Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 3

The Dark Night

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2008 on The CW

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  • A citywide power outage causes the Serena, Blair, Vanessa, and Jenny to face some tough decisions and to decide whom and what they really do care for on personal and professional levels. In other words, Season 2 actually begins with this episode.

    Finally, Season 2 actually begins after two false starts in the first two episodes. The episode does have a huge dramatic gimmick at its center, but the writers had to find some way to turn the engine over on a car that seemed a little stalled out in the first two episodes.

    So now, finally, Serena and Dan are really (or as really as you can be in this show) split up. Nate is screwed and not screwed (figuratively and literally) in more ways than one. Blair gets to have her cake and eat it too (figuratively and literally). And all this when a citywide power outage causes the kids to heat up (figuratively and literally) and face some big questions that were for some reason skipped over in the first two episodes.

    Also, Madchen Amick, nicely comes into her own as a true villain that I hope sticks around for a while. I enjoy seeing her and Blair go off on each other and one thing season one, taught us, is that we really need a super B to stand opposite Blair. I am very excited for next week's episode.