Gossip Girl

Season 3 Episode 13

The Hurt Locket

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on The CW

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  • The name of the episode is better than the actual episode

    After a long break, Gossip Girl is back. I must say that I was not that impressed by the episode. Chuck Bass continues to be the most interesting character on the show for me - even though the story line was predictable (DUH, that's his mother), his depth as an actor really makes the show for me right now. Blair as the supportive girlfriend is also great though I am waiting to see more of the conniving Blair.

    Lily's big secret appearing to be her spending the night (no sex) with her ex was not as deep as I thought it would be, hopefully there is more to that storyline...

    I'm also not liking Serena and Nate back together but I guess Serena needs something to do on the show.
  • gossip girl is back from the promos i thought it would be so much better than it was before but this episode is disappointing

    gossip girl was a good series in the first season i liked it allot it used to be good maybe fantastic but the second season came and it was boring and the third was good at the beginning but began to become boring again from all these promos i thought it will finally be interesting like the first season but it was disappointing allot this episode is not worth watching i don't even know why the cw renewed gossip girl for a fourth season they should have ended it last season at the end gossip girl doesn't deserve a fourth season melrose place does and life unexpected and also one tree hill this season wasn't great but still one tree hill is much more better than gossip girl and i for one might stop watching gossip girl as this season ends i just want to know if chuck will get his mother back or not this is what's letting me watch gossip girl.
  • Not as bad as people are making it out on here!

    Gossip girl makes an overdue return this week and being an avid fan and the most guilty pleasure of the week i decided to record and watch it later. However first i went on tv.com to see what people where saying about it and found bad reviews and ratings! Ouch! It certainly made me not want to watch the episode as i agree season 3 has becomme the weekest of the series, due to bad directions and stories mostly. However the last few episodes prior to this seemed to pick up the pace with the last episode of the first part of series 3 being a cracker with huge plot threads which luckily have been carried on here. The episode turned out to be not bad, but not good either in a wierd way. The stories seemed to have improved with a avid focus of things to come and kristen bell as Gossip Girl was especially ace squeezing as much tension as she can talking other the dramatic scenes backed up by some of the best music ever in gossip girl, however the acting has gone down the pan. All of the actors/actresses have seemed to got nate-syndrome in that there as wooden as him and suprisingly they made him look like he could act. Rufus and Lily Wtf! I have never seen such a stiff scene in my life between them (and it was not because they were uncomftable with each other). I even thought on one bit Lily forgot her line and just looked away. Something was off there. The blame has to be placed with the directors who thought this standard of acting is good enough for an edit in the show, it amazes me.

    However some actors and actresses kept the standard maybe blair and chuck and the on screen chemystry was emmense and makes you go "Awww" out loud especially with blair telling chuck how she cares about him.

    Maybe i'm just being uber critical because of how good series one was and two in parts that i'm judging this show way more that it should be taken, and that it is it should be taken as a bit of fun- guilty pleasure of the week. Although after all that something keeps me coming back for more. xoxo
  • It's good to be back on the upper east side.. (spoilers)

    Welcome back Upper East siders, and whats occuring on the streets of Manhatten?, well lets take a look at the return of our favourite teens shall we?

    We last saw Chuck Bass, standing by his Fathers grave accompanied by a mysterious woman who we believe to be Chucks mother. Could she be the mother of all secrets? We thinks so, and only time will tell where this will take the characters of Chuck and Blair...

    Meanwhile the newest couple to hit New York Nate & Serena, who are struggling to adjust to their new relationship. We all know 'S' has already got around a bit this season- we wonder how long this relationship last? Another question on all of our minds- will Little J get in the way? we've always thought that she still has a crush on Nate.

    Of corse Little J is already in Big trouble with her new boyfriend Damian- the drug dealer. We all know that by mixing with his company it's only a matter of time before Queen Jenny comes crashing down in her recently formed palace. But it's not just the teens that are having problems:

    Who could forget Rufus & Lily? We know something hasn't been right for a while, and now we are beginnig to put the pieces together. Could Lily still be in love with her exhusband (the first one- Serena's dad)? Could Rufus (the Dufus) end up making a mistake and cheat on Lily? or could Lily acctully be hiding something more than just her ex-husband...?

    This weeks Gossip hasn't been as juicy as it has been before. But it's still 'Effing' good. What with the new plot developments shaping up nicely, tthe Characters still shining (and effing each other too) and of course the twists.
    'The Hurt Locket' was a decent episode & it can only get better, well this is Gossip Girl. But only time will tell. Here's to next week.