Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 4

The Ex-Files

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 2008 on The CW

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  • I love this episode! As a whole, it's exactly why we watch GG.

    Gossip Girl Ep. 4: "The Ex-Files" is one of my favorite episodes. It has a great story, cool background music, and clever lines. It's my first time to really like a line from Dan. He said, "Google revenge and you'll get BlairWaldorf.com." This episode made most viewers hate Dan and Vanessa more. Chuck's was really scheming, yet I still like him. Jenny had few parts, but they were big parts, meaning important. Blair was just being Blair. I like the headband she wore when S told her, "You poor thing." And Serena, she's back. "From now on, eveything goes to me," she said. "Welcome back Queen Serena! Consider us your humble servants," Gossip Girl said. Bow down or bow out? XOXO
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    A sign of improvement on tonight's episode of Gossip Girl. The episode started out quite terribly with Blair choosing the projects and the victims, it just seemed way too unrealistic. Also, another thing I would like to point out, I didn't get Serena's overnight character change.

    I mean, I'm sure it will bring some good dynamics come next episode, but it just didn't make sense why she did any of it. Also it was just so unrealistic that she could transform like that. Where's the character development here?

    I really hope the entire season isn't focused on Dan & Serena's relationship troubles but we still got some good scenes between the two of them. And Chuck secretly being behind the entire thing in attempts to get to Blair? Now that was unexpected.

    I haven't liked the Nate/Vanessa/Catherine/Marcus/Blair thing since the start of the season but I think all of us have to admit the scene between Marcus and Catherine was pretty twisted, and it was great to see Blair back to her old manipulative ways. Overall, a step in the right direction, but not exactly "there" yet.
  • I really want to see the mean Serena!

    One of my favorite episodes ever!

    I so love Serena Van der Woodsen, I love everything about her, and I am crazy to see the mean her.

    I guess I am a pro Serena and I hate what Dan does to her, come on, she is awesome and she is always trying to do things for him and he always blows her off.

    It is time to see Serena being The Queen.

    Lovely part by Blair too. I love how she plays and manipulate people, it is so fun! Call me whatever, but who doesnt love this serie for the same reason? I know I do
  • Queen Serena is back on top. Bow down or bow out.

    I was waiting for this. Gossip Girl is back to its truest roots. As some things are setting into place, it leaves place for some other very interesting plot lines. The never-ending Serena/Blair relationship of jealousy is back. Serena is back at how she was before leaving New York, almost pretending nothing happened between her and Dan. Can't wait to follow this during the next episodes. Surprising, really.

    Oh, the Duchess. You wanted something gossip girl worthy to happen to her (come on, an affair with beautifull teen Nate was not that juicy)? You get it. Down and dirty with her stepson. And Chuck Bass, who is absent in this episode, yet omniscient, and controls everything. I think we didn't ought to underestimate in the first place. A sexy lazy bouffon he isn't.
  • ok i hate searnea

    i hate S who the hell does he think she is she was so mean to B in the end of the epoisde how dare she put that scarf around her neck i just wanted to kill S .I feel so bad for blair she lost her new bf becuase he was sleeping with his step-MOM !!!!!!!!!! i was like OMFG i cnat believe that happend and omg vanessa ruined everything but i felt bad for her in the end she alwyas gets hurt and blair lost her crown that really sucks why does everything bad happen to her . im glad D ened it with S he is right she always blames someone grr she is annoying i dont get y she treated B so badly when B was trying to help S with D god i hate S !!!!!! but im glad marcus is gone now chuck and blair can be toghter but i think it was mean what they did to amnada at first i felt bad her but then when i found out that she was working 4 chuck i was like WTF i think chcuk just wants blair to come 4 him 4 help but i think chuck was very mean with blair i think he should jsut talk to her and not destroy her and i want nate and vanessa toghter anyway i cant wait 4 next eoside it looks good but the pereivew makes me hate sernea even more !! thats all for know xoxo gossip girl
  • Looks like the Queen Bee has had her hair dyed...to blonde

    Well, Well, Well, what do we have here?
    You see, McG = genius.
    We all know these first few eps of season 2 = crap, but that's the beauty of it. The plot is still there.
    They keep us guessing on a number of sub plots:
    Dan vs Serena - On Like Donky Kong?
    Chuck - reverting back to his twisted ways?
    Jenny - Can she survive a school that entails vying for or avoiding the attention of the elite? It all depends on which side you choose.
    Rufus and Lilly - It's obvious his girlfriend is not a main character, merely a guest star. If we like analogies, let's just say she's a roadie to his show, and the gig's for Lilly. Try as he might, he can't deny the wrath of the script writers. I think i need a knife to cut the tension.
    Also the Nate situation...complicated to the max.
    So the general gist = in the teen drama industry, crap is good, as long as you never answer the burning questions until they reach the pyre of the season finale.
    and may i just say
    Old/New Serena = B***h
  • Mastermind Chuck.

    Well, it's good to see that Gossip Girl can still be as attractive as it was in season 1. After a horribly weak start the kids have gone back to school. Which brings a whole new slur of characters and troubles.

    Over the course of this episode it seems everyone is grabbing their guns and ammo and aiming it at whoever decides to step in their way. All this due to the scheming of little Chuck, in his truly admirable way to get back at Blair. The previous few episodes have been dull, and maybe that's the reason this one seems to shine so much. That's probably the case, but I want to leave the option open that this is actually a fun, dynamic episode because the writers and actors did a good job. Let's hope there's more where this came from!
  • Season 2, Episode 4.

    "Google revenge and you'll find Blair.com"

    Great line!

    Blair and her 'Posse' interview different girls to decide whether or not they would be inducted into their 'clique'. Dan bumps into new student Amanda and they form an instant bond however, Blair and her 'posse' attempt to sabotage Dan and Amanda's friendship by inducting her as the new girl in their 'clique' meanwhile, Serena meets a new lust interest and Vanessa meets with the Duchess. Leighton Meester, who plays Blair, is soooo freakin' hot! I think she's incredibly sexy. So is Blake Lively, at least in the show. She didn't look too hot in Sisterhood 2. They're both very hot though.
  • I never thought I would say this but the scheming is getting too complicated and I can no longer tell why the characters are acting the way they are.

    From the beginning of the episode I didn't really get this Amanada character. She seemed all smart around Dan but then she followed the popular girls around. I guess the fact that she was working for Chuck explained it, but it still didn't add up to me. How could Chuck have predicted this would turn Serena into the queen and will that really help Chuck that much? I kind of wish they showed us that Amanada was working for Chuck so we could have gotten more insight into Chuck's plan. I also didn't like Nate and Vanessa in this episode. At times it seemed like they didn't have much of a reason to be mad at eachother.
  • This was one of the best episodes so far from Gossip Girl to date.

    This was one of the best episodes so far from Gossip Girl to date. Even though the Lord and his "mom" plot was very weird and didn't really add anything, it was still good. I was waiting to see Queen Serena all throughout the series, and man, she's is quite the person. First impression is that she's almost as bad as Blair, but we all know Blair is very conniving and revengeful. But I never thought Dan and Serena would be 'dueling' each other. Overall, very well plotted and directed. I can't wait to see how the Dan-Serena battle brews up in the coming weeks...
  • "Google revenge and you'll find Blair.com"

    This was a very eventful episode to say the least. Lets start off with Marcus having an affair with his step-mum. Some things you just can't make up. Anyway Vanessa catches then and seeks Blair's help to use this to their advantage. Then Vanessa goes behind Blair's back and screws it all up. Poor Nate, she lied to him and weirdly that's what he cared about most.

    Chuck has somewhat employed Amanda to get with Dan so that Serena will be queen Bee again and that leaves Blair vulnerable for Chuck to swoop in. Chuck is one clever very devious guy.Theres a competition between S and lonely boy to see who will move on first.

    Jenny (I love her so much, Taylor Momsen is amazing xxx) anyway she starts to get picked on by her old friends so she skips school and goes to Mrs. Waldorf and lies about it being a school holiday so she could help out there.

    Good ratings as well Viewers3.35 million; A18-49: 1.6/ 4.

    XO XO Andy (lol)
  • Another title on the basis of a current movie. Too bad that this episode can't keep up with the last few episodes. I wonder why they didn't call it "The **** is back"...

    Not 24 hours have past since the big break-up between Serena and Dan. Still lonely boy is already flirting with another girl. Amanda is the name of the chosen one and she can't look more inculpable. But as we know - everybody has secrets.
    Vanessa finds out that Marcus and his stepmom are engaged. Desperate, because she doesn't know who to talk to, she asks Blair for help. Consequentially trouble is preassigned...
    Blair takes the initiative from Vanessa and kicks some ***. Tough luck, that Serena disputes Blair's b*tchy queen title.
    Chuck Bass is still waiting for his chance to win Blair back and like a hunter he's waiting for his chance to strike. While Chuck is hiding in the back and waits for "chucky" moments, Nate is balancing his enormous overweight of screentime in the last episode. Anyhow his last sentence came unexpected and made me happy, though it actually was a little sad.

    Season two of Gossip Girl is four episodes old and the first average episode came up. As long as there are three good episodes in between, it may go on like that...
    I ask myself, why Jessica Szohr is still a part of the show. She takes all the depth out of Nate's love life, but it seems to change. What I really liked was the comeback of Lilly Van der Woodsen. But hopefully all has not been said and done - concerning Rufus and Lilly, Chuck and Blair...
  • Dan goes out with someone before Serena does.

    This was a tale of two halves edition of Gossip Girl. The beginning was kind of boring and unbelievably unrealistic with the behavior of the characters. The whole project/victim thing seemed so Degrassi and is not what Double G is about. I'm a fan of Leighton Meester but her acting in this episode was below par. Things did pick up eventually though with the Vanessa/Blair storyline and the fighting between Dan and Serena. Serena's new character should give her a refreshing change of pace and hopefully lead to some entertainment.

    Gossip Girl looks to be back on track here and I'm excited about next week's episode.
  • School starts back up just as Dan and Serena decide to break up. Meanwhile, Vanessa uncovers a BIG secret!

    Dan and Serena are broken up and they decide to be friends until Dan befriends the new girl in school, Amanda. Blair, who wants to defend her friend Serena's dignity, decides to intervene and get Amanda into their circle so she will not be able to date Dan because there is a rule about dating other's exes. Well, Amanda doesn't want to play by these rules so she decides to pursue things with Dan anyway. Speaking of not playing by the rules, Catherine visits Vanessa and tries to pay her off for not talking to Nate. Catherine leaves Vanessa with a check for $5,000 and leaves. Vanessa, who does not want to be bought, decides to go confront Catherine at her home. There she uncovers a mother of a secret - Catherine is kissing her stepson, the Lord Marcus, who is Blair's boyfriend. Vanessa takes a picture and leaves, unnoticed. She calls Dan and tells him and Dan tells her she has to tell Blair. As much as Vanessa does not want to do that, she does anyway and Blair decides to deal with it. She invites Marcus to lunch, and seeing this, Vanessa thinks she is not doing anything, so Vanessa goes and tells the Captain about everything! Serena is back in charge and witchier than ever! I love this side of Serena and think she should stay with it. Come to find out, Chuck and Amanda were in cahoots because Chuck paid her to meddle with Dan to make him look like the bad guy. Everyone shuns Dan at the end and life goes on on Gossip Girl!
  • The queen is dead, long live the queen. (Spoiler Alert)

    Queen B has been dethroned and Queen Serena now rules. By the end of the episode Dan Humphries may as well be in Siberia and Serena is out to teach him a lesson. A great twist to the Dan/Serena relationship.

    And of course it's all thanks to Chuck - he so wants Blair to suffer and run into his arms for solace. Will it work? Even though it's a destructive relationship I still believe Chuck and Blair belong together.

    Lily learns she can't have her husband and Rufus in her life. She made her choice and now has to live with it. Rufus is moving on physically but I'm not so sure his heart has moved on. We'll see.

    I still don't like Vanessa - can't tell you why but she just doesn't fit in my opinion. I'm glad she's not with Nate at the moment. Nate needs to be with Serena so they can heal each other.

    Next weeks episode sounds promising.
  • After the romantic first season we are taken back in time and shown how were things before we could glimpse into the "scandalous life of Manhattan's elite"...

    I don't know what I like more about this series: the absolutely fabulous filmmaking, the high quality actors (or let's say most of them) or the story line. Of course all of these are needed to have me glued to the screen every week!

    After the first, romantic season we're shown how things go when the Queen isn't taking her time off. But nothing will go back as it was before, because Dan grew up to be capable of fighting his way back to the top. And I bet he will receive some help from his sister, who also became an outcast recently... Serena's acting was outstanding in this episode, I have watched over and over the last scene when she shows up with her new/old posse and looks at Dan. (The music was also a very good choice, just like last season when she confesses to B that she might have killed someone...) During the whole episode Serena expressed without words how deeply she's hurt by Dan's acting. I wonder if anything will change (again) when she'll be over the first post breakup phase: anger and pain. I was really wooting for them to get back together but it really seems like it's not the right time for that, mainly and surprisingly because of Dan!

    How will Vanessa solve her problems with Nate? She really screwed up and completely lost the trust of Nate. Will she and Dan get back together at least for a short period? I don't think so, they're better of alone; but maybe they will help out each other in this situation somehow.

    And finally, what's Chuck's plan? I'm really dying to find that out. He had everyone but Serena so now he's trying to get through with his greatest manipulation plan to get to her? I bet he does. I don't see any other reasons that we know of right now. Of course there can be complications introduced later...

    All I can say this is the second most bestest series ever, right after One Tree Hill... I can't wait to see the next episode!
  • Just thinking this was just another episode, by the end of those 60 minutes, I was blown away!

    Wow, all I can say is wow!

    Dan/Serena: Please, in the beginning, they were sooo annoying! I mean, they broke up and they were both acting still all cute and akward. Turst me, I know that its hard to fight that temptation, but their tension was just plain ridiculous. And FINALLY Serena said once again that Dan was being a stubborn guy! And that just made me happy!! But that Amanda girl was totally wierding me out, and so fake, so no wonder why Chuck was using her! And at the end at the club Serena was acting all upset that Dan was saying that she did that thing to Amanda, and then I was surprised that she was like, "Don't do anything like that again, inless it goes through me!" Bam, go Team Serena!!

    Chuck/Blair: Wow!! I actually loved that they didn't have that much interaction this episode, except for the crutial part at the end. And I didn't realize what he did was to totally get back at Blair, and it was written SO WELL, that he used practically everyhting that was happening, Serena as his ex-Queen Bee sister, her breakup with Dan, and Blair's social status. Totally awesome!! But what made me laugh was his flower when he was waking Serena up! Me and my friend Laura were cracking up soooooo much!!

    Blair/Nate/Vanessa/Catherine/Marcus: This was saweet! Blair doing what she does best and Vanessa looking out for her beloved Nate and Catherine being the major slut and Marcus FINALLY getting an interesting story line! Does this mean Marcus is gone? Because I know that Catherine is back for another episode or two.

    To sum it up: BEST. EPISODE. EVER! I loved how EVERYTHING was woven together!!!
  • GG at it's best

    OMFG! such a good show! im really loving this season and this episode is definatelly one of my favs so far. Catherine and Marcus... OH MY GOD! creppy but sooo juicy! i thought Leighton Meester (the actor that plays Blair) did an amazing acting in this episode. even if she didnt have that many scenes to show it i thought it was great. she had some hilarious parts and some sad parts. just great.
    SERENA IS BACK! i love when she is a Witch. tho i dont like that she treats B as if she were better than her. i love that she is giving dan what he deserves tho i dont like Dan to be alone. he is just not that intresting by his self. tho i'd rather watch him alone that with that annoying amanda chick. i mean seriouslly... dont you know how to act!?
    anyways it was a flawless episode.
    trully one of GG's best.
    instant classic.
  • The new school year begins a new romantic interest enters Dan's life, Serena reverts to her old ways. Vanessa discovers something about the Duchess, which Blair must handle. All the while Chuck schemes to get Blair back.

    So wow...

    Evil Serena is mean, really mean. What I always loved about Serena van der Woodson was this charming way she was so nice despite the fact that she shouldn't be that nice. Now, the mean evil Serena is even better, I was a little scared of her.

    The fact that Chuck was behind it all was beautiful, he figured that if Serena rose to the new Queen of the school, it would leave Blair devastated, because it was hinted that she was a bit afraid of that when Serena returned, and this would allow for Chuck to prey on Blair and win her back. While I feel that this can only backfire it is pretty well planned out, if only he could tell Blair how he feels.

    The disturbing plot of the night was that Lord Marcus and Duchess Catherine were getting it on. I feel like this was a good signal for Vanessa to get out of this crazy world. I do have to give Nate props for being mad simply because Vanessa did not tell him and told Blair instead, and not cause he lost out on the money.

    Perhaps the only tame story of the night was that of Rufus and Lily. Shocker, Bart Bass cares more about business than people, like we did not see that coming. Of course Rufus had to move on, Lily did marry Bart, and spent like 3 months on a honeymoon with him.

    I am a bit scared for Jenny, now that we know that Serena and the other girls are out for blood, with the bad blood from last season, and the now anti-Humphrey movement sweeping the school, Jenny is wearing a target on her back and on her front.

    One last point, is Vanessa pregnant? She told Nate that she was late.
  • Serena is Queen B? Chuck is evol? Dan is STILL a judgemental SOB? Lily is back?! I cannot contain myself!

    Soo, I guess this has to be my favourite Gossip Girl episode of the new season. I am very very spoiled usually but for the next few episodes I'm not aware of much that's happening so I felt like I enjoyed this episode far more than the others. The Ex-Files felt like Gossip Girl of old! Puppet Master Chuck? I love you! And I welcome your return with open arms, I found it interesting that he was barely in the episode but he kept popping up randomly in the background of peoples scenes. Reinforcing his role as puppet master extraordinaire! I was worried they would woobify him this season as is Josh's thing to do to villains. Only one emo face from him this episode! Yay. I'm sure Ed Westwick is getting sick of pulling them... finally he looks to be having a meatier storyline this year (one away from being Blair's biotch, which he really deserves). So Serena is Queen B now? I like it! The scarf thing the little sheep were wearing (over the Alice band ala Blair) was hilarious and a great touch. Queen b Serena is a little lesbian, it's interesting; I totally believe Georgina was her whore and their sexual tension was prevalent in their scenes together. I guess Old Serena swings both ways? How modern. I'm really looking forward to see where this storyline goes. Not sure how I feel about Nate/Vanessa now... she was a little, ok a lot stupid for jumping to conclusions in this episode in relation to Blair. Doesn't she realise that Blair is master manipulator no.2??? Apparently not! I think Serena returning to Queen B status was not only in character for Serena it was an organic development, plainly she was Queen B before she left for boarding school and the sheep!girls loved her because she was a party girl, they could all have fun -- Blair took over and is far less slutty and uptight a queen than Serena was. When Serena returned she acted all 'violated virgin Mary', but this mask she had appropriated for herself last season has slipped and her true face is showing. Chuck was responsible for pushing Serena in this direction initially for his owns ends, whatever these may be, and the baton was passed between almost all the characters (Penelope, Chuck, Dan, Blair and Serena herself) to inadvertently instigate Serena's rise as Queen. Serena's thing is that she takes everything from Blair; she naturally outshines her and this was just her returning to her old role. Blair clearly knew it would happen one day. Besides, Serena had resolved her problems by becoming stony faced and decided in that bar to put Dan behind her, it was her time to be herself -- this was fed into by the other characters actions.

    Back to my beloved Chuckles. I was proud of the writers for not making Charles incredibly nice and sweet to everyone around him (including Blair) now that he's 'a man in love' as big dumb pretty Nate would say. BTW Blair saying to Nate: 'hold that non-thought?' Hilarious and so very true. He is a tiny bit stupid, I suppose that's why he and Vanessa belong together -- they can get married and have babies with low IQs. Aanyway, Chuck. The deep ambiguity in regards to Chucks actions is excellent. Chuck probably wants to get back at Blair, but wants her to come back to him with a healthy dose of reality (none of this 'perfect man' fantasy business) -- plus he wants what's best for his sister. However, I would have thought he'd learned by now that his first attempt to get her to come back him (via destroying her life in 'Thin Line...') really didn't work so well; there's a danger of him alienating her completely. Hopefully he can do a better job this time. I was pleased he proved himself 'the King'. All his other plans did not execute as planed: I guess because half of them were too manic and clouded with jealousy in regards to Blair to work effectively. He lost some of his more meticulous calculations and here, his calmness paid off.

    Did Blair do the dirty with Lawd Mawcus? Survey says? The evidence is certainly pointing in that direction. I'll bet that once Chuck and Blair are on good terms again he'll ask her because he's somewhat emo towards her when he's smitten and possessive as they come. Part of what he loves about her is that she values her chastity, but I don't think that would damage his opinion of her too much. He would possibly admire her dedication to her plan to hurt him. Lily is back! I missed her, although I'm finding Rufus's screen time to be very agreeable. I do not like him at all... I couldn't care less what he and Lil had together back when the plague was big -- yawn they bore me. I want him to be killed off, and Lily can stick around because she is all kinds of awesome. I hope her marriage to Bart can work out. Closing thoughts: Chuck waking Serena up in bed was creepy, Blair is even more beautiful when she looks sad, Lord Marcus and Catherine were not as annoying now they're gone, Rufus is still boring, and I hate Dan. Serena is Queen B now, what will this mean for our intrepid hero? Can Blair restore her position and maintain her relationship with Serena? What will become of Lonelyboy? And most importantly... when will Chuck ever go shirtless? Looking forward to next week!