  • Blair is dethroned as the queen bee of the upper east side.

    Let me just start out by saying that I absolutely loved this episode. This episode had so many things to love about it. First off, I loved the comments that Gossip Girl made throughout the entire episode. They were so cleverly written by the writers of the show. Although, I thought that this episode as a whole was very well written. I loved all of the story lines in this episode. I also thought that it was also very well acted by everyone involved. Secondly, I also found Blair and Chuck's interactions with each other extremely entertaining just like always. I also found myself really enjoying getting to see Jenny's really mean side in this episode. All in all, this really was an amazing episode of Gossip Girl, and I am so glad that Gossip Girl is back with new episodes because I've really missed the show.
  • Jenny resorts to stealing to keep up with her high society friends, Serena accuses Chuck of sending her special gifts, and Blair tries to regain her status. *Possible spoilers below*

    Ok this was a good episode.


    - Chuck is my favorite character on the show so I was so pleased when they explored a bit more into his relationship with Bart. He tries so hard to gain recognition from his father, but always seems to fall short. - Blair getting her revenge on was awesome! I loved the dream sequence in the beginning of the episode. I can't wait to see her and Jenny face off again. I think we all know who will eventually come out on top...

    - Eric and Chuck are awesome. That's all I have to say about that. - As much as I'm not a fan of Jenny/Nate, I still thought their scenes were cute. When Jenny brought him to Butter, I couldn't help but say "Well played."

    - Chuck sweater at the end of the episode. He wins at life.


    - This episode was a bit too centered on Jenny. I mean, I don't hate Jenny's character or anything, but I was just looking forward to seeing more of the other storylines too.

    - Serena was such a b!tch to poor Chuck in this episode! But I'm biased when it comes to Chuck so it might just be me, but I couldn't help but be annoyed with her. She did make up for herself at the end of the episode though.

    - No Chuck/Blair action? I'm disappointed. I at LEAST wanted a look exchanged between them...but no. Next week looks pretty good. I'm so happy GG is back. Its about damn time!
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