Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 3

The Dark Night

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2008 on The CW

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    Gossip Girl gets significantly worse this week for many reasons. Gossip Girl has been in a slump since the season started, and I really hope things return to form soon. The story lines continue to be immensely contrived, what with Dan & Serena's very tired/predictable breakup to Chuck "seducing" Blair only to have Lord Marcus walk in.

    The whole "turn the candle off" thing was just incredibly ridiculous, and I was just having trouble wrapping my head around this very strange concept. The idea of a blackout in New York City opened up a lot of exciting possibilities but Gossip Girl fell short.

    Jenny is becoming her annoying self again, even though she's still better than she was last season, she still bugs me. Does anyone actually care about Nate & Vanessa, I have not seen any chemistry between the two and now they expect me to care about Catherine and this couple? I don't think so. So overall, pretty disappointing. Here's hoping next episode will be better.
  • OMG! The greatest GG episode ever!

    The episode reached a series high with 3.73 million viewers and I'm so glad it did well because it was amazing. I was sitting on the edge of my seat when Chuck went into Blairs room pretending to be Marcus. (Off-topic but Marcus punches like a girl lol) Anyway a main reason for this episode being so brilliant was Jenny, they finally gave her a decent storyline, the writers keep neglecting such an amazing character so I'm glad she finally got something good, hopefully it will continue. And Dan and Serena in that elevator almost had me in tears, I really wish she hadn't stepped out of the elevator. I love them together and I really hope they get back together. So well done to the Gossip Girl writing team, Cast and crew on such a fantastic episode.
  • Forced Drama

    I should begin this review by saying I'm a viewer outside of this show's target demographic. I'm a male in my late 20's, not a teenager. So, if it seems like I'm complaining about things many liked, perhaps the fact that the writers aren't aiming this show at people like me partially explains why.

    I've come to like this show. And I'd heard that the show really got good in season 2......but so far, I'm not seeing the evidence. The first two episodes of season two were easily worse than a good portion of season one and this may be the worst one yet. Serena and Dan's latest breakup seems forced. The two of them have no real problems. Everything had been going well for them toward the end of season one until Georgina began scheming against them. Well, she's out of the picture and Dan knows Serena's big secret. Things should be fine between them now, except the writers have decided to make Dan overeact to non-issues like how other people treat Serena due to her family's wealth. Fine. Whatever. The show needs drama so the two of them break up....again. So now they're going to need lame reasons to work the Humphrey family into the plot in the episodes centering around the upper class....great.

    The Nate/Vanessa drama was no doubt popular with people dying to see them together. But it was too obvious what was going to happen. Did the writers ever bother explaining why she and Nate stopped seeing each other at the end of season one, anyway? As I recall, they gave no explicit reason but that breakup allowed Nate to get involved in this affair in the first place. Just seems very contrived.

    Blair's storyline isn't doing much for me either. Chuck isn't particularly likeable so remind me why I'm supposed to root for them to be together? The Englishman is obviously not going to stick around....

    Rufus has been sidelined this season so far, which is a real shame because at least it seemed like his and Lily's relationship was growing despite legitimate obstacles rather than all this contrived nonsense going on with the kids. I realize this show has always been over-the-top but every episode so far this season has had a party in which relationship drama spun out-of-control. Give it a rest.
  • omg my fav eposide

    so good omg blair todally loves chuck i think she knew it was him and she did not do anyting i hated that chuck got punched im like y does he always get punched he should punch marcus i hate marus i want chcuk and blair toghter they r meant to be toghter they r cutie i lvoe them and in the end chuck could not do it with that girl im jsut like omg chcuk changed she he loves her he olny wants blair and i hate kathrine she is so messed up i cant blieve she would tell where nates father is i was like omg im a vanesa and nate fan now i think kathrine needs to get a life . im glad that dan and sernea broke up they r so boring toghter i think it was funny how those girls came up to them and like knew them form gossip girl .I really hope gergoina comes back to the show i think she was a great charcter . i kinda dont hate jenny right now right now she is ok i hope she does not go back to be how she was before if she trys to get popular again i would hate her lol . well thats all for know u know u love me xoxo gossip girl
  • A cloud is hovering over Dan and Serena concerning unfinished business. Jenny is fired by insulting Elenor Waldorf's design, but can she redeem herself? Nate finds himself in strife over his relationship with Venessa, and more with the Duchess.

    Soooo sick of Dan and Serena. They said it themselves, they have the same fight. Chuck and Blair...they completely lost the sexual tension, and it's clear Blair knew what she wanted, though she didn't care about who she got it from. Poor Rufus! his character has been made redundant. The revelation of a parental unit dating is usually big news, and paired with a scandal. But No! How dare i compare to such greats in the smae category; O.C. anyone
    don't get me wrong, I love my Gossip Girl, but puh-lease, get some perspective people!
    One thing I did like was the Nate/Venessa storyline. Now there's something worth tuning in for. If you can't watch this episode, just catch the "previously's" at the start of the next episode.
    All is not fair in love and war, as our favourite narrator would say
  • The power goes out and several relationships are put to the test. This episode had some great storylines 8.8/10

    Serena and Dan's breakup was pretty emotional for me, but that may be because I just went through a similiar breakup. Although, their breakup left me feeling a little bit more like why did you just break up? It fit so perfectly that they got stuck in the elevator during to power outage and were forced to discuss their problems. I love the storyline with Nate and Vanessa. It's sad that he wants to be with her but he has to stay with Katherine to save his family. Blair and Chuck were great to. I loved how they tried to stay away from eachother but it just didn't work and they had to be together. I don't usually like career storylines but I kind of liked the one with Jenny in this episode. It seemed like she was fired and had no hope so I was really curious on what she would do to get out of it.
  • A citywide power outage causes the Serena, Blair, Vanessa, and Jenny to face some tough decisions and to decide whom and what they really do care for on personal and professional levels. In other words, Season 2 actually begins with this episode.

    Finally, Season 2 actually begins after two false starts in the first two episodes. The episode does have a huge dramatic gimmick at its center, but the writers had to find some way to turn the engine over on a car that seemed a little stalled out in the first two episodes.

    So now, finally, Serena and Dan are really (or as really as you can be in this show) split up. Nate is screwed and not screwed (figuratively and literally) in more ways than one. Blair gets to have her cake and eat it too (figuratively and literally). And all this when a citywide power outage causes the kids to heat up (figuratively and literally) and face some big questions that were for some reason skipped over in the first two episodes.

    Also, Madchen Amick, nicely comes into her own as a true villain that I hope sticks around for a while. I enjoy seeing her and Blair go off on each other and one thing season one, taught us, is that we really need a super B to stand opposite Blair. I am very excited for next week's episode.
  • A blackout occurs during one of Blair's parties; Serena and Dan get stuck in an elevator; Vanessa gets caught up in the drama between Nate and the Duchess; Chuck continues to pursue Blair; Jenny runs into some problems at her internship.

    Forgive me if I'm incorrect, but I thought that with the end of the writer's strike we'd see the return of good plot and dialogue in our favorite television shows. Unfortunately, one only needs to watch this week's episode of Gossip Girl to put those false hopes to rest.

    So we're three episodes into the season, and already each episode has featured some type of really lame upper-east-sider party that inevitably leads to ridiculous and unnecessary drama. Perhaps we should start taking a poll now as to what type of lame party will be occurring in the fourth episode, as watching rich people screw each other over during massively expensive and overly-lavish parties is apparently the only way Josh Schwartz knows how to entertain his audience.

    The dialogue in this episode was probably some of the worst I've seen in the entire run of the series, with such wonderful tidbits as: "You are not using Blair as sexual Draino!" from Serena, and "I need you to make me feel alive" and "Show me I'm not some delicate little flower. Show me you want me" from Blair.

    For a more extensive review, visit my blog at: http://acf-reviews.blogspot.com/

    ---Adela P.
  • What's going on?

    I got really bored while watching the last episode. It's like the episode last year that featured Blair's party but in much more lame. The lord is annoying; Chuck is no more Chuck; Dan & Serena get back to square one... I feel like it's a repeat of the first season. I didn't particularly appreciate Jenny last year but I have to say she's a bit less annoying than the others.

    I was looking forward to seeing Nate and Vanessa together again but it's not gonna happen...

    And I seriously ask myself if I'll keep watching. I find 90210 much more entertaining.
  • I can't believe they're not together... AGAIN!

    I must start off by saying... WHY?! Why did S and D have to break up again? So what if she's much much MUCH richer than him. I know that D isn't exaxtly Donald Trump, but at least he's not a freakin' beggar. He's just normal.
    And then there's B with her attachment with Lord "fake accent" Marcus, and C's on going love interest in B. What most annoyed me though was that N became a man-whore, just what he needed next to his fugitive father and materialistic mother. Lastly poor poor frizzy hair V, she can't be with N ... boohoo. Leave the show V ... LEAVE THE SHOW! If they don't start new INTERESTING events soon... I'm a straw away from not watching this show again.
  • Blair is throwing a party and everybody who is any body is attending. A lot goes on the sides of this party

    Tonight's episode was great. It was very intense! To break it down:
    Blair was trying very hard to impress "Lord Marcus" for no understandable reason. She is rich and privileged and only lacks the title yet….. Also, they way she kept forcing any conversation she has with anyone to show how Marcus loves her and wants her with him bla bla bla. I don't blame her for trying to light some fire in their relationship but she cant force such a thing. Her scene with Chuck was VERY hot but I really felt sorry for Marcus. Chuck is very humanized when they show how in love he is with Blair yet he fights it every step of the way.
    Dan and Serena: I think they belong with each other they DO have some issues to resolve first.
    Nate is adorable and I truly think he belongs with Vanessa but he has to shake off Catharine and no matter what Catherine says about Nate making her feel alive, she has to let him go eventually when she feels the difference in him. Before he did everything willingly but since she had lent him the money, he has been forced to do the whole thing.
  • A great episode, far ahead from "worth watching".

    This episode was brilliantly written. The Chuck/Blair storyline was amazing, the acting was incredible and even though Chuck sort of used Blair, it still was the best part of the episode. Well, that, and Jenny getting her bit of spotlight. Since she is my favourite character, I enjoyed this piece of the episode a lot. She is worth listening to, people just need to see that and sometimes they do. Serena and Dan... I hate that they broke up, even though they do have a reason. I just hope they can somehow work their issues out, if not this season, then the next. Nate and Vanessa and Katherine. I have started to think that Katherine is an older version of Blair. She is evil and will do whatever she can to get what she wants. Nate and Vanessa were awesome, I just hate that they broke up too, even though it was very kind of Vanessa to do so. It shows how much she cares for him, as oddly as it may seem. Marcus.. meh, boring. Nothing more to say.
    I loved the whole idea of the episode, the blackout.. And the girls at the park were simply brilliant.
    (I enjoyed Blair and Chuck kissing very much.)
  • Jenny surprisingly fired! Nate desperatly in-between MILF and Vanessa! Chuck first-time-depressive! Blair finally nasty! Serena and Dan still close-mouthed!

    Ever wondered what happens when Chuck Bass is depressive? Yes! Hundreds of hot chicks go in and out. Still something doesn't work... Imagine what!
    Serena and Dan are still having a hot and silent time together. Even little, smart-alec and annoying "Gossip Girl"-girls can't make them talk about important relationshipstuff.
    Blair and her Lord are having a nice time, still something is missing. Actually the little something Chuck Bass tries to have. Coincidence? Never! Thankfully Blair's next party is coming up soon.
    Meanwhile Jenny noses a little too far into the designer dresses of Eleanor Waldorff and gets fired.
    Not to forget, that Nate is starting to date Vanessa even though he still is engaged with Dutchess Catherine. Thankfully Vanessa is invited to Blair's party together with Nate. Smells like a big curative party. Tough Luck, that Manhattan has a blackout and everybody lonesome - or twosome!

    Great third episode of Gossip Girl. Chace Crawford had most of the screentime and did quite a good job. There was also a lot of Jenny Humphrey there. As long as she's not the main character it is okay, but we don't need more of her. It was a little too much soap-opera, the way Blair and Marcus dissolved their (not so small) problem.
    Chuck Bass continues being my single favorite with his great unfortunate character. He tries everything and seems to get nothing... hopefully seems. It was a positive surprise, that Serena's and Dan's decision wasn't that hard. It was doubtless the right decision for the continuing plot. Apropos continuing plot: How will it go on?
  • It's a blackout in New York and everyones breaking up.

    Sooo, where to start. I was spoiled beyond measure for this episode as the CB scenes were leaked well before the first episode even aired! Thus I wasn't as excited for this episode than those previously... however, I liked 'The Dark Night' far more than the other two of this season. I get the feeling that these season two episodes will improve upon rewatch, or rather, I hope it. Aside from Chuck and Blair, I liked the MILF/Vanessa/Natewhore storyline the most. Nate being a manwhore is a lot more ineteresting than I first thought it would be. I mean I was interested in Nates storyline this week and he wasn't even nekkid for any of it! Ha progress. I love Jessica Schorz or however one spells her name, but last season I went from hating V to being indifferent, to liking her (but not much). During season two Vanessa has grown on me profoundly (yay), and I'm rooting for her to get back with Nate. Even though I really prefer Nate with Serena; I guess this means I ship Natey boy with everyone... well what do you expect?

    Now onto less interesting things... what's that I hear? The faint sound of someone butchering an English accent. Ah, why it's 40 year old Lawwwwd Marcuuuus. Marcus is gayer than Chucks pink suit, so I look forward to his coming out -- he's too old for Eric, plus that would be illegal, so no hope there. Maybe someone could distract Marcus with a shiny object, it always works on Nate. The dude is dullness personified, I can't even register him when he's in a scene, he does a good job of fading into the background. If that's what the actor is supposed to be doing then give the guy a bloody payrise! Unfortunately for us though Marcus is not even a character, he's what is tantamount to a plot device. Go away already and take you ludacris accent with you -- it's so bad, I'm starting to get a little bit offended. Of course Chuck and Blair were divine this episode. The 'hands' scene was my favourite, it was seriously one of the hottest things I've ever seen on television (and they were fully clothed!) and that's no exaggeration. I wonder what Chuck whispered to Blair to make her eyes roll back -- Chuck has some serious sexual prowess, he just has to look at a girl and she moans.

    Lord Marcus is such a pansy that even when he punched Chuck, Chuck didn't even fall over or rub his face. Hilarious.

    Dan and Serena; I go on and off them so often I have no idea how I feel anymore -- I liked their final scene together, which was acted beautifully. Buuut I'm glad they're finally over; they were starting to piss me off with their irritating avoidance of their issues. They still didn't even really talk about them, but let's not ask much. Serena is blonde after all, being able to articulate herself isn't exactly in the job description. Blair's little 'show me you want me' was asinine. I guess she was feeling guilty about what pretty much amounted to "cheating" on LM with Chuck. She remembered how she felt when she found out about Serena and Nate... hence Leighton's desperate tone when she said those words. It was definately cringey and needy, but I could understand the point of the scene... sort of. Roll on next week!
  • This episode was sad sexy hott romantic and intriging all at once!!!

    OMG where to start where to start.... tonights episode once again was great.... i dont know if it was just me being emotional or what but parts of it made me cry! This episode was sad sexy hott romantic and intriging all at once!!! the episode starts off with chuck at his house drinking it up and looks like he is igsausted.. (sorry if you havent figured it out by now im a horrible speller)..anyways you can so tell he is not dealing with this whole blair and marcus thing very well... it is clearly putting a strain on him .. he confided in both nate and serena about this in scenes further into the episode as well. First thing he says to nate in their scene is have you sceen blair and marcus lately ... if thats not odvious i dont know what is ... and when talking to serena he admits to having a problem "preforming" with the ladies b/c his distraction about blair is blocking him... i though this was halarious ... especially because this gives him the idea to use this as an excuss to try and get with blair "once last time"... and serena responds by saying " you are not going to use blair as sexual draino!...lol too funny... and yet so true ... although he wouldnt quite be using her in my opinoin , instead i think that is just what he wants us to believe when in reality he will come up with any excuss to be near her cause he loves her!.... Also in the begining of this episode it shows blair with marcus and she is clearly horny ... (missing the good lovin from chuck in my opinion)and she is practically begging marcus to show her some sexual attention and he responds by caling her a "delicate flower" haha... blair.... a delicate flower.. yeah right!! more like a vixen!! but anyways he odviusly isnt getting the clue that she has needs and he isnt giving into them.. As for our fav couple b+c, the first time we see them together in a scene is at blairs party .. it firsts shows blair talking marcus up to everyone at the party (clearly a way to cover up her unhappiness with him)..this is when chuck steps in beside her and secretly talks to her .... this is my fav scene of the episode so i will discuss it in detail... chuck says to her "that is what always fasinated me about you...the cool exteirer... the fire below..you cant tell me that marcus is satisfing your needs..." and boy is this true .. leave it to chuck to be so dead on about blair and how she is feeling at that very moment...and this is when it gets hott.... he grabs her and says..." what name does he call you when your making love....where does he put his hand"...(as he put his on her thigh)....he nibbles her ear and her eyes roll in the back of her head...ha ha lol... i laughed at this because its is so clear to anyone that she is enjoying every minute of this ... and that is proven b/c her response is .... "your disgusting.. and i hate you" but she says it in a way that you can just tell she doesnt mean it , actually she is meaning the exact oppisite! The next time we see them is when she is up in her room and he goes in .... the lights are out cause of the blackout and they start making out .... love this because lets face it i love it anytime they kiss b/c they are just so great together ... i mean the chemistry is amazing! however, marcus walks in and interups.... :( this leads to marcus and blair fighting in the stairway in fornt of everyone at the party..but the best part is she admits that she knew it was chuck!!! finally one of them is admitting there attraction to each other!!!! but instead of leaving it at that like i wanted her too she adds the fact that she wanted it to be marcus....(which actually i dont even think is true...but whatever) they then kiss and make up and chuck gets to see this which leaves him , like me, sad and disapointed :( In the end of the episode it also shows chuck in a limo with another of his girls and he stops making out with her and pushes her away she states " i thought you were all better" and he states... " i am .. just not for you!"... again so sad! he wants blair so bad and i want them together so bad as well.... even though blair and marcus kissed and made up ... again i will not lose faith ... i know chuck knows what he wants ... and when chuck wants something he usually gets it, so hopefully there is more to come of b+c in next weeks episode...
  • Dan and Serena are trapped in an elevator during a blackout, but they aren't the only ones in a predicament!

    Blair is throwing another one of her party's and everyone is going to be there. Blair is bringing Marcus, Serena is bringing Dan, Nate is bringing Vanessa, but the Duchess has something to say about that. We'll start there...The Duchess is being very, very overbearing on Nate and does nothing to let him out of her sight. He's already lied to Catherine about who he was talking to on the phone because he really likes Vanessa, but is trapped under Catherine's money. The Duchess and Blair decide to work together to get Nate to bring Vanessa to the party, where we see the blackout occur as well. Nate confesses everything to Vanessa about Catherine and tells Vanessa he is going to break it off. While he is away, Catherine finds Vanessa and confronts her, but when Nate returns he only finds Catherine, who tells him Vanessa had left. Nate catches up to Vanessa and she tells him to stay with Catherine because she really loves him. Come to find out, Catherine told Vanessa that if she didn't break it off with Nate, she would tell the FBI where Nate's dad was hiding out. Meanwhile, Chuck is having a hard or not-so-hard time pleasing the ladies. He is having Blair block and can't get it out of his head. He decides the night of the party will be the night to hook up with Blair. You see, Blair is frustrated because Marcus, the Lord, has yet to show Blair any kind of satisfaction, so sure she starts making out with a guy in the dark. Is it Marcus? NOPE it is Chuck, who turns on his real-life English accent to pretend to be Marcus. The two get caught by Marcus making out pretty hot and heavy in Blair's bedroom. Blair tells Marcus she only wants to be loved and to have some affection showed towards her, but Marcus is over it, and Chuck is left feeling somewhat satisfied. Dan and Serena get stuck in her building's elevator when the power goes out and are forced to confront their rocky past. Serena tells Dan she forgives him for cheating on her and Dan also is sorry for everything, but the couple are on the verge of a break up. When they exit the elevator, they part ways, both wanting to say they loved each other, but neither one said it to the other. True love is a mother!!
  • A blackout in New York City.

    Gossip Girl returned to New York City and in the process came back to the quality that we received in Season 1. That is not to say the show is without its faults though. Nate still has the personality of a wooden board and in this Nate-heavy episode Chace Crawford's acting flaws stood out. I am starting to see the reason why people dislike the Jenny character, although are boss is equally infuriating to the TV audience.

    The Gossip Girl kids was really weird and I may have classified it as GG "jumping the shark" had it not been as short as it was. Blair reverted back to her manipulating, **** self and she was more enjoyable because of it. She's still not as funny as season 1, but at least this is a step in the right direction. The grabbing scene with Chuck and Blair was peculiar and again was a hint at Double G taking the jet ski ride of dangerous animals. The blackout was kind of interesting, but for a premise with so much potential the show seemed to flounder with it. I'm not sure what to think about Nate and Vanessa together. I didn't care about them toward the end of the first season, but so little came of that so I will wait until we see more to formulate a full opinion on it. Looks like fans of CB will have to wait a little longer for that to play out though.

    Overall a fine episode and a step out of the mini-slump that Gossip Girl got it in with the first two episodes.
  • Season 2, Episode 3.

    Yay. This episode was pretty cool. The episode title in itself is very clever. I also love the storyline, and the promos made it seem like an old romance movie. Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) is extremely sexy. I love her character, too. Blake Lively can be hot at times, too. She looked pretty hot in this episode showing off her cleavage. Chuck's not over Blair. He doesn't have a romantic bone in his body, especially not "that one." Haha! I was just a little mad that I was 25 minutes into the episode and the blackout still didn't happen yet. Grr. Otherwise, great! :)