Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 3

The Dark Night

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 15, 2008 on The CW

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  • Forced Drama

    I should begin this review by saying I'm a viewer outside of this show's target demographic. I'm a male in my late 20's, not a teenager. So, if it seems like I'm complaining about things many liked, perhaps the fact that the writers aren't aiming this show at people like me partially explains why.

    I've come to like this show. And I'd heard that the show really got good in season 2......but so far, I'm not seeing the evidence. The first two episodes of season two were easily worse than a good portion of season one and this may be the worst one yet. Serena and Dan's latest breakup seems forced. The two of them have no real problems. Everything had been going well for them toward the end of season one until Georgina began scheming against them. Well, she's out of the picture and Dan knows Serena's big secret. Things should be fine between them now, except the writers have decided to make Dan overeact to non-issues like how other people treat Serena due to her family's wealth. Fine. Whatever. The show needs drama so the two of them break up....again. So now they're going to need lame reasons to work the Humphrey family into the plot in the episodes centering around the upper class....great.

    The Nate/Vanessa drama was no doubt popular with people dying to see them together. But it was too obvious what was going to happen. Did the writers ever bother explaining why she and Nate stopped seeing each other at the end of season one, anyway? As I recall, they gave no explicit reason but that breakup allowed Nate to get involved in this affair in the first place. Just seems very contrived.

    Blair's storyline isn't doing much for me either. Chuck isn't particularly likeable so remind me why I'm supposed to root for them to be together? The Englishman is obviously not going to stick around....

    Rufus has been sidelined this season so far, which is a real shame because at least it seemed like his and Lily's relationship was growing despite legitimate obstacles rather than all this contrived nonsense going on with the kids. I realize this show has always been over-the-top but every episode so far this season has had a party in which relationship drama spun out-of-control. Give it a rest.