Gossip Girl

Season 3 Episode 3

The Lost Boy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 2009 on The CW

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  • i loved it. its getting back its mojo.

    i loved it. i think all the blair and chuck scenes are always spectacular. scott is rlly coming into his own and georgina is always fun to watch as the crazy girl. i actually liek serena and carter together. the writers should do more with them. i like the girl nate is with and the romeo juliet plotline but this episode wasnt tht great with tht.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved this episodew. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • 303

    Gossip Girl continues with it's streak of well written episodes, and I must say, I'm really liking this show more than I ever have. If Gossip Girl continues this way, it will definitely be back on top of my list of favorite shows.

    Still not quite the quality of the first season, but the consistency of good episodes is the same, and that's definitely what I'm loving about the new season. We got some pretty great story lines put on the forefront here, not to mention, great interactions.

    Chuck & Blair's scenes were funny and light-hearted, they had a good closeout scene, and I'm interested in seeing how Chuck does on his own. I really wasn't expecting the Brie & Carter tie in. At least Nate's story line has something to do with the rest of the cast's.

    I wasn't loving Georgina this season. I thought 'where's the scheming?' The end of the episode really answered my question. Great episode of Gossip Girl. Season 3 hasn't made an error yet.
  • Scott Humphrey comes out, Chuck chucks Blair, and apparently if you're an extra on this show, you still get more screentime than Nate.

    This episode was so-so. I enjoyed it but it was pretty lacking in the 'anything interesting' department. The episode opens with various goings on: Dan is bonking Satan AKA Georgina Sparks and in walks Blair ignoring the rather obvious sock on the door red light. Blair sees Dan atop the devil and screams that her eyes are melting inside their sockets -- we all needed to scrub out our brains after that image. Dan is hot for some reason, so alls well that ends well (even if he wasn't quite shirtless)!

    After gouging out her eyes Blair runs off to sex up Her Man. Her Man is trying to Focus and Blair prancing around in her underwear is a little distracting. Chuck sends her off sexually starved and without so much as a pat on the butt. Blair, the epitome of grace, drops her post everywhere and finds an invitation into a secret society called something weird and French sounding. Blairzilla opens her jaws and squeals her head off that her life can finally get back to its normal social highness. The Ultimate Planz of Social Domination Version 3.0 is up and running... all she needs is a photo of some random dude. The random photograph, incidentally is also needed by Her Man. Chuckles isn't interested in sharing however and after some fondling they end up at Sotheby's in a race against time to out bid one another. Blair decides giving Chuck a handjob will distract him enough to forget about bidding -- but she has greatly underestimated Her Man: Chuck can multitask. Serena wins the damn thing and is all 'I can't take you two anywhere!' Blair's all: 'The Ultimate Planz of Social Domination Version 3.0! It has to work! It's the only way my insecurities will be curtailed! (For the time being)!' Chuck's all: 'Well at least I got groped for my trouble.' I thought that scene was funny; I'm glad the writers have made the CB relationship fun. I do think they need to have some more serious episodes together, but I expect that to happen later in the season so I'm not too worried.

    Meanwhile, Scott Humphrey is not sucking face with Vanessa and her dreads so she's pulling sad faces (either that or she was severely constipated) and boo-hooing about their boring relationship. V and her dreads go on an adventure to discover the Truth about Life Love and the Afterlife. Instead she finds out that Scott is a Lying Liar Who Lies. V confronts Scott, who is a Humphrey... specifically Serena and Dan's half Humphrey. V's just relieved to find that Scott isn't actually a girl like she wondered. The eyeliner had worried her. All About Serena is off smooching Carter. Cause they're in lurrve. Serena is talking and then some woman comes up to them and sez: 'Carter Baizen? Who whore! You screwed me three ways from Sunday and didn't even call.' She slaps him and storms off. Serena's all: 'you know her?' Carter sez: 'I don't remember her. She looks like someone I would screw but I probably didn't... maybe.' After some running around and stupid conversations, I'm bored and All About Serena finds out that Carter is really an innocent fluffy bunny who only screws blondes over 5'5 tall -- Blair and Chuck have been busy trying to discredit him. Blair says: 'He's not good enough for you!' Chuck's all: 'I'm Chuck Bass. I may be a devoted and loving boyfriend with a stable business empire now but I can still eff s*** up. Besides, I hate that guy.' I laugh a bit while All About Serena has epiphany no. 893092238723832 and runs off back to Carter to apologise. Because she lurrves him. I do actually like Serena and Carter together but I think they really should give Nate some damn screentime with the other cast members. Maybe Nate could date Serena?

    Nate has like three seconds of screentime in the entire episode; I think his girlfriend from Privileged got more than him. She also has something he doesn't -- a storyline. They talk about some crap that I've forgotten and Nate has season one hair. Why? Chace just wants to be like Ed methinks. Anyways, Red and Nate walk around blathering on until we're put out of our collective misery and don't see them for the rest of the episode. Until the end anyways when Red and Carter both congratualte themselves on having more storyarcs than the main characters.

    While this is all going on Satan/Georgie is pulling strings and looking pale. She also gets in line to stalk Dan, right behind Scotty boy. Blair chose Her Man over social domination so that's all cute and stuff. Despite this outcome Georgie's mwhahahahaing to herself and all she's missing is a white cat and an eyepatch. The creepy pale idiot has Daniel Humphrey wallpaper and stares stalkerishly into the distance while Dan tells her his man-bits need a break to recover. Possibly wondering is Dan could use some viagra, since she knows a guy.

    Final thoughts. All About Serena happily awaits her next moral of the week. V and her dreads need to GTFO (and take Pete Wentz with you). But what about next week? Will Scott and his eyeliner come out? And will he tell Rufus Dad of the Year who he is? Will Nate kill Red for her screentime? Will Blair finally get laid on camera? Will Chuck wear more purple? How many times will Serena apologise for moronic behaviour? Will Satan get her hands on some much needed viagra? Ahh, these questions do boggle. xoxo.
  • Secrets eat those who consume it themselves.

    'The Lost Boy' was all about secrets being revealed despite the consequences.

    Sometimes only when you get closer to the boiling pot you realize how hot it is and that's exactly what Scott found out when he got too close to the fire with a failed attempt in revealing his true identity to his biological father. It was actually a huge let down watching Scott get cold feet after all the lies he spun to reach there. It was even worse when he dropped that huge bomb on Vanessa, asking her to keep his secret safe. We all know what happens then, seeing as Georgina left a parting gift after her coincidental eavesdrop on Vanessa and Scott.

    Do we know why Georgina has the sudden urge to go to Boston? Scott should find out soon enough. She obviously wants to get her hands on more juicy details. Maybe she wanted to leave with a big bang after realizing there was nothing really keeping her in there. Her short time at NYU didn't really have others with their flaming torches after her and after a while her attacks got old. Was that a picture of her and Dan on her laptop! I am glad to say good riddance, Dan's 'fling' thankfully remained that way. Let's hope his relationship choices change for the better.

    The Chair-off was actually adorable. It was fun watching Blair and Chuck at each others throats as opposed to being in, although we did get a fair share of their cuddly couple moments and an idea as to how long it's been since they had sex. That was certainly a 'lose lose' for Blair, but Chuck ironically had other things on his mind, citing a business deal. It was really hard to imagine that Georgina had the strings to concoct a soiled plan to sabotage Blair and Chuck. If Blair knew Georgina so well, how come she didn't pick up on the handwriting like Serena? Okay, maybe Serena would have seen Georgina's handwriting more times than Blair and maybe Blair stopped reading after seeing that she was invited to something 'secret'.

    It was actually pitiful watching Blair squirm over a secret society and realizing that the only person she could count on for some companionship was Chuck and even that failed. How could Chuck turn down a moment for him to have some one on one love time with his one and only? This is really a new side of Chuck we are seeing, we can no longer call him 'Chuck Bass' anymore, especially since this Chuck now owns a hotel? Did you see that coming and is that really a wise idea?

    Who knows? I actually couldn't stomach Carter and Serena anymore. The more times they were together, the more I realized his extremely small structure when it compared to Serena. Carter looked so much like a boy especially when he's lip-locking with Serena and was that a threat from Bree to Carter. She really needs some work on her threats. Blair is the only one that could pull off an 'I'm coming for you' and actually have you quiver.

    Again Bree and Nate were boring and pointless. What was with this auction that brought all the main stars together, was it really that important? I don't buy it.

    Let's hope the Bree Buckley storyline picks up, because I am really zoning out all her scenes, especially the lovie-dovie ones with Nate.

    It was actually a relief getting some insight into how exactly Carter found Serena's father and why she began looking for him. I actually gave a sigh of relief when she lifted that burden and gave us that juicy piece of detail. I found myself saying 'It's about time'.

    It didn't seem like Carter was going to stick around after his encounter with Bree and we find ourselves asking, what did Carter do to the Buckleys and do we care?

    I was actually surprised that Jenny and Eric got any screen time at all. Was it really necessary to show them? They gave no impact to the story, only a curious Jenny searching into the fact that Scott spent more time with Rufus than his own girlfriend. Rufus by the way looked very refined in this episode, something with the hair. It may be strange, but Scott seemed to look more like Rufus every time, genes perhaps.

    There were some cheap shots this hour and 'The Lost Boy' felt more like a 'Gossip Girl' episode trying to tie up some loose ends and get the real story on the way.

    Let's hope we get some more of Jenny next week and some real answers. There wasn't a real bang to this episode, but it was interesting and had an unfamiliar recipe that made it fun to watch.

    Fighting over an auction item isn't really the best way for Gossip to spend it's time, but things seem to be lifting up for the better. The next time we see Dan with his shirt off in bed, I would actually like to look at the screen long enough to see him.

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    Four out of Five Stars

    Grade B-

  • 9 out of 10 Just for Georgina's Scandalous Badness....!

    If Georgina hadn't come to this show as a regular, I probably would've said that Season 3 is even SLOWER than Season 2. Thank goodness for Georgina, she is really spicing up this slow moving show. Her badness rocks so good.

    * For some reason, the relationships in GG are never that interesting. Til this day I've only been excited by Serena/Dan in the first season. Chuck & Blair are hot together but it looks to me that they'll be not so interesting by the end of the season but I do like them a lot. Serena and Carter are good too.

    * This episode proved that Vanessa is still a piece of garbage character. None of her relations lasts...she's a big loser.

    * Georgina is obviously going to be threatening Scott in Boston. Can't wait to find out....

    Who want to bid on what's going to happen in later episodes? Going once, going twice.....xoxo!
  • it gets better again

    finally gossip girl finds back to its old strength. i really liked this episode. it contained everything a good gg episode needs: georgina playing blair, blair playing chuck,some mystery action between scott and vanessa. but i dont understand why he didnt tell rufus the truth. and next question: is he gone for good? or will he come back? the nate storyline is kind of boring although i adore garcia. but her character is a bit lame... and what about goergina? is she playing the jealous girl now? i mean, shes evil and thats okay, but jealous??
    that blair gives the picture to chuck in the end was adorable. im glad that they are not like the perfect couple but still fight. liked the episode, looking forward to the next.