Gossip Girl

Season 5 Episode 3

The Jewel Of Denial

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on The CW

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  • So damn frustrating!!!!


    (Spoilers ahead).

    This episode was not that bad in terms of season 5 but as gossip girl as a whole it falls very flat. I have not always watched Gossip Girl and only started watching it earlier this year but after watching the pilot, I watched three and a half seasons in two weeks and owned the dvds within a month. This is not that same show. The characters are all caricatures of their former selves, the plot feels directionless, no one's storyline has anything to do with anyone else's, and wtf is up with dan's hair?!

    This season it feels like the show doesn't have anything to keep them all involved, or at least involved with someone else's. In every season before, they've always had school or the hamptons or something to keep them all interacting with one another. But this episode Nate shared one scene with Dan and Chuck and spent the rest of the episode with the British trollop going "you will not use me in this way? oh wait thats your plan? yeah i;ll go along with that." It hasn't felt like Nate is one of the show stars in a long time, he's a step above Serena's gay brother (and now that he's out of high school I highly doubt we;ll ever see him again).

    Blair and Dan and Chuck were the only ones whose plots intertwined a little bit. Dan hounded Blair to look at the results of her paternity test and Dan catching Blair lying to him on the phone and steering her to her doctor was pretty funny. Dan also gives Chuck a dog to help him feel which was really sweet. Blair tells Chuck the baby is Louis' (but no one believes that for a minute, and if he really is the father i will put my foot through my TV). In the sweetest and saddest scene of the episode, Chuck is crying into the comfort of his new dog who he has grown to appreciate.

    Wtf happened to Serena? I appreciate her trying to find herself again, but now her storylines have nothing to do with anybody else! and her mom was so pissed when she didnt go to college, now she drops out after a year and she;s fine with that? Serena used to be the main character and now she;s faded into the background, into a show that is quickly becoming the Blair Waldorf saga.

    Charlie/Carol. Carol shows up when she hears "Charlie" has resurfaced and goes to bring her back. And in the who's the bigger nutcase, fake charlie or carol, i;d vote carol. as ivy tells carol, carol hired her because she wanted to extract the money from the family she hates for herself under the guise of it being for the daughter she tossed aside. which is another thing, what happened to real charlie? from the way ivy put it, it sounds like real charlie is still out there, so I wonder if she;ll ever make an appearance on the upper east side. being that the actress playing fake charlie has become a series regular, probably not for a while.

    This wasn't the worst episode ever but this is still a sad shadow of the show it used to be. I hope season 5 is the last year because while I don't want it to end, I its clear the writers have lost any ideas and I don't want it to be like this.