Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 3

The Dark Night

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2008 on The CW

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  • Jenny surprisingly fired! Nate desperatly in-between MILF and Vanessa! Chuck first-time-depressive! Blair finally nasty! Serena and Dan still close-mouthed!

    Ever wondered what happens when Chuck Bass is depressive? Yes! Hundreds of hot chicks go in and out. Still something doesn't work... Imagine what!
    Serena and Dan are still having a hot and silent time together. Even little, smart-alec and annoying "Gossip Girl"-girls can't make them talk about important relationshipstuff.
    Blair and her Lord are having a nice time, still something is missing. Actually the little something Chuck Bass tries to have. Coincidence? Never! Thankfully Blair's next party is coming up soon.
    Meanwhile Jenny noses a little too far into the designer dresses of Eleanor Waldorff and gets fired.
    Not to forget, that Nate is starting to date Vanessa even though he still is engaged with Dutchess Catherine. Thankfully Vanessa is invited to Blair's party together with Nate. Smells like a big curative party. Tough Luck, that Manhattan has a blackout and everybody lonesome - or twosome!

    Great third episode of Gossip Girl. Chace Crawford had most of the screentime and did quite a good job. There was also a lot of Jenny Humphrey there. As long as she's not the main character it is okay, but we don't need more of her. It was a little too much soap-opera, the way Blair and Marcus dissolved their (not so small) problem.
    Chuck Bass continues being my single favorite with his great unfortunate character. He tries everything and seems to get nothing... hopefully seems. It was a positive surprise, that Serena's and Dan's decision wasn't that hard. It was doubtless the right decision for the continuing plot. Apropos continuing plot: How will it go on?