Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 3

The Dark Night

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2008 on The CW

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  • It's a blackout in New York and everyones breaking up.

    Sooo, where to start. I was spoiled beyond measure for this episode as the CB scenes were leaked well before the first episode even aired! Thus I wasn't as excited for this episode than those previously... however, I liked 'The Dark Night' far more than the other two of this season. I get the feeling that these season two episodes will improve upon rewatch, or rather, I hope it. Aside from Chuck and Blair, I liked the MILF/Vanessa/Natewhore storyline the most. Nate being a manwhore is a lot more ineteresting than I first thought it would be. I mean I was interested in Nates storyline this week and he wasn't even nekkid for any of it! Ha progress. I love Jessica Schorz or however one spells her name, but last season I went from hating V to being indifferent, to liking her (but not much). During season two Vanessa has grown on me profoundly (yay), and I'm rooting for her to get back with Nate. Even though I really prefer Nate with Serena; I guess this means I ship Natey boy with everyone... well what do you expect?

    Now onto less interesting things... what's that I hear? The faint sound of someone butchering an English accent. Ah, why it's 40 year old Lawwwwd Marcuuuus. Marcus is gayer than Chucks pink suit, so I look forward to his coming out -- he's too old for Eric, plus that would be illegal, so no hope there. Maybe someone could distract Marcus with a shiny object, it always works on Nate. The dude is dullness personified, I can't even register him when he's in a scene, he does a good job of fading into the background. If that's what the actor is supposed to be doing then give the guy a bloody payrise! Unfortunately for us though Marcus is not even a character, he's what is tantamount to a plot device. Go away already and take you ludacris accent with you -- it's so bad, I'm starting to get a little bit offended. Of course Chuck and Blair were divine this episode. The 'hands' scene was my favourite, it was seriously one of the hottest things I've ever seen on television (and they were fully clothed!) and that's no exaggeration. I wonder what Chuck whispered to Blair to make her eyes roll back -- Chuck has some serious sexual prowess, he just has to look at a girl and she moans.

    Lord Marcus is such a pansy that even when he punched Chuck, Chuck didn't even fall over or rub his face. Hilarious.

    Dan and Serena; I go on and off them so often I have no idea how I feel anymore -- I liked their final scene together, which was acted beautifully. Buuut I'm glad they're finally over; they were starting to piss me off with their irritating avoidance of their issues. They still didn't even really talk about them, but let's not ask much. Serena is blonde after all, being able to articulate herself isn't exactly in the job description. Blair's little 'show me you want me' was asinine. I guess she was feeling guilty about what pretty much amounted to "cheating" on LM with Chuck. She remembered how she felt when she found out about Serena and Nate... hence Leighton's desperate tone when she said those words. It was definately cringey and needy, but I could understand the point of the scene... sort of. Roll on next week!