Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 3

The Dark Night

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2008 on The CW
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Serena and Dan are trapped in an elevator during a citywide blackout making them work out their differences. Marcus and Blair have problems of their own which is passion. While Chuck has problems in having no passion with women other than Blair. Nate struggles with his feelings for Vanessa and Catherine.moreless

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  • 203

    Gossip Girl gets significantly worse this week for many reasons. Gossip Girl has been in a slump since the season started, and I really hope things return to form soon. The story lines continue to be immensely contrived, what with Dan & Serena's very tired/predictable breakup to Chuck "seducing" Blair only to have Lord Marcus walk in.

    The whole "turn the candle off" thing was just incredibly ridiculous, and I was just having trouble wrapping my head around this very strange concept. The idea of a blackout in New York City opened up a lot of exciting possibilities but Gossip Girl fell short.

    Jenny is becoming her annoying self again, even though she's still better than she was last season, she still bugs me. Does anyone actually care about Nate & Vanessa, I have not seen any chemistry between the two and now they expect me to care about Catherine and this couple? I don't think so. So overall, pretty disappointing. Here's hoping next episode will be better.moreless
  • OMG! The greatest GG episode ever!

    The episode reached a series high with 3.73 million viewers and I'm so glad it did well because it was amazing. I was sitting on the edge of my seat when Chuck went into Blairs room pretending to be Marcus. (Off-topic but Marcus punches like a girl lol) Anyway a main reason for this episode being so brilliant was Jenny, they finally gave her a decent storyline, the writers keep neglecting such an amazing character so I'm glad she finally got something good, hopefully it will continue. And Dan and Serena in that elevator almost had me in tears, I really wish she hadn't stepped out of the elevator. I love them together and I really hope they get back together. So well done to the Gossip Girl writing team, Cast and crew on such a fantastic episode.moreless
  • Forced Drama

    I should begin this review by saying I'm a viewer outside of this show's target demographic. I'm a male in my late 20's, not a teenager. So, if it seems like I'm complaining about things many liked, perhaps the fact that the writers aren't aiming this show at people like me partially explains why.

    I've come to like this show. And I'd heard that the show really got good in season 2......but so far, I'm not seeing the evidence. The first two episodes of season two were easily worse than a good portion of season one and this may be the worst one yet. Serena and Dan's latest breakup seems forced. The two of them have no real problems. Everything had been going well for them toward the end of season one until Georgina began scheming against them. Well, she's out of the picture and Dan knows Serena's big secret. Things should be fine between them now, except the writers have decided to make Dan overeact to non-issues like how other people treat Serena due to her family's wealth. Fine. Whatever. The show needs drama so the two of them break up....again. So now they're going to need lame reasons to work the Humphrey family into the plot in the episodes centering around the upper class....great.

    The Nate/Vanessa drama was no doubt popular with people dying to see them together. But it was too obvious what was going to happen. Did the writers ever bother explaining why she and Nate stopped seeing each other at the end of season one, anyway? As I recall, they gave no explicit reason but that breakup allowed Nate to get involved in this affair in the first place. Just seems very contrived.

    Blair's storyline isn't doing much for me either. Chuck isn't particularly likeable so remind me why I'm supposed to root for them to be together? The Englishman is obviously not going to stick around....

    Rufus has been sidelined this season so far, which is a real shame because at least it seemed like his and Lily's relationship was growing despite legitimate obstacles rather than all this contrived nonsense going on with the kids. I realize this show has always been over-the-top but every episode so far this season has had a party in which relationship drama spun out-of-control. Give it a rest.moreless
  • omg my fav eposide

    so good omg blair todally loves chuck i think she knew it was him and she did not do anyting i hated that chuck got punched im like y does he always get punched he should punch marcus i hate marus i want chcuk and blair toghter they r meant to be toghter they r cutie i lvoe them and in the end chuck could not do it with that girl im jsut like omg chcuk changed she he loves her he olny wants blair and i hate kathrine she is so messed up i cant blieve she would tell where nates father is i was like omg im a vanesa and nate fan now i think kathrine needs to get a life . im glad that dan and sernea broke up they r so boring toghter i think it was funny how those girls came up to them and like knew them form gossip girl .I really hope gergoina comes back to the show i think she was a great charcter . i kinda dont hate jenny right now right now she is ok i hope she does not go back to be how she was before if she trys to get popular again i would hate her lol . well thats all for know u know u love me xoxo gossip girlmoreless
  • A cloud is hovering over Dan and Serena concerning unfinished business. Jenny is fired by insulting Elenor Waldorf's design, but can she redeem herself? Nate finds himself in strife over his relationship with Venessa, and more with the Duchess.moreless

    Soooo sick of Dan and Serena. They said it themselves, they have the same fight. Chuck and Blair...they completely lost the sexual tension, and it's clear Blair knew what she wanted, though she didn't care about who she got it from. Poor Rufus! his character has been made redundant. The revelation of a parental unit dating is usually big news, and paired with a scandal. But No! How dare i compare to such greats in the smae category; O.C. anyone

    don't get me wrong, I love my Gossip Girl, but puh-lease, get some perspective people!

    One thing I did like was the Nate/Venessa storyline. Now there's something worth tuning in for. If you can't watch this episode, just catch the "previously's" at the start of the next episode.

    All is not fair in love and war, as our favourite narrator would say

Blake Lively

Blake Lively

Serena van der Woodsen

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Kristen Bell

Gossip Girl (Voice)

Ed Westwick

Ed Westwick

Charles "Chuck" Bass

Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley

Dan Humphrey

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester

Blair Waldorf

Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford

Nathaniel "Nate" Archibald

Patrick Heusinger

Patrick Heusinger


Guest Star

Mädchen Amick

Mädchen Amick


Guest Star

Michelle Hurd

Michelle Hurd


Guest Star

Margaret Colin

Margaret Colin

Eleanor Waldorf

Recurring Role

Yin Chang

Yin Chang

Nelly Yuki

Recurring Role

Amanda Setton

Amanda Setton

Penelope Shafai

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Nate is talking to Marcus when he runs into him on the street his headphones are around his neck. When they are saying goodbye the headphones jump from his neck to his hands and then back to his neck again when he is placing a call on his cell.

    • The girl Dan and Serena met at the park who was on Serena's side is wearing a similar outfit to Serena's in Bad New Blair.

    • Serena is wearing the same dress she was seen holding (when deciding what to wear) in the previous episode Never been Marcused.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Serena: What are you so afraid of?
      Dan: Right now, heatstroke.

    • Jenny: (to Eleanor) I'm..I'm so sorry. That was completely, completely unprofessional. And I promise it will never happen again from me. I.. I swear.

      Eleanor: (to Jenny) I know you wont. Not here at least. I need people around here that I can trust. (pauses a second) Clean out your station.

    • Nate: (to Vanessa) When you called the other day, it was like... I could breathe again.

    • Blair: (about Marcus) You know he wasn't pressured me about sex? Not once! (sad) Not once...

    • Serena: Why can't you support me?
      Blair: Have you two talked about everything? The very real reasons you broke up last year?
      Serena: Not... completely.
      Blair: Well, when you do, if you're still together, then I'll be happy for you. Until then I think you're just fooling yourself.

    • Rufus: (to Vanessa) He's not still reading one of those Dan and Serena should-be-or-shouldn't-be threads is he?

    • Serena: It's just so obvious. You're not over Blair. This is your body's way of telling you!
      Chuck: I don't have a romantic bone in my body. Least of all that one. But you do raise an interesting idea. Clearly there's some kind of ... blockage... Perhaps...
      Serena: No!
      Chuck: One more go-around, just to clear the pipes.
      Serena: You are not using Blair as sexual Drano!

    • Serena: (About the three girls who were meddling in their relationship) What... was that?
      Dan: That was Gossip Girl.

    • Blair: It's a city-wide blackout, but we have candles. Everything's going to be fine!

    • Vanessa: I don't believe this. I kept telling myself you were different than Blair and all the others, but you're just as bad!
      Nate: It's not that simple, okay?
      Vanessa: Are you sleeping with that woman?
      Nate: Yes.
      Vanessa: Is that the reason you keep canceling on me?
      Nate: Yes, but...
      Vanessa: No, Nate, there are no buts. You lied to me and you're sleeping with some Mrs. Robinson. And while on the Upper East Side that might be totally normal, I didn't sign up for some love triangle with you and somebody's mom!

    • Catherine: Nate makes me feel alive. I'm not gonna give that up.

    • Jenny: (looking at designs) It looks like a pilgrim at a funeral... I am so, so sorry.
      Eleanor: You're absolutely right.
      Jenny: I am?
      Eleanor: Yes. Don't let it go to your head.

    • Vanessa: Nate, you have to end this for yourself. Forget about what I said before. You are better than this. I'll be here when you get back.

    • Blair: Marcus wait!
      Marcus: Did you really not know it was him? Can you honestly tell me that?
      Blair: I knew it was him.
      Marcus: Thank you.
      Blair: But I want you!
      Marcus: No Blair. You want my title. The idea of who I am. But you clearly want him. Which makes me a fool. Because I really did want you. I DO want you.
      Blair: Then show me! I'm not some delicate little flower. Show me!

    • Marcus: (sees Blair and Chuck) Blair!
      Blair: Oh My God, Oh My God!!!
      Marcus: Blair, what is it?
      Blair: You don't understand! I thought it was you! He had an accent!
      Chuck: Please, you knew exactly who it was!

    • Serena: I forgive you... for Georgina.
      Dan: And I forgive you...
      Serena: We keep having this same fight. At Bart's brunch, a year ago. At the wedding...
      Dan: Where we talked about the fight at Bart's brunch.
      Serena: And now here. I can't change who I am, Dan.
      Dan: Me neither.

    • Serena: What do you want, Dan? For me to never say my name?
      Dan: That's not what I said.
      Serena: We thought we could avoid talking about last year, well? This is fate telling us we can't.

    • Gossip Girl: Love may fade with the season, but some friendships are year round. Like you and me! You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

    • Dan: Why'd you tell him to stay with that woman? You know, I thought you liked him.
      Vanessa: I do. That's why I did it.
      Dan: I don't understand.
      Vanessa: She told me that if Nate left her, she would go to the FBI and tell them where Nate's dad is hanging out. So... I really didn't have a choice.

    • Chuck: (hooking up in limo) This isn't gonna work.
      Girl: I thought you said you're better!
      Chuck: I am... just not for you.

    • Gossip Girl: In these last hazy days of summer, a few simple tips to beat the heat: 1. Drink plenty of fluids. 2. Stay out of the sun. 3. Limit all physical activity... that is, within reason.

    • Blair: Not that it's any of your business, but Marcus and I have an amazing sex life.
      Chuck: Really? [pauses] What names does he call you when you make love? Where does he put his hand? Does he... [whispers] Have sex with me.
      Blair: What?
      Chuck: Just once, that's all I ask.
      Blair: You are disgusting and I hate you.
      Chuck: Then why are you still holding my hand?

    • Gossip Girl: Looks like Lady B is determined to have it all. Question is... who with?

    • Gossip Girl: Spotted: Lady B acting not so lady-like. Hope you kept the receipt for that tiara, B.

    • Serena: Who was that?
      Chuck: A whiff of the Far East.
      Serena: Sometimes I envy you. Wait, what am I saying? You're disgusting.

    • Gossip Girl: Sorry to break it to you B, but this party just went over... to the dark side.

    • Catherine: Blair, have you seen Nate?
      Blair: Umm, no. It's a blackout.

    • Blair: Honestly, Catherine, so what? If they wanna be together you can't stop them. Just deal with it.
      Catherine: I wouldn't expect you to understand.
      Blair: Hot young guy? Aging beauty enjoying her last hurrah before the surgeries start? It's called a cliche.

    • Dan: I can't believe Nate Archibald is a gigolo.
      Vanessa: You can't tell anyone!
      Dan: Who? Who would I tell? Except everyone I've ever met.
      Vanessa: (glares)
      Dan: I won't.

  • NOTES (5)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Temná noc (Dark Night)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: November 19, 2008 on Warner Channel
      Sweden: November 23, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Australia: December 23, 2008 on FOX8
      Norway: January 14, 2009 on TVNorge
      The Netherlands: January 16, 2009 on Net 5
      Philippines: February 17, 2009 on ETC
      Greece: February 21, 2009 on Star Channel
      Denmark: June 21, 2009 on Kanal 4
      Turkey: September 22, 2009 on CNBC-e
      Poland: October 11, 2009 on TVN7
      Czech Republic: February 13, 2010 on Prima
      Slovakia: May 1, 2010 on Doma

    • When Chuck tells Blair to blow out the candle, Ed Westwick uses his real voice (his British accent).

    • Music featured in this episode:
      "Lights Out" by Santogold.
      "Like Knives" by The Fashion
      "Closer" by Ne-Yo
      "I Can Feel A Hot One" by Manchester Orchestra
      "It's A Lot" by The 88

    • Connor Paolo (Eric) and Kelly Rutherford (Lilly) do not appear in this episode.


    • Episode title: The Dark Night

      The Dark Knight is a a DC comic book about Batman and the title is also the name of the 2008 film which is a sequel to Batman Begins (2005).