Gossip Girl

Season 3 Episode 10

The Last Days of Disco Stick

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on The CW
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Trying to impress NYU theater kids, Blair uses her contacts to get a private concert with today's hottest performer, Lady Gaga. Dan and Olivia sign up to write and star in an NYU play, based on an idea by Blair and directed by Vanessa. Meanwhile, Serena turns to Nate for help in a dificult situation, now that Blair is not there. As a favor to Chuck, Jenny agrees to hang out with Damien, an ambassador's son staying in Chuck's hotel, and the experience turned out to be more intriguing than what she thought.moreless

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  • The let's switch partners again starts for Serena, Nate and Dan. Blair and Chuck continue to bore. Jenny's behavior, who really cares anymore, she's not even likeable. Vanessa, still wonder from which she came.moreless

    I use to watch GG every Monday night, but now it's one of my remote surfing shows. The Serena switching partner's yet again has become uninteresting. Can the girl go to college and stop worrying about men already? Nate's cousin is not even that interesting, and he sort resembles Carter. Nate can you find someone new already. Dan glad the Olivia saga is over, but him and Vanessa. Please, she was with his brother and these guys are boring as friends, now we're suppose to like them as a couple. Jenny, I know many find her interesting, but she's spoiled and rude. And the being spoiled and rude did't come with the upper east side either she was always that way. The mean girl thing has run it's course, time to let it go. Plus no one plays that better then Blair. And Blair and Chuck are a snooze feast. Can the writer get a interesting story going already? What happened to Serena trying to find her Dad? Maybe this show wasn't meant to last through high school.moreless
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    There was a time when Gossip Girl used to be one of my very favourite shows on TV -- and 'cause of it, I really can't stop watching the episodes, even if they just seem to get more awful by the week. It felt like a lot of the things in this particular one were put there merely for shock value (Nate/Serena, Jenny possibly doing drugs); and even those things didn't save the epi from being boring and predictable. Season 2 got off to a great start, but started slipping sometime after Bart Bass's death. Season 3 has yet to impress me. And while I think it's possible for GG to pull itself up from this slump, if it's just downhill from here I really am going to have to stop watching.moreless
  • Dan Vanessa and olivia are akward around each other after their threesome Serena and nate have a heart to heart dan organises a play based on lady gaga and realises he is in love with vanessa blair organiese a private concert with lady gagamoreless

    This episode was awesome! as i live in the uk i only watched it last night but i thought it was great! i was getting prepared to be disapointed after the reviews but i thought it was grest! Lady Gaga singing "bad romance" was brilliant as was dan's play. Thought the whole threesome storyline was a bit pointless but it created some scandal. I hate tripp though he and serena deserve each other as nate can do sooooooo much better

    awesome episode!

    i HAVE NOT been disapointed by season 3! :) its been brilliant! i am getting slightly annoyed by jenny and her treatment towards eric at the end of this episode she was saying how exciting it was to be caught up in a drugs circle i really liked her in season 1 but now i dont anymore does anyone like the new jenny?moreless
  • Nate and Serena made the episodeee!

    OMG this episode was ok... i liked it until the reviews ppl made... made sense! For instance.. Blair should've automatically fit in NYU! I mean come on she's freaking blair waldorf... and one question... why the hell are there such important and rich ppl at NYU? like since when did that happen? and i really think that blair trying to fit in is getting old... and she is really immature this season i mean look back to season 1 and shes so much more mature and smarter and way more devious what the hell happened? I mean did she really need to blackmail vanessa and olivia just for them to act in her play?

    VANESSA + OLIVIA + DAN = the dumbest thing i've ever seen.

    i mean come on first off dan and olivia's relationship was already random... and i really didnt like them together anyways... and wat about vanessa i mean how the hell did she end up in the threesom? i mean yes i saw the last episode but y!?!?! if she has absolutely no feelings for Dan then WTF?!? and y WHY THE hell would olivia just sit there and watch dan and vanessa kiss i mean come on!

    Blair + Chuck!! = the most boring thing yet!

    They were the IT couple of this season.. but CHUCK BASS is like not even chuck bass anymore!!! i mean he used to be awesomeee and so bad ass!! now he's like all adultish and grown up and him and Blair are worse than a married couple! They give each other literally pop kisses. I MEAN 6TH GRADE MATERIAL!!! and i just dont understanddddddd"/

    SERENA +Nate = Trip?!?!?!?!?!

    ALright this is what made me love this episode....

    I love Serena and Nate as a couple since season 1 i have wanted nothing more than for them to be together!! and nothing has happened i mean there such a sexy couple with so much history... why cant they be togetherererererererer ???!??!?!?!?!?!? i mean whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

    AND i was sooo f-ing pissed when trip walked in the middle of their almost kisssss i mean Nate was giving his soul to her and then she just leaves him? BTw i hate Trip he's such a boring character

    cant wait till next episode when Nate and Serena do something about their relationship.. LMAOmoreless
  • Why God...why?

    I remember when I used to expect Monday night for GG new episodes...what on earth has happened with these show? Are you going to tell me that after one lousy "threesome" Dan is going to suddenly realize he's in love with Vanessa...oh yes and Olivia knows it before Dan. Get more creative! and now Nate suddenly falls for Serena AGAIN and she seems tempted by him even if she has started to have feelings for his cousin Tripp who is nothing nonetheless than a married man, and she's going for it after trying to be more mature and to "find herself". I don't buy Jenny's rebellious attitude, what is up with her? I prefer naive and sweet Jenny rather than this little prat. I'd rather be friends with Eric who has more personality and his character at least has some continuity.

    ANd what happened to the lost brother, the lost son? what about Scott? what he just found his parents and realized that it was all he needed and then went back to his hole...

    Vanessa and Dan are not a couple I like..but at least now Olivia is gone (I wasn't impressed by Hilarie Duff's short entry into NYU)

    Blair and Chuck...they seem ok.

    Not even Lady Gaga's anticipated appearance saved this episode...ufff expecting more for next episodes...moreless
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Kevin Zegers


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Lady Gaga


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Nate tells Serena what happened in the episode The Handmaiden's Tale when he tried to tell her how he feels about her but ended up telling Jenny whom he thought was Serena.

    • Jenny mentions that Brad Alexander is an unsuitable date since he gave 6 girls from Nightingale an STD. Nightingale is the Nightingale-Bamford school, the school on which Constance-Billard was based off of.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Blair: I have an army to build, a school to take over, and girls to blackmail.

    • Dan: Just me, Olivia, Vanessa. Two girls, four boobs, one Dan Humphrey? How awesome-
      Nate: Stupid can you be!
      Dan: What?
      Nate: Buddy, I know things, I've been to Europe, Chuck Bass is my best friend. Alright, the third person is supposed to be a stranger.

    • Damian: Dude, the lady said she is okay.
      Chuck Bass: Dude, I'm Chuck Bass. Even Europeans should know what that means.

    • Blair: How do I win over shallow, superficial actors?
      Olivia: Calling them "shallow" and "superficial" didn't work?

    • Olivia: Well, if you need any pointers, I've worked with some of the world's best directors.
      Vanessa: Sure. If I want to turn anyone into a bat, I'll-- I'll let you know. Thank you.

    • (after Olivia and Vanessa walks out)
      Blair: What is going on? Did you bozos have a threesome or something? Oh, God! (to Dan) How stupid can you be? The third person is always supposed to be a stranger.

    • Chuck: Be very careful, Jennifer Humphrey. If you go down the rabbit hole, it's going to take more than Blair Waldorf and your army of minions to drag you back out.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Konec Disko koštěte (The End of Disco Stick)

    • Original International Airdates:
      United Kingdom: December 9, 2009 on ITV2
      Sweden: December 20, 2009 on Kanal 5
      Latin America: January 17, 2010 on Warner Channel
      Norway: March 8, 2010 on FEM
      Turkey: April 20, 2010 on CNBC-e
      Slovakia: August 22, 2010 on Doma
      Czech Republic: November 6, 2011 on Prima LOVE

    • Featured Music:
      "Boys and Girls" by Thecocknbullkid
      "Who Do I Wait For" by Needers and Givers
      "Not Just a Long Face" by Magic Bullets
      "Lay Low" by Magic Bullets
      "LoveGame" by The Transcenders, originally by Lady Gaga
      "Over & Out (Striker One Niner)" by Estate
      "Dance in the Dark" by Lady Gaga
      "Telephone" by Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé
      "Paper Roses" by Jason Diaz
      "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga