Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 11

The End of The Affair?

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 16, 2012 on The CW

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  • gossip girl

    I love gossip girl
  • A perfect new year

    Spoiler This episode of Gossip Girl was excellent. Leighton Meester was beyond amazing as Blair and equally was Ed Westwick.I really hope they're not going to go into Serena and Dan again.It seems idiotic to do that again. Return of th gossip girl was perfect. Gossip girl doesn't fail.
  • As frustrating as.... well the first half of season 5 gossip girl

    (Spoilers ahead).

    Oh Gossip Girl, where have you gone? The show that I used to be so excited to watch a new episode of is now the show I have to force myself to watch. I pulled out my gossip girl dvds to remind myself it didnt use to be this bad. Why was it this bad? So, so many reasons.

    First, the only promo CW would show for the first episode of the new year was that Chuck and Blair were in the hospital and it looks like Chuck might not make it. Yet this episode starts with Chuck out and about walking his doggy in the rain. And then it gets weirder because he runs into Louis and the two are actually getting along! This episode is kind of told backwards because it keeps going back into flashbacks of when theyre in the hospital. Basically, Blair lost the baby in the accident and went to pray for the lord for chuck to live and promised not to be with chuck if he lived. of course this is when the nurse comes and tells her chuck is awake. So she stops speaking to chuck and doesnt tell him why and louis and chuck notice she;s hanging out with dan a lot. it turns out theyre going to church so she can find a loophole to be with chuck. So serena tells them she and dan are together so they dont find out the "truth."

    and gossip girl hasnt been on the radar so people are sending tips to serena and nate convinces her to use them. and nate finds out the car blair and chuck were in was meant for him and has randomly forgiven dan from when he randomly got mad at him.

    this episode was just painful to watch because the plots were just so.... bad. its just blair is never the kind of person who would let god dictate her life and its clear at this point her and louis will never fully trust each other. the only kind of interesting plot was rufus and lily;s (they mentioned eric and jenny! hurrah for their acknowledged even if we;ll never see them again existence!) lily is confused why charlie left without saying goodbye and decides to track her down. this solves or half-solves anyway one of the biggest mysteries of gossip girl, which is wtf happened to real charlie? while i amongst others thought she had died, she is alive and well and it appears her nutso mother just didnt want her to get a hold of the money that is rigghtfully hers. she goes to juilliard and rufus and lily find her and think she;s fake charlie who they think is real charlie and when they meet real charlie, they just assume there are two charlotte rhodes; in the city. so they think they still havent found charlie and real charlie still doesnt know who they are or what her crazy mommy is up to.

    this episode was not a good way to start off the new year, and i can only hope it gets better from here.
  • Just end it already!

    It was so bad, I almost dozed off in the middle of it. No interesting story, no charm, nothing. Season 1 was awesome, season 2 was good. But now it's so bad that it's unwatchable.

    I plead to The CW to end this trainwreck of a show!

  • The End of The Affair

    I didn't like the time jumping, I did not like how they lacked any real explanation and just promptly ended Chuck and Blair, none of it was believable in any sense and it seemed to me like the show giving up hope. This Gossip Girl looked like a show with no hopes of getting renewed for another season.

    It was intriguing to see how they would handle the aftermath of the last episode, but I think they badly butchered everything.
  • Award Winning Performances

    I have to say that Leighton and Ed should be either together in real life or nominated for something. They are so amazing together. They deserve better parts after GG. They act even better than the adults.
  • awesome!

    Leighton Meester!! <3 <3