Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 25

The Goodbye Gossip Girl

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 18, 2009 on The CW

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  • Gossip Girl is going down.

    Although I will always love this show season 2 was not as good as season 1. However as season two came to a close so did any doubt that Gossip Girl has lost it's flair. This episode had it all: mean girls, schemes, power struggles, love, friendship, gossip girl blasts, shocks, Georgina Sparks and most importantly C/B!!! The only disappointment to the episode is that gossip girl's identity wasn't revealed. Still if she was revealed after only two seasons, well, what fun would that have been? The scene where gossip girl tricked everyone into meeting Serena where she revealed that they were all gossip girl was somewhat cheesy but did not detract from the episodes over all awesomeness. I'm most excited for next season. G roomies with B? That should be very entertaining. Jenny as queen? Here's hoping it's not too peaceful, and CHUCK AND BLAIR!!! When he came back I was so happy!!! It's only been like 25 episodes c/b fans have been waiting for the "I love you" moment and it was certainly worth the wait. Here's hoping this standard of awesomeness is continually met in season 3!
  • Season 2 Finale

    Nobody can deny, Gossip Girl was in a serious rut this year. The show significantly got worse after the first season and it never really did get back on track for more than one or two episodes. Just like you can't deny Gossip Girl's regression in quality, you can't deny that this was a great closeout to the season.

    I actually found myself enjoying it more than last year's finale and I really didn't think that was possible especially by season 2's standards. I loved the small teases we got on who Gossip Girl was. I'm sure the writers had a lot of fun with that.

    Of course all the "gossip" bombs being dropped was very eventful. I wasn't a fan of the flash forward last year, but this year, it was much needed. Georgina is back for good, the Poppy story line has ended, Serena finds her estranged father with the help of Carter, Rufus & Lilly are engaged, long lost son is going to NYU with Dan in the fall, and most importantly, Chuck & Blair reunite.

    So as you can see, lot of things to cover in the premiere next year. I'm cautiously optimistic about next season even though this season was definitely not up to par. My only worry is now that Jenny has been "reigned" queen, we'll be seeing a lot more of her. And every Gossip Girl fan knows that's not a good thing. Overall, great closeout to a struggling season.
  • Gossip Girl decides to send a shocking email blast in the graduation ceremony of Constance Billard and St. Jude's, pushing Serena to device a devious plan of attack. The Mean Girls Club challenge Jenny to succeed Blair as Queen Bee for next year.

    WOW! So many OMFG moments happened during the Season 2 Finale of Gossip Girl. I loved it so much, it was AMAZING! Johnathan, Eric's boyfriend, says that he just hacked on GG's website so that all the blasts would come to him. It's about time Rufus and Lily stopped hiding behind their feelings and accept the fact that they loved each other and set aside their differences and get married. Nate & Serena try to set up GG by sending her a text saying where to meet them to see who her. Their plan backfired when she sent a text telling them all to meet at that address. GG sends out a blast telling them that that they all are GG because (he/she) would be nothing without them and that they had a clean slate until college. GG's present to the seniors was that she would be going with them to college. Georgina Sparks make an appearance and handled the problem. Then was a b*tch because she request Blair to be her roommate for college next year & said they were best friends! Carter finds Serena's father & Lily/Rufus's illegitimate son comes back and at the very end of the episode Chuck comes back and tells Blair that he loves her and that he wants to be with her and after all this time they FINALLY get their fairytale ending. This was truly a great season finale, and this was a great season, can't wait till season 3!!!! :) I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL!
  • You wanted to meet Gossip Girl? Well look around, you just did. *Everyone smiles*

    I loved it, that was one of my favorite part in this episode.

    Chuck finally tells Blair those 3 words, 8 letters! Even though this is supposed to be a happy ending but I think I am really gonna miss C/B ups and downs they made so much of it through out Season 2.

    Lily/Rufus is getting me tired. They already took two whole seasons to declare who they are to each other and it's getting pretty old. I hope they'll get married fast.

    Serena as 'irrelevant'? I somehow miss her naughty bad girl character in the show. Now she's turning all goody-goody. Em, I supposed.. that should be a good thing.

    Nate? He is still a confused guy. I hope they'll build Nate's character in the coming season. With Columbia or anything, they need to do something with that guy.

    Goodbye high school and say hello to college. I thought it was sad because I thought St. Judes and Constant Billard are gonna be left out. But then there will still be high school, for Queen J and the rest of them that is.

    They'll be at least 3 characters building up the next season: Georgina, Scott and the van der Woodsen guy. And whatever happened in Santorini??

    This should be exciting. I heart C/B and I can't wait to see them on Season 3. And overall, this is a great finale.

    xoxo, Gossip Girl will always be by your side through the thick and thin.
  • Decent episode, some nice parts, but some parts a bit... lame

    This wasn't one of the better GG episodes. Some parts felt phoned in, while other scenes were well done. I liked the labels-- very apt. Although interesting that it was only those five, not anyone else in the class.

    I can certainly see Serena's biggest fear being dismissed! I wonder what GG was implying for her university years? Will she be just-another-pretty-girl at Brown? The cards aren't stacked in her favour, since she's not exceptionally bright, and there'll be plenty of other rich, fashionable kids there. Small fish, big pond. I guess that'll be her comeuppance, now that they've taken Blair down a peg. I also liked how Blair's starting to accept the consequences of her actions, and that her blind drive ironically robbed her of what she wanted. Will she continue to mature into a better person? I guess we'll have to watch and see... The scene in the bathroom, giving advice to Jenny was also good; nice to see some maturity for Blair. I do hope that Jenny doesn't go cold and evil as a result of getting power. And when Chuck came back for Blair and said those three words before it was too late-- I'm happy to see them get together. And that Chuck's also growing up. (Oh, and how he orchestrated Blair's dream prom was just lovely, and loving. The guy might have some potential to become decent. Not that I"m holding out toooo much hope for that!). It was cheesy, however, Serena getting so driven to find out who GG really was. Blair, I could picture, but Serena? C'mon. And for what purpose? I'm happy that Rufus and Lily are finally engaged, although some fire seems to be out of that relationship. Hope they get over that! They've set up a few story lines for next season, but nothing that would have people too frustrated at having to wait. Of course, the fans will always tune in :) P.S. I'm happy that they no longer have Lily drinking wine. Of course, the character isn't pregnant so she can drink if she wants-- but since it's so obvious that the actress is expecting, it sends such a bad message ("hey, she's rich, who cares if the kid's brain damaged because mum's too selfish to abstain for a few months?!"). I still think it would have been even better if they'd written the pregnancy into the show, so that Chuck is getting a little brother or sister.
  • Like the title, it is time to say Goodbye to our most loved series.

    Okay I'm kidding, most of our series are meeting their finale stage and don't seem to be coming back. Gossip Girl is not falling into this category as it was picked up for another season.

    In fact Gossip Girl did say Goodbye ...to high school.

    'The Goodbye Gossip Girl' marked the end of high school and the beginning of college, for Gossip Girl as well. Which could also mean that Gossip Girl is a part of the Serena, Blair, Dan...etc year group.

    As for College:
    Serena is off to Brown
    Blair... NYU

    and Chuck, well he's all going to be all independent and take over his father's business.

    This episode dealt with Gossip Girl and an attempt to discover her true identity, something I felt should have been dealt with throughout this season and not in the final episode.

    This episode was fairly okay, although there were some questionable cliffhangers which felt like it was just poked into the ending.

    I might be in the few, but I didn't really follow the Blair-Chuck storyline, I liked them much more before they became all lovie-dovie towards each other. I have to admit though, that final scene between them was beautifully done.

    I felt that Nate was a little soft by not acknowledging the fact that Vanessa slept with Chuck. Especially seeing that Chuck slept with Blair and Vanessa (both his girlfriends). I expected him to show a little emotion towards it. Everything was just dismissed there.
    Even him agreeing to go backpacking with her, a little acknowledgment would have been appreciated. Maybe it might be picked up next season.

    I used to follow Lily and Rufus in the beginning, but now something has changed between them, ever since they got together.
    It was more interesting when Lily and Rufus had that distance from each other.

    I still look forward for next season, I might not have been impressed with this installment much, but it was far better than last season's 'Much 'I Do' About Nothing' finale.



    Three and a Half out of Five Stars

    Grade C+

    Wow!!! OMG! I can't believe they're finally graduating….. I've been waiting for this episode all season long……. I can't believe that somebody put a blast out like that to Gossip Girl during graduation like that… and I also can't believe that Jonathan( Eric's boyfriend) is Gossip Girl( maybe), although he claims not to be.. he says that he just hacked her website over spring break so that all the blats would come to him…..But I don't think that's true…. And who sent the blast to gossip girl and made sure it dropped during Nate's party, only for everybody to blame it on Serena that's really messed up…. and for everybody to find out that Chuck slept with Vanessa(Dan's Friend), I mean no wonder we haven't seen her in awhile. I mean if I slept with Chuck I would disappear to only knowing how he held it over Blair's head until Nate found out. And Blair and chuck finally try to tell each other how they feel but once again ONE of them always seem to not be able to say those 3 words….. I mean this time Blair tells chuck that she loves him FINALLY…… but he doesn't say it back, I mean what is wrong with him he finally got Blair to say it and actually mean it, and he won't say it back, but he'll tell everyone else that he's in love with Blair but not her! It just doesn't make any sense….WTF? And I wonder what Little J's (Jenny) OH so juicy Gossip was and who all it involved…. And its about FREAKIN time Rufus and Lilly stopped hiding behind their feelings and accepted the fact that they loved each other and set aside their differences and decided to get married….. And why after all this time does Dan decide that NOW he doesn't wannabe friends with Serena and the rest of them because he thinks that they won't see each other again because high school is over and their all going to different colleges. For all of that he might as well have never had a fantasy about Serena or dated her for that matter. But OMG!!!! Why did Nate and Serena try to set up Gossip Girl by sending (her or him) a text telling him or her where to meet them to see who (he or she was.) But their plan backfired when she sent a text telling them all to meet at that address, and then while There Dan and Serena decide that they should stay friends. Then Gossip Girl sends out a blast pretty much telling them that pretty much that they all are Gossip Girl because (He or She) would be nothing without them and that they had a clean slate until college that is…. Yep! Gossip Girl's present to the seniors of Constance Billard and St. Jude's was that she would be going with them to college. And one week later Blair is sort of- kind of happy that she's single (NOT). And Blair choose Little J (Jenny) to be queen of Constance Billard until she graduates….And Ladies and Gentlemen Georgina Sparks make her finale appearance coming through for Dan, Serena, Blair, Nate, and Chuck, and then having to be a WITCH just one last time she request Blair to be her roommate for college next year…. And Carter Baisen find's Serena and Eric's father and Lilly and Rufus's illegitimate son comes back and at the very end of the episode Chuck comes back and tells Blair that he loves her and that he wants to be with her and after all this time they FINALLY get their fairytale ending…. But you know what even after all of this we still DON'T know who Gossip Girl is!!!! This was truly a great season finale, and this was a great season, can't wait till season 3!!!!
  • quote: omg need I say more? perhaps perfect?

    So it is graduation, but it is not only the ending of high school, it is also the ending of the second season of gossip girl. They set of the stage for their college years, and tie together storielines that has been flowing all over the season. As graduation begins, Gossip Girl decides to send out a blast, labeling our loved upper-east siders. She labels Nate as a whore, Blair as a weakling, Chuck as a coward, Dan Humphrey as the ultimate insider and Serena as irrelevant. And perhaps Gossip Girl is right as always? After all, earlier in the season Nate slept with an older woman whom paid him. Blair does not even dare to talk to Chuck because she is so scared of getting hurt again. Chuck is after all a coward because he does not dare to tell Blair he loves her. Dan Humphrey is the ultimate insider as he got accepted to Yale, dated Serena, his father is dating Lily Bass and his sister is about to become Queen. And Serena? Serena decides that Gossip Girl needs to go down. So they decide to work together to reveal Gossip Girls identity. This causes a series of events. Due to the labelling Gossip Girl sent out, and knowing that Chuck has finally learned that Blate is over, Blair decides to tell Chuck she loves him. Again. But however, she is interrupted by another blast. Gossip Girl is at rage; their secrets are out. Blair learns that Chuck slept with Vanessa, Chuck learns that Blair slept with his uncle Jack, and all the other secrets Gossip Girl had on hold. However; Blair does not let Chuck get away with pretending to be angry. She tells him she loves him. And he walks away. AGAIN! (omg). However, their plan does not work out and they learn both that Gossip Girl is harder to reveal, and also that she will follow them to college. A week after the blast they all try to move on. Chuck is in Europe, Serena is going to Europe and Blair is coming to terms with the fact that her life did not work out the way she planned. In addition, Jenny becomes the new queen, Nate and Vanessa goes backpacking after all, and Georgina requests Blair as a roommate on NYU. Now both Blair, Dan, Vanessa and Georgina are going to NYU. That means all of them, minus Serena are probably staying in town. We also meet Lily and Rufus mysterious child. And to the ending: Chuck returns from Europe and waits for Blair outside her house. She walks into him and sees him standing there with presents and flowers. She asked why he is not in Europe. Chuck told her he was in Paris, but only to get her favourite macaroons. She asks him about Germany, and he tells her only to get her favourite Falk-stokings. She says she wants to believe him, but that she can't, because he has hurt him too many times. However, he says that she can believe him this time. When she responds, Oh, that's it? He looks at her, loving, caring: and says it: I love you too. And then he says it again and again and the kiss. Chair.
  • yes chuck finally said those 3 wrds!!!!!!!

    om this episode was amazing....i am sooooo excited for chuck and blair they make the cutest couple on the show hands down. im glad rufus and lily are finally engaged they have waited too long im glad it finally happened. vanessa and nate are totally gonna get together its a given..and whats up with gorgina how did she get all the money back and the whole roommates thing with blair i have a feeling it wont be good. and whats up with with the scott guy who is he? i cant wait for s3 i have a feeling its gonna be amazing
  • they tied up story lines i thought they just threw at us and forgot - i.e, blair and uncle jack - and set us up for next season with a whole mess of story lines that i think will make a great third season.

    Well, it's about damn time Chuck and Blair got back together and finally managed to say I love you to each other. My mom who watched the show with me said she thought Chuck would be waiting outside for Blair.

    They tied up story lines i thought they just threw at us and forgot - i.e, blair and uncle jack - and set us up for next season with a whole mess of story lines that i think will make a great third season, especially the bits with dan's brother and georgina.

    i don't know how they will make the chuck and blair relationship play out to keep it interesting, but having them get together for the finale was great.
  • Very Pleased! Things I Have Wanted To Happen All Season Finally Do! YAY!

    First of YAY Chuck finally said the three words I have been waiting to hear come out of his mouth all season. He and Blair are a perfect equal to be together. OMG! Georgina at the end was amazing. I am excitied to see next season although pretty much everyone is going to stay in New York. Then again Gossip Girl wouldn't be the same without its New York Setting. Plus Rufus and Lily's child WOW. I knew that they can't know who Gossip Girl is. Its a mystery that needs to remain hidden. It would honestly ruin the show for me if we knew who Gossip Girl is. Even though The Voice of Gossip Girl is by Kristen Bell. Still for the sake of the characters somethings are best left alone. A lesson the characters can't learn. Is it fall yet?
  • Perfect Finale, Perfect Set Up For The College Years! :)

    OMG, this was the best and most perfect finale ever. Gossip Girl is really funny. I laughed out loud at her text ''Look around. I would be nothing without you. See you in college.''
    This person cannot just be a regular student. He/She specifically wants Serena, Blair, Dan, etc... Sometimes I wonder if its Georgina lol.

    They have very good new story lines set up for the 3rd season:

    - Chair - Finally!
    - OMFG Georgina is becoming a regular in the show AND Blair's roommate -- UH OH!!!
    - Serena and Dan's brother
    - Serena's father.
    - Lilly and Rufus' engagement.

    Love it, CANNOT wait to see how these play out in the college years.
    See you in the fall, xoxo! ;)