Gossip Girl

Season 2 Episode 19

The Grandfather

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2009 on The CW

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    I'm surprised I'm saying this but this was another "good" episode of Gossip Girl. Now I couldn't care less about the Rufus/Lilly scenes, nor the Nate scenes considering he's done virtually nothing all season.

    Another thing I didn't like was the partner swapping. At least the very tired Nate & Vanessa relationship is over. I just really didn't like where they went with Nate & Blair. Guys, this isn't The Secret Life of the American Teenager. You know the show is going downhill when everyone begins hooking up with each other for shock value.

    Minus some annoyances, you can't deny, this was a well-done episode. The Dan/Serena scene was the light-hearted fun I'm sure we were all seeking from this show and got that. Her reaction to Dan sleeping with Rachel was hilarious. I liked the Serena/Chuck interactions here. Overall, good episode.
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    Well, this was one pretty amazing episode, especially after previous one or some of the last episodes. It was more like 1st season's "Gossip Girl", which I'm still missing because it was amazing. In this episode Blair is just awesome. Leighton was at her highest. In fact, it seemed to me that Blair was on the same path as Chuck after his father's death. I expected that there would be more Blair - Carter interaction to make Chuck jealous, but it was kinda poor. I like that Serena and Chuck are acting like siblings, it's sweet and untypical. There was only one thing that I can't get it - why Dan all the time took part in the Vanderbilts' family activities? For Vanessa it was OK, she's Nate's girlfriend, but Dan? Is he too?? lol. And in the second review in row I could say that I really like how Nate and Vanessa are included in all storyline.
  • An episode that makes you want to yell NO!!!!

    This episode annoys me so much¡K. There¡¦s just no amount of words that describe how annoyed I am. Blair and Nate Boooo! Nate is so mean making Vanessa feel stupid when he chose that silly internship whatever over a pretty awesome sounding vacay. And then Chuck not telling her something comforting and of course not saying those three words I LOVE YOU~ God why can¡¦t he just say it to make her feel good and plus it¡¦s the truth so that helps. Also I refuse to swallow the next promo Chuck and Vanessa kissing holding hands ewwww we see that enough of screen don¡¦t bring them lovers on screen. I
  • Return to the old.

    As is the problem with Gossip Girl,some of the characters are very flat and when an episode has too much Nate in it it gets very boring very quickly. Nate and Vanessa are a good idea conceptually, but the two actors have no chemistry and have a story line that could not be more cliched. Despite all of my criticisms of Nate are he was very likable at the end of this episode. The vintage Nate and Blair moment was really well done and very sweet, I was so happy when I saw it at first and they didn't make it into something sexual, but just showed them as friends. This, of course changed by the end of the episode which at first was angering, but I think will be a very good plot point for the next couple of episodes. Chuck and Blair's moment in this episode was really hot as well, I do think that they should of pushed her descent into darkness a little further, but I guess it wasn't a legit because of the Sarah Lawerence thing. Something that I thought was kind of a failure in this episode was the voice- overs which are normally really good but in this episode had some really cheesy and unclever moments.
    Speaking of cheesy, Lily and Rufus in this episode were on the fine line between being unbearable as always and cute, but I think they ended up on the cute side.
  • This was a surprising turn for Gossip Girl.

    Gossip Girl came out with a different twist in 'The Grandfather' which worked out far better than last week's 'The Age of Dissonance'.

    We welcome back Lily and Rufus after a long break. I'd anticipated a bit juicier storyline between them, though there were a bit of funny moments between them.

    Lily and Rufus squabble over their past relationships and the fact that Lily's list was a tad longer (okay that's an understatement), but making a list of past lovers only spells disaster.

    This was the first time where and episode revolving around a 'Nate and Vanessa' made sense. Nate bonding with his grandfather was trendy, though I often find myself wondering where he was when Nate sunk to the bottom. Probably watching Nate from the distance, hoping he would 'man-up' and take responsibility, like his grandfather stated he was proud of. I smelt something fishy with Nate's cousin after all began to cave in on Vanessa and she realized that the slight shove she gave Nate to reunite with his family, might have led to a tight squeeze and their inability to let him go. Nate got a taste of his grandfather's persuasion and ended up choosing the internship instead of a summer get-away. Still the internship does sound like an interesting way to spend your summer; a couple get-away could be done anytime I don't think Vanessa and Nate should split because of it.

    I definitely did not expect a Blair-Nate reconnection. From the moment Blair and Nate got a one-on-one scene together I knew they were going to initiate something between them. When he gave Blair his coat and she gave him back, I actually thought Blair was up to something; probably remembering how happy she used to be with him, her first boyfriend.

    The heart of this episode was watching Blair go into the lowest of lows, from welcoming an overnight guest into her home, to degrading herself in public and taking down some others with her. This was a side of Blair we haven't seen before. Degrading her image and lowering her inhibitions so that even an untamed Chuck could take her in his arms; but even that didn't work out as he threw away the opportunity in Blair's weakened state with a "It's not you" liner. Who felt a bit sorry when Blair had to beg her way into another school, let alone in front of Chuck and Serena? Sadly enough they could help her out of her depressing state.

    There would be a triangular struggle between Blair, Nate and Chuck next episode Remains of the J and somebody might get hurt in between... or everyone might get what they want, who knows how it would go on Gossip Girl? Let's just hope it uses the same formula and mix it up next week.


    *So Serena finds about Dan and Rachel from a drunken Blair, which ended as quickly as it began. She slaps him and they have a laugh off? not what i expected, it was a bit amusing, sort of pictured hr making a scene though.

    *Jenny was way underused here. It was a good thing for Vanessa and Dan otherwise we wouldn't have seen her at all. What happened to her clothing line? All in time I guess.

    *I hope they spruce up Lily and Rufus' relationship; I liked them in the earlier stages when things were 'complicated', now they are getting a bit dull.
  • This episode was anti-climatic. The Chuck Blair situation is not that great. This episode is filled with fillers.

    I find that Nate/Vanessa and Lily/Rufus relationships were cute. Serena slapping Dan was so bad. How could she get away with that in front of all of these people? Chuck/Blair relationship was draggy. They didn't have that much chemistry. Carter and Blair definitely had great chemistry. I wonder what went on in Greece. I don't think that Nate and Blair will hook up again. They have 0 chemistry on screen. The real-life couples definitely have more chemistry (Chuck/Vanessa, Blair/Carter, and Blake/Penn). That is probably why Chuck will kiss Vanessa next week. I find the commercials/promos more interesting than the episodes themselves.
  • The tables have turned between Chuck and Blair.. episode focusing mainly on Chuck, Blair, Nate, Vanessa, Serena, Rufus and Lily...

    I personally thought this episode was a lot better than last weeks. There was a healthy mixture between all characters. Blair had a very interesting storyline and I thought it was very interesting how the tables have turned between Chuck and Blair. Now Blair is the one spiraling out of control, with Chuck desperate and unsure how to help her. I hope now he knows how she felt taking care of him when his father died. He and Serena were chasing after her all episode, but Blair didn't care. She's trying to numb out the pain of being declined from Yale by hurting herself and those around her. I felt so sorry for her when Chuck and Serena caught her begging to be accepted into a small college after she told them she didn't care any more. She looked so sad and lost. Then she of course went on to being a funny drunk at Nate's family reunion...

    I am really hoping that Nate's talk with Blair that she couldn't stop herself from "Being Blair Waldorf" will get to her. That was a nice moment between them, even though I am a Chuck and Blair fan. I have a feeling that his speech really made Blair realise she couldn't keep doing this and wouldn't be surprised if she were back to being herself pretty soon. She was pretty funny this episode, I have to admit I laughed at her a lot =D

    Nate chose working in the mayor's office over spending the summer with Vanessa and Vanessa looked pretty pissed off. I thought the whole reunion between Nate and his grandfather was really sweet.

    Let me also add that even though I would have loved to see a bit more to the Blair/Chuck make-out scene, I am extremely proud of Chuck for stopping her. That shows self-restraint, he didn't want to take advantage of Blair while she was vulnerable and "Not herself", and considering that he's Chuck (womanizer and all), it sure does show he loves her an awful lot. Good on him.

    The show ended with Chuck finding Nate's jacket at Blair's house after Nate got her home safely and she asked him to stay. I'm really worried because next week's promo shows Nate and Blair kissing. I feel so sorry for Vanessa... her and Nate aren't even broken up yet! I hope Nate and Blair don't sleep together. for the sake of Chuck as well.

    I loved the episode. A really good Blair episode =)
  • Gossip Girl came back from long ass break with just ''average'' 2 new episode so far...

    Gossip Girl came back from long ass break with just ''average'' 2 new episode so far...
    I did enjoy tonight MUCH better than last week's episode. Blair's hotness in this episode has definitely made my nite. She rocked! :D

    Good episode but however, as I've been keep saying, I hate how the writers use the characters and their plot lines. They make em' disappear and than episodes later these disappeared characters pop out of nowhere with their ''own'' story lines. Good example of this was Lilly & Rufus -- they were OKAY, pretty dull like always. And also Nate & Vanessa - up til now they've really been big nothing this season, up til these last 2 weeks. This is why I'm giving a 7.5

    Anyways, now that I got that out of my brain...

    The new love triangle is sizzlin hot -- just what we needed to spice up GG again. LOVE IT! Nate is way hotter when he's with Blair.

    Can't wait to see how this triangle turns out. Next week looks like an episode to die for. Parties, balls and events themed episodes in this show are the best and most exciting ones in my opinion.