Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 25

The Goodbye Gossip Girl

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 18, 2009 on The CW

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  • Decent episode, some nice parts, but some parts a bit... lame

    This wasn't one of the better GG episodes. Some parts felt phoned in, while other scenes were well done. I liked the labels-- very apt. Although interesting that it was only those five, not anyone else in the class.

    I can certainly see Serena's biggest fear being dismissed! I wonder what GG was implying for her university years? Will she be just-another-pretty-girl at Brown? The cards aren't stacked in her favour, since she's not exceptionally bright, and there'll be plenty of other rich, fashionable kids there. Small fish, big pond. I guess that'll be her comeuppance, now that they've taken Blair down a peg. I also liked how Blair's starting to accept the consequences of her actions, and that her blind drive ironically robbed her of what she wanted. Will she continue to mature into a better person? I guess we'll have to watch and see... The scene in the bathroom, giving advice to Jenny was also good; nice to see some maturity for Blair. I do hope that Jenny doesn't go cold and evil as a result of getting power. And when Chuck came back for Blair and said those three words before it was too late-- I'm happy to see them get together. And that Chuck's also growing up. (Oh, and how he orchestrated Blair's dream prom was just lovely, and loving. The guy might have some potential to become decent. Not that I"m holding out toooo much hope for that!). It was cheesy, however, Serena getting so driven to find out who GG really was. Blair, I could picture, but Serena? C'mon. And for what purpose? I'm happy that Rufus and Lily are finally engaged, although some fire seems to be out of that relationship. Hope they get over that! They've set up a few story lines for next season, but nothing that would have people too frustrated at having to wait. Of course, the fans will always tune in :) P.S. I'm happy that they no longer have Lily drinking wine. Of course, the character isn't pregnant so she can drink if she wants-- but since it's so obvious that the actress is expecting, it sends such a bad message ("hey, she's rich, who cares if the kid's brain damaged because mum's too selfish to abstain for a few months?!"). I still think it would have been even better if they'd written the pregnancy into the show, so that Chuck is getting a little brother or sister.