Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 3

The Dark Night

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2008 on The CW

Episode Recap

Blair is trying to get Marcus to have sex with her, but he seems reluctant, calling her a "delicate flower" and saying that he wants the moment to be special.

Jenny is struggling to run errands for Laurel when Vanessa calls her, asking for advice on how to deal with the Nate issue. She wants to call him, but doesn't want to seem desperate. Jenny convinces her that since she normally does whatever she wants to do, she should call him.

Catherine is picking out expensive suits for Nate. He tells her that he needs more money because the money she previously gave him is gone. He promises he will pay her back once their accounts become unfrozen. She implicitly threatens to reveal Nate's father's location and then goes on to say that she is glad they are still together. When she goes to look elsewhere in the store, Nate receives a phonecall from Vanessa, and before she can ask him out, he asks her. Then when Catherine returns, he lies and says it was his mother calling.

Dan and Serena are walking down the street and having a disagreement about whether or not to go public with their relationship. Dan thinks that things are so good currently, and will be ruined by going public. But Serena believes that nothing anyone says can change her mind. As they stop to kiss, a passer-by takes their photo. So now, thanks to Gossip Girl, everyone knows about Serena and Dan getting back together.

Hanging out with Vanessa, Nate asks her when he is going to see her again. He tells her that she has made him feel relaxed, even though his family is going through a hard time. However, when she asks him out for the next day, it appears he is busy, and she sarcastically complains about him making a good speech, so he says he will reschedule. Neither of them realise that Catherine is watching from a nearby car.

Blair and Serena are planning Blair's party for that night. Serena asks Blair if she is excited about Eleanor coming home. Blair says she is, especially since her mother finally gets to meet Marcus, who Blair starts gushing about, then irritably says that he has not pressured her for sex. Serena says that it sounds like Blair really likes Marcus, then confronts Blair about why she has shown no interest in Serena's relationship with Dan. Blair asks her if she and Dan have discussed everything that happened between them to make them break up and Serena replies, "not completely". Then Blair says that they are just fooling themselves. Serena leaves angrily as Blair receives a phonecall from Catherine, asking about Vanessa.

Nate goes to see Chuck to ask him for money, but Chuck says that when Nate rejected him previously, he decided to put the money in bonds instead. Nate notices that Chuck looks unwell, and Chuck confesses that he has been feeling "a little off my game" which is supposed to change with the arrival of a Japanese woman to his house.

At Eleanor Waldorf Designs, Laurel says that they need to rush, and reminds Jenny to clean the bathrooms. The model comments that Jenny must really want this, since she tolerates such horrible work conditions. Jenny tries to offer her opinion on one of Eleanor's designs, but Laurel insults her.

Serena is complaining about Blair to Dan and it almost seems like they are about to start talking about everything when they are "saved by" her mother calling her. Three younger girls approach Dan while Serena is on the phone. They have read about Serena and Dan's whole relationship on Gossip Girl, and two of them are on Dan's side, saying that Serena will only lie to him again. When Serena returns, the third taunts her about Dan kissing Georgina. Serena and Dan tell them to go away, but this has made them realise that there are some things they need to talk about.

As Nate is having iced tea with Vanessa, he receives a message from Catherine asking him where he is. Vanessa senses he is distracted, but before he can properly explain, Blair enters. She comments that the cafe-cum-gallery is unusual, also insinuating that Nate and Vanessa together is an unusual pairing. She says that Nate's mother called, saying she had a migrane, and that she wanted to invite Vanessa to her party so that he wouldn't have to be alone, but Nate and Vanessa both suspect that has some hidden agenda. When Vanessa goes to collect a delivery, Blair tells Nate that she wants to use Vanessa to keep him away from her boyfriend's stepmother. When Vanessa returns, Nate says that they will come to the party.

Leaving the building, Blair calls the Dutchess and tells her that Nate is bringing Vanessa to the party, implying that Catherine has a plan to do something to Vanessa.

The Japanese woman is leaving Chuck's house as Serena is coming back. Serena makes a comment about all the girls that Chuck has had over, before figuring out what is wrong with him. Chuck irritably says that he has tried everything. Serena says that this problem is obviously because he is not over Blair. Then, despite Serena's advice, Chuck says that perhaps he should have sex with Blair once more, so that he can improve his stamina.

Although Laurel has told Jenny not to provide her own opinions, she is making suggestions about Eleanor Waldorf's dress to the model, who agrees with her. Eleanor then enters, asking who Jenny is and scolding her for voicing her opinion on Eleanor's design. Jenny panics and promises that it won't happen again, but Eleanor fires her, threatening not to write her a letter of recommendation.

Marcus sees Nate running, and tells him that the Dutchess has quickly become friends with Blair. When Marcus leaves, Nate calls Vanessa, and leaves a message on her machine telling her not to go to Blair's party that night.

Vanessa receives the message and is cranky because she believes that she can handle any family issue Nate has. Dan comes out of his room, about to leave for Blair's party. Vanessa says that Nate is running late and that she will come by later. Rufus's offer to come along is rejected and Dan leaves. Then Rufus convinces Vanessa to pretend she never got the message and go to the party anyway, using her real absent-mindedness as an alibi.

At Blair's party, Chuck approaches her, taunting her about her sex life with Marcus. He says that Marcus cannot satisfy her the way he can.

As Serena and Dan are about to leave, the lights flicker. They talk awkwardly as they wait for the elevator.

When Nate enters Blair's party, he tells her that Vanessa is not going to walk into her trap. Catherine drags him aside and tells him she hasn't seen him or heard from him in a long time. She asks him where Vanessa is and says that she does not like to share her "toys," particularly when she has paid for them. Nate says that he does not know where he will get the money from, but Catherine interrupts him. She tells him not to do anything that either of them will regret, and they hold hands. Vanessa walks in and "oh my God"s at them.

Then the whole of New York City is shrouded in darkness by a sudden blackout.

Vanessa wants to leave, but neither Marcus nor Nate will allow her to go outside during a blackout. Nate takes her aside into a room to explain things. She accuses him of being "just as bad" as "Blair and the others". He explains that the reason he keeps cancelling on Vanessa is because of his relationship with Catherine, but before he can say more Vanessa interrupts him again. Nate quickly says that he and his mother are in need of money and Catherine is providing it for them.

Catherine asks Blair where Nate is, but Blair tells her not to worry about Nate, that he is just a phase for her. However, Catherine likens Marcus to her husband, saying that she needs sex and that Nate makes her feel "alive" and she won't give him up.

Dan uses the phone in the elevator to call for help, but they just tell him to wait. Serena says that Dan should have mentioned her name since she lives in the building, and when he calls back and does so, they say they will send someone.

Eleanor says she cannot allow Jenny to go outside during a blackout so she will have to stay until the lights come back on. Since she is stuck there, Jenny assists Eleanor, telling her what she thinks. Eleanor finds Jenny's opinion valid and they spend the night re-adjusting designs.

Nate is explaining to Vanessa that he wants to be with her, but he cannot because he needs the money from Catherine. Vanessa says that Nate has to end the affair and that she will be there when he returns.

Blair tells Marcus she needs him to make her feel "alive", and to meet her in her bedroom, something Chuck sees.

Looking for Nate, Catherine walks into the room where Vanessa is. Catherine tells Vanessa she knows that Vanessa thinks she is awful for taking advantage of Nate. Vanessa tries to stand up for herself by saying that it is disgusting, but Catherine catches her out by saying that even so, Vanessa is still waiting for Nate. She explains that her feelings for Nate are very strong and then goes on to detail them further.

The door of Blair's room opens, and she thinks it is Marcus. The figure in the dark, putting on a British accent, tells her to blow out her candle, and they start kissing.

Eleanor tells Jenny about how going around to the various boutiques that sell her designs made her feel irrelevant, and coming back to find an intern making comments was no help. Then she says that perhaps it was just what she needed. To re-inspire her, Jenny tells her the story of how the first dress she bought was an Eleanor Waldorf design and how it was one of the first things that made her want to become a designer.

In the elevator, Serena says that there are many things that they could avoid dealing with, and that the blackout is telling them that they need to work things out between them. While Dan is angry at Serena's status and the fact that people respond to her name, Serena is angry because of Dan's self-righteousness. Then Serena says that she forgives him about Georgina, and he forgives her too. But she says that they have been having the same fight about her since they met, and both of them are standing their ground. When Dan asks her what will happen now, Serena says that she doesn't really feel like talking.

Nate comes back to the room where Vanessa wanted to wait for him. But, as the lights come back on, he sees that it is Catherine, not Vanessa, waiting for him.

Marcus walks in on Blair and Chuck kissing. Blair tries to explain, and Marcus punches Chuck in the face. She follows her fuming boyfriend out of the room, saying she wants him. Marcus says that no, she wants his title, but he really wants her. So Blair tells him to show her, and he does, just as Chuck approaches.

Vanessa is waiting for an elevator when Nate comes up and asks her where she is going. She asks him if he ended things with Catherine and when he says no, she tells him not to. Vanessa says that Catherine really loves Nate and that he should stay with her. After she leaves, Catherine makes a lunch date with Nate.

Rufus walks into Eleanor's office with a date and offers to take Jenny home but Eleanor says she needs Jenny and sends Rufus and his date out to get coffee and sandwiches.

Serena and Dan don't want to leave the elevator because once they leave, it will all be over. When Serena steps out, Dan tells her he still loves her, and she says she does too.

Chuck is with a girl in his limo and although he says he is better, he is not better for her.

Vanessa asks Dan if he is okay, and he says it was the right thing to do. Vanessa says that Dan cannot tell anyone about Nate and Catherine's deal. Dan asks why Vanessa told him to go back to Catherine if she likes him so much. Then Vanessa reveals that Catherine threatened to tell the FBI where Nate's father is if Nate stops seeing her, which is why she had to break up with Nate, and tell him to stay with Catherine.